The Investigators

A Husband's Secret

On July 7, 1997, Pegye Bechler and her husband, Eric, rented a small powerboat and headed out into the harbor. It was Ericís idea --a romantic cruise off the Newport Beach, CA coast to belatedly celebrate their anniversary and her birthday. But by nightfall, Pegye was missing and Eric was sobbing uncontrollably in front of local news cameras. Her body was never found and it appeared to be a tragic accident.

Eric Bechler had met Pegye Marshall at a volleyball game in the early 90s. He was a volleyball player, a womanizer and eight years younger than Pegye; but they shared many interests. Eventually they married, became the parents of three children and lived in a beautiful oceanfront home. Together ran a successful business specializing in physical therapy for older people.

"A Husband's Secret" details the investigation into Pegye's disappearance - an inquiry that changed a boating accident into a case of homicide. From the day Pegye disappeared, many people - family and law enforcement officials - were suspicious because she was an accomplished swimmer and triathlete. They had seen signs of problems in the Bechler's marriage, uncovered troubling information about insurance policies Eric was collecting on, and watched as Eric started dating a lingerie model/TV actress, Tina New, after Pegye disappeared. In the end, it was Ms. New who provided the evidence that revealed Eric's secret. TV-14, S, V


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