[Starkit] Crash on exit with Win98

Ian Gay gay@sfu.ca
Mon, 22 Jul 2002 09:00:29

Well, the win98 exit crash doesn't arise from my incompetence at building
extensions. It seems like any binary extension will do. (I haven't seen
this crash with any all-tcl starkit).

Here's a minimal example using Tktable -

D:\tcl\tclkit>sdx lsk crash.kit

                       dir  lib/
       114  02/07/20 18:54  main.tcl

                       dir  Tktable2.7/
       258  02/07/20 19:01  crash.tcl

    336756  02/07/20 19:03  Tktable.dll
       152  02/01/25 08:36  pkgIndex.tcl
     21517  02/01/25 08:36  tkTable.tcl

D:\tcl\tclkit>type crash.vfs\main.tcl

  package require starkit
  source [file join [file dirname [info script]] lib crash.tcl]

D:\tcl\tclkit>type crash.vfs\lib\crash.tcl
# This provokes the crash if you exit with the X button

# if you comment out the following statement there's no crash
package require Tktable

pack [button .b -width 12 -text Quit -font {arial 10} -command exit]
# no crash if you press this button