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What sets our kids and young adults program apart from others is the organization of our classes.  We provide 2-3 instructors per class thereby giving each child top quality personal attention.  We also divide the class into different levels so that a beginner can focus on developing his/her basics and an advanced student can progress without hinder.  Moreover, each and every drill is executed with the utmost control and respect, resulting in a safe, fun and vigorous martial arts workout.


Team USA's children's programs are divided into Kids (ages 5-11) and Juniors (ages 12-17).




At Team USA, kids learn
* Increased concentration and focus
* Improved self-confidence, discipline, and respect
* Improved balance and coordination

Team USA starts these very young kids with developing important tools such as concentration, balance and coordination. Their drills involve very simple Muay Thai techniques and lots of physical exercise. Most of the time the drills are fun and teamwork oriented, which in turns keeps our kids coming back for more.



Our Kid's program is an adventure in achievement, involving many exciting activities and more practical drills. Our kids walk away with a great sweat, having spent the hour exerting their energy towards positive goals.  On top of discipline, focus and teamwork our kids learn essential skills such as timing, distancing and good reflexes straight from the first lesson.


We teach our kids thai-gers how to concentrate and focus their attention towards self-control, discipline and respect. We provide the basic skills necessary to improve awareness on all levels. Additionally, these skills will help our students practice safety in and out of the home and avoid dangerous situations.


World Team USA also encourages all of our students to excel in school by giving awards to those who improve their grades each reporting period.   In order to achieve promotion, each child must demonstrate excellence at home as well as in school. 

We further encourage team values by holding activities such as an annual camp trip, Halloween parties and slumber parties.




At Team USA, teenagers learn
* goal-setting skills
* self-confidence, self-respect and respect for others
* drug-free activities
* etiquette of the martial arts

Kickboxing has worked for many of our teenagers because they remain interested in the curriculum’s exciting exercises.  Because they remain interested, they also develop consistency and discipline over time.  At a time when our young adults face tough growing pains and other hormonal developments, Team USA’s program positively helps them keep things balanced and less stressful.  More importantly, having obtained important self-defense and fitness skills from us, they ultimately achieve self-confidence and a good sense of respect for all things and persons around them.


The school provides a positive and family-oriented atmosphere for physical, mental, emotional and social growth. We teach students to say "NO" to drugs and violence.



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