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What use is a well-designed web site if nobody can find it? We at ZyNet are aware of how important e-marketing is to your continued online success.

We have 10 years experience of submitting sites to search engines and directories. We also recommend ways in which to optimise your web site so as to rank well within the top search engines.

We can also work with you on an e-marketing campaign to include the following:

  • assessing your target market and choosing the most appropriate areas of the internet to promote your business (MSN Shopping portal, Lycos Shopping, Yahoo, etc)
  • targeted banners designed specifically for each promotion
  • incentives for users to register with your site (competitions, offers, etc)
  • to build up a database of users
  • to regularly send a Newsletter to your registered customers detailing your latest news, services, offers, etc.
  • exploring reciprocal links so as to improve your link popularity rating (important for Search Engine success)

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