S-Video drama :(

[Xmas Day, 2:04 AM] I wrote these notes back in the 2005 summer while i was preparing my last exam and i was wondering why i couldn't watch color on my Tv out of my laptop. A quick google search showed me the situation: 1) no real solutions 2) a black market of particular cables... that was not right, for me.

Last Update: 29/01/2007

This guide is dedicated to everybody who has trouble getting a color image on their TV from their s-video laptop !

PC ---> sVideo Cable ---> SCART Adapter ---> TV = Black & White Image... arrghhh !!

Users tired of searching into forums, buying expensive cable, 200 different connectors, doing exensive procedure debugging (first TV, then laptop, before the cable, then turn this on...), useless information, infinite drivers update and many more !!!

Yes, you bet ! there is the cure !

Read on, there IS THE solution to have color on your TV. Oh, i forgot, it's cheap, it's super easy and you CAN do it by Yourself ! Actually there are two version of the hack (the result is the same):

Solution #1: you use a solder to hard-modify the connector let's go with the hack !
Suitable if you feel more confortable with a solder, the mod is made inside the connetor, easy to carry around and resistant.

Solution #2: you don't need to solder at all [recommended] let's go with the hack !
Good if you don't have a solder, fast, same quality as previous solution, reversible in any time, BUT somewhere more fragile..

Now there is a cure also for VCR to PC via sVideo connection B/W problem let's go with the hack !

Just two words...

before you start hacking your entire house... this worked for me, 50% of the TVs+PCs have this issue, i was not on the lucky side, i got B/W on my tv... Don't mess up, read carefully, don't complain if your TV just exploded and you wasted your moquette... there's nothing of "dangerous", but if you connect the wrong wires, something could really broke (or burn your hands, or stop working at all... but not too much...). Oh, and i'm not responsable for any of your mistakes ! :D

Question, info, suggetion, report ? did it worked, burns? fires? B/W again? totally black? ... maybe... COLORS !!!! mail me ! say something, to ask... or just because it is working :) let me know ! ;)


30 gen 2007 - moved domain, totally rewrote the tutorial (finally) ! hope for redirection to work ! ;)

15 feb 2006 - Without a girl&job;, you end up working on your website :( Some minor fixes, added some text and finally some resources material

5 jan 2006 - Decided to repage this section: the original page was a single mess of text and pictures, and was growing and growing becoming too heavvy to read and load. Now it's divided in distinct section for easy of use.

4 jan 2006 - Added some more info related to Technical Explanation as user from all around the world are reading and posing questions i'm going to put everything on these pages.

25 dec 2005 - Due to increasing mail received i decided to work more on the layout and information of this page! as a stated before everything was born to cope with a "MY" problem, then it turns out the problem is more wide than i though so...

15 jul 2005 - First version, one page, few pictures, even fewer words... Well, wanna be Eng don't have a girl but they do it all the time... yes finding solutions ;) the Magic of internet is still online ! I'm receiving a lot of users feedback about this guide (goooood), so i decided to update and put more information here. I never thought that this page has got a meaning for it's existance or so... but somebody put a link on wikipedia as a "working solution" and... i didn't expect all this ! it was just a simple page with some notes and a few pics... :D

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