The Climate of Lima, Peru

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The city of Lima is the capital of Peru, and has a population over 8 million. Eventhough it is located at 12°S, it has a mild climate, with warm summers and cool winters, very humid (too much!) all year round. It almost NEVER rains, but it drizzles very often during winter time. The drizzle, however, is generally so thin that only moistens every surface exposed to the atmosphere... ocasionally accumulates and starts to be an issue, but this may happen 5 times a year, and specially slightly inland (~2-6 km). The less rainy areas lay both towards the shoreline and towards the east.

I have divided (my own classification) the region in 3 main climatic zones. As you may see, they follow the coastline. The westernmost region (darker green) represents the coastal climate. Here, the seasons are milder but also more humid and cloudy than the other areas. Most of the city lays on this classification. Places that fit this climate are Miraflores, San Isidro, Barranco, Chorrillos, San Miguel, Callao, Jesus Maria, Lince and Ventanilla within others.

The second area (lighter green) lays just east of the coastal climate region. I have called it "Central Climate" region is basically a transition between the inland region and the coastal region. Daytime temperatures are higher and nightime temperatures lower than the ones observed in the coast. Places that lay in this region are Surco, San Borja, San Luis, Downtown Lima, Rimac and Comas within others.

The yellow area corresponds to the inland climate region. This region receives plenty of sunshine most of the year, except near the 3 coldest months (mid june - mid september). The days are drier and much warmer (~2°C or 4°F) than the days at the coast, but the nights are cooler. Winter temperatures can go down to 11°C ocassionally during the winter. Places that fit on this classification are La Molina, Vitarte, San Juan de Lurigancho and Carabayllo.