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NZB (Message-ID list) File Summary

What are they?

Since indexes almost every binary file on Usenet, and maintains a database of them for about 70 days, we have the ability to generate a short summary file containing all the information a newsreader requires to download any given file, or set of files. NZB files were an innovation of but is open source for anyone to freely use and implement.

How do I get the NZB file?

NZB files are a Premium Feature, they are not available with free accounts. You can get an NZB either covering the files in a post, or for any file you can find on Newzbin. When viewing a report there is a list of files, and at the top of the list is a bar with a Get Message-IDs button. The files selected with checkboxes would be included in the NZB. Uncheck a file to remove it from the list.
Alternatively, in Files View you can select files and use the Message-IDs button.
Occasionally, when using some web browsers, the file must be saved before being opened. This is due to the No-Caching of Newzbin pages. Adding something more meaningful to the filename is optional.
You should review the files (files with missing segments are marked in red) to ensure there is enough completeness to be useful. In some cases, you may need to search Newzbin for Fills to complete the files. Although unlikely, it's possible that a file shown as missing segments on Newzbin might actually have all the segments on your news server. You would need to fetch headers in that case to get the missing ones.

Newsreaders with NZB support

At the moment, the following clients and/or sites are known to have support for NZB files. The version listed here is not the most recent version, it is first version of the application that supports nzb.

Title Price Website
 NewsLeecher v1.0b9  34.95 (
 Newsbin Pro v4.3b2  35.00 (
 NewsPro v3.7  35.00
 nget v0.25  Free  nget.sourceforge.netPatch (
 BNR2 v0.13.0  Free
 123NewZ v1.53.b*  Free
 NZB-O-Matic v0.1*  Free
 NZB-O-Matic PLUS v0.47 (NOMP)*  Free
 Newsman Pro v1.3.0.7  24.95
 NewsReactor Build 8904  15.00 (
 NZBGet v0.1  Free
 News Rover v10  29.95
 Grab-It v1.5.0  Free
 Binary Boy v1.95  24.95
 Usenet Explorer v1.0  35.00
 News File Grabber v3.3.0.1  19.00 (
 The unPoster - Beta  Free (
 SuperNZB  Free (
 Forte Agent 4.2  29.00
 Server-Side Applications
 Ninan v0.7.5  Free
 Newsan v0.84  Free
 SABnzbd  Free
 Websites  Varies
easynews nzb (
 NzbPlanet  Free
 Mac OSX News Clients
 Unison 1.5  24.95
 iGrabNews v1.2.0b1  10.00
 newslite v1.3  Free
 The unPoster - Beta  Free (
 SuperNZB  Free (
 NZB Drop  22.00 (
 Linux/Unix Clients
 nget v0.25  Free  nget.sourceforge.netPatch (
 NZBGet v0.1  Free
 KLibido  Free
 nzbperl 0.6.2  Free
 hellanzb v0.5  Free


  • All prices in US Dollars unless specified.
  • Tutorial links may lead to third party sites, Newzbin has no control over the content.
  • Some programs offer a 30-Day Free Trial or have a less functional Demo version.
  • The Websites that support NZB files require an active account. NZB files can be generated or imported within the sites' web interface.
  • * Requires .NET Framework, which can be downloaded HERE (

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