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Voodooengine: 24-Dec-2006 06:13:40
You know about Diwali?

Frozensoulx: 23-Dec-2006 16:34:27
Happy, DiWali, christmas, and those other holidays everyone

poisongirl76: 20-Dec-2006 23:33:09
ooh..the holidays....happy holidays guys...even if you dont celebrate a thing....well...um ..enjoy winter break. yup.

Voodooengine: 05-Dec-2006 20:52:42
You honestly have no life. Go fuck a goat.

Frozensoulx: 05-Dec-2006 19:59:40
Ravi like boys, ravi like boys very much

Bakufuun: 18-Nov-2006 03:11:08
go back about a year and you will se what i mean Very Happy

Voodooengine: 13-Nov-2006 04:26:00
Nice Poisongirl. Very nice. Baku what are you talking about?

Bakufuun: 09-Nov-2006 03:21:27
you are going to force my spammy hand (nice image)

Bakufuun: 09-Nov-2006 03:20:58
every time i randomly decide to look at the shoutbox people are hating

poisongirl76: 27-Oct-2006 15:53:21
not an important accomplishment though..i know that ppl

poisongirl76: 27-Oct-2006 15:52:28
i am the spam queen...i beat you bakufuun

poisongirl76: 27-Oct-2006 15:51:49
1,500 insignificant meaningful words in the spam bucket...brought to you by poisogirl

Voodooengine: 14-Oct-2006 04:55:57

TheJad: 12-Oct-2006 13:45:54
thanks, Ravi, ahve you given up yet?

Voodooengine: 07-Oct-2006 20:04:45
Happy B-day guys. Mr. Green

poisongirl76: 07-Oct-2006 03:27:42

poisongirl76: 07-Oct-2006 03:26:53
oops...and jad 16

poisongirl76: 07-Oct-2006 03:26:43
in 30 minutes...it' ll be mine and jad's birthday...i' ll be 17

Frozensoulx: 07-Oct-2006 01:13:34
Hey ravi, hows it going? My laptop broke, so thats why i havnt been online lately. That and the fact my english teachers a big chubby wum wums

TheJad: 05-Oct-2006 16:33:55
My birthday is Saturday

Bakufuun: 01-Oct-2006 06:11:56
hey look. i just realized its october.

Bakufuun: 01-Oct-2006 06:11:25
this version has been up for over a year. u cant give up now! ive invested too many seconds of my life here!

Celac: 29-Sep-2006 02:48:49
naw dont give up

poisongirl76: 28-Sep-2006 15:36:52

TheJad: 26-Sep-2006 13:36:27
yeah, you should totally give up

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