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WebSideStory –
Your Trusted Partner
In Digital Marketing.
A pioneering suite of digital marketing applications. An integration platform. Optimization services. A growing ecosystem of partners. There are many reasons why more than 1,500 leading enterprises rely on us.

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helped a leading online retailer double conversion rates.

There are digital marketing vendors that inspire confidence with large customer bases. There are digital marketing vendors that associate themselves with innovation, integration and optimization. Then there is WebSideStory®. We offer both: With more than 1,500 global enterprises relying on us to improve their online marketing and sales initiatives, WebSideStory (Nasdaq:WSSI) is a leading provider of on-demand digital marketing applications.

  • The WebSideStory Suite - Enabling suite of applications, powered by real time web analytics data: the WebSideStory Suite

  • Integrated Platform - Connecting disparate digital marketing information, and workflow: the WebSideStory Stream Integration Platform

  • Consulting Services - Empowering highly actionable web intelligence through personalized services: digital marketing optimization, digital marketing education and business data integration

  • Customer Love - Achieving greater than 90 percent customer retention rates through dedication to your success - one customer at a time

  • Proven Leader - Public and highly profitable, with a mature management team and a rapidly expanding customer base.