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Vladimir Potanin, Chairman of the Interros Holding Company, photo by S. Abramenkov

Vladimir Potanin

  • Born: January 3, 1961
  • Office: President of the InterRos Holding Company
  • Estimated worth: US$ 5.4 billion

    Vladimir Potanin, 43, was born into a high-ranking Communist official’s family. He attended the Moscow Institute for International Relations, an elite school that groomed students for diplomatic service, the KGB, and offices of the Kremlin. He then went to work for the Soviet Department of Trade, where his father had also worked.

    In 1991, Potanin created InterRos Holding Company, a foreign trade association that traded nonferrous metals, including aluminum, copper, and lead. With the capital that he accumulated from InterRos, he founded two banks, the Oneximbank and the MFK, to which many state enterprises transferred their accounts. Later, Potanin became one of the principal authors of the Loans for Shares program, in which the Russian government traded ownership in state industries for loans. The controversial program was administered through auctions, but only select bidders were invited to attend, usually at the discretion of President Boris Yeltsin’s daughter. Vladimir Potanin was among the invited bidders. During Russia’s transition to a market economy, he acquired control of more than 20 formerly state-owned enterprises.

    To improve his image in the West, Vladimir Potanin became a leading donor to the Guggenheim Foundation. He gives more than $1 million annually and has a seat on the board of trustees of the Guggenheim Museum. Potanin also established a charity fund in Russia which implements projects in the field of education and participates in The Greater Hermitage Project. The fundís scholarship program for talented students involves over 1,700 students from 60 leading Russian state higher educational institutions. In May 2002, Mr. Potanin donated personal funds for the purchase, by the Russian Ministry of Culture, of the famous Malevich painting The Black Square. The masterpiece was included State Hermitage’s permanent display.

    Vladimir Potanin is a member of the Board of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs and of the Russian Federation Governmental Council on Entrepreneurship. He maintains a stable position among the top 10 most influential Russian businessmen and is one of the few major oligarchs whose actions have not been subject to the Prosecutorís Office scrutiny in the past few years.

    Updated: 23.09.2005 21:36 MSK


    11.09.2005 16:45 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

    Rally Demanding Putin Resignation Banned in Moscow

    28.01.2005 12:06 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

    Russian Aluminum Tycoon Deripaska Challenges Siemens’s Bid for Power Machines

    30.08.2004 13:05 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

    HSBC Calls Off Loan to Russian Mining Company

    03.06.2004 13:20 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

    Business Tycoon Declares War on Offshore Zones

    29.04.2004 19:28 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

    Top Businessman Leaves Russia after Meeting Prosecutors — Radio



    Russian Police Detain Suspected Killers of Reporter Politkovskaya

    Anna Politkovskaya / photo: MosNews archive

    Russian police have detained two Chechens over suspicion of carrying out a hit on famous reporter and HR activist Anna Politkovskaya, a Russian newspaper reports.



    British Trade Secretary Tells Russia to “Play by the Rules”

    British Trade Secretary Alistair Darling / Photo: Stephen Mansfield

    British Trade Secretary Alistair Darling warned Russia on Thursday, Feb. 8, that it should “play by the rules” and ensure “legal certainty” for British investors. Darling spoke at the end of his three-day visit to Moscow.


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    Yedioth Ahronoth

    Russia’s Israeli Prisoners as Bargaining Chips

    Leonid Nevzlin / Photo from

    Moscow has continuously denied four Israeli nationals convicted in Russia permission to serve their terms at home unless Israel extradites Jewish Russian-born entrepreneur Leonid Nevzlin, once the second-in-command of Yukos and business partner of the jailed Russian tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Yedioth Ahronoth reports.



    Litvinenko’s Contacts Say British Media Lying About Murder Charges

    Photo by the Associated Press

    In an interview with the Russia Today television the two men at the centre of British accusations over the murder of former Russian security agent Aleksandr Litvinenko have denied the claims they were suspects in the case.




    The Temptation of Vladimir Putin

    Image by MosNews

    The ď2008 questionĒ increasingly being put to Vladimir Putin is important not only for because it will decide who will lead Russia until 2012, but also because of its symbolic significance. Will the constitution be changed?



    Rossiyskaya Gazeta

    West Has Failed to Learn From 9/11 — Russian Pundit

    Sergei Karaganov / Photo from

    Despite isolated tactical victories in fight against terrorism, the West has failed to learn the lessons of September 11, Russian pundit Sergei Karaganov is convinced.


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