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The Incredible Shrinking Browser -- Netscape Share Less Than 4% Worldwide, According to WebSideStory's StatMarket

WebSideStory, Inc. ( www.websidestory.com), the leader in outsourced Web analytics, today reported that the percentage of Web surfers using Netscape worldwide continues to dwindle, and is now at record lows. As of Aug. 26, 2002, Netscape’s global usage share had dropped to 3.4 percent, down from 13 percent at this time last year, according to the independently produced report from WebSideStory’s StatMarket®. StatMarket ( www.statmarket.com) is a Web site design and software optimization service that aggregates data from millions of Internet surfers per day. Microsoft’s (NASDAQ: MSFT) Internet Explorer, meanwhile, continues to climb, and now has a global usage share of 96 percent, up from about 87 percent a year ago, StatMarket reported.

Despite its struggle to maintain usage share worldwide, Netscape still holds its own in some countries. For example, Switzerland’s usage share more than doubles the global average. Other countries where Netscape is stronger than the global average include Germany, Canada and the United States. Global usage share is the percentage of people worldwide that are using a particular browser.

“The browser war is in fact a massacre,” said Geoff Johnston, vice president of product marketing for StatMarket. “The newest versions of Netscape have failed to win over users so far. There are pockets of resistance in certain countries, but unless AOL makes a move soon, Netscape may find itself battling Opera for the last 1 to 2 percent of the market.”

Since early 1999, Netscape’s global usage share has dropped from about 32 percent worldwide.

StatMarket provides Web designers and Web software developers valuable market share data on browsers, operating systems, plug-ins and more. The service gathers information from millions of Internet users a day to more than 125,000 sites worldwide actively using WebSideStory’s HitBox® ( www.hitbox.com) outsourced Web visitor analysis services. For information about a StatMarket subscription, visit www.statmarket.com or call 858.546.0040 x231.

Global Browser Usage Share as of 8/26/02:

Microsoft 95.97 %
Netscape 3.39 %
Other 0.64 %

About StatMarket
StatMarket ( www.statmarket.com) is a Web site design and Web software development optimization service that provides valuable market share data on browsers, operating systems, screen resolutions, and more. The service is geared for Web site designers, software developers, and market researchers who need accurate data to build the most effective sites and products possible. StatMarket publishes information gathered from millions of Internet users a day to more than 125,000 sites actively using WebSideStory’s HitBox outsourced Web visitor analysis services. StatMarket segments global Internet user trend data from visitors in 245 countries to sites in 120 industry categories. For more information, call 858.546.0040 x 231.