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WebSideStory's StatMarket.com Reports Browser War All But Over

WebSideStory (http://www.websidestory.com), the leading provider of Internet tracking and traffic analysis, today reported that Microsoft's Internet Explorer has increased its lead of browser users to a dominant 3-to-1 ratio. This information is published at StatMarket.com (http://www.statmarket.com), the industry's most accurate source of data on Internet user trends. StatMarket publishes data gathered in real- time from more than 31,000,000 unique daily visitors to more than 114,000 Web sites using WebSideStory's HitBOXr Web traffic analysis technology. The statistics provided by StatMarket are based on actual browser usage, not installed base numbers.

On Monday, August 2, 1999, Microsoft 's Internet Explorer (all versions) accounted for 75.31% of the total market. Netscape has slipped to 24.68%. The figures reported were:

MSIE 4.x 44.73%
MSIE 5.x 24.86%
Netscape 4.x 22.03%
MSIE 3.x 3.60%
Netscape 3.x 2.32%
WebTV 1.44%
Other 1.02%

"There's no guesswork in our numbers. We count the actual figures provided by millions of Internet users daily,?Esaid Blaise Barrelet, president and CEO of WebSideStory. "Through StatMarket, we observed and reported this trend back in April predicting Microsoft's eventual dominance in the browser arena.
Microsoft's v.5 of Internet Explorer has shown dramatic increase in usage since its beta release last March. It 's up to nearly 25% from a 2% launch. Meanwhile, all other browser usage is either declining or has remained flat since the beginning of 1999. The 3.x browsers, both MSIE and Netscape, are plummeting - down 60% since January, while 4.x browser usage has eroded by approximately 25%.

About StatMarket
StatMarket data represents the largest sampling of Internet users and the most accurate depiction of user trends available. WebSideStory updates StatMarket daily, publishing Internet user trends and statistics vital to the Internet industry. The information comes from every visit to the thousands of independent Web sites that have joined the HitBOX.com community (http://www.hitbox.com) and use the HitBOX Site Analyzer. StatMarket gathers raw data mined from actual visitors, rather than information manually reported by individuals in a sample group. All information is stored and managed on the WebSideStory network.