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mandy stewart (Henery Munday - S…): good poem
craig (Henry Munday - Ma…): I liked the bit were you said Iam an onion tears of…
Chloe (Love - Amy.): L like the way you have did the 1st line it is fab. …
Paula (Henry Munday - Cl…): I like the way you had used the word leprosy. I love…
Matthew (Henry Munday - sc…): [Star] I like the way you described all your senten…
stephanie (Henry Munday - Ma…): [star]I liked the way you described all of your sen…
Claire (Henry Munday - Ma…): I like how you put ‘I am rag’s, ripped, stained and…
Megan Miller (ex … (Henry Munday - Co…): the repetiton of and “and I’m the worst of all” was fab…
karen (Henry Munday - sc…): hi scott good work and cool poem brillent words use…
Megan Miller (ex … (henry munday-crai…): The fourth line was fab! The way you said black on t…


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Links: Archive |EntryWinter- Matthew








Links: Archive |EntryWinter - Jodie

White snow fills the air

Icicles hang from rooftops

Never shall I be cold

Trees in every house

Excitement fills the air

Remember Robins are back


Links: Archive |EntryWinter - Amy

Winter is coming

Ice is on the road

Nature is sleeping

Trees are bare

Everyone is cold

Rivers are frozen

By Amy

Links: Archive |EntryWinter - Joshua

White snow flakes fall from the sky

Icicles hang from every window pale

Nice little elves are everywhere to see

Trees bare and everywhere

Earmuffs are on every head

Robins flying in the sky

By Joshua

Links: Archive |EntryUp in the attic - Sam

        And some things moving

       Grandma's old books
      outdated computer
     the dolls with bad looks
    rusty old heater
   granma's old rocking chair
  string of granma's grey hair
 up in the attic


Links: Archive |Entryup in the attic...Natasha

   up in the Attic
       Ghosts that talk
      A mouldy old box
     My dads rusty tools
    My books from school
   Dusty games of pool
  Dark mask of a wolf


Links: Archive |EntryUp in the attic sam

        And some things moving

       Grandma's old books
      outdated computer
     the dolls with bad looks
    rusty old heater
   granma's old rocking chair
  string of granma's grey hair
 up in the attic


Links: Archive |EntryUp in the attic Megan G

Up in the attic
       and somethings moving
      post card of the Queen
     my dads road map
   pictures of the teens
  a durty dog that goes yap
 out of date jelly beans
old rusty rat trap

Megan G

Links: Archive |Entryup in the attic...Liam

       and something coming
      big rusty wodrobs
     Grampaes computer
    burned down cot
   boxes full of books
  lined up rat traps
 rusty hamster cage
up in the attic


Links: Archive |Entryup in the attic Bryan

      something is swaying
     and an old swing
    an old weighing machine
   lots of burst balls
  an old newspaper page
 lots of old dolls
a rusty old cage

Links: Archive |Entrydown in the celler.. Gemma

down in the cellar
      Dull old light    
     smashed bottle
    old fluffy toys
   burst footballs
  haunted jackets
 scabby little bears

Links: Archive |EntryUp in the attic...Kieran b

        and something walking
     ripped picture of a stage.
     old cuddly bear,
    a rusty key,
   broken wooden chair,
  rotten hamster cage,
 dusty christmas tree,
Kieran b


Links: Archive |EntryUp in the attic...emily

  Up in the Attic

       rotten Christmas tree
      lovely china dolls
     fancy posters
    rusty boxes
   dusty books
  creaky cot


Links: Archive |EntryDown In the cellar - Asheigh

     Big shadows coming
    little shadows     
   some holes    
  lumps of coal     
 old pine door
creepy stone floor     


Links: Archive |Entrydown in the cellar... Amy

       dusty old boxes
      a rusty shovel
     a damp old map
    old picture of foxes
   a mouldy mouse trap
  a ragged old cap

Links: Archive |EntryJapanese Whales - Ewan

Japanese Whales

On our holiday we went to Japan,
We saw cars, I saw a shop.
We bought a room in a rich hotel,
But what I saw brought my heart to a stop.

Here is the story of a Japanese whale,
What I saw made me pale.
What I saw made me feel sick and frail.
What I saw made me my heart fail.

They took us on a fishing trip,
To learn how to fish.
We caught a whale we brought it in.
All I saw was slish slash slish.

They cut it up,
They put it in a box,
They sold it to a factory.

Links: Archive |EntryLions - Ashleigh

I once saw a performing lion,
On a cold winter's day.
I went to the circus to see it,
But it performed in a peculiar way.

Then it looked sad and was going to cry,
And the man came and whipped it.
Everyone felt sorry. We all,
Knew what was happing to it but don’t know why.

Why could somebody do such a thing ,
To a poor innocent lion.
But has it done a thing.
It looked frightened at what the future might bring.

Links: Archive |EntryCrocodiles - Brad


I saw a man wrestling a crocodile.
He was punching it, slapping it,
Throwing it up and catching it.
We were all laughing like hyenas.

He was laughing at the poor crocodile’s tears
We all soon stopped laughing and shouted

We saw the poor crocodiles eyes a big mucky swamp.

Links: Archive |EntryMy Mother Saw A Racing Hound - Megan G

My Mother Saw A Racing Hound

My mother saw racing hound,
By the stadium, a day in June.
A man stood there with a pound,
And whistled a tune.

The dog walked in as,
It lifted his clean feet.
As he looked at her with his friendly eye,
You see it walk in the heat.

She saw it race for the queen, it cried,
She watched it wait in the gate,
She saw it getting tied,
All the people shouted in hate.

My mother said you let it go,
The people agree,
Cause all you could see in his eye was,
His far distant home and to be free.

Links: Archive |EntrySHARK - Shannon

Shark, shark, wild animal,
Live in the deep blue sea,
Eat people like me.

How did they catch you?
We thought it was funny,
Until we thought.

We did not like it when,
They cut your fair fins,
You could not swim.

You drowned to the bottom,
Of the deep blue sea,
Oh I wonder were you lay,
To day.