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Lik-Sang: Setting it straight

Posted Oct 26, 2006 at 10:25AM by Gino D. Listed in: News Tags: Sony, Lik-Sang
Lik-Sang... no more...In light of previous events, the whole Lik-Sang vs. Sony intellectual property rights case has now escalated to the point wherein the said distributor of Asian electronics has eventually closed its doors.

Statements are flying left and right from Lik-Sang and from Sony. And now, every Tom, Dick, and Harry is wondering: where's all of this taking us? Should we take sides now? Where do we get our PS3s come launch date? What really happened? Lik-Sang's marketing manager Pascal Clarysse now follows up their statement from last October 22, and tries to set things straight.

The statement talks about what hardships they had to go through, with a bombardment of lawsuits "forcing the relatively small company behind Lik-Sang.com into a bizarre world of lawyers." There's also an update about the said Sony officials that were reputed to have purchased orders from Lik-Sang.

It seems as if this issue is far from settled. Although Lik-Sang is now no more, their memory and what they stood for is still very much alive in a lot of gamers. The battle might have been won, but the proverbial war isn't quite over yet.

Now, before you take up your pitchforks and torches, better read Pascal Clarysse's full statement first:

"First of all, Sony's claim that Lik-Sang didn't turn up and therefore incurred no legal cost is absolute nonsense. Lik-Sang's legal representatives spent over a year to vigorously contest the UK's court jurisdiction until the last moment, produced witness statements and documents, and replied to Sony's allegations about parallel importation and copyright infringement. Plenty of documents were sent back and forth from Hong Kong all the way to the UK, and it was also argued to the London High Court that Sony has launched duplicate actions in different countries, but all to no avail. The court case in Hong Kong is still ongoing, and Lik-Sang as well as its lawyers spent hundreds and hundreds of hours trying to catch up with Sony's mass of documents and claims. As a result, two different High Court judges at different occasions expressed their surprise about the unusual high legal expenses claimed by Sony's law firm.

Through their lawsuits, Sony forced the relatively small company behind Lik-Sang.com into a bizarre world of lawyers charging more than GBP 380 (EUR 550+) per hour (!), and if you believe it or not, these guys don't come alone, they need their (not necessarily much cheaper) assistants and clerks around them to get something done.

The UK courts ruling that outlaws what Lik-Sang and the gaming community enjoyed ever since, and the imminent direct threat from Sony about yet a third lawsuit and a PlayStation 3 injunction, will absolutely not make things easier and fairer for anyone involved.

Denying boldly any correlation between Sony's legal actions and Lik-Sang's closure must probably be cynical sarcasm on their behalf. Unfortunately for Lik-Sang, the current situation is neither a joke, nor a game: A bunch of people have lost their basis for existence because of corporate lawsuits for something that is not only regarded as lawful in Hong Kong, it is considered to be beneficial for consumers (free trade). And a huge amount of gamers all around the globe lost a place on the Internet that they were enjoying.

Lik-Sang is not involved into any other lawsuits apart with Sony, and, while they "strongly denied that their actions have had anything to do with [Lik-Sang's] closing" in their statement, they still had the time to send a 15 pages fax less than 24h later, lining out the terms of the order made by the UK court last week and asking Lik-Sang to pay the sum of GBP 100,000 (EUR 150,000) just for their legal costs before 4pm at November 1. By the way, the fax also includes a penal notice, nicely reminding the reader that not obeying the order (which means shipping any PlayStation branded product to any country in Europe) may mean sequestration of all assets and, in worst case, imprisonment for the directors of the company. The judge also ordered that 'there be an inquiry as to the damages suffered' by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe in the UK and in any other member state of the European Union, based on each EU country's own rules.

Finally, Sony's unbelievable statement that all purchase orders made by their own directors 'would' be for investigatory purposes speaks volumes, and also doesn't explain why these and all the other orders placed by Sony officials were not revealed to the High Court (despite what is called duty for 'full and frank disclosure' in court proceedings, as Lik-Sang understands it as laymen).

Oddly enough, all investigatory orders that were revealed by Sony to the High Court in London and to the High Court in Hong Kong started much later than the purchases placed by their directors. Further to this, Sony Europe's own Legal and Business Affairs Manager signed a witness statement in the High Court of London that says that Sony Europe 'became aware' of parallel imported PSP consoles in the UK and in the rest of Europe only in March 2005, and the same witness statement presents a trainee solicitor from Sony's lawyers as the one placing such investigatory orders during May 2005.

On top of that, more than a half year after the named Sony officials started to receive their PSP purchase orders from Lik-Sang, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (managed by the very same directors) sent a letter to Hong Kong claiming that they just 'recently discovered' that Lik-Sang is offering PSP consoles and games to customers in the UK (United Kingdom) and that they would be entitled for a court injunction.

The three directors that were revealed in Tuesday's press release are very important and directly linked to Sony's lawsuits against Lik-Sang. A copy of their purchase orders, along with a fine selection of others, was produced by Lik-Sang's legal representatives to Sony Europe during the Hong Kong High Court discovery proceedings long before the trial in the UK took place. No purchase orders of non-management level Sony employees were revealed, not in court or otherwise.

UK news website Spong.com tried to call all three of the listed Sony directors, just to learn that 66% of them are not in their office or are on holidays this week. They are probably still very exhausted from placing all these investigatory orders for the trainees of their legal department…

My final words: Sony should be proud of having such a die-hard import gamers community rushing to buy their products and supporting them with a passion. Instead, they march all over us."

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   by Sinister - 2006-10-26
 » Sony are sooo *****s.

I fail to see how liksang was affecting them negativly in ANY way I mean Sony's rep's gonna be in ruins now.

   Re: The man who smells like roses, sweat and cheap win (Unregistered) - 2006-10-26
 » Yeah...

Sony is just putting the example for all the other online companies not to do the same or they will end just like Lik-Sang. This proves Sony dont give a ***** about some people losing their jobs or whatever. They see stuff in dollars and cents. So for my part oh yeah Ill get a PS3 oh yeah I have a Ps2 and a PSP but thats just the ONLY revenue (anyways they lose money on consoles) they will get (and have gotten) from my pocket...

   Re: teee (Unregistered) - 2006-10-27
 » heee

ABOUT TIME!!!!!! THIS ROCKS!!! They should ban pre-orders all together and arrest people who stand in line outside of stores at 3am. GET A JOB YOU TOOLS!!!!!

   Re: PurpleShadow (Unregistered) - 2006-10-27
 » @Teee

The people who line up outside at 3am are probably adults. And an adult lining up outside ready to buy things is probably buying it with their own money.

And, dear friend, money is something that you earn from working.

Strange how some people grow up knowing everything but the basics...
   by BRAZIL!!! (Unregistered) - 2006-10-26
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   Re: Death To 1st Post Lamers (Unregistered) - 2006-10-26
 » Would You Like ....

Would You Like A Cup Of SHUT THE F*CK UP?!

   Re: brazil (Unregistered) - 2006-10-26
 » ha

lmao 2nd post

   Re: mmmm (Unregistered) - 2006-10-26
 » fffft

go back to your sweatshop
   by Advertising -
   by - (Unregistered) - 2006-10-26
 » -

yep, now everybody hates sony even more.... they weren't already that popular... :P

   Re: - - (Unregistered) - 2006-10-26
 » - -

oooh, i love sony even more now
   by Matt (Unregistered) - 2006-10-26
 » Go figure???

I agree with the above statement. After all, these units were ultimately being purchased from Sony anyway, and more to the point, if Sony are so concerned with ensuring that purhcasers in Europe receive units that meet the stringent EU quality guidelines, are they trying to suggest that the units on sale in hte rest of the world are sub-standard?

   Re: creamsoda (Unregistered) - 2006-10-27
 » right on!

exactly what i was thinking
   by delight1 (Unregistered) - 2006-10-26
 » ...

sony sucks

   by AndyTheSkanker (Unregistered) - 2006-10-26
 » Sony done *****ed up

Why would you do this to gamers. All for the sake of what? Making EU citizens wait another 4-7 months for the consoles? That's *****ing low.

   by sony sucks (Unregistered) - 2006-10-26
 » sony sucks

sony digged their own graves through stupid actions like these ...

i´m livin in europe ... 1st the changed launch-date for europe ... and now this ***** ...

i hope sony will fail!

plz guys - dont buy this expensive PS3 bull***** ...

   Re: u don't know me (Unregistered) - 2006-10-26
 » sorry

sorry bro. i'm gonna buy a ps3 anyways. i'm sure a lot of people are. i'm too old for nintendo and despise bill gates more than $ony so there ya go.

   Re: Starayo - 2006-10-26
 » Too old?

Have you actually looked at any of the games? Red steel, anyone?

'Too old' is not an excuse. Nintendo may have a reputation for selling children's games, but with the lineup for the Wii and my own Gamecube collection, it'd clear to anyone that that reputation is clearly not true.

Though I never bought anything from Lik-Sang, I knew about it and was planning to use it in the future. While it doesn't affect me indirectly, I have to feel sorry for all the people who wanted orders off there.

Hey, there's still eBay (at a dramatically increased price :( ) right?

   Re: Advertising -

   Re: yes (Unregistered) - 2006-10-26
 » yes

i agree with "don't buy ps3" sentence :) more people doing this mean that more chances for us to get it at launch ;)
   by Meh (Unregistered) - 2006-10-26
 » Why them?

There are countless other sites that sell PSPs or any number of Sony products online. Why go after Lik-Sang? I mean everyone knows eBay sells tons of them every day. Sony is just trying to be greedy by getting the people in Europe to pay more, which is retarded. Now I'm in Canada so it doesn't affect me, but still, I cringe hearing the prices these people have to pay for the same products everywhere else in the world, with the only difference being the power supply needed.

   by Mr. Common Sense (Unregistered) - 2006-10-26
 » $ony is evil and will destroy anyone they feel like

$ony's lawyers haven't made any true or rightous arguments as to why Lik Sang can't import PSPs to Europe. They just have more money. All I can say is I hope Microsoft (who doesn't seem so evil anymore) wins their case over $ony's bulls*it price comparison saying you must buy $400 worth of accesories with a core XBOX 360 because they're "required." Hopefully Immersion can win another lawsuit against these evil bastards. Maybe Nintendo can sue for the controller technology? These f*ckers are big, but as much trouble as they've been having they can go down. Let's hope so!

   Re: Granavatar_Ofme (Unregistered) - 2006-10-26
 » And when are they going to Destroy you?

'cause you suck.

Please Sony hurry and put this A-Hole into the poor house*See Mr. Common Sense clothes.

Well their parents *Sees Mr. Common Sense parents house.

Well you will think on something.

   Re: WTF are you talking about ? (Unregistered) - 2006-10-26
 » Stop talking gibberish

Granavatar, WTF are you talking about ? I couldn't make any sense out of your pointless comment (if it was a comment at all). What kind of nonsensical gibberish are you trying to pass off as any kind of sensible or meanigful constructive comment here. You probably couldn't get anyone to make much sense out of what you are trying to say here if you tried to speak it out of your ass with a muffled fart.

By the way, who keeps letting the babies and little children post in here ?

Hey widdle baby, isn't it time you had your feeding of Gerber Baby Mush ? That's right.. gum on that for a while, and use your widdle bib to wipe up that drool at the corner of your mouth.

   Re: Mr. Common Sense (Unregistered) - 2006-10-26
 » Granavatar_Ofme is a skitzo

The asylum called. They want their psycho back. It's ok little boy, here's some morphene to help you relax.
I have no problem with people expressing their opinion when it's against what I think, as long as it's something remotely intelligent.

   Re: Amen to that bro (Unregistered) - 2006-10-26
 » Mixing medication is bad..

Granavatar should really stop mixing his medication. Mr.Common Sense, you make more sense of what you are saying, than Granavatar himself does.

   Re: noname (Unregistered) - 2006-10-26
 » ...

i don't support any party but from what i've seen most people here are just...kids(?) who enjoy flaming other people/organization and think that they are the rights of justice(?) and those people/organization should listen to them and obey them :p

well if $ony goes down that would be one less console for me to buy so i guess i should feel happy right? ^_^ (sorry for my lousy English, it isn't my main language)

   Re: 14_dev (Unregistered) - 2006-10-27
 » xcuse me!!

umm mr "WTF are you talking about ?"...umm wot the ***** r u tlking about. young psp devs lik me can comment if we *****in damn welll lik..so if u dont lik it den ***** off 2 anothr site. i am tryin 2 b nice as posible here.
   by evidently Brazil doesn't know they are in second (Unregistered) - 2006-10-26
 » ...

Why does Sony spend so much money on a null and void issue? Is it fun to ruin other's dreams and ideas as well as their finances only because they can? Are the different Sony districts (Europe, Asia, and North America) competing? Lik-Sang hurt a multibillion dollar conglomerate that bad?

Don't even get me started on their weird idea of "security". The sad thing is, I like my psp and have liked Sony's products in the past. I don't want to see them go down the toilet. Why keep biting the hands that feed you?

   Re: Advertising -

   Re: The Hands that Feed... (Unregistered) - 2006-10-26
 » The Green Eyed Monster

Why keep biting the hands that feed you ask ?

Well, one reason might be, as big as Sony is, they rely on those " Hands That Feed" them, namely feeding their pockets and bank accounts until they get nice, fat, and full. Apparently, they have gone power hungry and sue happy enough, that they can claim they are not controlled by any one master (much like a stray dog let loose without an owner), or a disobedient dog that doesn't comply with what's told to do.

Much along this same following of analogy, Sony is like a big fat corporate pig, waiting for us pig farmers to feed it it's daily slop (representation of our money) into their troughs to feed from.

Yes, once again the green eyed monster of greed rears up it's ugly head, as we keep feeding it's ego as mass consumers who buy into their products and by doing so have encouraged them to grow as they have.

Another good analogy of this would be to view ourselves as being much like cattle being herded and gathered in a corral, or a herd of sheep perhaps being rounded up and being stripped of our wool (money again in this case), for the overly expensive hardware and / or software we buy from this company. Example: PSP, PS3, Games.

But, we have to ask ourselves as well, if it weren't for us consumers supporting Sony for the products that we have bought and continue to buy from them, to have encouraged them so much as we have to allowed them to grow as big as they have, are we not just as bad as they are ?

That is one thought that I will leave to the rest of you to scratch your heads over. And keep in mind as well, that if it weren't for us as consumers, Sony would not exist at all.
   by Granavatar_Ofme (Unregistered) - 2006-10-26
 » Should i care?

No....Why i post here?.
Just to remark all the post here are about Sony sucks but no one sez we will miss link-sang or has nothing to do with link sang.
Just generic "Sony Sucks" Statements.

You know like "i will not buy the Ps3 that i was not going to buy anyway for this",and crap.

I can probably bet that if Nintendo were doing this (Which they did before Sony and Microsoft)people will say something like "Nintendo is our savior", "Nintendo had a good reason" or something.

My mayor lolz to all of you J-holes.

   Re: GaveUpTomorrow - 2006-10-26
 » I agree

I'm going to have to agree with this. Frankly, I think people are just tired of seeing Sony do so well with their PS2, and the microsoft/nintendo fanboys can't stand thinking that their systems are going to suck another time around. Because the Gamecube sucked big time, people are thinking that the Wii will be better. WRONG. Wii will stick have sucky games with a different controller...who cares. Now you can play boring games with a new controller...have fun guys..

   Re: noxter (Unregistered) - 2006-10-26
 » Couldn't agree no more

Yeah, anyone that sues Sony is right, yet Sony can't sue anyone cuz then that makes them evil...that sounds stupid but it's just what I've been seeing all over the internet these months. But we must remember that time when there was a campaign in Europe against the PlayStation 1, that gave Sony much more popularity and even more popularity once the great games were released. The ones that say "boycott Sony" must be 12 year old kids by that attitude. There are many more alternatives than Lik-sang so why whine so much? It's not the end of the world so calm down.
   by GeppyZ - 2006-10-26
 » lik-sang

I just still cant believe it....
Why is sony being such a ***** lately?
It's like they are having their period or sumptin...
Everyone knows that sony is in a bit of a "low" position right know, but use that to ***** down companies that Sell sony products so sony sells even less?

come on..

   by Onimushaclan - 2006-10-26
 » really stupid

Sony EU are greedy. that's why i prefer to buy a Wii or a sony import machine. i dont wana support Sony EU coz the lack of 60hz n progressive scan feature for PS2 PAL version. lik-sang lives!!

   Re: Onigariclan (Unregistered) - 2006-10-26
 » lives????

lick-sang is dead lol
   by Some guy (Unregistered) - 2006-10-26
 » Lame.

This does have tremendous influence on any future purchases from Sony. These people were moving their products... making money for them. Also it was absolutely pointless. I'm sure someone at Sony, believes on some level this will 'send a signal' to other retailers doing the same thing, but it will not. Other places will do it as long as there is money to be made, plain and simple.

Another thing that is BS is when huge corporations intentionally bury smaller ones in legal paperwork. It's a tactic, that is completely beyond necessity. It's like throwing a tantrum corporate style. What makes it worse is paying big bucks to first torture a small business with this, and then when you finally make them close their doors, ask to be reimbursed for the fees involed. This in itself is enough of a good reason for anyone to hate Sony.

   Re: Not as lame as you are (Unregistered) - 2006-10-26
 » Yeah yeah...

There's no reason to hate this little Sony as you know it. You have Play-asia and more choices. Wal-Mart is way more evil than Sony and is damaging our economy. Care about BIGGER things than this nonsense.

   Re: Shopping at Wal-Mart makes you cry (Unregistered) - 2006-10-26
 » To: Not as lame as you are

Hmm.. I fail to see how Wal-Mart can be more evil than Sony in your statement. Where you failed to explain how Wal-Mart is also damaging our economy, I will try to fill in some of the blanks that you left out. Let's see, perhaps you hate Wal-Mart because it makes you cry every time your parents take you there to shop for clothes and shoes ? I bet you really hated it when your grandparents would give you Birthday and Christmas presents that came from Wal-Mart, and when you opened up your gifts you'd get nothing but sweaters, socks or underwear, and you'd be like, " WTF ?! Sh*t from Wal-Mart again ?! Damnit all, not again ! " And then you would throw yourself on the ground and go into a tantrum. WaaaaAAAAhhhhHHHH.

If you think that the original poster (guy who posted before your silly comment) should care about bigger things than this nonsense as you stated, then what about your own comment that you made in regards to Wal-Mart without giving reason as to why it's evil or how it hurts our economy. You should think before you post something, otherwise it just makes you like an idiot, if not like the rear end of a mule (also known as a Jack A$$).

And by the way, the poster above you, Some guy, does have a valid point on Sony in regards to big corporations snubbing out smaller business just cause they feel threatned by them, just look at Micro$haft for a perfect example of this. Micro$haft either buys business' out or snubs them out forcing them to go out of business.

   Re: tch! (Unregistered) - 2006-10-26
 » lame

Go look for some information on www.google.com since I won't bother looking it all for you. I'll just ignore that first and second useless paragraphs you made cuz they're useless (if not ignorant). Business is business, that is all and again, there are more important issues out there (again, won't bother pointing out that eternal list of important things). Anyways I won't waste my time with people who likes to insult just because someone disagrees with them.

   Re: Some guy (Unregistered) - 2006-10-26
 » Ok...

It borders on the line of being a valid response. Yes, Wal-Mart as a company has done some truly incredible things, as well as Microsoft. It just so happens that this discussion was not about anyone else but Sony.

So, how should I take it? Because Sony is less screwed up than the other big dogs, I should turn a bline eye? This particular issue hit close to home, and I strongly sympathize with Lik-Sang here, and what Sony did was, in my opinion, wrong. They werent the first, and they will not be the last, but it is still wrong.

Fortunately for myself, I can focus my discontent at more than one target. I don't shop at Wal-Mart. That's how I show them that I don't appreciate what they do. It's a foolish notion that one should only worry about the worst of the worst. I care about many political issues, in the country, as well as in my state and city. I have the capacity to be both displeased and agreeable with many topics and entities on a broad scale.

Now, the Microsoft debate is another thing entirely. Wal-Mart has a massive hold on minimum wage laws, and damages the economy not just through its highly competetive model, but also by paying its employees wages that are impossible to live on, increasing the need for financial assistance, which trickles down to many large problems. While Microsoft has squashed some businesses, I can honestly say I've worked with hundreds of men and women that have very comfortable jobs working on and with Microsoft products. Without them, who knows? Not to mention that Bill, while not a popular guy, has given considerable amounts of money to a number of charities. Big companies will be big companies, but you will never see a headline about Microsft killing a small town, or an economy.

Here, Sony targeted a retail site that not only generated revenue for them, but also very likely boosted sales and interest in their products. While it did not conform to their policies, it was not damaging, not in a broad sense. They made no progress towards any fictional effort to snuff out exported sales. Unfortunately Lik-Sang just got a nasty target painted on them, and felt the wrath of pure wealth and power in the legal system. Sony probably just got tired of fightling losing battles (force-feedback) and decided to go for a sure thing.
   by lol (Unregistered) - 2006-10-26
 » lol

welll japen hates china this has been going on for along time its just that sony saw that store was doing something illgeal then saw then where chinese and they where done! done! see ya later!

   Re: fake chinese (Unregistered) - 2006-10-26
 » lol

china hates japan too
   by Pregnant women!! ... aaahhahaha!!! (Unregistered) - 2006-10-26
 » Seriously...

According to the news here at QJ, a while back Sony had sent letters to Play Asia AND Lik-Sang asking them to stop exporting their *hardware* to other countries. Play Asia listened, and Lik-Sang didn't. Lik-Sang got in trouble and Play Asia didn't. Who gives a crap if you like Sony or not, but if the law says youre not allowed to do something then you shouldnt be doing it, and if you get caught dont be all sour about it and blame it on others.

Sony has no problem with exporting software, by the way. And I thought the part about the pregnant women was ESPECIALLY hilarious... just someone else trying to make Sony the bad guys.

PS. Take a look at Sony's stock today...

   by WonderStivi - 2006-10-26
 » Petition to save Lik-Sang (for what it's worth)

Here's a petition to save Lik-Sang for those who might be interested: http://www.petitiononline.com/savelisa/petition.html

   Re: -_- (Unregistered) - 2006-10-26
 » ...

Pitiful and worthless.

   Re: omg (Unregistered) - 2006-10-26
 » lol at internet

good luck :p

   Re: DerDude (Unregistered) - 2006-10-27
 » how *******...

how ******* dumb are people on the internet nowadays?

A petition to help link sang. omfg, dont you get it guys? lik sang went OUT OF MONEY, no petition will help them.
   by ASTROPUNK (Unregistered) - 2006-10-26
 » Now I dont feel guilty...

when i download their movies, music and games off mininova

   Re: Long John Silver (Unregistered) - 2006-10-26
 » Yo Ho, Yo Ho, A Pir8's Life...

Well, I guess it's Yo Ho Yo Ho A Pir8's Life For Us !

Yar, matey, I feel pretty much da same way as I do about yee 'nother big coporate pig of yee scurvy dog, yee may know by thee name of Micro$haft. I be plunderin and lootin' booty from them as well for ages.

To the high seas fellow matie's, there be treasure out yonder thare to bag !

   Re: pirate king (Unregistered) - 2006-10-26
 » really?

I doubt you ever felt guilty downloading anything before this incident ;p
   by matt (Unregistered) - 2006-10-26
 » Stupid.

I'm with Long John Silver... Stop defending what Sony did...But true, Nintendo and Microsoft would have done the same thing...No wait. They didn't. Shut the f*ck up. Lik-Sang has been selling DS units since their arrival in Japan. Eat a d*ck you stupid fanboys, and realize that this stupid consumer juggernaut that we feed is the f*cking Anti-Christ.
-Sony is the Anti-Christ

   Re: bottleneck213 (Unregistered) - 2006-10-26
 » Stupid

You clearly need to broaden your mind and grow up. Besides that you also need to move on as there are more things to worry about than "Sony vs. Liksang". Grow up and move on for goodness sake!

   Re: matt the lamer (Unregistered) - 2006-10-26
 » religious

What does this have to do with religious? I guess next time you'll say "Sony is the Anti-White" or something
   by Figboy - 2006-10-26
 » *sigh*

you know, it'd be real funny if next march, a full 5 months after the PS3 launches in the US and Japan, the price of the PS3 in the UK is lower, due to production costs lowering.

would people still ***** and complain that they had to wait, if the product is cheaper by $50-$70? Sony has already said that they are switching manufacturing processes in early 2007 to a cheaper process.

and say what you will about Sony, they've always listened to their costumers:

Playstation consumers complained that the PS2 wasn't very powerful, didn't come with a harddrive, no online service, no support for more than 2 controllers unless an add-on was bought:

in the PS3, Sony added a hard drive as standard, included an online service that's free of charge, made the system insanely powerful and included support for not, 4, but 7 controllers via USB and Bluetooth.

people complained that 2 HDMI ports, 3 ethernet ports, and 7 USB ports was excessive: Sony took them out, or paired them down to reasonable ammounts.

the Japanese *****ed about the console's high price, Sony lowered it to roughly $425 for the 20gig. Japanese retailers priced the 60 gig unit at about $100 more: $525 or thereabouts.

anyway, i'm sick and tired of hearing about this Lik-Sang bull*****. so. *****ing. what. an online store shut down. boo *****ing hoo. get over it. big companies do what is in their legal rights to protect their investments. Sony felt their investments (the PSP, and potentially the PS3) were in danger, so they did what was necessary to protect them, and apparently, they were right to do so.

and for the people who claim that MS and Nintendo wouldn't do such a thing? there is a string of lawsuits the mighty and infallable Nintendo filed during the 80's and 90's suing any and everybody for some of the most retarded reasons ever. look it up. MS isn't immune to the lawsuit bug, either.

some of you little boys and girls need to realize that the world sucks, but that's not going to stop it from spinning (unless man finds a way to do so, killing us all). big fish eat the little fish. end of story. if Lik Sang truly wasn't doing anything wrong, they would have won their lawsuit, millions of lawyers or just one. when someone or something is in the wrong, and they are proven to be in the wrong, they are found guilty. stop *****ing.

   Re: borio (Unregistered) - 2006-10-26
 » You deserve "Post of the day" or heck the whole month!

I clearly agree with you. This topic is getting old too fast. It's like if people saw Liksang as a god or something since they're whining too much for a frigging website when there are other choices.

   Re: Congratulation (Unregistered) - 2006-10-27
 » What the guy above me said

If you don't mind I would like to quote what you said, every time I see some one complaining about Sony and Lik-Sang or just Sony in general
   by Fanboy no more (Unregistered) - 2006-10-26
 » **** You Sony

I will get the PS3. but I can't help hating Sony for it did. Materialistic Son of a B****!

   Re: no you're fatboy lol (Unregistered) - 2006-10-26
 » sony hater

simple, get rid of all sony products in your possesion, and don't bother getting a ps3 cause it has a "Sony" logo on it ;)
   by Think... (Unregistered) - 2006-10-26
 » Every single one of you here is stupid, except Figboy.

For christ sake will you all shut up!? This in no way affects you, and you are taking it personally. It shows just how pathetic you people are... If you were in Sony's position, you would do the exact same thing!

First of all, I'm in law school, so I know exactly what I'm talking about. So don't bother challenging this.

Lik-Sang is the one who is responsible for ALL OF THIS. It was them who decided they would infringe on the IP rights of Sony's product. They did an illegal thing. It cost Sony money, and thats that. That is something Sony has full rights, and is encouraged in the court of law to advance and take full action on.

Sony needs to protect investments because its important to them. It keeps business running smoothly, and keeps profits coming in so Sony can keep releasing products. Lik-Sang is doing nothing but crying, and making up bull**** to keep themselves, and everyone away from the damn truth. They say they did nothing, but in FACT they did. Its evident. They broke the law, and that is illegal.

Next, Sony will probably sue Lik-Sang management for the release of the names of the "executives" at Sony. Lik-Sang broke their privacy policy, and the privacy act of the entire world. That is a serious offence, and can get you put in jail, and fined heavy amounts of money.

If Lik-Sang didn't want to get sued and put out of business, they wouldn't have broken the law. The judge of the ruling knew that, and he ruled against them. Pure and simple.

Are you people going to cry and moan about how Sony sucks for suing people because THEY BROKE THE LAW!? Would you people think please!

Microsoft and Nintendo would have done the same thing, because they need to protect their investments, and IP rights too. Its mandatory in business, and law. Lik-Sang broke the rules, failed to listen to Sony, and have paid the price for breaking the law. They have both sued before, and they will probably sue again.

Plus, I'm also hearing reports that Microsoft and Nintendo would sue Sony over some "fact sheet?" Well, if they were to do this, they would be perfectly capable of suing Lik-Sang over ILLEGALLY IMPORTING AND DEPORTING ITEMS WITH NO RIGHTS OR PERMISSION!

I'm sick of hearing almost every one of you claim false bull****. Please learn what you are talking about before oyu ramble on about this type of stuff.

But, considering I know this stuff, and am not some blind "fanboy," I can see why Sony did this, and that Lik-Sang is doing severe damage control, to what they feel is in their best interest. If you have a problem with Sony, suck it up. Don't break the damn law, and you won't get sued. It is no reason to stop supporting them, and hate them. Don't let your damn personal feeling influence decisions, and your damn actions. And from reading all of this, its a perfect example of getting to personal over something so minute, and utterly pathetic.


   Re: Export (Unregistered) - 2006-10-26
 » Export

Its importing and exporting not deporting.

   Re: Whatever (Unregistered) - 2006-10-26
 » Common Sense

"First of all, I'm in law school, so I know exactly what I'm talking about. So don't bother challenging this."

Wow, a law student! Have you finished all 3 years of law school yet? I guess not if you are a student. Besides, 3 whole years, you must have been there a long time.

While we are on it, I can only imagine you are a law student in Hong Kong, otherwise what you have learned, what, 1 year, 2 years in, probably does not apply here.

Thanks for flaunting your massive super law student knowledge. You are probably also aware that Sony execs purchasing the very units that Sony is suing for puts an interesting spin on things. It's funny what unlimited resources can accomplish in court.

Anyhow, I need to get back to talking with all my law student friends. They are a dime a dozen anyhow. I think I ran over one on the way home from work. It's funny how something so small can inflate an ego so much.

   Re: PSPrometheus (Unregistered) - 2006-10-26
 » Cross border intellectual property laws

First and foremost, I doubt you are a law student of any sort for one simple reason. In law school you learn how to write/word legal documents. As your grammar is well below the level that I would expect from a 9th grader you may want to use MS WORD, or Open office for your next rant.

If you want examples here are a few. "Next, Sony will probably sue Lik-Sang management for the release of the names of the "executives" at Sony. Lik-Sang broke their privacy policy, and the privacy act of the entire world. That is a serious offence, and can get you put in jail, and fined heavy amounts of money". If you knew what you were talking about it then you would know that in order to get a business license, or incorporate all owners/officers of said business or corp. legally have to be listed. Secondly, there is no world wide privacy act. In most industrialized countries yes, but world wide no.

For an example of your very poor use of grammar and structure I use this "That is a serious offence, and can get you put in jail, and fined heavy amounts of money".

Fined heavy amounts of money???? Large amounts of money, yes. Heavy fines, yes. Heavy amounts of money?....

Where exactly are you taking law at, disneyland?

   Re: Shadus (Unregistered) - 2006-10-26
 » Wow...

... if they're letting people who write so eloquently into law school these days it's no wonder our political system is going down the tubes. Oh well, a 40 point IQ drop is nothing among friends... right?
   by Logic (Unregistered) - 2006-10-26
 » Perfect post "Think..."

That is absolutely true. No one should be crying and claiming hate on Sony. Its sad... You people need to open your eyes and stop letting personal feeling get in the way of a great gaming experience. Go buy the damn console from the manufacter, and support them for the damn effort they put into the freaking console you were going to get over Lik-Sang. Sony gets barely anything from that...

And if not, go buy from a legally licence vender like Play-Asia...
Seriously people...

   by SONY IS A CHEAP LYING LITTLE BOY of a company (Unregistered) - 2006-10-26
 » im angry at sony BULLY

sony bad lik-sang i never got a t-shirt i want my t-shirt sony is HORRIBLE for getting rid of lik-sang stupid greedy sony there reasoning is lauhgable at best give a law expert 1 yyear to look thoufgh it and sony probly wpould be in a lot of trouble I HATE SONY!!!

   Re: smarter than everyone! (Unregistered) - 2006-10-26
 » Good for you.

It's not Sony's fault. It's Europe's fault. Those damn Europeans keep ruining everyone's fun with their weird outlets and voltage and the fact that they are almost the only country that uses PAL instead of NTSC. And you are ruining QJ with your spelling and grammar. Did you type that comment on a cell phone with triple-tap? During a seizure? And an earthquake? With your head covered in bees and your brain reasonably deteriorated by a tumor? Seems plausible, given that you managed never to use a period but to hypenate "Lik-Sang". I should use a quote from the author Terry Pratchett here, "Anyone who uses more that two exclamation points in a row should be considered insane."
   by ...... (Unregistered) - 2006-10-26
 » ....... XD

Arent all big companies greedy? Come on, why do you think a lot of Manufacturing Jobs have shipped over seas. Its because they want to make more in profits since they can charge there employees less. Plus everything made over seas seems to be made more cheaply anyway. Sony, Nintendo, Toshiba, Microsoft, Walmart, McDonalds, Taco Bell, Comcast, Qwest, Dell, Motorola, Nextel, Mastercard, Visa, and the list goes on and on are companies in which are greedy. Trust me, we live in a Capitalistic society now days. Companies are just dieing to take your money. So when someone says that sony sucks, arent they just doing what every company does.

   by PSPrometheus (Unregistered) - 2006-10-26
 » It's the golden rule

He who has the gold, makes the rules. As much as I can't stand some of sonys business practices or some of their half baked ideas (cough UMDs that cost more than DVDs cough) they do have a solid foundation in gaming now. Companies like sony make it because of us. We are the ones that buy their equipment and thus we are the ones that make prices go sky high. I work for a mid sized game developer and when sony pitched the PS3 to us we weren't actually going to jump on board due to the EXCESSIVE cost of the Dev kits. The company decided to go for it as a whole because of the regestered pre-sales of PS3s. It comes down to this, if you want to dethrone sony, don't buy their systems/games. If you disagree with what we are doing to smaller companies then boycott. The only people that can make themselves heard are the customers. The company doesn't listen to it's employees it listens to click of adding machines. If the community as a whole takes a stand via. holding on to their wallets, you will be heard.

   by RaiderX - 2006-10-26
 » rest in peace lik-sang

we will never forget you.. :'(

   Re: eh? (Unregistered) - 2006-10-26
 » lol

Peace? Is Lik-sang a person? lol. Rest in zero, nada, since it's HTML among other computer languages, in English, it's a website.
   by Hmmmm, I can't do that Dave (Unregistered) - 2006-10-27
 » Sonny is just a corporate bully

They want to go to any lengths to bully people out of their money and just get away with it because they are rougher and thougher.

And if they get a reprimanded, they forget all of it and try to burry it.

Just go to their site and search for rootkit.
This is what you wil get: "No results were found for "rootkit". Here are the results for "rookie"."
Just hit them where it hits them the most: in their pocket.
Stop buying their products.

   by ironnmetal (Unregistered) - 2006-10-27
 » The real debate

The idea behind the article, it seems, was to clarify the position of Lik-Sang and to perhaps reveal some truths that Sony may or may not have wanted to be publicly known. Unfortunately, many comments have limited themselves to hateful spite towards not only Sony, but also Nintendo and Microsoft. I would therefore like to direct my comment towards what I feel is the real debate: Should Sony have sued Lik-Sang into bankruptcy?

Unfortunately, the only legitimate answer is yes. It would be quite ignorant to say that businesses in Europe were okay with Lik-Sang 'one-upping' them, so to speak, and delivering goods well before local stock was available. As we all know, people protect their own, and EU businesses are part of Sony of Europe's plan, Lik-Sang is not. Why should Sony feel bad about suing someone that they feel is commiting an act of aggression against their local business partners?

Of course, there is something to be said for image and how it pertains to sales. The PS2, although technically inferior to the Gamecube, earned 60-70% of the video game market. Much of that was due to quality games and DVD capabilities (shame on you Nintendo), but a lot of it was also because Nintendo has not been seen as 'cool' since the N64 days (what kind of a name is Wii?). My point in mentioning all of this is that although Sony had a legit reason to sue Lik-Sang, perhaps they should have been more careful in how they went about it, so as to avoid once again being seen as Satan-incarnate.

I dislike Sony, but I wonder how much of my dislike is due to their 'shadey' business practices and how much of it is due to jealousy over their success. Are not many of us the same in this respect? I think if Sony were experimenting with a new and innovative controller and Nintendo were focusing on graphics we would see the same comments, but in reverse. As such, it would be safe to assume that were Nintendo or Microsoft suing Lik-Sang, many fans of all systems would be up in arms. And don't for one second think that neither of the other two would do sometime like sue an online retailer. Neither is a charity, and both are businesses out to protect their investments.

So please, let the infighting stop. Our true enemies are the ignorant politicians that are trying to scam scared mothers into hating the games and systems we love... let us fight them.

   by Anti-Communist (Unregistered) - 2006-10-27
 » Go Globalization!!

It's not so much about Sony is evil for doing this or Lik-Sang was wrong in doing it. Lik-Sang was giving a portal for people in countries all over the world to buy merchandise that wasn't available for them yet. I bought my DS-Lite from Lik-Sang a full 3 months before it came to the states. This is a David and Goliath story and when I bought my DS-Lite from Lik-Sang, did Nintendo sue (bleed) the money out of Lik-Sang? Nope! Lik-Sang also gave a portal for people to get limited edition japanese hardware and software releases!!

So, I for one will miss Lik-Sang. Sony has stepped on my feet for the last time. I will be selling my shares in their company and I will also refuse to buy a Sony product if its the last thing I do. I for one would rather see a petition to support a boycott of all Sony product. Don't try and get Lik-Sang back, hit Sony where they hit Lik-Sang!!

Lik-Sang = Globalization = Free Economy.
Sony = Control = Communistic tendencies

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