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12 February 2007
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Jane Weaver
Jane Weaver (photo by Rich Mulhearn)

Forget Jane Birkin, Nico and Julie Driscoll, singer-songwriter Jane Weaver is a unique and talented vocalist with her own distinctive style and her own dazzling collection of songs.

Born in the same hospital as John Lennon, she had a strict catholic upbringing. Luckily for us, fate intervened and Weaver became seduced by the sight and sounds of Kate Bush bellowing Wuthering Heights on TOTP.

"It was like a visitation" she recalls fondly. "She had this other worldly quality that was very emotive and very fairytale like. I immediately wanted to become a singer."

A few years later, Julian Cope and Echo & The Bunnymen had the same mesmerizing effect and the smitten 15year old managed to persuade her parents to buy her a guitar and amp for Christmas. Though she now plays piano, violin, keyboards, xylophone and "various other bits'n'bobs", Weaver continues to write most of her songs on the guitar.

She also insists she still loves Kate Bush, though her list of influences now includes Mazzy Star, Broadcast, Yvonne Elliman, The Pentangle, Serge Gainsborg, Steve Albini, Cat Power, David Lynch, The Breeders and Neil Young. Cynics might expect Weaver's debut mini-album to sound like a subtle collage of the above. In fact, it's a quietly compelling collection of dreamy melodies, sublime harmonies, lush instrumentation and heart-felt vocals.

Jane Weaver (photo by Rich Mulhearn)

"I could have recorded this album differently, without all the wobbly instrumentation and flaws, but I love idiosyncrasies and frailties" informs Weaver. "They're so much more emotive than anthemic choruses and polished songs. I have perfect pitch, but I like stuff that's a bit experimental and screwed up."

When she's not composing spine-chilling songs, Weaver can be found fronting Twisted Nerve quartet Misty Dixon. A prolific chanteuse, Weaver's lengthy CV also includes stints as a DJ, remixer (D.O.T) and guest vocalist (Andy Votel's Girl On A Go-Ped and forthcoming album All Ten Fingers and Doves' Seven Day Smile). Lest we forget, she also fronted indie outfit Kill Laura and released various critically acclaimed solo EPs in the mid to late 90s on (Rob Gretton's) Manchester Records.

"I'm still proud of those records, but Like An Aspen Leaf is the first record that feels completely mine" she reflects. "It's immensely personal and every song has it's own messed up little story."

A modest artist, Weaver is quick to point out that she persuaded various Manchester movers'n'shakers to contribute to Like An Aspen Leaf "with the promise of a sandwich and cake". The ones that agreed were Dave Tyack, Mum & Dad producer Joe Robinson, Dakota Oak instrumentalists Naomi Hart and Richard Tomlinson and Elbow drummer and keyboard player Richard Jupp and Craig Potter.

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Jane's back catalogue has been long and winding, so we're going to start with her latest release and work forward from there!
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