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TYPE:   found       STATUS:   completed      PETFINDER SYSTEM I.D.:   PF30859     Shelter/Rescue-assigned id:  LA1379  Date Posted:  2005-09-20   Disaster:  KATRINA    
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  PF3954 (Dog Pit Bull Terrier ) Status: open
  PF4636 (Dog Pit Bull Terrier ) Status: open
  PF6827 (Dog Labrador Retriever ) Status: open
  PF31088 (Dog Pit Bull ) Status: open
  PF42075 (Dog Terrier Shih Tzu) Status: open
  PF44592 (Dog ) Status: hold
  PF56258 (Dog Shepherd ) Status: open
  PF57368 (Dog Cairn Terrier ) Status: open


found poster

Dog Labrador Retriever Mix
Age (YRS): 6 Color(s):  yellow BIRTH DATE:   1999-01-01
size: LARGE Markings:  
Weight: 0 altered: Sex: MALE
DESCRIPTION: Pet Harbor: A001120
We're sorry. This record was posted with no public contact information associated with it. This pet may have a duplicate record in the AERN system with additional details (this record may have never been updated but the pet may have been moved to a new shelter location where they generated a new database record).
Note: No email contact for this shelter is available.
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I was at PALM BEACH HUMANE SOCIETY in PALM BEACH, FL 70737 when my info was updated. Please call or email to find out if I've been moved.
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