What are the courses like? 
We believe that a course should be fun for the participants and although we expect students to work hard in the lessons, every effort is made to ensure that students enjoy themselves in and out of lesson time. 

What are the lessons like? 
Teachers working on these courses are trained and experienced teachers of English as a foreign language. The main aim of the lessons is to improve the standard of fluency and comprehension of practical spoken English, with the emphasis on the skills of listening and speaking. The materials used are specially designed for teenagers and include presentation and practice of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. Sometimes, the lessons take place outside the classroom. This is when students work on projects and assignments around the town under the supervision of the teacher. Students are expected to do some homework in the evenings and at the weekends. 

How many students are there in a class? 
The maximum number of students in a class is 15 and the average is 13.

What is the difference between the Activities Programme and the Intensive Programme? 
The Activities Programme offers 4 lessons of 45 minutes each morning, with and activities each afternoon and evening, 5 days a week. To see a sample programme click programme. 
The Intensive Course in Salisbury gives teenage students the opportunity of study for 2 lessons of 45 lessons each afternoon in addition to the morning session. 
Students on both types of course enjoy the same evening activities and the weekend excursions.

What about examinations? 
These are voluntary. Teenage students are offered the opportunity of taking a City and Guilds examination at the end of their course. There is an additional charge of 30 for this examination. Students on intensive programmes in particular, are encouraged to take this examination, so that they have an externally validated verification of their level of English when they have completed their course. The examination is available at five levels, from elementary to advanced. 

How can I get from my home to School? 
On the first morning your family will bring you to school. You will be advised on the best way to get to school each day. Many students walk to school others take a bus.

Can the school help with transport to and from airports? 
In the summer period, at each weekend there are School couriers at Heathrow or Gatwick Airports to meet students and accompany them to get to Salisbury. This is our "courier service". The service includes meeting students and making travel arrangements for them to get to Salisbury under supervision. There is a similar service to get students back to the airport to catch flights.
There is an extra charge for this service which includes the cost of transport. Private transfers can be arranged at any time of the year. 

What about accommodation? 
Generally teenagers stay with local English host families, in a single bedroom or sharing. This accommodation is available for students aged 13 to 17 years. In Salisbury, from 2nd July to 12th August, full-board residential accommodation in single ensuite rooms is available for teenagers at the St Mary's Residential Centre. 
In Salisbury, where younger students are accepted, all students aged 12 or younger stay at the Godolphin Residential Centre where there is 24 hour care and supervision for juniors. An exception is where children can stay with their parents while in Salisbury.
School staff live in at both of the residential centres.
The homestay accommodation is selected be the School's Welfare and Accommodation Department and is normally arranged on a bed, breakfast and evening meal basis. A packed lunch is provided for students under 18 years.
The Welfare Officer ensures that students get the care, personal attention and supervision which young people need when they are away from home.

What happens if I am ill? 
This depends on the type of accommodation. If the student is staying with a host family the host "mother" will contact the School Welfare Officer and a decision will be made about the most appropriate action, perhaps a visit to the doctor or a day's rest. If the student is staying at the residential centre the School staff will take care of the student.

Can families come to the school together? 
In January, February, and during the summer months, arrangements can be made for whole families to study at the Salisbury Centre. Courses for parents can be arranged on an individual or group basis and lessons for children of 6 and above in the summer and 13 and above in January and February, on appropriate courses for Juniors or Teenagers. 

What about the pocket money? 
The School has a banking system whereby students can deposit their pocket money with a centre treasurer and withdraw amounts weekly as required.
We suggest that students have between 35 and 50 pocket money per week for buying presents, souvenirs and paying for the few optional activities not included in the fees, such as horse riding. 

Do I get a certificate at the end of my course? 
At the end of their course all students are given a written evaluation of their ability in the five skills of speaking, listening, reading, writing and pronunciation. This is the Skills Assessment. There is a strong emphasis on what the student can do in English. 


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