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VIE Conference 2006

This event now has its own website - VISIT WEBSITE

The 3rd International Conference on Visual Information Engineering
26-28 September 2006 in Bangalore, India
Organised by the Visual Information Engineering Professional Network

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VIE 2006 will provide a focus on the practical aspects of visual information engineering, with both research and application papers being given equal importance in the programme. It will address the fundamental elements of image, video and graphics research and development.  

Key Technical Areas

Key technical areas will include the growing convergence of computer graphics and computer vision/image processing, as well as video and image analysis which is an increasingly important area in commercial multimedia applications development. 

Application areas will include:
- video editing tools
- browsing and retrieval
- immersive videoconferencing
- virtual environments
- high fidelity graphics
- biometrics
- image security
- medical imaging and healthcare
- robotics
- mobile multimedia communication. 

Technical areas underpinning the applications will include:
- image and video-based modelling and rendering
- image and video compression
- non-linear image processing
- image/video analysis
- rendering
- geometric modelling.

The Key Objectives of the Conference

  • The event will enable researchers in the VIE community to share results and advancements with  the opportunity for peer review.
  •  It will provide examples of realistic and exciting VIE applications to stimulate industrial activity in this domain.
  •  It will offer high quality and detailed information about fundamental VIE technologies which will inform engineers and researchers in the VIE community.
  • It will stimulate debate about the future of VIE technologies and convergence of multimedia technologies with other scientific domains.
  • This medium sized conference (up to 150 delegates) will provide excellent networking opportunities.

Who Should Attend?
Industrial and academic participants working in graphics, images and video.  Engineers and researchers working in the following application areas:

  • Broadcast
  • Entertainment
  • Healthcare
  • Defense and Security
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Document Processing
  • Industrial Vision
  • Remote Sensing
  • Scientific Applications

(Event programme to follow) 

Topics to be addressed at the conference:
1. Image and video communication (e.g.: coding and compression, packetisation and transport, multimedia and the Internet, augmented and virtual reality).

2. Image Interpretation (e.g.: labelling and classification, motion and object tracking, stereo and 3D imaging).

3. Image and video analysis (e.g.: image models, filtering, texture, segmentation, multimedia semantic analysis, knowledge driven multimedia analysis, dynamic visual scene analysis and behaviours analysis, event-based surveillance video indexing and retrieval, multi-camera and active camera co-operative working).

4. Architectures and implementation (e.g.: image acquisition, hardware/VLSI, real-time issues, image databases, video/image search and retrieval, display)

5. Applications of VIE e.g. TV and video, mobile communications, robotics, medical, forensic, security and surveillance, industrial inspection, handwriting analysis/recognition, biometrics, virtual and augmented reality, advanced and immersive videoconferencing, and computer/video games.

6. Graphics e.g. software, visualisation, synthetic image generation and manipulation, animation, rendering, image and video-based model synthesis, image and video-based lighting and rendering, video textures, and video-based animation.

7. Tools for the content value chain, e.g. acquisition of 'visual media content', repurposing (e.g. transcoding), editing (various processing on essence and metadata), delivery mechanisms (networking), and consumer devices for visual media consumption. 

8. Visual media standards (e.g.: JPSearch, JPIP, MPEG-21, UMA (Universal multimedia access), and scalable video coding).

9. Visual media management (e.g.: multimedia database management, watermarking, privacy, digital rights management, and content sharing).

New hot-topic special sessions are planned in areas such as:
- multimedia semantic analysis
- multimedia privacy/security.


For more information about VIE 2006 please contact Paul Mathews

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