Enstone history

Written by Bryan Day

Sunday, 03 April 2005

History about Enstone will appear here soon. If you would like to contribute please contact us.

Place-name meanings and earliest records

Enstone - 'Enna's stone' stan meaning stone
Henestan 1086 Domesday Book, Hennestona 1175 Winchcombe, Hennestan 1309 Winchcombe,
Ennestane, Enestan, Eneston, Ennestone, Enneston, Ennestann, 1185-1349 Winchcombe
Anestan 1260, Enstan 1285, Enston 1381, Ennaston 1284, Eynstone 1463.

Church Enstone
Churchenstane 1415, Church Enston 1587.

Neat Enstone - neat meaning cattle
Net Enestan 1300 Wych, Netenestane 1379 Dean, Netenstane 1413 Dean.
Also known as Road Enstone.