Thursday, December 15, 2005
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Deccan Herald » Metro Life - Thurs » Detailed Story
Slow paced Mudukuthore

Mudukuthore is a quiet and slow paced village with a hillock called Somagiri. It is quite close to Talakad and visitors usually pay a fleeting visit on their way. But an interesting temple, fantastic river views and resort facilities for recreation and watersports are more than enough to merit this as a good weekend destination. Situated on the left bank of river Cauvery at a distance of approximately 150 Km. from Bangalore, Mudukuthore can be reached driving upto Malavalli and following the Talakad road. A narrow canal runs all along the 4 kilometre stretch from Talakad to this place. The 200 ft high hill which is visible from a distance has at its top the famous Mallikarjuna Temple. The vehicles can go upto half way. The road going to the right from the base of the hill passes through eucalyptus groves in an easy gradient. Parking the vehicles you can climb the 101 steps to the entrance of the temple. The two white Nandis sitting pretty seem to guard the shrine. The temple of Mallikarjuna has a spacious outer courtyard with a tall Deepasthambha. The inner walls of the temple have attractive frescoes from the epics. This is one of the Panchalingas of Talakad and is greatly venerated. It is said that those who visit Sri Mallikarjuna temple at Srishaila, should also have darshan here. Just beside the main temple is shrine of Bhramaramba and a number of enclosures all around also have lingas. The hill and the town which are otherwise calm become lively during the yearly chariot festival during Shivarathri. One event that draws a lot of visitors is the Bull Race.

Going around the temple you will find a passage with a narrow trail that leads down to Bettalli Maramma temple about a K.M. away. If you don’t fancy the idea come back to the entrance and you will be greeted with a fantastic view of the river Cauvery far down below. The entire landscape in the foreground with a number of trees spread out in a green field is picturesque too. Added to this the pleasant refreshing breeze makes you sit for a while and enjoy the beauty.

The best way to get down from the hill is to walk leisurely along the road. May be a soft trek into the gentle hills covered with trees all around is more interesting.

Back in the town, you will find more abandoned mantapas than houses and a cluster of shops and eateries. A wonderful surprise in Mudukuthore is the Jaladhama Resorts across the river.

Take a coracle ride to cross the river and visit the resorts. With good facilities for stay and food it would be ideal to relax here for the night. It would also be worth trying a hand at the various water sports facilities that they offer. If time is not a constraint you can visit Talakad and its temples too.


How to go:

Drive on to Malavalli via Kanakapura or Maddur & take the road to Talakad. Plenty of buses go to Mudukuthore from Malavalli & other nearby towns.

Where to stay:

Ideal for day visit. For staying at Jaladhama contact: 08227-271197 at the resort or their office at Bangalore. Ph: 080-51239306/ 07.

Food & Water: nAdvisable to pack lunch & snacks as the food at small shops is not great. Good food is available at the resort.

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