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Changes in Carriageway Width Standards
Record Type: RiP

This project describes how, at 3.65m, United Kingdom (UK) lane widths on trunk roads and motorways are at the upper end of the European range of 3.50m t0 3.70m. While this contributes to safety, reductions in land width could allow more lanes to be constructed within existing corridors. The project aims to explore the pros and cons of reduced lane width. It has been estimated that a 50mm reduction in lane width would save #5m per year in construction costs. Alternatively, the life of roads might be extended by shifting the wheel path of heavy goods vehicles laterally across the carriageway, so that they run on relatively unworn parts of the cross-section. Re-marking the position of the running lanes can be made easier if narrower lanes were found to be acceptable.
Start date: 1995/9
End date: 1997/8
Status: Active
Total Dollars: 0
Source Organization: TRIP, Research Projects from the ITRD Database
Date Added: 01/24/2005
Index Terms: Highways, Width, Specifications, Lane lines, Safety, Cross sections, Marking materials, Research projects, United Kingdom,

Sponsor Organization     Project Manager

Highways Agency, Operations Support Division
St, Christopher House
Southwark Street
SE1 0TE London
United Kingdom


Garnham, M.

Performing Organization     Principal Investigator

Transport Research Laboratory
Old Workinghan Road
Crowthorne Berkshire, RG11 6AU
United Kingdom


Summersgill, I.

Operations and Traffic Management
Safety and Human Factors
Highway and Facility Design
Highway Operations, Capacity and Traffic Control
Safety and Human Performance


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