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The United States CPSC has initiated criminal legal action against us and other chemical suppliers. In short, the CPSC would like to ban the public from all access to chemicals.

This would mean an end to Chemistry as a hobby, as well as all personal research
and other endeavors involving chemicals of any sort.

We've been receiving an incredible number of letters from our Customers, Teachers, Students,
Scientists, etc. voicing their views on restricting chemical sales to the public.
These letters will be presented to the Justice Department and CPSC.
Click Here to read a sample of them.

One by one, our freedoms are slowly being taken away from us.
This action must be stopped now.

   Currently, the CPSC is focusing on common chemical Oxidizers (such as Perchlorate Compounds, Nitrate Compounds, Permanganate Compounds, Chlorate Compounds, etc., along with a wide variety of other common chemicals & metals such as: Sulfur, Aluminum, Magnesium, Titanium, Zirconium, Zinc, Magnailim, Benzoate Compounds, Salicylate compounds, Antimony and antimony compounds, etc.

The CPSC now claims this action is to stop the manufacture of illegal explosive fireworks.

      If their true intention is to attempt to curtail the construction of these devices, there are only two chemicals which should be of concern: Potassium Perchlorate & German Aluminum. 
   For those unfamiliar with exploding fireworks, they are all made from one material: Flash Powder.
Flash Powder is a mixture of Potassium Perchlorate, and a special ultra-fine aluminum powder known as German Aluminum. These have been the only 2 chemicals used in the manufacture of every single exploding firework from firecrackers to M-80s from the 1960s to present times.

The attempt to ban the wide variety of common chemicals listed (which have thousands of critical uses in every field of chemistry) suggests an ulterior motive. 

These chemicals are also absolutely vital in the manufacture of our Hydrogen Fuel System Kits that have gained wide world attention - and been in development for years now. Eliminating the availability of these chemicals will end the possibility of us ever manufacturing our Hydrogen Fuel Systems.

   They way the law is written is that components of illegal exploding fireworks are considered to be 'banned hazardous materials'. Potassium Perchlorate & German Aluminum are not components of exploding fireworks, Flash Powder is. Flash Powder is considered a high explosive and is not sold by us, nor by any other legitimate chemical firm.

  The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATF), the Government entity whose job it is to  actually keep tabs on these things, has no problem with the sale of these chemicals to the public, or the public dabbling in the construction of pyrotechnic devices, model rocketry and general Chemistry.

   In addition, the CPSC has also stated that no one will be permitted to "sell, give away or otherwise distribute any fuse in an amount greater than 25 feet per year per recipient who does not possess a valid manufacturing license for explosives issued by the BATF."  Interestingly, the BATF themselves has no such requirement and in fact actually does permit the individual experimenter to make small exploding fireworks for their own personal use.

   The CPSC will also require extensive record keeping (photocopies of drivers licenses and, if applicable,  licenses for all recipients, as well as detailed invoices maintained for at least seven years) and will require suppliers to provide those records to CPSC at any time on demand. 

       You may be one of the large numbers of budding Chemists, model rocket enthusiasts or those interested in pyrotechnics....who are legally manufacturing fireworks of various types, rocket engines... or just experimenting with chemistry who will be severely affected if the CPSC is successful. 

This must be stopped now.

   What is needed now is money to support the defense of these legal actions. No matter what happens from here on out, the one incontestably useful thing we can do now is to accumulate as large a war chest as possible. Competent legal representation and hired expert help are both indispensable and expensive. It remains remotely possible that the accumulation of sufficient funds on our part could help prompt the CPSC to negotiate a settlement.

   We ask your help in this. We know the less-than-encouraging financial situation that many find themselves in right now, but considering the stakes, I encourage your consideration of a considerable contribution to the
Fireworks Foundation/Chemical Defense Fund. In addition I would appreciate your help in raising funds in any other way you can devise.

What we can really use - just as much as money - are letters.
The problem is that Judges & the Government in general, know nothing about chemistry and only have to go on what the Justice Department and CPSC tell them.
They are being told that chemicals are only used to make explosives and poison.
We need emails from people like yourself, home experimenters, teachers, students, etc., explaining what they actually do with their chemicals and scientific supplies.
How they help education, and that everyone that buys a chemical or a flask is not going to make a bomb, hurt someone, or cook up some Methamphetamine.
Anything you can type up and email to us would be greatly appreciated and go just as far as a monetary contribution would, and in some ways is more important.
Please email your letter to:

   Any and all funds collected for this purpose will be provided to the Fireworks Foundation/Chemical Defense Fund and used solely for legal defense expenses in the CPSC action.

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