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It all started in late 1959 when two guys answered my advert in a local newsagents window for a guitarist who wanted to join a rock n roll band called the Sundowners . As I could play Apache and Guitar Boogie in a fashion, and was brilliant at the start to Move it . I was successful when they auditioned me in my bedroom , and took over from someone named Terry Gallagher, who had a pink fender but only knew three chords. I was asked if I could practice that week as we had a gig in seven days time .The band consisted of me a bass player and rhythm guitar drummer and two singers who did Everly Bros numbers. The following Saturday we played at the local civil service club were Apache and Guitar Boogie were requested at least six times .That was my start to fame and fortune as a rock n roll pop star . The pa system consisted of two 12" speakers screwed to two flat boards, and two Grampian mikes. One Watkins amplifier for me and the rhythm guitar, and one for the bass player. And we all traveled round in a Morris 1.000 van. Suffice to say it was sometimes a little cramped specially when after a few months as we got better we started to get groupies ,who also wanted to travel with us. We quickly got better, playing at bigger venues around Birmingham from youth clubs eventually to the local dance halls. Here we started to meet other bands who would one day be super stars. Denny Laine.MoodyBlues.Roy Wood. Mike Sheridan. Carl Wayne and most of the musicians who where later to hit the big time. And a few who hit the big time and then ended up working in chip shops or selling double glazing.
About 1963 one off the singers decided to leave which left us with a problem, this being it was difficult to do Everly bros numbers with one singer. We all tried to sing but were crap .This led us to backing a singer who told us he could get a recording contract HA HA. we fell for it hook line and sinker. Robby Hood and the merry men we were called all done up in green tights pointed hats and bows and arrows. This lasted for a few months traveling round England in a old van playing crap halls with Robby hood and his bird Maid Marion. finally playing as top of the bill at a blues club in London where we well and truly died a death. We came home that night all suicidal. We got rid of Robby hood and advertised for a singer to start a  blues band. That's when John joined. We practiced and got hold of imported blues records .Willie Dixon .
Moody Waters. Little Walter .Smokestack lighting, Sonny Boy Williamson etc. a pair of maracas and a mouth organ and off we went again on the Blues circuit .With a new name THE CHADS


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               This the first photo I could find about1960.         

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On stage at the atlas ballroom Birmingham 1962

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One off our business cards and handouts

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All set for stardom: Some hopes

Below at a Charity gig in Brownhills  Staffordshire about 1962.We signed loads of autographs for the kids .They thought we were superstars. Even the roadie signed them. Doug Twiss the man with the van. The bass player won a pig in the skittles contest.

sundowners1.jpg (75284 bytes)
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The infamous Robby Hood .Managed by someone called Reg Calvert Who also had the Fortunes and a few others at that time. He had something to do with Radio Caroline. He ended up committing suicide ,Shot himself. I would have also if I had carried on with Robby Hood. Only good thing was Maid Marion his girlfriend...A right cracker.

cry over you .written bye the bass player cry over you.mp3
The other side cant remember which was the a side: Who cares anyhow. Cute little baby.mp3

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