Writings by Lynette Fromme

Open letter from Lynette Fromme
     Concerning Manson's incarceration.—n/d; Published 1989

Statement from Lynette Fromme
     Regarding Manson and the Family.—n/d; Published 1989

Four letters
     To a single party.—Postmarked 1970-1971.

     To a representative of the media.—2 August 1975

Letter to Gov. Jerry Brown
     Regarding atomic energy.—7 October 1975

In order of due process
     Virga fired.—Circa 4 November, 1975

Statement for the Record
     Fromme's politics and the court.—November, 1975

NOV. 10
     Statement regarding motive.—10 November, 1975

Proposed introduction
     Unpublished book by Lynette Fromme.—1977

Three Excerpts
     From the unpublished book.—1977

     Books, et cetera.—10 January, 1983

     Includes Bugliosi story.—12 February, no year

     Manson and business.—14 April 1987

Letter, on birthdays
     Appeared in part in Schreck's The Manson File—No date.

Letter to Judge MacBride
     On Jess Bravin's book, Squeaky.—12 July, 1997

     Regarding the ATWA concept.—Circa 2000

     Judgment and the King.—n/d

Excerpts from Poetry
     Three pieces from Lyn's high school literary magazine, plus "Jury"