Letter II

      You are a super star—
      Showed Charlie your picture

      Everything we're making good
      Home is heaven in the wood—
& we make the best of cities
      scornful faces—opinions, pities,
None of which have any matter
& we sing & let the clatter
      rumble with itself.

      I'm gonna try to get some good pictures of Charlie for you
      It feels so good to lay down
Do you sew? Will you send us bits of you?—bit or word will do—even none is still a whole cause we feel you with us—soul
      You're beautiful—and you're not ashamed of being beautiful—which is what we're taught to be—
      You're a princess— & pretty soon we'll be able to make our world the heaven it should be
      A lot of people need to wake up
      & when they do—they'll see us.
      Will, & always have been in, above, & under all else—
                                                      in constant

I love you
& all

It's very funny—that so few people can accept love— & to find someone who can—is to find someone who gives it so much—
                                            so much I laugh
                                                              & cry all at once.

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