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Belinda Co-Chairs Montreal Millennium Promise Conference

14 December 2006
Belinda Stronach M.P.

Newmarket-Aurora MP Belinda Stronach and Canadian TV star Rick Mercer launched a national campaign on November 9th to enlist Canadians in the fight to help protect children in Africa against malaria.

As Co-Chairs of the Montreal Millennium Promise Conference, Belinda and Rick Mercer announced the “Spread the Net” campaign – part of a two-year plan to curb the spread of malaria in Africa.

The campaign, founded by Belinda and Rick Mercer and carried out in partnership with UNICEF Canada, aims to distribute 500,000 insecticide-treated bednets throughout Liberia and Rwanda. The bednets are hung over beds and act as screens to keep out disease-carrying mosquitoes. They are highly effective and inexpensive tools for preventing the spread of malaria, which is the leading cause of death among African children under the age of five.

One bednet – which costs $10 – can protect a child sleeping under it for up to five years from the transmission of malaria by mosquitoes.
“Spread the Net is a simple way for Canadians to make a concrete difference for African children,” says Belinda.

The campaign slogan is: “1 Net. 10 Bucks. Save Lives. Spreadthenet.org.”

For information on how you can help, please visit www.spreadthenet.org

Click here to read the Spread The Net article authored by Belinda which appeared in the Thunder Bay Chronicle-Journal on November 21, 2006.

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