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Does size matter?

It's not what you've got, but what you do with it that counts, right? Well mostly. We asked the girls and this is what they said.

OK, so what is the average size anyway?

The non-erect penis: usually measures between three and four-and-a-quarter inches from tip to base. The average figure is about three-and-three-quarter inches, but so many factors, like swimming in cold water, can cause a temporary shrinkage of an inch or more.

The erect penis: this is where sizes tend to converge, the average apparently being between five-and-a-half and six-and-a-half inches.

Do girls care?

"I once went out with a guy called Justin who was about an inch - yes, ONE inch - when erect," says Cathy. "He was literally Just In, or so he said - I couldn't tell!"

"I don't really care what size it is, as long as it's attached to my bloke," says Meryn. "Believe it or not, most of us don't whip out the tape measure as soon as we get your kecks down."

So, under an inch and we may be bothered, but generally speaking us girls don't care about the length. While you guys are wishing to wake up one morning with an inch or two more, we're a bit bemused by your worrying. Besides which a lot of girls don't orgasm simply from penetrative sex, so it's the action of your fingers and tongue that really matters.

Sometimes size can matter - but not the way you'd think. "I once slept with a guy who was very big and it was awful," says Jezzi. "His size made him over confident and he didn't even try to please me. My current boyfriend is much smaller, but he cares how I feel, so sex with him is 200% better. Honestly guys, size is bugger all, it's how hard you try that matters."

"53% of respondents to the's Saucy Survey aren't bothered by the size of a man's penis."

Did you know?

You may be unaware that the vagina of a women who hasn't had a baby is a mere four inches (8.5 cm) when she's aroused, although it can lengthen to accommodate a penis up to eight inches long (so long as he enters slowly). This basically means that most knobs will fit snugly, and be able to hit all the right buttons, so stop your fretting.

"Why do so many guys worry about the size of it? There really is no need, stop worrying so much," says Laura.

In fact if you are desperate to have something to stress about, girth may be more important than length. Many of us would rather have a wider, shorter dick than a long, skinny one because there's more feeling from it rubbing up against the vaginal walls.

Do your mates care? Like we've already mentioned, the myth that size matters, and somehow indicates your virility is one perpetuated mostly by men talking to other men. So, at a confidence-boosting comparison level, it does matter to them. But when we're talking about pleasing a woman, it's not important.


Anyone who rejects you for the size and shape of your dick is likely to be a bit shallow, and probably not worth your attention. A big knob does not guarantee sexual satisfaction, so relax, put down that tape measure and learn to enjoy what you've got.

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