Lynette A. Fromme
620 H Street
Sacramento, California 95314

October 7, 1975

Governor Brown,

Just because you're between a rock & a hard spot doesn't mean you will be allowed to make your bed with the money interests & compromise the body of the rest of the world by accepting the suggestion of those who insist we need nuclear power plants.

Your excuses mean nothing, and there are five thousand women who, if threatened enough will show you what motherhood means. Do you understand me?

WE DO NOT NEED NUCLEAR POWER. We need clean air, water & land. We need the OZONE & the SUN. We need to legislate with only the BALANCE OF EARTH in mind.

There are thousands of jobs that NEED to be done & they don't involve RADIOACTIVE WASTE.

You are not showing wisdom as California's leading example. Your plans are not based on an overall knowing, nor do they reflect a will to live. You are pushed by fringe constituents that have the rest of the people bound & gagged with money.

We are not interested in money. We want the good life it is supposed to buy. If you are not bright enough to see there IS a workable alternative to Nuclear Power your name will be—Plutonum & you will need to be buried for the next hundred years.

                                Lynette A. Fromme


My strength is in this letter of conviction. If I could lay on my face before you, & beg, if it would move you to stop, I would. But your own lord hangs before you on a cross to say the very same thing. He already died to save it. He's not going to die forever.