Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lynette Fromme's parole situation?
She has been eligible for parole since September 1985, but has waived her right to a hearing, choosing to stay in prison. By law, she is not required to have a parole hearing until September of 2005.

Whom should I contact in support of or in opposition to Lynette Fromme's release from prison?
     United States Parole Commission
     5550 Friendship Boulevard, Suite 420
     Chevy Chase, MD 20815-7286   USA

     PHONE: 301/492-5990
     FAX: 301/492-6694

What is the purpose of this website?
A few years back, I was looking for information on Lynette Fromme on the Web, and was disappointed by how little of interest I could find. I have endeavored to rectify that situation.

Can I email Lynette Fromme?
No. By law, federal prisoners are not allowed access to the Internet or email.

Is Lynette Fromme still loyal to Charlie Manson?
Absolutely. In a Marianna interview, she stated that "I consider myself married."

Why is she in Texas, and why in a medical facility?
In May of 1998, all the inmates at FCI Marianna (including Fromme) were transferred to different institutions. Lyn was moved to FMC Carswell at that time due to the level of security available at the facility.

Does the fact that she's in Texas have any impact on her parole situation?
She is under the jurisdiction of the United States Parole Commission, not the State of Texas. The fact that the (federal) prison in which she is currently housed happens to be in Texas is immaterial.

Did Lynette Fromme intend to kill the President of the United States?
Five years after her arrest, in an interview at Alderson, Fromme told The Sacramento Bee that she had purposely ejected the uppermost round in her weapon before leaving her P Street home that morning in 1975. "I was not determined to kill the guy, obviously, because I didn't do it." The round was later found by investigators in her bathroom.

She said that when she took the gun and asked herself if she was going to use it she decided, "I don't know. Just go and check it out. That's exactly what I was doing."

I have written to Lynette Fromme a number of times, but she hasn't written back to me. What gives?
Her address is provided on this website only because I am so frequently asked for it, not because she is looking for pen pals.

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