Scuba Dog

I have been fascinated by the Sea since I was a child playing in the rock pools and beaches on the coasts of Northumberland and Scotland. As a Biologist and Scuba Diver, I have developed a respect for the natural power and beauty hidden under the seas.

Cod at Sicar Rock Diving in Hawaii Diving off Bass Rock Sea Urchin in Loch Long

Why have I built this website?

Seas and Oceans cover 70% of the World and are an important part of the Planet that we live on; we have barely begun to explore these fascinating and beautiful ecosystems. It is my goal to help people understand and experience this environment by building an online accessible resource as well as providing you with ways of experiencing this environment first hand.

"We can only conserve and manage the seas once we appreciate what they are and understand how they work."

This website is an on-going project (lots more pages to come, so keep looking back) and I am keen to hear from anyone who would like to work with us or provide suggestions on how to improve this website. Perhaps you have an article you would like us to publish on the site (related to Scuba Diving off course!). If so, simply contact us by completing our contact form.