Women's Flat Track Derby Association

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12/8/2006 WFTDA National Rankings      
Division One and Two WFTDA Member Leagues      
Rank Div Region League Team Name City ST
1 One West Texas Rollergirls Texecutioners Austin TX
2 One West Tucson Roller Derby Saddletramps Tucson AZ
3 One West Rat City Rollergirls Rat City All-Stars Seattle WA
4 One West Arizona Roller Derby Tent City Terrors Phoenix AZ
5 One East Mad Rollin' Dolls Dairyland Dolls Madison WI
6 One East Minnesota Rollergirls (all stars) Minneapolis MN
7 One East Carolina Rollergirls CRG Travel Team Raleigh NC
8 One West Kansas City Roller Warriors (all stars) Kansas City KS
9 Two West Bay Area Derby Girls BAD Girls All Stars Oakland CA
10 Two East Providence Roller Derby Rhode Island Riveters Providence RI
11 Two West Sin City Rollergirls Neander Dolls Las Vegas NV
12 One East Gotham Girls Roller Derby GGRD All Stars New York NY
13 Two East Boston Derby Dames Boston Massacre Boston MA
14 Two West Rocky Mountain Rollergirls 5280 Fight Club Denver CO
15 Two West Duke City Derby Mueńcas Muertas Albuquerque NM
16 One West Rose City Rollers Wheels of Justice Portland OR
17 One East Atlanta Rollergirls ARG All Stars Atlanta GA
18 Two East Philly Rollergirls Liberty Belles Philadelphia PA
19 Two West Dallas Derby Devils (all stars) Dallas TX
20 Two West Houston Rollergirls HaRD Knocks Houston TX
21 Two West Assassination City Roller Derby ACD Special Ops Dallas TX
22 Two East Windy City Rollers (all stars) Chicago IL
23 Two East Ohio Roller Girls (all stars) Columbus OH
24 Two West Pikes Peak Derby Dames Slamazons Pikes Peak CO
25 Two East Dixie Derby Girls (all stars) Huntsville AL
26 Two East Detroit Derby Girls (all stars) Detroit MI
27 Two East Grand Raggidy Rollergirls (all stars) Grand Rapids MI
28 Two East Big Easy Rollergirls (all stars) New Orleans LA
29 Two West Alamo City Rollergirls (all stars) San Antonio TX
30 Two West East Texas Bombers (all stars) Tyler TX