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Reise, Reise

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Already a smash hit in Rammstein's native Germany, Reise, Reise pulls together sleek industrial stomp, raw kraut-rock power and Wagnerian choruses with iron precision. The only English chorus on the band's fifth album effuses a growing European sentiment: "We're all living in Amerika." Over here, the album should sound both scary-funny and familiar to metal-attuned ears, though this sextet -- best known stateside for its 1997 single "Du Hast" -- backs up its cartoonish clout with a decent-size bag of tricks. "Amour" augments its syncopated riffage with a processed choir, "Los" burns ahead with a groove that's minimalist and surprisingly sexy, and the synthy, elegiac "Ohne Dich" could be end-credits music for an apocalyptic Bruckheimer flick. Overkill is always a problem with music this unrelentingly dark, but displaced Slipknot fans could do worse than Rammstein's meticulous pomp und drang.


(Posted: Jan 27, 2005)


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Deleanu writes:

4of 5 Stars

The songs on Rammstein’s new album mix excerpts from previous works by the German industrial band and an operatic choir that seems to be teleported directly from the Roman tragedy through a deus ex machina. Truly, the industrial rockers are the new gods of German music, blending a hard-line sound that reminds one of the early minimalist kraut-rock of Kraftwerk (performing unplugged in a disaffected Messerschmitt plant!) and Wagner (performed in the same setting by the same Kraftwerk!). However, with or without the chorus tacked on, Rammstein still sound like a victor. This album sticks largely to original material, but the influences mentioned above make brief ghostly appearances. Nevertheless, most of the songs on REISE, REISE sound startlingly good, almost aggressively so, for their venerable genetic grounding. In North America, Rammstein have the reputation of being one of the most intellectual bands of this era, and their voices, while not notably harmonious, are aggressively beautiful. A great example of this is the song which gives the title to this impressive album, but also MEIN TEIL (the first single from REISE, REISE), DALAI LAMA, LOS and AMERIKA. The Teutonic synthi-rockers bring something fresh to everything they try – and their thematic repertoire varies from the mutations of affection in a (post)industrially alienated society to Tibetan mysticism, and geographically from America to Russia (see the excellent song MOSKAU). The German Romantic heroes are present here as well, and from Goethe to the composer of THE VALKYRIE, there is a little step to tread. The husky, virile sound of the German sextet is once again unbeatable in the industrial genre, and REISE, REISE should be in every Rammstein-fancier’s collection. DANIEL DELEANU

Nov 1, 2006 15:34:28

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