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Flying Jombok Tree Adventure Learning Center
Rovieng in Preah Vihear Province *
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What is Jombok Hoas?

“Jombok Hoas” refers to the trees found in abundance at our Adventure Learning Center—and the ability to fly.

And yes, people really can fly if they believe in themselves and have experiences that collectively encourage them in whatever they wish to do.

Jombok Hoas is about creating experiences and showing people that with a little belief in themselves and in what they, together with their friends and community can do, then they can really do anything … and be anything that they want. Principles learned here can be actively applied in our lives for the betterment of ourselves, our families and our communities.
Jombok Hoas is a non-profit facility operated by the Adventist Development and Relief Agency in Cambodia. 

Adventure Objectives

Situated in the dense forests of Preah Vihear, Jombok Hoas was created to give Cambodians an opportunity for increasing various life skills through Adventure learning.  Jombok Hoas has developed programs for groups that work towards the following objectives:

Building Trust
Thinking Creatively
Finding Solutions
Helping Others
Empowering Individuals
Developing Team Support
Increasing Self-Confidence
Active Communication

Jombok Hoas’ programs have been designed to create positive and lasting change in your workplace, organization or team.  Programs focus on identifying and nurturing leadership and team building skills in addition to personal growth and self-confidence.  A variety of physical activities, and personal and group initiative exercises stimulate active communication, problem solving skills. These challenge individuals and teams beyond their perceived boundaries enabling them to realize great achievements… while some activities are just plain fun! 

An important factor for learning is the post-activity reflection time, conducted by experienced Khmer facilitators.  Each debrief-time enables participants to share what they have learned and how they can apply this skill in their lives.  It allows conflict to occur in a non-threatening environment enabling participants to constructively learn approaches to deal with it, as well as turning it around for the good.  Physical challenges are also used as representing life’s challenges and showing that a positive attitude and group support can be the difference between success and failure. 


Participants are able to experience a variety of high and low activities, all situated in the forest environment of Jombok Hoas, including repelling, high wire walking, zip line, giant swing, a cable bridge, giant spider web and others.

Below is a list of available activities.  While some names of some are self-explanatory, most of them must be experienced to be fully understood.




  • Blind Walk                         
  • Name Game                      
  • Hungry Hawk                    
  • Amazing Nails                   
  • Horse Shoe puzzle                           
  • Elephant Trunk                   
  • Angkor Wat                       
  • Marble Cross Creek            
  • Jumping Gloves                  
  • Hand Wrestling                   
  • Octopus Legs                       
  • Giants’ Toothpick
  • Dancing Cable                      
  • Engagement Ring             
  • Stick Figure                         
  • Human Bridge                     
  • Trust Me
  • Giant Swing                          
  • Slippery Snake                     
  • Eagle Perch                          
  • Spider Web                           
  • Jombok Monkey                
  • Treasure Island                  
  • Electric Fence                   
  • Changing Seats                  
  • Walk in the Clouds           
  • Abseil                              
  • Jombok Hoas (zip wire)                
  • Bungee Jump                  
  • Island Challenge             
  • Team Swing                    
  • Leap of Faith Low           
  • Name that tree
  • Turbulent Ladder             
  • Giant Thongs                   
  • Creek Rescue                   
  • Nail Walk                         
  • Pipe Ladder                    
  • Touch Pads
  • Day hike up mountain                      


Group Size

Group sizes from 15 to 25 participants are most effective however smaller or larger sizes may be accommodated where necessary.  Participants should be aged from 14 years old and up and be in good health. 

Types of groups that have experienced Jombok Hoas include NGO staff, School Students, Businesses, Community members, Volunteers, Community Based Organizations and Disadvantaged Youth.
Length of Stay

In order to fully realize the all the learning opportunities Jombok Hoas has to offer, 3-4 day programs are best (Monday afternoon-Friday morning).   Shorter programs can also be designed for groups working under time constraints.

Talk to our staff about your learning requirements and programs can be tailored for your situation.


There are currently 4 activity facilitators (1 female) and 4 part time staff at Jombok Hoas.  2 key staff have been trained by Australian outdoor educators.

All staff involved in activities have been trained in proper safety procedures in accordance with accepted international standards.   Climbing equipment such as ropes, carabineers and pulleys have been imported from Australia and America.

Facilities / Accommodations

The broad objectives of Jombok Hoas program also include raising environmental awareness and encouraging sustainable use of natural resources.  As such, staff have chosen to utilize only dead or uprooted trees for all construction purposes on the site.   The layout of buildings and activities have also taken advantage of naturally occurring cleared areas in order to conserve as much of the existing forest as possible.   
Facilities include:

  • Large open meeting center (lodge) (8 x 12 meters)
  • Two bungalows (4 x 5 meters each)
  • Basic sleeping equipment (mattress, mosquito nets for up to 30 persons)
  • Latrines (4 Asian-style)
  • On-site generator for evening electricity


Khmer meals are prepared on site however groups wishing to cook for themselves may do so.   As Jombok Hoas a Seventh-day institution, pork is not normally served by our cooks.


Fees for groups are based on group size.  Funds received are used for ongoing operation costs of Jombok Hoas and additional site development.  Fees include activities and accommodation on-site.

Schedule of Fees Per Person



2 day

3-4 day

Local NGO



International NGO/Business




$4.50 per day / $1.50 per meal


Jombok Hoas is situated in a hilly area of mixed primary and secondary forest on the northern border of the Bung Pey Wildlife sanctuary.   It lies approximately half way between Kompong  Thom city and Tbeng Mean Chey (the capital of Preah Vihear), and takes 5-6 hours by car from Phnom Penh.

From Kompong Thom take the main road (Rt. 64) approximately 75 KM. toward Preah Vihear.  At Phnom Dike village, village turn right on a newly paved road and go 4 km to Sry Tnong village.  The entrance to the Adventure site is just past the village on the left hand side of the road. (See map below)


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For more information please contact:

- Sin Satha at (855)12 707-339
- Ben Davis at (855)12 765-136


ADRA Cambodia office, Jombok Hoas's email address:jombokhoas@adracambodia.org


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