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Stormin' the Castle

OK what's MAG ever done for us?

Much of MAG's success these days can be measured not only by what happens but by what doesn't happen.

This is because most of MAG's work is behind the scenes, preparing and fielding arguments to oppose the more ludicrous proposals and in helping politicians to frame sensible legislation.

To sustain this effort requires continuity of staff and funding and for that we look to all riders to make the tiny commitment of an annual subscription which can be re-couped many times over by utilising MAG's ever growing benefits portfolio.

Meanwhile here are some of MAG's achievements:

  • Defeated proposals on leg protectors
  • Defeated mandatory power limits outright
  • Modified Multi Directive with amendments to noise and emission standards testing
  • Launched a £10,000 reward scheme to address motorcycle theft problem, and achieved substantial underwriting of that scheme to limit MAG's liability.
  • Defeated 'anti tampering' for bikes over 125cc ensuring survival of owner tuning.
  • Persuaded London Mayor Ken Livingstone to support exemption of motorcycles from congestion charging
  • Assisted Bike Safe 2000 - launched in an effort to replace legislation with education and cut single vehicle motorcycle accidents
  • Defeated continuous taxation proposals that would have required every bike to be taxed even if not used on the road
  • Gained access to bus lanes in Bristol, Swindon, Reading, and Hull - so far. Extracted commitment from Transport for London to trial six bus lane sites in the capital
  • Got European construction regulations amended to inhibit diesel spillages
  • Got proposals on compulsory daytime headlight use shelved leaving riders with free choice on the issue
  • Raised awareness of m'cycling issues in Parliament through the 'Bikers Are Voters' campaign
  • Launched pan European body with lobbying HQ in Brussels to focus on EU institutions (MAG is a leading financier of FEMA)
  • Got a Government Motorcycle Advisory Group formed to vet all motorcycle-related proposals
  • Developed contacts and allies in Parliament and Civil Service
  • Lobbied against restrictive practices that sustain high prices for motorcycles on UK market
  • Helped found the National Motorcycle Council to co-ordinate activities of common interest with industry
  • Launched the rider lobby's newspaper to promote rider issues and provide a 'voice' for the road rider
  • Developed a range of commercial benefits to enhance advantages of MAG membership and develop the status of motorcyclists
  • Recruited MPs of all parties to MAG
  • Launched an unparalleled programme of reasonably priced social events
  • Had tolls for bikes dropped on Dartford crossing, Severn bridges Birkenhead and Liverpool tunnels
  • Had bikes exempted from congestion charging in London and the West Midlands
  • Currently Lobbying for increased motorcycle parking provision and more secure parking provision
  • Lobbying for more severe penalties for motorcycle theft
  • Assisted numerous charities with fund raising.

Corporate MAG members Suzuki could never have sold their GSX-R1000 in Europe if MAG's campaign against the 100bhp limit had not succeeded

Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott rides pillion with MAG member and MEP Roger Barton on MAG's Westminster Grand Lobby. Barton described the rider lobby as the most effective operating in the European sphere.

MAG overcame Ken Livingstone's reservations to back exemption from congestion charging for motorcycles. Where the capital leads, other cities are likely to follow

If you can't beat 'em, replace 'em. MAG members Michael Fabricant MP (C) Hazel Blears MP (L) and Lembit Opik MP (Lib/Dem) back MAG's 'Bikers Are Voters' campaign


MAG - an organisation for the 21st Century rider

Dear Member,

Welcome to the first edition of MAG Plus.

Here you will see outlined the valuable range of benefits and services that aim to give you more for your membership. MAG is led by people with the imagination, ambition and total resolution to succeed. We listen to what our members tell us and where we have had negative feedback about service providers we have sought to improve those deals or terminate them. The following services and benefits are an end result of that listening process.

In developing the benefits of MAG PLUS we have worked very hard on your behalf and have negotiated with many companies. We believe that we have found companies that are sympathetic to MAG principles, companies that want to talk to you, MAG members, and companies that will go that little bit further in supporting us in realising our aims and ambitions.

To achieve this MAG PLUS will:

  • Work with companies that will develop services and products that meet your needs
  • Work with companies that build relationships with you that are based on trust
  • Work with companaies that ensure value is added and satisfaction is increased at every contact
  • Work with companies that make you aware of the services available and the ease with which you can access those services
  • Work with companies that fully support the aims and ideals of MAG and its members.

MAG PLUS: is part of MAG's plan to build a preferred status for motorcycling and motorcyclists. We aren't just aiming for equality with the rest of society we are cultivating an elite status. To take advantage of the range of offers from motorcycle insurance, legal advice, health care to road rescue and much, much more, just take a look at this supplement. It could change the way you see MAG!

Streetbiker Magazine
MAG's bi-monthly tabloid newspaper delivered direct to your door bi-monthly. Keep abreast of what's happening within MAG and the motorcycling community in general and be entertained. A totally new kind of read for today's intelligent rider. It's not just about bikes, it's about people, it's about you.

Discounted Events, Goods and Services
MAG members get discount for pre-booked tickets for MAG Premier events. In addition a wider range of events offer discounts to full members. Dealer discounts at hundreds of retail outlets on production of a full MAG Membership card. For details - see our website Discounted magazine subscriptions from Inside Communications (Back Street Heroes etc.). For details - Ring 01732 459925 There is also a full range of MAG branded products available from The MAG Stall. For details - Phone: 0191 261 6177, Fax: 0191 286 7007 or Email.

Motorcycle Insurance
MAG Direct is the MAG insurance facility, targeted to give you the best value insurance, whilst putting money into MAG's work protecting motorcycling. Before you renew your insurance, ring them. 0870 165 5252 Monday to Saturday from 08:30 to 18:00 for a quote and to be put on cover. No cover note are issued as MAG Direct print off documentation to be dispatched by 16:30on the day of booking to get the full paperwork to the insured the next morning (subject to Royal Mail).

nb: This doesn't apply to those paying by direct debit, as the payments need to be authorised by your bank, first.

Annual Worldwide Travel Insurance
This is a comprehensive Worldwide Annual Travel Scheme with optional extension for Continental Breakdown and Recovery Insurance. Exclusive to members of MAG and their families, arranged by Edgar Hamilton Ltd this covers all aspects of your holiday arrangements. Unlimited trips with a 60 day maximum stay per trip, also covering 17 days of winter sports for only £49. (£69 for member plus partner, £79 for a member and family)

Optional Extension Continental Breakdown and Recovery
This policy provides you with the option of extending cover to include Continental Breakdown and Recovery Insurance for Europe AND North Africa for up to 60 days per trip. Motorcycles up to ten years old £32, 11 to 15 years old £48. For details - Ring 0845 300 2211

UK & Europe Road Rescue and Recovery
No matter how careful you are you can still have a mechanical breakdown or an accident. Usually they happen at the worst possible time - during the annual holiday or when just enjoying a day out in the country.

Rescued members never face accidents or breakdowns alone. They know that just one free call will bring them professional help, wherever they are, whatever the time of the day or night. MAG members can enjoy the peace of mind provided by a complete breakdown recovery service for just £40.00 for 12 months cover. Just compare these benefits with your current package: We cover your motorcycle, sidecars & trailers are included free. No surcharge for older motorcycles up to 20 years. No enrolment fee. Free call from anywhere in the UK or Europe. For details: Ring 0870 444 8 448

MAG Six Wheel Rescue
(provided by the same providers who offer the MAG Bike Rescue)

What IF....
You're in a foreign country - alone - cold - tired - hungry - it's getting dark and you're going nowhere. You knew you wouldn't need breakdown cover as your bike's pretty new and has just been serviced which means it can't break down or get a puncture doesn't it...?

MAG Six Wheel Rescue is a unique service for MAG members. The service, which follows the success of the MAG Bike Rescue Package provides members with breakdown cover for their car in addition to their motorcycles in over 21 countries in Europe. Cover under the new MAG Six Wheel Rescue service includes:

  • 24 hour assistance
  • Home Service
  • Recovery service including up to five passengers
  • Minor roadside repairs
  • Replacement vehicle for up to 48 hours
  • Overnight accommodation
  • Public transport costs
  • Caravan and trailer cover
  • Freephone messaging service
  • Full legal cover
  • Motorist legal helpline.

Capata Eastgate and a network of specially selected rescue agents will provide the roadside assistance and recovery services 24 hours a day. Assistance for minor mechanical breakdowns will be dealt with at the roadside with larger repairs being carried out by a local garage.

MAG members can enjoy the peace of mind provided by this breakdown recovery service for just £85.00. Other services include the recovery of the vehicle if it is immobilised by theft and covering the cost of transport if riders/drivers are unable to continue their journey because of sickness or injury. More information can be obtained by telephoning MAG Central Office on 0870 444 8448

Specialist Household Insurance for Bikers
This covers loss or damage to motorcycle leathers, biking equipment, tents and accessories. Cover against fatal motorcycle accidents. Loss of or damage to motorcycle memorabilia. Option to insure classic or unlicenced motorcycles. Rates individually assessed per household. For details - Ring 0845 300 2211

Cheap Electrical Goods for MAG Members offer some of the cheapest prices around for regular brands. As a full MAG member, they offer you an extra discount. To obtain your discount, visit their web-site Most products are listed with a member & non-member price. Your full MAG membership entitles you to purchase at the cheaper member price. For goods you wish to purchase, click on the 'Members Club Price' button to add it to your shopping cart. When you check out, and enter your credit card details, etc, there is a box for your membership number - enter your MAG membership number here.

Discounted Ferry Crossings
Motorsport Travel was established in 1991 by Craig Thorley, the business was originally the agent for world rally teams and bike teams such as Castrol Honda, Kawasaki and Virgin Yamaha, Craig started biking in 76 on a AP50 (faster than a FS1E and currently owns 2 BMWs) started doing the travel for the Goldwing owners club from which BMW owners ITC, HOG owners and then in January 1999 MAG Members were able to pick up the deal We are able to offer rates with the following companies. P&O Stena Line: fixed special rates (dependant on time and duration) Hoverspeed (inc Irish and IOM): fixed special rates (dependant on time and duration) Eurotunnel: 25% off any published fare (inc day trips etc) Sea France: 35% off any brochure fare (15% special offer fares i.e. day trips) P&O European Ferries: 30% off brochure fares Condor line: 10% off brochure fare Stena (Ireland and Holland): Special rates (dependant on time and duration) DFDS: Special rates (dependant on time and duration) Irish Ferries: Special rates dependant on time. No rates with Brittany or NSF at the moment. Organised by Motorsport Travel, up to 30% discount on ferry crossings. For details Ring 01759 301010

MAGMAX Clubs affiliation
Clubs affiliated to MAG enjoy a catalogue of benefits includes:

  • Public liability cover at an extremely competitive rate. All event organisers should have such cover in an age of increasing litigation.
  • Free advertising is also available in our fantastic tabloid bi-monthly newsletter 'Streetbiker'. Individual members of the club also get benefits including discounts at Premier MAG events

MAG Protected
Nobody is doing more than MAG to beat bike theft and to protect your bike from thieves. Through our MAG Protected scheme we offer cash rewards to catch bike thieves. If you are a MAG member and your bike is stolen we will :

  • Produce a poster and leaflet which you can photocopy and distribute in your locality.
  • Notify all MAG local groups and affiliated clubs via our activists newsletter Network.
  • Notify the theft in Streetbiker, read by more than 100,000 motorcyclists every issue.
  • Guarantee a cash reward of £500 which you can advertise to help catch the thieves. Every MAG individual member's bike is covered by the guaranteed £500 cash reward. Moreover we will pay up to £10, 000 for information leading to the conviction of organised gangs of bike thieves As a member you will also get the best deals on anti theft devices such as Datatag and . Plus a range of locks, alarms and security anchors etc from dealers participating in our discount scheme Warn them off You can also buy a MAG protected badge or sticker to let thieves know that your bike is not an easy target. All available from The MAG STALL 0191 261 6177

The Club information pack
The clubs' information pack includes full lists of benefits and tells you more about MAG as an organisation, it's history, it's aims, and it's position on various issues, it is available free of charge from MAG Central Office so why not request your clubs pack today.

Fees range from as little as £50 for up to 50 members to £600 for over 3000.

Administration wise all renewal dates for affiliations have now moved to 1st January with fees payable by the 31st of January. This flexibility is to aid clubs who also have a January renewal date for their membership and may not know till the end of the month the number of members they wish to affiliate.

Remember that the scale is for the full year so your fee should be reduced pro rata if you are joining after January. If you are unsure as to the revised amount due then please contact MAG Central office on 0870 444 8448 and we will be glad to calculate it for you.

Representation of your club within MAG is via 2 channels. Your club will be allocated one full voting membership per 1000 members or part thereof that your club affiliates, with a minimum of one full voting membership and a maximum of four per club. To effect this we will grant full individual membership to the members of your club that your club nominates to receive full membership. Full membership will of course entitle the nominated officers to receive the enhanced range of benefits available to all full members. The second channel is through direct representation on MAG's National Committee via the elected Club's co-ordinator contactable at

We hope you will agree that the new MAGMAX package is fair, clear and attractive and that you will feel able to offer us your valued support in our efforts for riders' interests and that your club will become one of our affiliated clubs.

MAG Benevolent Scheme
MAG will make a cash payment of £200 to the next of kin of any full individual member who suffers death by accident. For details - Ring 0870 444 8 448

Haynes Manuals
A 12.5% discount plus free p&p is available to MAG members purchasing from Haynes on-line store, via the special MAG section. Members entering the Haynes web-site via the special entry point will be required to enter a valid MAG membership number. Once you have entered your membership number, and clicked on 'Send to Haynes', you can navigate the site as normal. Your MAG discount will be listed with the contents of your shopping basket. Visit the Haynes site -

We have joined with HSA to offer all our members help with the financial costs of everyday health care.

HSA is the UK's leading health care cash plan provider with nearly 800,000 contributors providing their partners and families with cover for up to 20 Cash Health Benefits.

For MAG members, HSA have discounted their normal 6 months qualifying period, which means that MAG members can claim immediately (10 months for the maternity benefit) once the first month's direct debit has been paid.

The benefits available for MAG members include a major part of the costs for dentistry, eye examinations and glasses plus a number of complementary medicine treatments, hospitalisation, physiotherapy and even child birth. The weekly cost of an HSA cash plan starts as low as £1.60. Look out for the MAG/HSA leaflets or telephone 0800 731 3486.


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