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Major dates in the Coventry campaign and Jill's National anniversary events over the years:

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Sat 5 November 94 - Live exports start from Coventry Airport

Mon 7 Nov 94 - Coventry City Council ban veal flights from Coventry

Tues 15 Nov 94 - Barrett Jolley wins High Court Injunction overturning the ban

Wed 21 Dec 94 - Export plane crashes in Coventry

Thurs 26 Jan 95 - The first live export flight since the plane crash

Mon 30 Jan 95 - Coventry City Council go to High Court in attempt to stop exports

Wed 1 Feb 95 - Jill Phipps' tragic death at Baginton Aiport

Thurs 2 Feb 95 - Major demos and the spontaneous emergence of a protest camp at the airport gates

Fri 3 Feb 95 - Veal flights resume just 2 days after Jill's death

Sat 11 Feb 95 - National March & Rally at Coventry Airport (1,000 protesters)

Tues 14 Feb 95 - 1,000 mourners attend Jill's funeral at Coventry Cathedral

12 April 95 - Coventry City Council finally lose their High Court bid to stop exports

4 May 95 - Barrett Jolley suspends flights from Coventry

14 July 95 - Phoenix Aviation goes into liquidation!

22 August 95 - Inquest finds Jill Phipps death was 'accidental'

Thurs 1 Feb 96 - Memorial stone layed at Baginton on 1st anniversary of Jill's death

Fri 2 Feb 96 - Jill's Day - National Dover demo in memory of Jill

Sun 1 Feb 98 - Jill's Day - National demo at exporter Stephen Wood`s Redditch farm

Sat 30 Jan 99 - Jill's Day - National Rally & March in Redditch

Sun 30 Jan 2000 - Jill's Day - Demo at Fridaythorpe, York

Sat 3 Feb 2001 - Jill's Day - National Demo at Dover

Sat 2 Feb 2002 - Jill's Day - National Demo at Newchurch Guinea Pig Farm

5 Dec 2002 - Barret Jolley was sentenced to 20 years in prison for drug smuggling!

Sat 1 Feb 2003 - Jill's Day - National Demo at Dover

Sat 31 Jan 2004 - Jill's Day - National Demo at Dover

Sat 5 Feb 2005 - 10th anniversary event in Coventry - Jill's Day 2005

January 2007 - Launch of this website as a permanent online memorial to Jill

Postscript 1: Barret-Jolley - a life of crime

Christopher Barret-Jolley
convicted drug smuggler, arms trader and all round scumbag

Currently serving a 20 year sentence
for importing Cocaine into the UK

December 2002 ... Barrett-Jolley was exposed as a drug smuggler and arms trader!!!

click here for more details

Postscript 2: Coventry Airport today

Unfortunately live exports of cattle and calves re-started from Dover docks in 2006 following the end of an EU wide ban (which came in because of BSE ... not welfare concerns)

When the calf flights ended in 1995 with the destruction of Phoenix Aviation, everyone celebrated what we thought would be a permanent victory.

However in 2006 the EU lifted it's 10 year ban on the live export of cattle from the UK (imposed after the discovery of BSE in the UK herds ... not for welfare reasons) and they have re-started exporting cattle through Dover docks.

So far no one has approached Coventry Airport
to begin flights again, but if they do, the Airport Operators have given assurances that they will never allow the flights to begin again.

You can read a report in the Coventry Evening Telegraph by clicking here

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This website is dedicated to the memory of Jill, who has inspired many 1,000`s of compassionate people to take action on behalf of animals.

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