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Home Page for past Staff and Pupils of The Royal Naval School, Malta
This site provides a general information resource, meeting place and contact site for former staff and pupils, now living world wide, who attended the Royal Naval School on the Island of Malta.  For more than a century, the school met the education requirements of many thousands of youngsters who lived with parents working on the Islands, either in the Armed Forces or in supporting civilian occupations.  The earliest origins of a forces school can be traced back to 1820 and  Captain M F Law MA RN has compiled a very condensed version of the very distinguished,
History of The Royal Naval School - Tal-Handaq
Updated on 11 November 2006

Further news of building progress on the Tal-Handaq 'Redevelopment Storyboard'

Times of Malta reports 'New School to be built at Tal-Handaq' and we have a storyboard with reports & photos.

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  The Committee

The Committee
 Tim - Bernard - Rog
At Tal Handaq for "Malta in the Millennium", 16 September 2000

Reunions & Events

Click on the event for reports and photos:-
A mini reunion originally planned for the early 60s group.
The event took place 12th-19th September 2000 and was a huge success.
The gathering, held 18th-20th February 2000, was an excellent event
The setting was Duns Castle in the Scottish Borders of Berwickshire and the weather was superb.
A gathering for a group from the late 60s & early 70s held on 23rd October 1999
Keith Dickerson has now posted the report with photographs on his web site.
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The old school tie

Developing Contact Records

Where are they now?

Where are they now?

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RNS Tal Handaq 1968 -1971
RNS Tal Handaq panoramic images - 2005

Aerial view of Tal Handaq School - 2000

'Tal Handaq School, Malta'

This aerial view of Tal Handaq, Malta, courtesy of Keith Poulton, was taken in September 2000
The school is to remain a Maltese college, 'Liceo Vassalli', for the foreseeable future.
Major re-construction to the games courts and playground area  is now under way and due completion in 2009.
Visit the storyboard
to view the progress with photographs.

Click here for a further selection of Aerial Views of Tal Handaq

Author's Notes:-

As Web Site author I hope this site provides useful links for those trying to re-establish contacts with old friends.
 Your information and suggestions would be welcome in order to keep the news of your new links current.
All developments mailed through the Common Room will be considered by the 'Committee of Four'.
Looking forward to an opportunity of meeting you in the future.
 Tim J Daly

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