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March 12007

Sony and Kotaku Make-Up

What a hellish day it has been today. Both for Kotaku and I'm sure team Sony.

First to summarize: We posted a rumor after Sony asked us not to and they emailed to say we were no longer welcome at any of their private GDC events and that they would no longer provide us with any information found outside of the public forums.

We posted said e-mail and the Internet imploded

First, I have to say thank you to all of the websites, newspapers, magazines, people who were so quick to come to our defense and supported our decision to stand by our story.

Second, I want to thank Dave Karraker, head of SCEA PR, who was big enough to call me and talk the whole thing through after this exploded.

He told me his take on the story and his frustrations and I told him mine, in the end we agreed to disagree on some level, but also decided that our readers and gamers in general would be best served if Sony and Kotaku could still play nicely together.

In a nutshell: The story remains up and Sony has re-invited us to the meetings and interviews initially scheduled for the Game Developers Conference.

It's unfortunate that we, not just Kotaku and Sony, but all of us had to go through this, but it's good to see the outcome: We were doing our job and Sony was doing theirs and now we can both continue to do so.

No commenter image uploaded Hellsing says:

Well good of David to man up and come to an understanding. Sure was an interesting day here on the intertubes.

Image of Torusan Torusan says:

A happy ending indeed... or is it? O_o

No commenter image uploaded NYLatenite says:

Well, thats the first smart thing Sony has done in awhile.

Once again, a huge thanks for sticking to your guns on the story and not allowing Kotaku to be browbeaten into submission.

Image of Scazza Scazza says:

Here Here! Good to hear its over, but man the shit storm this caused! Heh.

Glad you sorted it out like gentlemen and glad its all sorted. What did Kotaku have to give up? Heh. Surprised Dave was quick to back down.

who keeps the debug unit?

Image of Barbara Barbara says:

Who gave who the BJ?

Image of crecente crecente says:

@Scazza: We didn't give up anything.

No commenter image uploaded McWhertor says:

I'm totally going to make out with David the next time I see him. Maybe even give him a foot massage!


No commenter image uploaded moonfirelol says:

Sony couldn't handle the PR hit, and thus had to back off.

No commenter image uploaded volsfan91 says:

Keep the PS3 or no?

No commenter image uploaded Macsto says:

Sony are pathetic hahaha.

No commenter image uploaded lemmy says:

Well, that was a crazy 3 hours there.


Shakespeare is turning over in his grave green with envy..

Get a life Kotaku and while you're at it give half of it to Sony

No commenter image uploaded VectorScalar says:

Congrats, Kotaku, for sticking to your guns. Also, congrats, SONY- Mr. Karraker took the only honorable option-revisting the mistake and reversing course (it is never easy to admit you were wrong).

Image of Dx_Rules5555 Dx_Rules5555 says:

Glad it is settled, although I kind of wanted to see what would happen if you didn't make up.

Image of gtpunch gtpunch says:

Back to business as usual; posting stories about Sony's recent failures, rather than about something they might be about to do right.

No commenter image uploaded whitesanjuro says:

holy crap, posting in a legendary thread! i'm pleasantly surprised sony came to terms with what happened. congrats to kotaku for sticking to their guns. can't wait for more 1st-class sony coverage.

No commenter image uploaded Rainblood says:

good to hear

Image of Justcrim Justcrim says:

Sony realised they fucked up again, and this is bad PR they can fix. So Dave's bosses called him and said, call them, discuss it, and back down. Cause it will only get worse. And it was very smart of them to do.

Thank you Sony for acting like a man and admitting (through backing down) that you made a mistake, and talked it over rather then just passing threats through email.

Yea Kotaku, and yea Brian!

Image of Toasticus Toasticus says:

Damage done.

Image of epionx111 epionx111 says:

lol damn we won pretty quickly. power to the people, ha ha

Image of jackal888 jackal888 says:

I breathe a sigh of relief. The Interweb was on fire, good thing Sony put out the flames. Kotaku is more important than it seems.

Image of MJDeviant MJDeviant says:

Fair enough. And actually, this kind of counts as another positive news release, Sony is on a roll today with 3 if you count that. Things are looking up. I can't tell if I'm being sarcastic or not.

No commenter image uploaded Erona says:

I'm happy to hear the news. I don't plan on getting a PS3 but I'm glad we'll continue to have the inside scoope. Good to see when people make the effort communicate, things can be fixed nicely.

No commenter image uploaded Bunnyspatial says:

Hooray, we're all a family again!

No commenter image uploaded HellaBAD says:

This is good news, for all parties. I'll be seeing both of you at GDC, so you better play nice.

Image of Proto_Man Proto_Man says:

Glad things are resolved.

Image of Starcade Starcade says:

Sony had no choice but to make up. They need sites like Kotaku. It's the internet community that makes up portion of their installed base.

Imagine if I came to Kotaku, but couldn't find any new information on the PS3. As a potential customer, I'm no longer being exposed to something that may get me to buy their offerings.

Imagine if this happened to others, because of what i published. Anytime a rumor appears is communication broken off?

Sony is a PR disaster. And their actions today only further confirms they need to handle themselves better.

No commenter image uploaded Zoph says:

Next time don't bite the hand that feeds you, Kotaku. I doubt you'll get off so easily.

Image of Blob1576 Blob1576 says:

I sense an assassination plot at the GDC.

No commenter image uploaded robotplague says:

The damage has already been done. I know they're trying to make things right, but people aren't going to remember when Sony invited Kotaku back to the events, but rather when they went nuts over a rumor report.

Image of scepia scepia says:

"posting stories about Sony's recent failures, rather than about something they might be about to do right"

Well, something they are about to do good is overshadowed by threats...

No commenter image uploaded moltarman says:

That's great. I'm glad to see that both of you (collectively) could come to an agreement.

Image of Marlor Marlor says:

It's good to hear that Sony decided to be reasonable about this. It's great news for both Sony and Kotaku.

Also, congrats for not gloating over Sony's backflip.

No commenter image uploaded McWhertor says:

Seriously, this is great news, and I'm glad that we aren't TOTALLY hated by the SCEA PR team. (At least publicly!)

It takes some serious balls to change your position on something like this and I think Sony deserves some big credit for getting in touch with Brian to hash this out. I'm gonna celebrate with a beer.

Image of jboze84 jboze84 says:

Good news. Thank you Sony for fixing your mistake. Thank you Kotaku for doing what you do best, staying loyal to the readers and keeping your integrity.

Image of DigitalHero DigitalHero says:


No doubt blob. Kotaku don't go! "ITS A TRAP!" -Ackbar

Image of Limey Limey says:

Glad that Sony fixed their mistake before it was too late :) It would have been very interesting if they hadn't....

No commenter image uploaded gamer812 says:

Great news indeed. Always nice to see arguments dealt with properly.

Image of lostpuppies lostpuppies says:

Ah, Today is a good day for gaming.

Image of AKBlade13 AKBlade13 says:

Thank GOD! Sony FINALLY made a smart move and now, Kotaku's now even more important now than ever.


Image of Zamnation Zamnation says:

Urge to beat up Sony workers at GDC... lowering.

Good job at purging my HORRIBLE RAGE.

This was great though, very exciting for what would have been a boring Thursday.

No commenter image uploaded Raz says:

Very glad to hear this. Mr. Karraker must have read my post in the other e-mail. :)

In all seriousness, this was the only rational response that could have happened without Sony getting crucified by the press. I'm glad Sony could see that.

Brian, you've just gotten a whole lot more readers, as well as bolstered your rep. Good for you.

No commenter image uploaded PaiPaiMaster says:

That was fast.

It was hard to find a side in this debacle, to the point where it was pretty much impossible and unnecessary.

As you said, everyone was doing their job. I can't blame Sony for trying to protect the information (it's pretty obvious now that it was their big surprise for GDC) and I can't blame Kotaku for doing what everyone else does in posting rumours. This was surely a touchy subject for Sony and they wanted to prevent any of the information from leaking before the announcement at all costs, but in the end their public image was probably more important. After all, the deed was done.

Ah well. I'm sure it must've sucked for you and Sony. Either way, thanks for taking it so professionally and not going on a complete anti-Sony tirade like you could have.

No commenter image uploaded nornicle says:

We need to be able to post pictures in comments. because for 'Sony has re-invited us to the meetings and interviews initially scheduled for the Game Developers Conference.' I just want to post a picture of admiral ackbar and 'it's a trap!'

on a serious note though today was great.

1. huzzah for interesting day, apart from the post about the father and his child and how gaming affects them, this is the second most interesting event in Kotaku history.

2. huzzah for RUMBLAXIS

Image of crecente crecente says:

@Zoph: Um, you seemed to have missed something.

Image of AKBlade13 AKBlade13 says:

Thank GOD! Now Sony's PR respect has gone up and now Kotaku's is more important than ever.


Image of RedRedSuit RedRedSuit says:

Wow... common sense and civility prevail.


Image of Zim Zim says:

The only reason they apologised is because they saw the reaction, not because they felt they should. Damage has been done in my opinion

I love the fact though that this proves all the sony fanboys, who were saying kotaku shouldn't have done it, wrong. The fact it was Sony who HAD to apologise shows they were the ones who acted wrongly. Everyone who tried to defend their actions in the last story should be ashamed.

No commenter image uploaded etho says:

Big applause for Karraker. And bigger applause for Kotaku. I'm glad it all worked out.

No commenter image uploaded navsimpson says:

"We posted said e-mail and the Internet imploded". Brian, that was funny funny stuff. Well done dude.

And I'm very impressed with how calm and level-headed your response was. Glad to see that Sony came to their senses - regardless of what the reason was, or how pure their motives were, things are just better this way.

Now if this rumour is actually true, then that'll be very very cool. What would be even cooler is what some random poster here said: that Sony will also announce a media centre application for the PS3 at the same time.

Go Kotaku!

No commenter image uploaded LeGuru says:

Okay guys, everything's peachy-keen. Score one for everyone, eh?

By the way, guys still complaining about Sony: aren't they allowed to have a good news day for once? Yeesh, I'm pretty much certain I won't be getting a PS3 and I still think it sounds pretty awesome. Some of you guys need to tone down the hate. Kotaku's not banned anymore, it's the best of everything, etc., plus now everyone can go get real hyped for GDC!

Image of Claudius Claudius says:

This must have been quite a power trip for both Sony and Kotaku.
It bugs me though that I didn't get my questions answered, but it's great to see Kotaku and Sony are making up (hey, don't make out!).

~*group hug*~

No commenter image uploaded Karttikeya says:

You better record your GDC interviews with Sony reps, I want to see their facial expressions when the topic comes about.

No commenter image uploaded Zoph says:

@crecente: No, I'm pretty sure I've got it all.

Mad props, to both sides. I guess in the end you just have to look at it and go "hey where's the beef" you know?

Everyone was real cool about it. KOTAKU FOR PRESIDENT, 2008! 2008!

Image of DaveKap DaveKap says:

Well, this was certainly a fun day! Kotaku calls bullshit on Sony, Sony steps over the line, and the Internet pushes Sony back behind the line with a finger-waggling to boot!

I know that's not what really went down but it's more fun to think that it is. ;) Good job of holding your ground Crecente.

Image of yashichi8bit yashichi8bit says:

Yep, definitely sounds like $ony was playing Fireman by having Dave call you crecente. This story was on a crash course for tomorrows headlines and obviously that was not good for them.

Its very good to see you have worked things out but I cant help but feel that they wont just sweep this under the rug. They will probably hold this over Kotaku for some time and give exclusive content elsewhere.

All things aside, they threatened you to compromise your journalistic integrity. You held firm and in the end gained a huge amount of respect worldwide!!! Kudos Kotaku, Crecente!

Their last ditch effort to calm the situation from has come after the fact they proceeded with the blackball. Yeah they have retracted it but I still stand by my comment in the other heated post.

Quote self "Lick my balls $ony"

No commenter image uploaded J1had says:

Wow first thing that came to mind when I read this was:

Kotaku bloggers go into Sony's GDC booth, never to be seen again.

PS: Ah I got beat to it.....great minds think alike eh?

Image of Blinded220 Blinded220 says:

1.) Sony announces 1000+ backwards compatible games for PAL +1 point
2.) The achievements/social "home" concept for the PSN +1
3.) Rumble coming back? +2
4.) Sony trying to bully kotaku -3
5.) Sony's PR prez calling kotaku back to man up and make up +2

total score: +3! I'm feeling the love. Just when I was about to abandon the PS3 and order a 360, today happens. this makes the decision much harder.

Image of icepick314 icepick314 says:


urge to buy PLAYSTATION 3....still lowering

about time Sony kissed ass after all those forums flaming with hatred...

No commenter image uploaded Dumad says:

A good day for Kotaku, has gained more power that was ever imagine for a gaming news website.

Kudos to Kotaku and his staff, keep along the excellent work.

PD: Shame on Sony, trying to manipulate the media. Shame on them.

Image of ashcraft ashcraft says:


No, sadly, you don't. You really, really don't.

Image of Applekid Applekid says:

So it's time for the make up sex, right?

No commenter image uploaded XsTatiC says:

Phew.... and here I was writing a long, exhaustive email to Mr. Karraker. I'm still going for a DS over the PSP now though... Sony lost me for for awhile at least.

No commenter image uploaded Raz says:

What companies like Sony don't realize is how the power of the internet has truly transformed the world. Sony would not have had to capitulate if it weren't for the instant furor that no doubt would have made tomorrow's headlines, had they not retracted their actions. And although I'm sure there may be some repercussions down the line (oh, Crecente, we forgot to send you the invite to the PS4 party), I applaud anyone who stands up for truth and integrity.

Now we can get back to the idea of being excited about a "rumor" that our Playstation 3s are about to get a whole lot cooler.

Image of Marius Marius says:

"gamers in general would be best served if Sony and Kotaku could still play nicely together."

Looks like Sony has had a rush meeting reading the book of laws on what rights the press has and what laws are against influencing the press and using it for own good.

It's not unfortunate that this happened. It's about time. I've been seing way too much of this shit already. That all the companies have the press in their hands basically controlling them like PR. This short thing is a milestone in gaming journalism.

No commenter image uploaded miketuck3r says:

" moonfirelol says: [reply to this comment]

Sony couldn't handle the PR hit, and thus had to back off.

Exactly thats all it was noting to do with compromise just to avoid more bad pr.... hehe who would of though it sony backing down after less than 3 hours :-)

Image of Spiderbait Spiderbait says:

Well, I got a couple of ways to look at this, I'm going to start with a metaphor:
Sony tried to pull out the weed in its garden which turned out to be the root of a tree.

Second, a remark from history:

The pope (Sony) tried to excommunicate England (Kotaku) from the catholic church (gaming community). Only to realise that the other countries were more fond of England than the Pope.

Anyone here willing to make a stirring epic poem about this victory of free-media over the corporation? David over Goliath? Kratos over Apollo?

Image of naia28 naia28 says:

Can we still get a Banned by Sony Kotaku shirt? :P

Image of Torusan Torusan says:

@Zoph: If anything, Sony got off easy. Look at all these people, who were once furious, now content. Unfortunately, not everyone is so forgiving.


One less reason for me to hate Sony...

Image of soul4sale soul4sale says:

My appreciation of Kotaku just went up quite a bit.

Sony needs to do its own plumbing.

Image of Witzbold Witzbold says:

This has been a very odd day indeed, although I am glad to see the outcome of the whole Kotaku - Sony incident turned out for the better!

No commenter image uploaded Sixdust says:

Wow, good job guys, Sony, it's nice to actually read good news about you. But good news only comes with good products, keep em coming. Good job to both of you for making up.

Image of Adinsx Adinsx says:

I don't know who won but at least nobody lost. Or was shot. As many before me have said, buy some flack jackets before going to the GDC.

I have no idea how you're going to try to multi-tap this week, but good luck. There are some gems in there. Especially some of the guys defending Sony and some of the guys flaming Sony. Mostly defending. The flamers are kinda generic.

No commenter image uploaded protozoider says:

Who cares, I say kick Sony while they're down. I really don't care about Sony news, it's all bull anyway. I'm tired of hearing Phil's stupid remarks on how great Sony is. I'm glad this proves how much power Kotaku has and how important you guys are. We all defend you and, in fact, the entire Internet community basically backed up Kotaku. I think Sony knows they have an impossible uphill battle and Sony has no chance. So for them to have any chance of even making out decent in the next few years, they need all the help from journalists they can get.

I wasn't the guy who sent the info. I promise.

No commenter image uploaded Takzinor says:

Wow. Look at what can happen in just a couple hours.

No commenter image uploaded Zoph says:

@ashcraft: Well, if you look anywhere outside the BLOGOSPHERE, Kotaku looks like a group of childish shitheads right now. I won't say that Sony handled everything in the 100% most perfect way possible, but they really didn't have to go out of their way to pander to the lowest common denominator like this. Sony's PR is your lifeblood, Kotaku. Way to nearly kill your "journalism" website.

No commenter image uploaded Marasai says:


Image of ryanredzie ryanredzie says:

Teh Internets <333 Kotaku!!!
They still have the "Crecente has balls" banner at Destructoid. Too bad they changed the subtitle.

Image of yashichi8bit yashichi8bit says:

Is Zoph (above) just a spambot program? I mean seriously did SCEA turn him on a few hours ago and forget to turn him off?!?!?

Are you even reading the content on these pages, Zoph?

No commenter image uploaded J1had says:

Sony casts Bannish
Kotaku Dodges
Kotaku casts Shame
Kotaku crits Sony for 90HP

Image of Sharpless Sharpless says:


Um, actually, no. You're completely off the mark. WE are the hand that feeds Sony, Kotaku and us consumers. Without Kotaku's promotion and consumers' open wallets, Sony's Playstations would be even more hosed than it is.

Sony is not God. They never will be.

No commenter image uploaded crashlanding says:

Thank you Mr. Crecente for running this so quickly.

More sites should be as fair handed.

Image of epionx111 epionx111 says:

still crossing my fingers for "ps3s for everybody" ... or maybe even a psp.

...free game? no? lol.

No commenter image uploaded Zoph says:

@Sharpless: I think it's great that you think Kotaku and it's readers mean fuckall in the world of gaming press.

Image of June June says:

That was quick. Way to go, Kotaku! I'm glad you stood up for yourself, but I'm also happy that everything is peachy again. :)

Image of Draconis Draconis says:

I'm glad both parties were able to put things aside, but Sony should keep in mind that the Internet won't let them hear the end of this entire situation for a long time.

Image of GameBreaker GameBreaker says:

Rumor, I would strongly think otherwise. I don't think anyone got blackballed or fired over a rumor, but a true statement on the other hand is definately an occasion for it to occur. Crecente had the right idea about posting, and in the end it worked out. For shame SONY, you have done enough brash and poor decision making, why would you ever attack those who are trying to help you? First you delay, then you lie, then you deliver short. Now we are repeatedly told exagerations that mostly fall well short of what was intended. Just tell us the truth, we aren't stupid and we are getting tired of all the crap. We want you to win, but you keep letting us down, as you did today. I just want to say I really look forward to creating my own avatar but will settle for my current Killzone Icon.

Crecente 1
Sony -5

Image of kodec kodec says:

Darnit, the situation was resolved before I could locate a screencap from V for Vendetta of someone having a black bag thrown over their head and paste a SONY logo across it.

Anyway, glad to hear Dave came to his senses... but I suspect that having now made a rational decision, his firing is inevitable. Such behavior just doesn't fit into SONY's current strategy.

Image of focused focused says:

*throws shuriken at Zoph's mom*
Quiet down there down laddy, speak when spoken to if you're not part of the conversation.

No commenter image uploaded t0yrobo says:

I think Sony realized that it was hurting them ALOT and Kotaku none at all. I'm still hoping that they're announcement at gdc thats going to make lots of people happy is a formal apology for being dickwads.

No commenter image uploaded cametall says:


After shazbot was fired from the Tribes chat room Sony hired "it" and retooled "it" to meet their needs. This is how Zoph came to be.

No commenter image uploaded Erwos says:

Glad this is all cleared up. I'm now excited to see what exactly this Playstation Home thing is all about.

Image of Adinsx Adinsx says:

@Zoph: ...There are two other big gaming industries out there, and hundreds of tiny little developers. Without Sony I think Kotaku could do fine. Especially what with Clover starting back up, and half the PS3 titles being released the 360. I suppose Sony gamers might find a lack of content here, but most gamers can appreciate stories irrespective of the console. It's good that you have an opinion, though. Just not best stated here. You understand.

Image of focused focused says:

Way to typo your own comeback Focused...way to go.

No commenter image uploaded Hellsing says:

@Zoph: Welcome to the new world of the gaming press. Blogs like these are becoming more important then the big sites. Don't like it. Then GTFO.

No commenter image uploaded Floatnsink says:

@Zoph: Hell if it was so much for Sony to drop their PR then he can just tell Microsoft and Nintendo that Sony is now out of the picture and they will start pushing both of their news, cause just that type of attitude from Sony is a really childish corporate attitude. It just made my decision to get a Xbox360 to go next to my Wii rather than ever thinking about getting a Sony. I loved Sony Playstation 1, I loved the Playstation 2, the Playstation 3 can just kiss my a**. The only way I would even think of getting a PS3 is because of Final Fantasy XIII because I've played it ever since the first one and I could never miss one.

Image of Terroris Terroris says:

kotaku won!

Image of ashcraft ashcraft says:

Dammit! I went all day without banning someone. My streak has ended.


No commenter image uploaded Zoph says:

@Hellsing: Act like it, then.

No commenter image uploaded apoc06 says:

glad to hear everything worked out.

everyone wins!

- kotaku keeps their interviews and access.

- sony played the humble company and backed down; they will definitely be well watched this GDC by everyone checking to see how valid this "rumor" really is.

- the readers win because we can still come to kotaku and get the news [and read the exclusive interviews].


now if you guys can actually remain unbiased and balanced after all this, i'll actually click a few of these ad banner things of yours. lol.

No commenter image uploaded Nill says:

It's good to see Sony finally admit to a mistake.

I was expecting them to claim that Kotaku's incompatibility with SIXAXIS motion sensing forced them to drop you. :)

No commenter image uploaded Kalis says:

although we have come to this fine peaceful conlusion of the battle between the corporate gaming Overlords and the valiant internet Ronins, a war can still be sensed brewing up deep in the bowls of sony. I fear the wrost has yetto come!

No commenter image uploaded Zoph says:

@ashcraft: Hah, what irony.

Image of Arsenal Arsenal says:


If you have so much contempt for the site and its editors, why bother posting on the site? They worked out their differences before this got too ugly...let it go.

DAMN IT! WHY DIDENT YOU TELL ME BEFORE I SMASHED MY PS3 IN BLIND RAGE! !!! Aww man....i got to go buy another one now...shucks,

No commenter image uploaded Asia says:

This was such fun drama... GJ guys!

Image of kupoporo kupoporo says:

Wow, what a crazy day ... but I'm glad things have resolved themselves for now. Playing nicely is always the best, no? <3

No commenter image uploaded taucias says:

You guys need to learn from this situation and stop acting like a bunch of 'net teen forum posters. Where is your professionalism?

Why Sony are giving hacks like you debug units is beyond me, and shame on Sony for back tracking on their decision. Not everyone supported Kotaku on this issue.

No commenter image uploaded ARboom says:

I'm surprised and a little pleased with Sony (which makes brings my personal feelings toward them from -30 to like -27).

It's really easy to do stupid stupid shit like they did, but its really hard to admit you did stupid stupid shit and make up for it, which it looks like they also did.

I'm glad this turned out like okay. Hopefully Sony (and other companies by extension) now knows not to try to mess with Kotaku for doing their job.

No commenter image uploaded Raz says:

By the way...note how the news regarding the Immersion lawsuit was posted everywhere shortly thereafter. My guess was that this was part of the 1-2 punch that Sony was hoping to have next week. However, this can also be viewed as a way to deflect negative PR from this incident.

Regarding Zoph...it's not even worth the words I'd have to type. Moron.

No commenter image uploaded Nill says:

It's good to see Sony finally admit to a mistake.

I was expecting them to claim that Kotaku's incompatibility with SIXAXIS motion sensing FORCED them to cut ties with you. :)

Image of Cell9song Cell9song says:

This was posted over at joystiq. this thread is really too long to read every single post to see if I'm duplicating so apologies in advance if I am


was that true? I'm not tying to be a troublemaker, just curious.

I leave my house for 3 damn hours, and I come back to "dude you totally missed it!" Almost 500 posts on the last thread. wish I coulda put my two cents in, before they depreciated in value.

No commenter image uploaded REUYL says:

So bascially, Sony realized that they'd made themselves look like idiots again and decided to make up. Am I supposed to immediately forget what they did now?

No commenter image uploaded Suidae says:

Bleh. I'm with Zoph. Stop being fanboys and think.

Confidential company information got leaked. The thief found a website that would publish the stolen information, and despite Sony's best efforts the information gets published anyways.

Sony is in a bind - if they say its confidential information, then they're confirming information and expectations they have no control over - so they have to just say its a rumor. There are fewer greater sins in the games industry than un-met expectations.

This type of features information about software in development can have serious financial impact. Nintendo's level of effort to create the features leaked is much less than Sony's since Nintendo already has the Mii system in place.

Image of Marlor Marlor says:


Kotaku has always been a "gaming culture" site, as far as I am concerned. They have also always been fiercely independent.

Sony tried to stifle that independence by threatening Kotaku. Crecente didn't cave in. He has been congratulated for doing so by everyone, from Joystiq to Slashdot. I'm sure that mainstream journalists would admire his integrity too.

So, I can't see how Kotaku have done anything wrong, or acted "childish" in any way. The easier option would have been to cave in to Karraker and set a terrible precedent for the future. They refused to do so, and we should congratulate them.

Image of kiyoshiro kiyoshiro says:

And this happened solely on Dave's change of heart? I call BS, this is based on the fact that he made a bad call and enraged hundreds, if not thousands of gamers. Honestly I think it's good that Kotaku and Sony are now good, however it doesn't change the fact that Sony's PR team needs to be fired.

No commenter image uploaded LeChuck says:

I don't think Sony realized that taking a hit at Kotaku meant taking a hit at the whole community. I can understand not wanting their info leaked but when the cat's out of the bag it's out and you don't punish people for petting it.

Image of RedRedSuit RedRedSuit says:

Banning that Zoph dude, as annoying as he is, is definitely highly ironic.

Image of BuckTwenty BuckTwenty says:

@XsTatiC: You won't regret your decision.

Also, yeah, props to Sony for making up with Kotaku about this. Good to know that when I come to Kotaku, I'm reading a site who values its integrity.

No commenter image uploaded TheJinManCan says:

Sony's PR is their lifeblood? Please. What in the hell are they gaining from Sony? Hell, from Nintendo, or Microsoft? Besides freebies, they get heads up on interviews, or exclusive PR bullshit information that is already all over the damn internet before it even gets posted. The only big thing Kotaku would be losing is advertising dollars, if anything.

The whole PSwii HOME crap was based off of a rumor. Kotaku asked Sony, "Hey... this true?"

Sony replied, "Uh... n-no, not really, I dunno... but if you say anything, we're not hanging out anymore." Why? It's a rumor, then, right? You won't comment on it. So, I'm going to go tell the world about this rumor, just like we do EVERY DAY ON EVERYTHING ELSE, and it'll blow over. If it's true, it's true, then awesome.

Kotaku says, "Hey, check this out. Some dude told me this, but Sony says it doesn't comment on rumors. So we'll have to wait and see. Sounds cool, though!"

Sony says, "Dude, not cool, give me my PS3. I'm going home."

Kotaku shrugs and says, "Okay, but you're not making yourself look any better."

Sony says, "Neither are you guys."

But in the end, Kotaku had no obligation to not say anything, especially after Sony flat out said "RUMOR". Why the hell would it matter? Sony ended up looking childish, and 100% confirming said rumor.

I hope everyone boos the crap out of Phil come GDC.

Image of calciofool calciofool says:

Kotaku 1 - Sony 0

Well played sir.

sony is doing damage control as usual instead of being proactive. Sony used to be the leader in consumer electronics; now it's' just doing brushfire management.

Image of NinjaBall NinjaBall says:

Congrats, both sides, for working this out. Good to see that a grudge over something (that in the grand scheme is really so small) isn't going to persist in your working relationship. Now bust out the bunnies, it's time for the Sunshine Dance! Thanks, Kotaku. I hit a lot of sites looking for my gaming news, and your is always the first one I check, and the one I come to most often.

No commenter image uploaded stranger says:

World keeps spinning. Way to handle it like pros, guys.

It's like mallrats and the topless fortune teller.

Resolution can only be achieved through confrontation or something like that.

No commenter image uploaded grail3x says:

Personnally If I was Dave Karraker I would be concerned about my own job at this point. Not only were his initial actions tremendously unprofessional and childish in nature, They also revealed much of Sony's Strategy before it was prepared...

Mind you this whole situation could have been completely orchestrated as well where Sony was trying to create a Buzz before the GDC... Some would say "Negative or positive publicity is still publicity" Only problem is the actions they took seem more note worthy than the actual "Playstation Home" feature. This kind of PR debacle wouldn't be a first for Sony as it has already tried to fool the public numerous times with their fake blogs, and crappy ads...

Image of Gutzman Gutzman says:

I think it's awesome that Kotaku ran the story anyways.

I normally consider myself a Sony "hater" so seeing this good news prove me wrong feels good in a way.

Now... to finally get Alien Hominid downloaded and give it a shot. :)

At the risk of feeding the troll, I wonder whether that "world of gaming press" means the magazines that are one-by-one going out of business, or the ones that are underwritten by platform vendors? Or maybe it means sites like gamespot that I pay $5/mo to so I can get free game guides, but which I don't actually read.
Then again, I'm just a financial analyst, so what would I know about the market?

No commenter image uploaded just_i_n says:


Obviously, you don't have it all. Look at what you wrote in the other thread:

"Zoph says:

Let me get this straight. A blog website disobeys an embargo, gets in trouble...and somehow it's Sony's fault? You guys are something else."

There was no embargo, and Kotaku did nothing wrong.

No matter how important or unimportant Kotaku is in the gaming world, it does not give Sony the right to strong arm there articles.

What to go Kotaku!

I think a lot of you are missing the big picture here .... Bashcraft is awake for this! You know how early it is in Japan right now?

Really Kotaku, well done. Can't wait to see you evolve after going through this experience.

No commenter image uploaded giovonti says:

I don't see this as a smart move on Sony's part, it was the ONLY move. They screwed up in the first place and are just trying to recoup.

I really don't think from here on out Sony is gonna be nice and quit the strong arm tactics.

Like others have said, damage already done. You can forgive but I think it takes a bit more to earn back consumer trust.

Not sure if you're still reading this, Brian, but don't you think this will still hurt your Sony coverage? If they're deciding who to give an exclusive to, it won't be you, right?

Are your bosses at the Rocky upset?

Image of Huginn Huginn says:

Me thinks that 600+ Digg's had -something- to do with it :>

Gratz Kotaku! Score one for the little guys!

Kotaku: Backward Compatible with Sony

Image of Witzbold Witzbold says:

Its not that early here. Its almost 11:00am.

10:53am to be exact.

Image of lostpuppies lostpuppies says:

Man, I typically don't jump into the bitchfests, but they're really getting annoying today.

I personally believe that it's good Brian and Dave worked things out, and that the only person who should be at fault in this whole situation is the personal who was responsible for the leaked "rumor". All sides had different responsibilities, and everyone did what they had to.

Everyone should be happy. Said rumor is good news, rumble coming back (possibly) is good news, love is in the air (though assassination could be likely; as the above said).

For once, let's just be happy. Today is a good day in Gaming.

Lets hope that this is a new trend for sony, fixing their mistakes as soon as possible.

Image of Zamnation Zamnation says:

@icepick314: Well, I never said I wanted to do that either.

When the only game I want for the system is flOw it's hard for them to make the $600 price point seem worth it.

Image of devilmoon devilmoon says:

This quick resolution shows that this site does have quite a bit of professionalism. It also shows that Sony isn't simply a bunch of clueless idiots.

They are just extremely unfocused. By far.

No commenter image uploaded TOCATL says:

Well at least some employees at SONY knows how bad the PS3 and the PSP are doing againts the other consoles, and the last they want is more damage, anway the damage is done...

Image of yashichi8bit yashichi8bit says:

Alien Hominid rocks! Get it, get it now!

Image of Doomstalk Doomstalk says:

Sony painted themselves into a corner with that one. First they come off as heavy-handed, now they come off as quick to buckle under pressure. And to think the whole thing would've been solved with two simple words: no comment.

Image of spainland spainland says:

I hope Zoph Got banned.

No commenter image uploaded ryan82 says:

It doesn't change how I feel about Sony, to be honest. The damage has been done, and quite frankly, it was quite embarassing for them to go through that whole misunderstanding. Not only does it prove the rumor to be true, they pretty much threatened Kotaku. Immature much, Sony? And then they realize their mistake and apologize. Sounds like someone got fired over at Sony.

No commenter image uploaded internetnerd says:

Holy crap, the comments doubled in the time i read them.

Crecente: Posting saying Sony had gone ahead and blackballed you was very smart. You did the right thing and then posted what Sony did in response. Without that post things would have gone the wrong way for both Kotaku and Sony.

Sony's decision to "back down" was a good one too, though I think calling it TheRightDecision is more accurate. I hope somebody there sees the resulting responses and appreciation in these comments, and learns a few things that will help both Sony and their customers in the long run.

No commenter image uploaded slimky says:

I would like to be able to see Phill face at GDC when he will say something like: "Well, here's the good news. We created a Mii-Reward thing for PS3. What ?!? You already know that ?!? Damn Internet is fast. Think we will sue it and close it."

Image of Marlor Marlor says:

@digitalmonkey wrote:
You know how early it is in Japan right now?

Around 11AM?

Image of Arsenal Arsenal says:


Fanboys? Of what? A blog? That's a new one, you're really stretching the definition there. Yes, it's unfortunate for Sony the information was leaked, but it did and someone posted it. If not Kotaku, someone else...it's a leak. It's Sony's problem that should / should have been resolved internally.


If he had just made his point without calling people "shitheads", he'd still be here. His point being....who knows...it's lost in that sea of blind rage and profanity.

Image of Barbara Barbara says:


Yes let's, because he has a different opinion than me.

As much interseting reading as it would have led too, I'm glad this was over with quickly. All that really would have happened is that the Kotaku readership would become increasingly anti-Sony. Or are they already?

What Sony was probably worried about was that once Kotaku got shut out other internet news sites would have quickly cooled relations with the company, they really don't need any more bad press than they've already got.

Hell, maybe Mr. Karraker was just having a bad day.

Still, thankfully the Kotaku staff didn't start flinging mud and handled the situation so professionally, that in and of itself is probably what kept the door open.

Image of strider_mt2k strider_mt2k says:


You go, Kotaku.

No commenter image uploaded internetnerd says:

P.S. I totally used my points on /. to mod down some dork who badmouthed Kotaku because he misunderstood what was going on. :D

Image of Crom Crom says:

hey crecente seen any good movies lately?

No commenter image uploaded leshrac55 says:

I'd really like to think that this was due to my call at my humble website... but obviously not (we are still quite small). =)

Glad to hear that this has been resolved, although Sony did not come out unscathed. If only he had just said "No Comment", we may have never known about it, or if we had, Sony may have actually gotten some positive press for it.


No commenter image uploaded esrid says:

Kotaku editors:

We know that Zaph is wrong. He speaks for a tiny minority. We're all ignoring him.

Can't you?

Image of topaz420 topaz420 says:

That's the biggest difference between Kotaku and "the other" game blog. The other guys would have rolled over after the very first threat. Congratulations guys, keep up the great work.

Image of spainland spainland says:

@Barbara: ok now i feel bad.

No commenter image uploaded Pietro says:

When companies give "gifts" to journalists of products and interviews, there is often the implication that these products and interviews should be receiving favourable coverage, lest they disappear. What we have seen here is great news for gaming journalism. When your journalists are for whatever reason eager to please a PR department your coverage is a joke. But when a PR department is eager to please your journalists, things are right and as they should be.

Sony may have indeed just been doing its job, but it was doing it the wrong way. If you don't want rumours floating around then tighten your control and give less people access to sensitive information. Attempting to restrict the content of a media outlet through threats is not an appropriate course of action. So: kudos to Sony for fixing this shit up.

This was well played, Kotaku. And I must say, a t-shirt of commemoration sounds to me like a fine idea.

No commenter image uploaded Digital_Sky says:

@Zoph: "Well, if you look anywhere outside the BLOGOSPHERE, Kotaku looks like a group of childish shitheads right now."

Let's have a link please.

No commenter image uploaded scopa says:

@Zoph: Are you a fan of state controlled journalism?

"There is nothing to see here. The Americans are running away. There are no bombs falling on Baghdad!"

It's the job of the press to report the stories. Its the job of Sony to keep their secrets secret. If something leaks out, its the presses DUTY to report it, whether its a story about a new game tech from Sony, or the war in Iraq.

If the press succumbs to strong arm tactics of large corporations or governments, all we get is censored BS and the world gets dumber.

Image of strider_mt2k strider_mt2k says:

I heard Sony really liked Kotaku in gym class...


"It doesn't change how I feel about Sony, to be honest. The damage has been done, and quite frankly, it was quite embarassing for them to go through that whole misunderstanding. Not only does it prove the rumor to be true, they pretty much threatened Kotaku. Immature much, Sony? And then they realize their mistake and apologize. Sounds like someone got fired over at Sony."

Amen brother

Image of Marlor Marlor says:


It's not what Zoph was saying, it's how he was saying it.

If I started calling someone a "childish shithead", I'd expect to be banned too.

Image of Konchu Konchu says:

Hey Zoph you are a minoraty here so might be best to quit while your ahead and talk on those other blogs your refering to with like minded individuals. But if being right makes you sleep a little better at night please enjoy your delusions.

Obviously Kotaku had some claim as Sony backed down on this and both sides were able to work this out together. I appriate my source of news not to give into threats and thus become a duluted puppet of the industry. Had Kotaku broke a NDA I would be backing Sony now but that is not the case.

No commenter image uploaded grantly says:

That was really big of Sony to actually reconsider their actions. JOURNALISM WINS AND EVERYONE IS HAPPY!

Oh, and that feature better be like a house in animal crossing instead of a "crib" in a sports game. If it's done right then Sony is on to something good.

Image of DigitalHero DigitalHero says:

The shirt should say. "I survived the Kotaku / Sony War of March 1, 2007!"

No commenter image uploaded helava says:

Good job sticking to your guns. Like others have said, the damage to Sony is done, though. Their response was absolutely ridiculous, and the *problem* is that it's completely consistent with their PR attitude towards the entire industry.

Constantly, we're hearing obvious lies from Sony execs. Jack Tretton, Phil Harrison, Kaz Hirai, Ken Kutaragi - at this point, I can't believe anything they say. Period.

Image of Draconis Draconis says:

Oh, and way to drop the soap, Zoph. Sony's shown that even they can save face when necessary - let's see how you fare.

Image of Witzbold Witzbold says:


Thats what I said haha, cept I forgot to add in the reply to post.

11:08 now.

I should be sleeping.

Image of fecalchaos fecalchaos says:

Now, we can all go back to being excited at the prospect of this rumor being true?
Everybody wins.

No commenter image uploaded Digital_Sky says:

@lostpuppies: "I personally believe that it's good Brian and Dave worked things out, and that the only person who should be at fault in this whole situation is the personal who was responsible for the leaked "rumor"."

That's been a mostly overlooked point, and it's a damned good one. If this info was so top-secret, either the talker was WAY out of line, or whomever entrusted him/her with that information took much less than the required care to ensure that it remained belowboard. This whole sordid-but-amusing little "incident" didn't start with Kotaku's blog article, it started with the person who proffered McWhertor and Crecente the information. All those who've been trying to villify Kotaku here have been missing that point, and I think it's deliberate.

Image of ShinRasputin ShinRasputin says:

@Digital_Sky: Well, I don't know of a lot of other places that said such things, but someone on GameTrailers started a forum topic on this...and most people there seem to think that you guys were in the wrong here and accused you of being "anti-Sony" on everything you post here about them. Here's a link:


I think Kotaku did what they were supposed to here. You guys heard a rumor, and you posted it. That's part of your jobs. Sony tried to censor the information, which basically amounted to them telling Kotaku that you guys can't do your jobs anymore. You shouldn't have to answer to a PR group when reporting on stories...that's a terrible thing that no one should have to do, and it clouds the truth in most cases. I applaud you guys for going ahead with the rumor leak, despite the possible punishments. In my opinion, Sony should've just not responded to the comment...that way it would've stayed a rumor. Or they just shouldn't have had someone leak the information in the first place (granted, that's hard to do, but still).

Image of Gio Gio says:

Hooray!! What a damn day it has been, I'm tired of the drama, please, no more!!

Image of Grizzly_Nuts Grizzly_Nuts says:

Sony, How does it feel to get kicked in the nuts by us for once. Assholes!

Image of Xagest Xagest says:

Ha, this is just amusing. The one time Sony gets some good press on this site, and Sony decides to jump on Kotaku.

Image of Vile Vile says:

I don´t get how Sony manages to surprise me every week.

Well played Kotaku. And kudos for Sony for making the right choice after all.

No commenter image uploaded exkon says:

awww, someone gets picked on the internet and we post all the ugly details to get people to complain....

A new form of blackmail...

But at the end of the day both parties were able to work it out and that's what really counts.

No commenter image uploaded shindoki says:

Good work Kotaku. This is what makes me continue to read your funny and witty posts!!! KOTAKU EDITORS FOR US SENATORS!!!

Image of NoBullet NoBullet says:

Thats good to hear. Didnt expect them to do this so quickly. Thought they would let you miss a few events before they went crawling back to Kotaku.

No commenter image uploaded gshock888 says:

free publicity. sony used kotaku. :P


But that is Sony's responsibility to keep that information under wraps. That may not be possible in all circumstances, or any for that matter, but no journalist should owe Sony the favor of helping them do their job at the expense of depriving their viewers of information. No matter how professional or unprofessional anyone may see Kotaku as, journalism should be about more than just regurgitating press releases. Otherwise, we might as well just put all journalists directly on to corporate payroll.

I don't blame Sony for being pissed about this, but they shouldn't be blaming Kotaku.

@Witzbold: thanks guys.... obviously I need a better clock. :)

Image of Verum Verum says:

This is the kind of journalism we need more of. If journalists gave in to threats, then there would be no watergate scandal.

If only everyone had the sense of duty that Kotaku has. Senators return "favors" by passing bills favorable to the corporations that dispensed these favors. The President returns "favors" by giving those people jobs in his staff.

I think Kotaku just made it clear that whatever "favors" they may receive, they're going to publish an unbiased opinion. If that means Kotaku doesn't get to tell us how they test drove the new PS4 or Xbox 720, I'm content. There's definately a higher degree of journalism on this site then on Fox news.

Image of Demaar Demaar says:

Go Kotaku! Glad Sony put their ego aside. This and the whole rumble thing with immersion.... are we seeing the dawn of a less arrogant Sony? *hopes*

No commenter image uploaded Irixyu says:

@Digital_Sky: "All those who've been trying to villify Kotaku here have been missing that point, and I think it's deliberate."

I have to disagree. If Sony didn't want this information released they should have worked harder to keep it secret. That's quite a generalization, and perhaps it wasn't their fault, but there's other things to consider. Sony didn't want Kotaku to post this info, but Kotaku did anyways. Was that the right thing to do? Perhaps not, but Sony overreacted to the extreme. This is still just a rumor that hasn't been confirmed. Rumors and speculation mean nothing until confirmed so why did Sony overreact? Also, what if some other site did the same thing and posted this rumor? Sony would probably have the same reaction. It's not the site in question or it's integrity, it's Sony itself that made this a huge incident.

The main point I'm making is that this whole incident was a huge mess that was easily avoidable if Sony would have just acted rationally. If Kotaku didn't post the rumor someone else would have because that's how journalism and the internet work. The info would have gotten out and Sony would most likely have overreacted just the same.

No commenter image uploaded aestheticity says:

bit of a mess really. heads will roll at sony, and kotaku will labour under this affair for a long time. so you got reinvited to press do's. any pr guy or exec at sony knows your name now, and will question each and every appearance of it on anything they see.

i'd be interested in knowing EXACTLY WHO PEOPLE LIKE ZOPH ARE, what they're doing here and what makes them qualified to pass judgement. because considered wholly, the impartial observer has to say kotaku came out ahead. i don't see anything wrong with their conduct, and this sony backpedalling rather indicates who was in the right, however trivial you might consider the actual facts of the problem to be (fairly, imo).

and yet here's zoph, who i can't seem to recall being a commenter before, and a quick check of the handful of comments he has made shows him to be somewhat one sided in the first place. and then there he is outright threatening kotaku right off the bat, before switching gears to the role of old media representative attacking the entire internet for being what it is.

possibly just a vaguely psychotic sony fan. possibly something worse. and, there are others.

Image of Hand_O_Death Hand_O_Death says:

It is sad that we are so impressed by such adult behavior on both sides. I am glad to see it was just a small problem that worked itself out in a few hours.

Image of Scuba Steve Scuba Steve says:

Yeah the last thing Sony needs is intentional negative press. They get enough crap from the unintentional stuff they do.

Hell there were people bitching about the announcement for the great new online features.

Image of Doomstalk Doomstalk says:

@Barbara: I hope he gets banned because he's a troll masquerading as one of those "voice of reason" types. Go look at his posts; most of them are insults.

No commenter image uploaded Digital_Sky says:


Thanks for the link. Good reading.

It amazes and saddens me how much partisanship exists in the gaming headspace these days. I was born in... um. Pardon. I was born a while ago; let's just say I've pretty much seen it all, from Pong to PS3, and I can remember not too long ago when people really liked systems because they played cool games, not because they were made by this or that or the other company. I won't deny there have always been harsh words exchanged (anybody remember the SNES/GEN wars?), but in recent years it's gotten... epidemic, pandemic, hypertrophic, I don't know. Just ridiculous. I mean, I've purchased a NEO*GEO cart system and a SuperGrafx because I wanted to play cool games. I really hope - almost certainly vainly - that at some point in the future there'll be some level of realization that having fun is what it's all about, affiliations bedamned really.

No commenter image uploaded Digital_Sky says:



How does that count as disagreeing with what I said? Sounds like we're on exactly the same page. Did I word it too obtusely? I can be bad about that. o_0

awesome...just awesome.

This is on Sony. I can't believe that there were people in these forums and others that actually defended Sony's ban. How many times have any of us would frequent a site and see an update from the rumor mill? Why would this be any different? Every gaming site I've ever been to has rumor reports. It's not even like it was a MEGATON rumor, like a PSP2 or KillZone 2 being available next week at retail or anything like that.

Again...Congrats Brian. I don't care what anyone says, you or anyone other member of the gaming media shouldn't be penalized for doing their job just as it always been done.

Sony...all I can do is shake my head. What the hell were you thinking?

Image of ihavenohalo ihavenohalo says:

Nice to see kotaku and sony make up, especially since there was really no loss on kotaku's part.

No commenter image uploaded number9 says:

Dave did the right thing. I understand Sony wants to have a surprise next week. Fine. All they had to say when Kotaku came calling was "We don't comment on rumors, but be sure to be there next week!" That's it.

There was no need for things to go as far as they did. But I'm glad Sony tuned it back around. Smart move.

No commenter image uploaded napalm says:

In my opinion, both sides have their share of guilt on this and both would probably suffer equally with the end of the partnership.
It's good to read they have reached an agreement.
Just bothers me that almost no one can get pass their Sony hatred and realise that Kotaku is not free of guilt.

Image of coolyfooly88 coolyfooly88 says:

Brian, you are one badass pirate.

No commenter image uploaded notinordr says:

But isn't it the job of a good journalist to report on facts rather than rumor and innuendo. Doesn't a good journalist investigate and then offer proof on what they are reporting on? Maybe I am old fashioned in thinking today's tabloid journalism ethics hurt the truth rather than help it. Journalists have become too lazy to actually do any sort of investigation. Either they prefer to get information spoon fed from the PR mouthpiece or they will report on rumor without substantiation. Both are equally easy to obtain, and both don't necessarily service the truth.

Image of Vaux Vaux says:

Bottom line:

Kotaku called Sony's bluff.
Sony had no choice but to make-up.

I think they didn't know this situation was going to blow up as big as it did online.

They cant afford anymore bad press.

No commenter image uploaded Techguy1138 says:

Wow Gawker media sure got it's $$ worth out of this. They even got Sony to give in.

So Kotaku got to do what ever the hell they wanted, when Sony said well fine, no special treatment for you. They used the a good part of the Gawker chain to do what they want and still get free stuff. In addition to lots of $$ from psge views.

If I known Sony was so damn easy to roll for free stuff I'd of started my own blog.

Image of ShinRasputin ShinRasputin says:

@Digital_Sky: That's actually an interesting thought...it seems to me, that in the '90s, companies tried to compete with directly with one another in their advertising. Who can forget the "Genesis does, Nintendon't" ads, or the later Saturn/PS1/N64 wars? Most game companies, I feel, don't really do this too often anymore in their advertising, and because of this, maybe there's been a shift in who makes these accusations. It's just a thought, and I'm not sure how much merit you can place into it, but I do think the recent rises in fanboy accusations might have to do with this: they didn't have their favorite companies criticize the competition, so they had to do it themselves.

And to stay slightly on-topic, the banner the guys at Destructoid made is awesome. Way to go Brian, you did the right thing.

No commenter image uploaded ekin says:


And you are somehow better? Thought the whole point you all want was free speech. Annoying or not, you can't have it both ways.

Forgot - it's a blog so there are no rules - hence the hub bub

Image of spainland spainland says:

I read Zoph's Comments..... He's an Idiot.

Image of Silent_Shark Silent_Shark says:

I look forward to reading all the Kotaku-Sony exclusive insights from GDC soon!

Image of Thomaticus Thomaticus says:

Congrats to Kotaku!!!!

Hey SONY get back to work!!!!!!!!, I want my ps2 games in 720p by the end of March, and where the heck is my adapter so that I can use Guitar Hero controller on the PS3... I need that immediately.

Image of jerrt jerrt says:

"We posted said e-mail and the Internet imploded." if i could make a tattoo that linked to the internet. that would be what i would get. [:

i'm really glad everything is shaping up for the better, but man this was one for the books. [:

No commenter image uploaded juv3nal says:

Sony PR clearly underestimated the extent of Kotaku's influence and had to do some hasty backpedaling. Weak sauce. It's their job (as PR) to assess the impact doing something like cutting Kotaku off *before* actually doing it. Somebody's head should roll (not saying it's going to happen though).

Image of Wernstar Wernstar says:

*claps* Well done gentlemen.

No commenter image uploaded WPack911 says:

I am no Sony fan and am still a little mad for them even letting it come to this, but I am very happy too, happy that Sony has some bit of sanity and decency leave. Now on the real story why is Sony ripping off both Nintendo and MS again?


Huzzah... I think Destructoid's banner on their site pretty much sums up this entire situation.

"Crecente has BALLS.. you saw them, right up in your face. never forget."

In addition, this Zoph character must have forgotten to wash his vagina after the shitstorm hit, because something is obviously irritating him.

Image of Doomstalk Doomstalk says:

"...and the internet imploded." Huh. Is it too late to submit a t-shirt slogan?

No commenter image uploaded probe says:

In all honesty, both sides were being bullies.

The problem here, is that most people here only see that Sony was the one big bully trying to shut up journalism.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't bullying trying to use one's advantages and resources to suppress the opposing party or weaker party?

In this case Sony tried to exploit their support as an advantage to suppress Kotaku's releasing of information.

However, Kotaku also used their resources, of generating negative publicity and calling in reinforcement from other blog sites, in order to bully Sony.

The difference here is that Kotaku out bullied Sony this time around.

Image of jerrt jerrt says:

@Doomstalk: I think the shirt slogan might have just have been decided. [:

No commenter image uploaded re-online says:

Did he try to wet your hands with some green crecente???

Image of Witzbold Witzbold says:

@probe: Actually probe I think all Crecente + Kotaku did was pretty much let the public decide. They gave the information and put it in the hands of the public.

In no way shape or form, did anyone say "HEY LETS SHIT ALL OVER SONY TO MAKE THEM PAY". Its the public that decided to take things to that degree.

Crecente + Kotaku is just responsible for putting up stuff for us to read bout the industry. What happens from there with the information is not their responsibility, unless it was something that was legally binding about not being posted.

No commenter image uploaded Bluglo says:

Sony went into damage control just in time because who ever may have been in the wrong, the way Sony have been lately, they would always be in the wrong.

Massive fan of Kotaku and now Im a bigger fan seeing how this was all delt with.

No commenter image uploaded Digital_Sky says:



I actually thought how dumb I sounded after I posted that. I mean, all I had to do was think: In the 90's, the intarweb wasn't such a big deal (and I wasn't so connected to it). Now, the net is freakin' EVERYWHERE, so world+dog can post whatever opinions they please. In retrospect I think what's changed isn't so much the underlying attitudes, but how easy it is for them to get onto the wire. Great point about the advo back then, too (I always thought it sucked).

Also wending back onto topic: you notice the back-backlash has already started. First Sony was a supervillain for trying to stop the spread of info, now they're a crying little b*tch for kissing and making up. Poor guys just can't win (despite the fact that there's some really potentially good news coming from their direction today too).

Have to say though, they can't really lay the blame anywhere but themselves. They didn't adequately lid their own employees about this information. They overreacted hideously when it hit the wire. This most recent action seems less like a good decision than the least of a bad lot.

No commenter image uploaded Lyrai says:

The internet gave a 50 DKP minus to everyone involved.

Image of Chozoman Chozoman says:

This is good news...I guess. I liked it when Sony was pissed off! My highest respect and regards to the staff of Kotaku for doing some actual reporting, and not just re-posting press releases...IGN, I'm looking at you...you corporate shills, you!

No commenter image uploaded probe says:


I have to respectfully disagree. Observing the way that Kotaku did things,
1) displaying the email between the two parties,
2) posting the extravagant headline of Sony blackballing them, and
3) then calling for other sites to publish their story and situation sure looks like they were trying to build support for their side and negative publicity for Sony's side.

Now, don't get me wrong. I agree Sony is wrong, but I just agree that they are the only ones wrong and bullying.

Crecente's got juice.

Image of crecente crecente says:

My Rocky bosses are standing by my decision and question only why I didn't put the story on the newspaper's site.

Image of crecente crecente says:

@notinordr: Define fact.
@Gio: You are? :(

No commenter image uploaded avdavidw says:

Congrats to Kotaku for taking a stand for the right reasons. So many times these days people stand up for the wrong reasons but what happened today was the right thing to do.

It looks like we (Kotaku's fans) respect you for it, and in the end Sony even respected you for it.


Image of Witzbold Witzbold says:

@crecente: I the story got out into papers, I bet a few of the rabid fans here would find the article and frame it.

No commenter image uploaded Irixyu says:

@Digital_Sky: I think I'm just very tired and misunderstood your post. 18 credits of various difficult Japanese courses and 20ish hours of work a week is enough to make anyone's brain melt. My bad :P

Image of r1nce r1nce says:

Well done Crecente. You have made me an even more avid fan of Kotaku after today's debacle.

Good job!

Image of Myles Myles says:

Holy cow someone at Sony has a backbone!

Image of defiantman21 defiantman21 says:

Sony, glad you saw reason, any PR on anything that can get Sony publicity is always a good thing. All they had to do was brush it off, just like the US govt does with Area 51, they have turned it into a joke, while they confirm nor deny that there are any aliens there. I just like to use the little known logical statement I heard a while back : "In anything there is a small grain of truth to that subject matter, however small." Sony, I am glad you got back on good standing with Kotaku, just try to get into the game of just saying "No Comment" or just dodge the issue entirely. Overal, good drama for news, hehe.

No commenter image uploaded Kokichi says:

Kotaku 1, Sony 0.

Hey Brain, look for me at the GDC this year. I'm that one tall guy that you see at the GDC or E3 wearing bright colored shirts the past years ;)

Image of doubtful doubtful says:

Good on you Kotaku for sticking up for what you believe and for independent journalism.

I'm glad Sony came to their senses.

Image of Lucri Lucri says:

Good that Sony did that and talked it through with you guys.

Image of Fnor Fnor says:

Regardless of the result, what Sony (at least tried) to do was despicable. We are their audience, and Kotaku is one of a number of ways we get information. They are telling the people who are buying their product that we are not allowed to be informed about their product save by some approved channel. That is a mockery of how business is supposed to work, and an attempt to turn what little journalism we have in the games industry into something even more pathetic. This is not kiss and make nice. Sony retracted their stance not because they realized what they were doing was wrong, but because they creating a rather large backlash of ill-will.

In the end, this is not about Kotaku and Sony. This is about Sony's complete and total disrespect for its customers. If they want us to buy their product, it is our wishes that are important, not theirs. We obviously want to hear rumors, and receive inormation from sources other than Sony itself. That Sony thinks they can strangle-- even partially-- these desires is a strong indicator that they simply do not give a damn about us.

No commenter image uploaded Reddo says:

And so, the biggest and one of the most important Kotaku posts goes up and is met with the intertubes.

Good to see you two are on good terms again, and I'm glad that nothing too bad came out of this, on either side.

No commenter image uploaded csimpson says:

I'm genuinely surprised that Sony seem to have recovered somewhat from their heavy-handedness earlier... recovery doesn't seem to be their strong point, really :)

I'm sure they're still annoyed about their big secret being leaked though, and rightly so. Wouldn't YOU (yes, that's you, internet denizens) hate it if someone leaked your next big announcement, whatever it was?

Image of Zeichrat Zeichrat says:

Wow, I like the way things turned up, because Kotaku is my favourite gaming site and I truly trust you guys on your comments and news... so at least to me as a Consumer that attitude would affect only my perception on the Sony brand. This coming from a person that owns every PS that came out.

No commenter image uploaded Digital_Sky says:

@Irixyu: Ganbarimasu! ^_^;;;

No commenter image uploaded The Wreckard says:

Both sides were pretty unlikeable in all of this.

Sony for obvious reasons, but all Kotaku has done is proven there's no such thing as games journalism.

Let's say, theoretically, Bob Woodward was going to run a story damaging to the Bush administration. Let's say the Bush administration gets wind of this and tells Woodward that if he runs the story they're cutting off access.

What do you suppose he would do?

He would run the story, just like Kotaku - and good for them for doing that. But he would never say anything about the threats because a real journalist would never make themselves the story.

Game "journalists", Kotaku included, have an extremely cozy relationship with the industry they're covering. This is just the way it is, and Kotaku, with their dev kits, pressers, and exclusive interviews are certainly not above that, nor does this make them above that. They were simply using the community against Sony to keep them from taking their toys and going home.

No commenter image uploaded probe says:

I'm going to ask some of you that are more level headed to look at this logically.

A lot of people here are talking about morally right or wrong.

But, was it any more morally righteous of Kotaku to disregard a request made by an associate, when the associate expresses his dismay that they didn't want that information revealed?

Now, many people are going to think, Kotaku is free to post whatever information they want to.

But then why isn't Sony also justified in doing what it said it will do, and is free to do, in ceasing to support a site that doesn't respect the company enough to comply with a request?

Just like Kotaku wasn't bound to not post information, Sony wasn't bound to support Kotaku.

But, now that Sony stated that they wish to cease supporting Kotaku, something they were free to do anyways, all of a sudden they are the ones blackballing Kotaku?

Does anyone else see the one sidedness of this?

I'm just playing devil's advocate here.

Congratulations to Kotaku for doing what they did right. You've won the support of your readers and shown them that you are willing to post anything that you think you should and you won't let anyone stop you from doing so.

However, you've also shown the industry what you're capable of, and I don't mean that in a good way.

You've basically shown the professionals out there that you can't be trusted with any information. You're also not afraid to sling some mud around, in the form of extravagant headlines and posting private e-mail conversations, in an attempt to prove yourself righteous and victorious.

Image of shrume shrume says:

This sure was resolved nice and quickly - kinda like an episode of Blossom. There was the start of the plot, a couple of commercials, the climax, more commercials, and then a resolution where everyone kisses and makes up. "On next week's episode, tune in to witness Kotaku's first period, and Six realizes that talking too fast annoys all the viewers!"
Good job, Crecente. You're my favorite Guitar Hero/Pirate.

Image of shrume shrume says:

This turned out like an episode of Blossom.

Image of DeathKat DeathKat says:

probe, the reason sony supports kotaku is because they need kotaku's word of mouth advertising. by giving them products to review it is basically free to them advertising(minus cost of hardware). so yeah, you are right that sony doesnt have to back kotaku, but kotaku is part of the press and if that means breaking a story an associate doesn't want published, it doesn't matter it has to be done. however, its sony's fault that that story was out there in the first place, so if they feel it necessary to get on kotaku's back about posting it then yeah the entirety of the internets(copyright colbert '06) is gonna jump all over them by free will

No commenter image uploaded nornicle says:

I forgot to mention earlier.

Crecente is not just a pirate/guitar hero but also an actor!

He is actually the action who played the guy from the illuminati the The Mummy, Oded Fehr


The Truth Always Comes Out.

Image of MonkeyBiz MonkeyBiz says:


They can't be trusted with information that wasn't official Sony PR news? They stated it was a rumor, and Sony started the shitstorm. All other companies just let it roll off their shoulders and rufuse to comment. Honestly the rumor they were posting was a good thing for Sony. I think Kotaku giving Sony fans some hope of awesome features that are rumored is a good thing.

Sony doesn't HAVE to work together with Kotaku. Yet Kotaku is a very large gaming blog. Companies want to get their news out fast, it would hurt Sony more than Kotaku to not work with them.

I am glad Kotaku decided to run the story. I am sure companies don't like their surprises blown, but maybe they should keep a tighter lip on things they want kept secret. I am also glad David did the right thing and calling up Brian and working things out. In many respects that took more balls than Kotaku posting the story in the first place.

No commenter image uploaded probe says:

@DeathKat: You're still not really addressing the issue. The issue is that Sony had every right to stop supporting Kotaku. But by exercising what it was free to do, like what Kotaku was free to do, it got the short end of the stick.

No commenter image uploaded BlueSunrise says:

Let me respectfully disagree with Kotaku's stand.

How was this web site and its writers the victims? Sony asked them not to report a rumor, and they went ahead and did it anyway "in the name of journalism". Sony said that if they did, they'd remove support. Again, Kotaku gave Sony the finger and did it anyway "in the name of journalism". Sony goes ahead and does what it said it would - removes support- and now it's the villain?

I'm sorry, but there was a degree of trust here that was clearly violated. And posting private e-mail conversations for the world to see (again, "in the name of journalism") that you have no business doing outside of making yourself like look an a** to the gaming community really takes you down some notches. What's even worse is how you made these extravagant headlines for it to seem like you were the victim in order to garner support as well as requesting this story to appear on other sites...

Manipulation at its finest, ladies and gentlemen. If I were a publisher or PR rep I'd certainly steer clear of those I can't trust. Add Kotaku to that list.

Congratulations for posting what you thought you should and showing your readers that you're willing to break the trust of companies like Sony to give us this information, but was breaking that trust really worth it?

Image of DeathKat DeathKat says:

@probe: You are right Sony was free to do it, I don't argue that. However, Sony was doing so for the wrong reasons. They threatened initially in a move that I can only percieve as trying to strong-arm Kotaku. Kotaku made no such threats, and I truly believe Kotaku's only motive in this entire episode was that of honest and true journalists, standing up for their rights against big companies.

No commenter image uploaded Runna says:

LOL Gawker deserves every penny... I was getting bored with SONY. Saying they suck is so last gen. I mean we all knew that and if we wanted them to rock we would still have to deal with them sucking. Here is too the PS4! Hopefully sony will do an intel and release a Core duo of a console I mean thats what nintendo did and even MS is thinking about copying them...LOL

Sony is clearly in the wrong place right now. They were not really all that welcomed in the industry till every started feeling like nintendo was crazy...LOL That and FF and that one add LOl talking about how many carts it would take to play it...LOL

Really though They need these type of rumors. Another Emotion engine talk is not going to work... people see thur that sh!t now I mean 600 dollar saved buys a lot of PRVizeen.

We may bash you sony but it's only constructive crits on my side. Though Luv ya know... Just get your sh!t together man. Deal with your leaks in house and also get the right info on what is really happenning with in your own damn company!

Every thing Is *i think* or *We are* how about *we did*

No commenter image uploaded probe says:

@MonkeyBiz: I agree with you that neither company has to work with each other and the fact that it was good news for Sony is completely irrelevant.

However, you are arguing that the fact that it somehow slipped it was completely justifiable for Kotaku to post it.

But why isn't it justifiable for Sony to stop supporting a site that is adverse to its interests? What is wrong with that?

Many people are missing one of the important issues here.

This industry needs both sides and it's always good to make sure that neither side gets too powerful.

At one point it was the gaming companies with too much power, however now it seems that the scales have tipped and the media is the one that's getting too powerful without enough professional regulations.

I'm sure I'm gonna get rants about how this is just a blog, why does it need any professional regulations or ethics.

But then, if it's just a blog, then why are people even posting about the Journalistic duty and professionalism exercised by Kotaku?

No commenter image uploaded JoeKaw says:

Nobody will probably read this, being that there are appoximately seven hundred thousand comments.

I feel as if Sony is now the prodigal son. They went astray (to the furthest extent humanly possible). Now, I really don't mind buying a PS3. I don't know how the hell they did it, but I was Wii60 all the way, but my pity/compassion makes me want to give them another chance. I would like to know how much they pay whatever psychologist they hired. Well done Sony, well done.

Image of PlayerX PlayerX says:

Wow... mom and dad didn't get divorced! Is dad still sleeping on the couch, tho?

Does this mean no more beta game builds for you Crecente? Would you even care? In any case, it's good to hear that everyone's on "good terms" now.

No commenter image uploaded randlsa says:

Maybe this new PS3 Home "social network" will bring the eBay prices back up to retail again? As for me, I'll continue to buy Sony big screens and MS consoles.

No commenter image uploaded Runna says:


So are you trying to say Kotaku should make a game console because they obviously more importance than SONY? LOL

Really Kotaku was going to be another *insert any online soure thats in sony's pocket* or no name Hoe for them. Sony's Pimp glove just don't have the thunder it once had. It's a blog they really though they had no power in any thing. They obviously must put crack vapors in the thing cuz they swore these guys were hooked. They seemed to have no power and when you think about it they don't but when you start getting people to come to your blog over 5 times a day then all of that ^but they are not a news site^ goes out the door. Sony needs that type of popularity.

Now if kotaku posts any good news about sony then it will make it that much more important and rosier. Alot of people say this place is bias but if that true then they must be bias to things that suck. Yes even sony and nintendo can suck although MS doesn't suck as much any more...

No commenter image uploaded kcswanko says:

that was cool, like a little internet spa opera, nice.

Image of Fnor Fnor says:

All of these posts miss the point- we want Sony to give access to Kotaku becase we want it. What we want. Not what Sony wants. We do not want them to control the way we get information, because we want it to be impartial and hear all the news, good and bad. When Sony tells one of our outlets for information they have to play Sony's game, they are telling all of us that what Sony wants is more important than what we want. You can argue that it is either unethical or just stupid, but at the end of the day, all it is doing is showing how much respect Sony has for its audience. A "no comment" would have satisfied everyone, instead Sony decides to be vindictive because Kotaku would not do what they were "told."

That is a dangerous way to approach capitalism, and in any case, stinks something rotten.

No commenter image uploaded Runna says:

@The Wreckard:

Again...LOL This is a blog... If their dog dies then it's going to be news...LOL

It's just funny that this is where me and alot of you other guys get their news now because the real news sites suck.

Then the people that where brainwashed by the good ol Sony days come here believing that kotaku is a real news site...LOL

I got new for you SONY isn't a real video game company ethier they are still an electronics company hint hint, thats why they are doing so badly... even they say the system is a digital media device. Some one get these guys a stomach pump cuz the cool aid is official all gone!

No commenter image uploaded jjmusicman29 says:

Sony is still a bunch of stupid assholes.
This is game blogging. You can post whatever you want, rumor or official. Freedom of speech and press ftw.

No commenter image uploaded Not_Matt says:

I'm glad you were both able to resolve it. I can understand both sides and it was a touchy situation. AT the end of the day, any publicity is good publicity. Even if it wasn't true then it'd make people consider buying the console more so and there's nothing wrong with that.

Image of Ikaruga Ikaruga says:

Can't wait til you shake P. Harrison's hand at the GDC event....."So....guess what happened...." No matter what, when Kotaku goes, they'll look like a pregnant teen....Beautiful that there'll be new like, but still is unsightly.

No commenter image uploaded HobbaHobba says:

Very nice, Mr. Crecente. Glad that it all worked out :)

For future reference, make sure you negotiate first whenever they try to bend you over. Don't just drop the bomb right off (ie. publishing the rumor).

IMO, you could have avoided all this fiasco by exercising a better judgement without compromising your "journalism dignity."

Play smart, my friend.

Image of fallingdove fallingdove says:

Like Brian mentioned, I think a lot of people missed the point. Maybe it was fanboyism rearing its ugly head, maybe it was just a bunch of people who reached into the wrong bowl, grabbed an artichoke instead of celery but kept on eating because they were too stubborn to admit it was an artichoke.

Never-the-less. All's good now. Let the games continue.

No commenter image uploaded wheezo says:

At the company i work at, if a PR Exec handled something as clumsily as David handled this, they would be out on their ass. Next time he should try a simple "We don't comment on rumors" and leave it at that. He turned a small rumor about a possible feature into a big story about how mean and stupid Sony can be. First year comm students would have handled it better.

No commenter image uploaded Mizunkey says:

I feel that what Sony did was understandable. If the rumor isn't true, Sony would be accused of not delivering the goods, and if it is true, then someone would get, or could get a head start on making a cheap copy of their idea. They are just trying to protect themselves. They do have a lot of money, but not enough to throw away on big risk ideas that could help make or break their newest baby. I think if they want to help sell more units, they should release a 40gb version with WiFi.

No commenter image uploaded GhaleonQ says:

Ugh. Sony should have kept its decision and thwacked the irresponsible twit.

Image of MonkeyBiz MonkeyBiz says:


I t think it would be justified for Sony to stop supporting Kotaku, but not necessarily a good idea. You can't blindly take either side in this situation. I believe both sides were trying to protect something that weren't necessarily in the interest of the other.

No commenter image uploaded VakeroRokero says:


Image of Grue Grue says:

This is exactly what needed to happen. It should never have gotten to this point, but the fact that they're willing to listen to reason and work on issues is definitely a plus.

No commenter image uploaded Cruithne says:

A good day for gaming, all round.

I don't think people should underestimate how big it was of Sony to change their minds.
Go Kotaku.

No commenter image uploaded Type-E says:

After all, kotaku got a lot of page hit for those 3 sony posts. Cash in!! $$$

No commenter image uploaded Havok154 says:

Didn't some other company do the same thing not too long ago, like last year. Someone said something they didn't like, so that company blacklisted them from any info or events regarding them. I can't remember who either company was, but I think it was something over an article on a new product or a review they didn't like. I just remember hearing about a game company blacklisting someone else over something really stupid. Anyone else remember this at all? BTW, I'm not refering to Apple's hissy fit over a website publishing info on a breakout box, then sueing them.

Either way, good to see everything is resolved. Lets hope that Sony can keep their crying to themselves from now on. Last time they got all huffy over something, we lost Lik Sang.

No commenter image uploaded Beorn says:

I start playing WoW for a week... and this is what happens!

No commenter image uploaded James says:

It almost sounds like you went running to mommy (readers) crying that big bad bully sony had been unfair. Since it has been "settled" let's just move along.

No commenter image uploaded _skitzo_ says:

Kotaku very biased against Sony..

So if you feel presenting yourself as a biased twit against Sony is responsible journalism. Congrads continue to stay on your knees.
As far as Sony black balling kotaku, good for them, not like Kotaku has said anything good about Sony anyway.
But enjoy the free perks.....

No commenter image uploaded Nascia says:

Wow, mad props to Kotaku. And Cheers to Mr. Karraker or whomever at Sony for not being pricks about this.

Wow, i sont read for the day and i come back to this, it took me an hour to follow the whole thing.

One interesting thing though is if you go over to a few other blogs there seems to be a lot of blaming both sides. I give props to Kotaku here, a lot of Sony fans dont seem to realize that you guys have a right to post whatever you want.

No commenter image uploaded thespunk says:

Dear Sony Playstation,

We've been together for so long. You have always meant so much to me. But lately... things just haven't been working out between us.

Yeah, I know you feel it too. You've been kind of demanding, uppity, and stuck-up lately. You're always bitching about how I can't afford you, and how much better you are than everyone else.

You have become the Paris Hilton of video game systems.

Listen, babe. You already know that I'm just a guy who wants to have fun and hang loose.

I hope you get the help you need.

p.s. Tell Britney I said hi!

Image of kamra kamra says:

Quickest Fight Ever

No commenter image uploaded Torgo says:

Because all of the 360 Zealots and Sony Haters have finally convinced me, I'm going to turn my PS3 into a waffle iron.

Mission Accomplished!!!!!!

All of your hate has finally done some good in the fight against huge corporations. Instead of me putting money into the hands of an "evil, egotistical corporation" like Sony, I'll just put more into the pockets of an "evil, egotistical corporation" like Microsoft.

You win. Thanks for saving me MS evangelists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Image of Gio Gio says:

@crecente: I'll take that back too :)

I guess during the heat of the moment, with all the tension, I just wanted things to resolve quickly. Now, I'm slightly yearning for some more. This kinda stuff just makes for good prime time on the intertubes, and should be more episodic. Real good times!

Image of Imaria Imaria says:

And this is why I read Kotaku, and nothing else.

Good job, guys. Many so-called respectable news sites would've backed down for less.

"Not news" indeed, hm? ;]

No commenter image uploaded Drogan says:

This, to me, is what makes Kotaku one of my most trusted industry information sites.

You guys are the real deal. You don't back down, even when the big wigs of a large company tell you to do so.

That takes integrity, as well as respect for your readers. Hats off to you guys.

Image of .TakaM .TakaM says:

good to see sony still has some sensibility, but there's a hell of a lot more they should be apologizing for.

And yup kotaku, you guys rock for not giving into their teenage girl threats :)

Image of meancode meancode says:

Wow, this debacle may be over, but this is another black eye for SCEA PR. How can they think they can do that to Kotaku, who was only doing their job as journalists?

I am just dumbfounded that Sony would threaten to take away press privileges if Kotaku does their job.

Kudos to Brian for going ahead with the RUMOR and kudos for Sony for *quickly* coming to their senses on this one.

No commenter image uploaded bopmachine says:

And thus we all benefit from having a blog run by and actual JOURNALIST. I think your average gaming blog would have backed down in order to stay on the A list. Crecente had journalistic integrity and went ahead, never you mind the consequences. Sony, in some rare moment of mental clarity realised that back-downed. Not really a bravo for Sony, but more like "You doing what you should have".

No commenter image uploaded penhalion says:

This episode finally showed Sony's PR department that they can't control what get's reported. It has also shown them that gamers in general are simply not buying or even cutting any slack for the things thay have been doing lately i.e. Lik San being hounded out of business etc. etc.

This wasn't Dave Karraker being reasonable. It was the collective game press telling Sony that if this action persisted, then sony would get no news from any of them. Don't sell your position short Kotaku. This was litterally sony PR stepping one stair too far and being called royaly on it from all sides!

No commenter image uploaded insomniabob says:

This was a pretty easy argument to side on, actually.

Kotaku was reporting a rumor. They even asked Sony about it, giving Sony a chance to control the story.

Sony said "Don't publish that story, or we'll take our neat stuff away from you, not invite you to press events, and won't give you press releases."

Kotaku said, in a very polite manner, "Uh, censorship bad.", and ran the story.

We got this funny little thing here in the states called the free speech. And while the letter of the law wasn't violated, Sony did violate the spirit of that law. Kotaku was right to post the story (which was not damaging at all to Sony, by the way), they were right to ask Sony about it, and they were right to go ahead and report the story despite Sony's tantrum.

What IS suprising about this is that SONY was right to back down, and take the shot to the balls on this one. Sony was wrong, Kotaku was right, and they were wise to jump back on this thing before it nuked them.

I'm not a big Sony fan. But if YOU are, you must still realize that what Sony did here was pretty crappy. They tried to bully an internet news site in to not reporting the news. They tried to censor a harmless story. That might not seem like a big deal here, today, but it leads down a dark road. At the end of that road is a world where you only recieve the news and information multi-national corporations want you to have, because it makes their brand look good. Already, we are far too close to that place.

It might seem melodramatic, but Kotaku really did strike a blow for journalistic integrity today.

No commenter image uploaded Omikaru says:

Journalism 1 - 0 Corporate Interests

Good job, Crecente. You deserve a medal for this!

Image of Billqvist Billqvist says:

Nice one, Kotaku crew.

Also impressive to see that Sony still has some personel with PR awareness. Something that haven't been to evidently lately.

Sony PR crew back from vacation? Welcome back. You have shitloads of work ahead of you.

Image of aelfin aelfin says:

@ crecente, ashcraft, mcwherter, whomever, can we get an answer to Cell9song's question? Just a confirmation or denial, I don't tend to believe those Joystiqians, and chances are it was a commenter anyways (bah, who listens to them :P), but you've already used up one ball today, let's get the other started with a rebuttal there :).

Image of GarethDE GarethDE says:

"Sony and Kotaku Make-up" implies some sort of Sony- and Kotaku-branded facial decorative paint... while an interesting concept, I fear it is not exactly what you had in mind!

Perhaps you mean that you "made up"?

Regardless, this is yet another nail in Sony's PR coffin. The SCE is a far, far cry from the SCE of 1995 that could do no wrong and wiped the floor with a Sega that failed to deliver on its promises.

In the words of George Santayana, "Those who fail to learn from the past will repeat it."

So Ken/Phil, Sega's asking how does it feel to get arse-raped by a bigger and more popular competitor?

No commenter image uploaded kenshin001 says:

LOL! What a storm in a teacup. It's good for Kotaku since I read writers with Gawker Media (of which Kotaku is a part) get paid bonuses if their blogs get more traffic, it's called "getting paid for hits". Is this true or just a rumour? Certainly the Sony "controversy" seems to have generated a lot of hits.

Yes, Kotaku has the right to publish rumours even if they are untrue, like the rumour about 11,000 PS3 units for the Australian market which Kotaku published and then retracted because it was BS. Personally, I don't like reading BS. I like reading true stories about games and gaming.

BTW, it is not the role of journalists to write rumours. It is the role of journalists to write news. I'm pretty sure Mr. Crecente does not publish rumours in the Rocky Mountain News, at least I would hope not.

The fact is Sony needs Kotaku like a fish needs a bicycle. If you look at most posts on Kotaku the Sony bashing comments get the most posts, that translates to more hits and perhaps a nice bonus for Mr. Crecente.

Image of Zho Zho says:

See, it just all falls back together once people admit their mistakes.

No commenter image uploaded Davideogamer says:

Yet another oppurtunity for people to pointlessly bash Sony. In my opinion? People need to grow up and let them do their damn job. Yeesh.

No commenter image uploaded KotakuNub says:

Either way, Kotaku shouldn't have posted the rumor is Sony said not to. I don't care the reason, you don't bite the hand that feeds you.

Check out destructoid.com for the exact same news everyday, but with more.

Image of Megaseven Megaseven says:

Oh Sony... What are we going to do with you...?

I still don't feel to great about the whole company. They've essentially lost me as a customer due to their more recent actions.

Image of Vidunder Vidunder says:

Well, Sony backed up it seems. SONY backed up. Then people *can* make the difference in this world, it's a newsflash I didn't expect.
It's good when big corporations realize that they raised their voice a tad too much, and thanks Kotaku - you've been a herald of the people.
The world is a slightly better place now.

Image of lochoko lochoko says:

So, lets see if I got this right.

Kotaku gets a rumor about a possible upcoming feature for the PS3. Kotaku takes rumor, does research, puts rumor + other quotes together, then contacts Sony asking if they're right.

Sony says "You tell people that and I will never talk to you again."

Kotaku shrugs and informs everyone of said rumor [old "news" =/= good "news"], while making sure everyone knows what they're reading is, in fact, rumor.

Sony follows through.

Shitstorm ensues.

Sony takes a lot of flak, realized they screwed up and try to patch things up with Kotaku.

Needless to say, there were two things Sony could do:
1) "No Comment."
2) "Sign this waiver and we'll give you more info. Then you can post it after we announce it. You'll be right on top of the news!"

Instead, Sony screwed up. While I try my hardest to not "fanboy", I have to say my disdain for Sony is growing. I'm already waiting for something good on the PS3 before I start thinking about it [I suspect a price drop before anything I actually want releases, anyway, thus making this decision easier], but things like this make me hope more and more that previously stated "good things" end up being on the 360 as well.

One can only hope, at least.

Image of Sunjammer Sunjammer says:

Sony thugz will be waiting at GDC with duct tape, a persian rug (cos they pimp) and baseball bats. Mark my words.

No commenter image uploaded retronaut says:

Both of you were stupid:

First if they ask to not run a news story then clearly label it as RUMOR.

Second Sony shouldn't try to influence bloggers.

Image of furiku furiku says:

gg Kotaku, gg!

PS. Sony aint shit no mo!

No commenter image uploaded subnet6 says:

Funny that Kotaku has the courage of their convictions, but Sony doesn't. This was a lose lose for Sony because first they were being sour dicks by picking up their toys and leaving the sandbox, now they are being pansies for giving in after their threats. Now no one will take them seriously, if there were any who actually did in the first place. Good job Kotaku, I knew you could win this one.

No commenter image uploaded Lateef says:

Still, screw them. PS2 will be the last in my house for now unless something so ungodly comes out that you have to be dead not to want it. Till then I am going to cave in and get the Wii and\or the 360 when I get the last couple bucks for the save up.

Yea I had to save :) I needed an HDTV first hehe, and that was expensive.

Back on topic, I am glad Kotaku and Sony are playing nice though.

Image of L_K_M L_K_M says:

Too late, Sony. Now everyone knows that you think the media is your puppet, and everyone has to think twice when reading a positive story on Sony. Did the reporter want to write it, or did Sony blackmail him into doing it?

Image of majatt majatt says:

Hmm. I wasn't sure if I agreed with posting the letter from Karraker. However, this is a gaming BLOG and if people were to come tell me what I could and couldn't post on a my blog, I'd be pretty pissed.

From a jounalistic stand-point I guess it was somewhat feasible to mention that they wouldn't be getting perks since people would be coming here looking for exclusive stuff.

From a business stand-point it was friggin BRIALLIANT on Kotaku's part.

btw...Sony, you there? Stop messing with the public domain and hurry up and make your console worth $600 to a gamer who doesn't give 2 flying frags about Blu-Ray. Tell Square-Enix I want FF13 and I want it now.

No commenter image uploaded PaulMorel says:

ummm, on second thought... let's cancel that boycott.

Image of Hoagie_one Hoagie_one says:

I just hope that by "Making Up", Sony just wasn't putting on their game face to try to look better. They may very well lead to hidden animosity and loss opportunity for Kotaku staff members in the future. It just wont be publicized.

Image of Paradise Paradise says:

i'm going to continue hating sony with a passion. anyone who makes a decision without thinking of the consequences and then flips under pressure deserves my loathing.

No commenter image uploaded snowferret says:

Heh, nice. You stuck to your guns and won. You came out on top. They may have even been bluffing to begin with.

man, lochoko pretty much posted what i wanted to. the only thing i will add is that Sony as a company seems intent on taking a giant dump on consumers. from their PR staff to their BMG music unit to their Sony Ericsson line, all of it foists overpriced, underquality crap onto people while installing rootkits on computers and exploding their laptops.

Image of Atvar Atvar says:

HAHA, Sony has been Zumbo'ed!

Image of JoeTF JoeTF says:

There is no good outcome for anyone but Kotaku here.
NExt time Sony, but also Nintendo, Microsoft, Valve and everyone else is going to be much more careful and secrecive toward independent newssite like Kotaku, Joystiq or Destructoid.
The hell, they might even ignore entire bunch and send all important announcements to big boys (IGN). "Kotaku reprints everything of importance IGN posts anyway, so why bother with those small f**ks?" they will say and they will be right.
Or they will deal with the subject in a same way chip companies do - force little fishes to sign NDAs and keep them by the face.

Image of schlizzag schlizzag says:

Good to hear! Hopefully things won't be awkward at the dinner table...

Image of blankwave blankwave says:

Wow, can't believe the one day I was away from reading Kotaku, was he one day you all stepped into The Twilight Zone.

I'm glad it all worked out in the end.

No commenter image uploaded kliide says:

congrats, kotaku. Good thing sony manned up to the apology after facing potential backlash from the journalistic/blogging world at large. Wait, is that brave or just covering your own butt, Sony?

Image of Shumina Shumina says:

Great job, Kotaku and good on you, Sony.

Guess I'm going to have to ahead and buy that PS3 when it gets cheaper in two years.

Image of Z-Word Z-Word says:

@ashcraft: Exactly why did you ban Zoph? Was it because he used profanity, or because he was simply being a contrary dick? The latter doesn't seem especially banworthy. In fact, it smacks of Sony banning Kotaku from access to GDC events because they didn't like the story you posted.

It's your house, you can evict whomever you like. But to rail against corporate censorship and then boot someone for being critical of what you do seems like a bit of a double standard. Banning him instead of simply saying "you're wrong" and then ignoring him gives him more credibility than he deserves.

Image of sayten sayten says:

Sony can suck it a while longer. I'm going to hold on to my $600.

Image of Mansteak Mansteak says:

It's possible to be calm and rational and still disagree. Calling the Kotaku staffers "childish shitheads" crosses the line of "biting the hand that feeds you" that Zoph himself was talking about. We're approaching black-hole levels of density in the irony, folks.

After chugging though Eleventy-Jillion comments, I'm still surprised by the people still trying to find fault with Kotaku for posting about this. Do they see increased revenue due to increased hits? Welcome to the internet. Did they plan some media shitstorm to stir up ad revenue? I'm calling bullshit on that one. You can't PLAN for another company to make threats to you.

Was it wrong for them to run the story? Again, not even by a long shot. It's a rumor, they ran it as such. If you prefer reading "news" to "rumors", then for the love of all that is good and holy, stop reading BLOGS.

Was it wrong for Crecente to post about the Blackballing? Again, NO. Imagine he stays quiet about Sony threatening to not play anymore - then suddenly theres NO MORE POSTS about Sony. People like kenshin001 and _skitzo_ would then proceed to bitch about further perceived "Anti-Sony bias" from the site.

There's just no pleasing everyone.

No commenter image uploaded beatngu says:

@Zoph: if sony is the lifeblood of kotaku or any other gaming journal/blog, then we need to get those MFers to the ER, stat !

plainly, zoph, you're worse than a fanboy . kotaku and other websites should ban all corporate shills like you .

kotaku, good for you, trying to place some sunshine on a dog's ass and beating it over the head when it tried to bite . i'm happy when to entities make nice and all, but really, are formal relations with that kind of dictatorship really necessary ?

No commenter image uploaded Bomb-Omb says:

Glad you guys got everything works out.

Image of DigitalHero DigitalHero says:

Bye Zoph. Nice knowing you. =P

Wow, this is amazing stuff. Sony claims that "people don't want rumble" and that it's "last-gen" in order to spin their problems with Immersion. Then, they admit that they're working on rumble features for the PS3!

They blacklist Kotaku for doing their job, then apologize soon after because they saw the reaction on the internet. Ever since PS3 came out, Sony has been one mistake after another.

I've never been prouder of owning my 360 and convincing two other people to buy 360s instead of PS3s.

you say:

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