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This time, voting climate
favors Al


'Truth' and Consequences: Al Gore accepts his Oscar.

The bad news is you can lose the presidency of the united States even when you win the popular vote. But the good news is you can get an Oscar with fewer people than fit on a subway train.

"There are three categories in the Oscar voting that require a special ballot," says an insider. "To vote for foreign, short film or documentary, you have to sign an affidavit that you have seen all the nominees." it's not enough to watch them at home on a dVd - Academy members have to attend an official screening.

The snitch said fewer than 300 people requested the special ballot in the documentary category, which was won by Al Gore's "An inconvenient Truth" Sunday. But even that number is about 100 more than usual.

An Academy rep confirms that of its 5,800 voting members, only about 200 typically file a ballot in the category.

Heath bars Michelle on V-Day

Brooklynites Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams have hit a rough patch in their relationship.

"They had a huge fight, and they're not speaking," a source told us last week, although a separate spy says things thawed a little over the Oscars weekend.

Our spy spotted heath in the company of a gaggle of other women (although not misbehaving) without Michelle on Valentine's day at Teddy's in los Angeles.

Williams responded frostily to a question about their relationship during Fashion Week.

Odd woman linked to Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant got some unwelcome attention at the Amsterdam premiere of his romantic comedy "Music and lyrics."

A woman handcuffed herself to him as he walked the red carpet (see photo series, l.).

"I am trying to be with my fans, and you are pissing me off," he reportedly told her. "do you have a key?"

When she said "no" he replied: "Well then you will have to walk with me inside."

The woman - who turned out to be from a dutch prank TV show - was arrested and spent two hours at the local police station.

Paris will always have Paris

You will no doubt be astounded to learn that Paris Hilton's los Angeles home is papered wall to wall with pictures of herself.

"Her house is crazy," says one guest at her weekend birthday party. "She has a stripper pole in her living room and pictures of herself everywhere - big black-and-white blowups, and her covers all framed on the wall."

Another partygoer who was treated like family by parents Rick and Kathy Hilton was professional prankster, Steve-O.

"he was walking around with a release in his pocket," says the spy. "Paris is in one of his videos and he wanted her to sign the release letting him use the footage. She signed it on the stripper pole platform using her Sidekick as a light."

No word on what kind of video it is.


* Which coked-up, oversexed celeb, not previously linked with guys, gave a pleasant surprise to a visiting gay New Yorker in the backyard of a pre-Oscars party in l.A. Friday night?

* Which two male TV actors (one of whom is married) were making out in the bathroom of the Vanity Fair Oscars party Sunday night?


* "Consternation at Fox News Channel!" says a tipster. "While Bill O'Reilly was reporting from l.A. last week, someone swiped the chair from his office."

* Rachel Weisz is telling pals she's ready for baby No. 2, according to West Coast buzz.

* Natalie Portman left agent Patrick Whitesell's Oscars party with on-again boyfriend Gael García Bernal.

* As forecast in this column, the best-looking couple in hollywood over the weekend was new duo Naomi Campbell and Terrence Howard.

* New BFFs Kelly Osbourne and Victoria Beckham hung out all night at Elton John's Oscars viewing party. "Kelly was also holding hands with ex-boyfriend, 'Transamerica' cutie Kevin Zegers, and they are officially back together," says a snitch.

* No Anna Nicole Smith in the Oscars dead-celeb roundup? Travesty!

With Laura Schreffler

Originally published on February 27, 2007

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