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March 12007

Sony Blackballs Kotaku (UPDATED)

Earlier today we posted a rumor story on the site about a possible announcement of a new technology coming to Sony's Playstation 3.

The Playstation Home, we reported, would be an intriguing blending of the Mii and achievements, allowing gamers to create a virtual world for customized avatars and then decorate that space with items unlocked through game play.

What readers couldn't have known was the great lengths we went to to try and pin down the veracity of the rumor before publishing and, when finally deciding to go live with the rumor, to make sure we put it in the correct context.

In so doing, Sony asked us not to publish the story, first nicely, then not so much. Sony Computer Entertainment of American representatives reminded us that the story was a rumor and then went on to say that publishing it could harm our professional relationship with them.

When I responded that we were going forward with the story and that sometimes news doesn't come from official sources I was told that if we published we would likely be blackballed by the company.

Specifically, they said we would be asked to return our debug PS3, uninvited from all meetings scheduled with Sony at GDC, including one on blogger relations and a one-on-one with Phil Harrison, and that they would no longer deal with us.

Knowing that, we went forward with the story, choosing not to point out the threats.

Shortly after the story ran, and I forwarded it to Dave Karraker, the senior director of corporate communications for Sony Computer Entertainment of America, to point out we did decide to run it.

Here was his response:

Brian, This is an email I was really hoping I would never have to write, but it is what it is. When I came on board here at Sony, I made every effort to be as inclusive as possible to media and the blogging community in an effort to improve previously damaged relationships. This included getting people access to executives, opening our events to more individuals and personally responding as quickly as possible to inquiries. This was done in good faith with the thought that the people I was working with would operate with the same integrity and courtesy I think I demonstrated when I was a reporter. Basically, I went out on a limb for a lot of people -- people SCEA PR and SCEA management had written off. I caught a lot of flack for it from folks, but I felt strongly it was the right thing to do.

I am very disappointed that after trying to work with you as closely as possible and provide you and your team with access and information, you chose to report on this rumor.... I can't defend outlets that can't work cooperatively with us.

So, it is for this reason, that we will be canceling all further interviews for Kotaku staff at GDC and will be dis-inviting you to our media event next Tuesday. Until we can find a way to work better together, information provided to your site will only be that found in the public forum.

Again, I take absolutely no joy in sending you this note, but given the situation you have put me into, I have no choice.

Dave Karraker
Sr. Director, Corporate Communications
Sony Computer Entertainment America

I obviously took no joy in receiving it, though I do believe it adds to the veracity of our initial rumor report.

As I told Dave Karraker in reply, this only highlights the differences between what PR people do for a living and what journalists do.

Dave, Obviously I disagree with your decision, but it sounds like your mind is made up. I think this only highlights the differences that PR people and journalists have. My interest is not in making sure that Sony has positive news or that the timing of their news is correct, my job only is to inform the readers of news as quickly and accurately as I can. Hopefully, one day this dispute will settle down and you will reopen communication with us. Know this, while I disagree with this decision and think it is a monumental mistake, it will not effect our continuing coverage of Sony and the gaming software and hardware your company makes and supports. Take care, Brian

Sony's decision is disappointing, not because of what it means to Kotaku, but because of what it means to the industry.

Ed's Note I just got off the phone with Dave, we were able to resolve our differences.


Well, my opinion of Kotaku just went up a few notches.

Image of MJDeviant MJDeviant says:

What a bunch of lames.

Image of DukeDavis DukeDavis says:

Oh yeah?! Well... you're not invited to my birthday party!!!

Does this mean you have to send back that rad custom PS3 you got a few days ago from the Super Bowl?

Image of Limey Limey says:

What the hell is that? That's an asshole thing to do... Good for you for not backing down.

No commenter image uploaded vinco says:

Sad. Just because you guys report on more than the simple company line, you're a liability to them. Well... look on the bright side. They can't really threaten you with anything else at this point.

Image of Nick_San Nick_San says:

Shame on Sony. Kudos to Kotaku for choosing to run the story, and replying in a calm and collected manner.

No commenter image uploaded Soygen says:

Lame on Sony. Good on Kotaku.

Image of Galls Galls says:

The Rumor is true!!!!!

Sony sucks, "If you dont play the way I want to play then I am taking my kickball home"

Image of baberg baberg says:

Kotaku, keep up the good work and keep up the good journalism. Where would we be if Woodward and Bernstein had relied only on verified sources?

(No, I'm not really comparing this to Watergate)

No commenter image uploaded geekfreek says:

Wow! SCEA thought they had bad on this site before...I think the fit just hit the shan.

Dammit Sony, stop, just stop. You're being stupid and we won't stand for it. Please stop making an ass out of yourself!

No commenter image uploaded Hills says:

Wow...Sony fanboys going to defend this?

Image of TheSL TheSL says:

Wow, Sony is just on a roll with tarnishing their public image lately. I can't believe that they would blackball a site over a rumor, but as you said, this only adds to the chances of that rumor being true.

No commenter image uploaded Handles25 says:

Brian, I need you to leave the back door open so the PS3 debug can "get stolen".

I can't believe Sony. This is going to further tarnish thier reputation, which is already in the toilet.

And for what? A rumor that I and anyone who does not own a PS3 could care less about.

Is Sony trying to go out of buisness?

Image of bcdccm bcdccm says:

Fair play to kotaku for the pure honest journalism. You expressly stated the fact that it was a rumour and stuck up for yourselves, fair play.

Image of Paradise Paradise says:

is sony racing the riaa now? they do realize there's no prize at the finish line, right?

No commenter image uploaded axiomatic says:

Someone should tell Sony can't sanitize the news. Sorry Sony but the world just doesn't work that way. I don't even think an NDA would have helped here because the news Kotaku got didn't come from Sony.

Well, if they want to "take their toys and go home."

So be it. It's their loss in free advertising.

It's almost not fun to poke fun at Sony anymore... almost. ;-)

No commenter image uploaded dumlaox says:


Whether the information about the PlayStation Home is correct or not, I couldn't imagine Sony trying to throw their weight around when dealing with a blogging site. This on top of all the bad press they've been recieving lately doesn't help their cause of gamers accepting them or their product, specifically the PS3.

Again, wow.

:(. Sony, sony, sony. What have you done?

Image of broohaha broohaha says:

I don't understand how they can expect a blogging site to not post whatever they can find/hear. It's up to Sony to correct/deny/affirm as necessary. It doesn't seem productive to blackball. Personally, I enjoy hearing all things PS3 (good or bad, rumor or fact).

No commenter image uploaded Rainblood says:

Mood swings.

No commenter image uploaded Vader582 says:

Good for Kotaku!...from a former journalist to the Kotaku staff.
If only Sony PR could pull the reins on their CEOs in a similar fashion.
Note for fanbois (of all types): I have a PS3 and 360 and love them both. Go figure...

Image of Scazza Scazza says:

That is quite a sad announcement that in the end I believe will hurt Sony more then Kotaku. This is exactly like in the media, as much as people do not like it, technically you are allowed to run what ever story (in which you even stated it was a RUMOR) you wish on the gaming industry. It is quite sad that they have to strong arm you into reporting only what they wish you to report.

It is sad that Blogging has come so far so fast, yet is still tied down by events like this. Its as if they do not respect blogging as a legitimate source of journalism. I am not going to say Sony is the only company guilty of this, but this is just another mark that really saddens me that people and companies tend to fall behind as things evolve quickly thanks to the internet.

My advice is to get as many people who have shown any interest in kotaku to talk to Dave and see if they cannot convince him that the world has changed and stuff like this shouldn't be tolerated. Espeicially in such a connected world, this news post will seriously hurt Sony. I wouldn't be surprised if this is Digged, and within a few days reported in a few papers.

No commenter image uploaded samk says:

Does Dave have to commit seppuku now?

No commenter image uploaded Loyal2none says:

I don't see how blackballing Kotaku for this solves anything.

Image of baberg baberg says:

Is there any contact information you can give us to forward our displeasure with SOE's decision? An e-mail address would be fine, mailbox would be even better.

Image of Galls Galls says:


Kotaku is a pretty well known name in the industry and you could get this move to backfire on them and force them to compromise from bad PR

Image of Crom Crom says:

somebody needs a big hug

No commenter image uploaded wkcr says:

Sony... why?

No commenter image uploaded IanC says:

Sony really are starting to remind me of how Nintendo acted in the early to mid 90s.

No commenter image uploaded aden.exe says:

Well you don't really wanna be dealing with them anyway.

I'm surprise you didn't write an email to them first saying something like "your constant mistakes and utter stupidity and arrogance has made it impossible to continue a relationship with you! or to even ackowledge your existance."

Image of Chunky Jesus Chunky Jesus says:

Hear Hear for sticking to your guns.

No commenter image uploaded superfro says:

Well this hardly confirms anything that was "rumored" huh? :)

Image of strider_mt2k strider_mt2k says:

Good old Sony.
I mean typical old Sony.
The king of abandonware, be it hardware or relations.

I ditched their stuff when they ditched me and my fellow Clie' owners.

No commenter image uploaded l0vesmenot says:

Congratulations Kotaku. It's rare to see journalistic integrity now a days, especially in Video Game reporting. So many publications seem to be little more than corporate mouthpieces. Bravo and keep it up.

Image of nightram nightram says:

First Lik-Sang, now Kotaku, then THE WORLD!

Oh Sony, what won't you do on your high horse?

No commenter image uploaded audman says:

Wow that takes my respect level down even more for sony. Admittedly I own PS3 and just to make you feel better I was number 101 on qbert's net scoreboards. Why is that important? I will tell you why. There was no 102 or 103 listed. No name and a 0 for score. Apparently on the world charts there are only 101 people that have played it networked on the ps3. so they made a whopping 505 dollars so far off of qbert that we can prove. Unless someone can tell me why this could be. It is a sign of the times for sony and Kotaku really don't need sony to exist. Sony might not be around a whole lot longer at this rate.

No commenter image uploaded Kanchi says:

I'm sorry, but I have to say that this was a pretty stupid move on your part. This isn't Watergate, it's a stupid little rumor about a new feature for video game console. Not exactly something worth going to the mat over.

I understand both of your positions, but in REAL journalism (ie journalism that matters, not the gaming/hobby/celebrity type) access is a two way street, and you pick your battles. You picked wrong this time. And who loses out? Us, the readers.

You actually made Sony's PR department look reasonable in this case, and that should tell you something.

No commenter image uploaded Synthaxx says:

Luckily, with all the good news surrounding sony lately, they've decided to send a positive message to the media!

And with the euro launch, i will return the favor by not buying a PS3!

Good job kotaku, you guys are (and allways have been) ok in my book.

No commenter image uploaded McWhertor says:

To say that I'm disappointed in SCEA's decision to would be a huge understatement.

I'm disheartened that Sony PR decided to restrict us from covering their event at GDC, as I was personally very much looking forward to it. To think that doing my job and reporting this information would result in being shut out of covering their PR event is pretty upsetting to me.

The expectation that we were to sit on this information after receiving is puzzling to me. I find it hard to believe another outlet would decide this was not worth relaying to their readers.

No commenter image uploaded Ascension says:

This certainly doesn't surprise me. PR and reporting rarely go hand in hand, and I am definitely glad Kotaku stuck to its guns and ran the story.

With the near instant flow of anonymous information, you'd think that companies would realize that the days of "Let's hold this 'big' secret until such and such day" are numbered.

My respect for Kotaku has always been in its unbiased stance in dealing with others, and I respect them all the more for not shying away from a big name company.

No commenter image uploaded seishino says:

You should have a little "blackball" scorecard in the upper-right corner of the site, with the catchphrase "One down, two to go."

Good luck Kotaku. For your journalistic integrity in situations like this, you have my readership.

No commenter image uploaded Killtacular says:

Way to be a stand-up guy, Brian.

Kinda scary to think about how many journalists take the bait on subjects more serious than video games... Like the government, for example.

I'm really tempted to dump my ps3 after reading this, and I will definitely take no part in their poorly conceived "Playstation Home"

No commenter image uploaded lars18th says:

And this is why Kotaku is one of the few sources in the gaming business I still respect.

Image of Spartan1308 Spartan1308 says:

So this means the story is true and Sony makes themselves look bad yet again. I don't think there are many people who could run the games division of Sony worse than the people in charge right now. This would have been a good time to copy MS. "We don't comment on rumors."

No commenter image uploaded Erec says:

Okay, sorry about that previous comment, I wanted to check to see if I remembered my password before typing anything up.

Anyway, that's ridiculous of Sony. It's not Kotaku's fauly Sony's big secret leaked out. Maybe if Sony didn't apparently have this asshole attitude, these sort of leaks wouldn't happen.

No commenter image uploaded miketuck3r says:

Sony are a bunch of controling cowboys, good on kotaku sony lose out int he long run anyway lets hope other sites back you lets see sony ban every blog site... go on sony you can do much worce right now.

Image of Sockatume Sockatume says:

Smart solution: Get Kotaku to sign an NDA and reveal the juicy details to them. The story is kept secret, and in return Kotaku get the jump on everyone else when the story breaks.

Stupid solution: Threaten the journalists with excommunication, making yourselves look like a bunch of assholes.

Sony's PR department have become very, very good at making themselves look bad lately.

No commenter image uploaded tittergrrl says:

This needs to be Dugg.

Is there any event or news story Sony can't screw up?


No commenter image uploaded Joel Johnson says:

When I was at Wired, Sony threatened to "end their relationship" with the organization, magazine and all, because one of our bloggers had called one of their PR executives a harpy or something like that. No specific names were mentioned in our post, just that the PR woman was unpleasant, yet Sony tried to strong arm us into removing the post by threatening to sever all relationships, mentioning silliness like never letting us use a Sony product in the magazine again, despite the fact that they have no real control over that, besides handing out debug units and pre-release hardware and the like. Sony's PR folks - many of whom I know and like - are starting to feel the burn, I think. Sucks not to be invincible!

(Disclaimer: I no longer work for Wired in my previous capacity, nor am I speaking for them now or their current relationship with Sony. This went down on my watch, late last year.)

No commenter image uploaded DBX00 says:

Give me a break. Sony is trying to ensure that information is leaked when they specifically want to announce it in less than a week. Companies like Apple and Microsoft would do the same thing. At least they didn't threaten you with a bogus lawsuit or something. Kudos for Sony for giving us consumers a valuable service, kudos for Kotaku for releasing the story.

However, the sad truth is that business is about relationships and sometimes you have to give something to get something. It would've been better to exchange not publishing the rumor for an exclusive interview right after GDC with Phil Harrison.

Image of yashichi8bit yashichi8bit says:

Lick my balls $ony

No commenter image uploaded Devil says:


Image of drumz0rz drumz0rz says:

What happened to the Sony of the PS2 era that we knew and loved? The PS3 has brought nothing but bad news from Sony. Kudos Kotaku for running the story. You know the real meaning of journalism, and won't give in to corporate harassment.

Sony sony sony....

Now excuse me while I go buy an Xbox360.

Image of RedFive RedFive says:

Kotaku is just about the only games blog I read with any regular frequency these days and this story further illustrates why that is the case.

Sony needs to learn how to operate in the current "games journalism" culture of the enthusiasts controlling the flow of information instead of the PR people at SCEA. If they truly do not comment on rumors and speculation, they should keep it that way. Shutting down the official lines of communication between the enthusiast press and the big, monolithic company only makes said company appear MORE out of touch.


Image of bugbread bugbread says:

@Scazza: "Its as if they do not respect blogging as a legitimate source of journalism."

No, unfortunately, the same thing happens with legitimate sources of journalism.

Image of Vidunder Vidunder says:

Well, lately Sony has decided to bully their way through the industry, and they don't like negative publicity (whereas Nintendo and Microsoft know well that publicity is publicity, be it good or bad). They crave to have everything under their control and they easily lose their marbles because of that so... here's the last excess from Sony.

I hope they'll understand that this is only making them look more arrogant than ever.

When I worked for a gaming magazine I had the same "lecture" from Eidos/Ubi because we didn't agree to give Tomb Raider 2 more than 8.5 . They threatened us to interrupt every kind of contact, not to send us promos and stuff if we didn't do what they wanted so rest assured, Kotaku, you're not the only one.
Software houses and publishers are like that.

No commenter image uploaded theK says:

They do this for posting a rumor that actually sounds positive and don't care when you post negative story after negative story?

Sony's PR department is teh suck.

No commenter image uploaded number9 says:

(Once again!) Just when you think Sony can't sink any lower, they somehow find a way.

I can't think of a more self destructive company, off the top of my head, than Sony.

What a bunch of jerks. Screw them. Glad you stuck to your guns.

Hey Dave? You just lost another customer. Ku-fucking-Dos...

No commenter image uploaded miketuck3r says:

DX00, what do sony ever give? its all take..

" Kudos for Sony for giving us consumers a valuable service"

You what theres noting new about what they are rumoured to be doing anyway

No commenter image uploaded Cartman86 says:

lol. Typical big company crap.

Image of mikevsworld mikevsworld says:

Do they have any bridges left to burn?

Image of bugbread bugbread says:

It's a weird, circular shame, too. This post has made my impression of Kotaku even better, but the rumoured "achievements + wii + animal crossing style room + community" thing has also improved my impression of the PS3.

No commenter image uploaded senator133 says:

Kudos Kotaku. I am a loyal Gizmodo and Lifehacker fan but I can tell you I will bookmark your site now. I am not a Sony fanboy anyways. I can not believe they expect you to be bought with a PS3 some lunches and half a dozen interviews. Great call for not being a, "bought and paid for cheerleader." Sonys, our way or no way, just says what other problems the company is having. More importantly how disconnected they are from their customers. Thanks for keeping us enlightened.

I don't agree that companies should only have relationships with media outlets who print what they want printed. That kind of attempted media control is dangerous and foolish. You're not their staff, you're a reporter.

You did the right thing. By giving you exclusives, Sony would only improve their relationship with your audience, the hardcore and passionate gamers. Now, not only do they lose an avenue for improving the strength of the Playstation brand, but they also come off looking like an immature sore loser.

Besides, this was one of the few positive Sony/PS3 posts on this site to begin with, and is practically plastered in banners reading "Disclaimer: This is a rumor". Amazing that this is the one to break the relationship.

No commenter image uploaded Loyal2none says:

Fight the good fight my brothers.

No commenter image uploaded Filth says:

I say Kotaku should blackball Sony.

The balls they have to make a move like this must be so huge they can't fit through the doorway. Not only is this a bad business decision, it's only going to highlight the good relationships MS and Nintendo have with the gaming media. I can't see either doing something like this.

I don't know about numbers, but Kotaku seems to be a big player in the game blogging community, and if they will do this to them, they'll do it to anybody. It's a blatant disregard for good journalism and should be an insult to the gaming journalism community as a whole.

Bet you they'll retract this decision after it blows up in their faces.

No commenter image uploaded Erec says:


It's a matter of principle. Even in this venue of "fake" journalism, Kotaku can't allow companies to ultimately decide what does and does not get printed regarding them by issuing unethical (albeit legal) threats.

That flies right in the face of the first amendment, and while no one is kidding themselves into thinking this is some sort of Constitutional rights statement Kotaku is trying to make, they obviously have their principles regarding what they do, the same principles I would guess most of their colleagues also share, and they're choosing to stand by those principles. It's pretty hard to fault them for that.

No commenter image uploaded Adam Ruining says:

I applaud the willingness to continue with the site's vision in the face of what appears to be corporate lunacy. Congratulations, Brian, for taking a stand.

Image of OGHowie OGHowie says:

More bad press for Sony. It's like they want to be hated.

A frankly abysmal way to conduct business. Sounds to me like the people in SCEA PR and SCEA management are the ones who need written off - and the financial year is right around the corner. Cut your losses, Sony, and fire these jackasses.

No commenter image uploaded PinkSpider says:

Sony really know how to win the hardcore over, right?

Stupid things sony have done +1.

Sony truly are coming over as the wankers of the Video games industry. Recently I'm finding myself disliking them more than I do EA (And I've got more PS2 games than any other system).

Image of jackal888 jackal888 says:

Wow, I am shocked Sony would do a thing like this. This almost confirms that this rumor is the truth. By the way I did not hear this rumor from Kotaku first. I first heard it on the 1up boards. Will 1up be banned too?I heard that IGN has had this rumor since February ,will IGN be banned? It shows how important Kotaku is to the gaming media.Keep Your Head Up!

No commenter image uploaded miketuck3r says:

Lol sony have just lost a site that has 400,000 visits a day hahaha, what a bunch of morons it snot like the announcement is 'big' anyway

No commenter image uploaded danjo1 says:

You, sir, have King Kong sized balls.

Props to you for breaking this.

Those new features, however, will certainly be an interesting addition to PS3.

Image of boxmyth boxmyth says:

At least Sony hasn't had much bad PR lately...

Oh wait, ALL of Sony's PR has been bad lately.

No commenter image uploaded leshrac55 says:

Holy crap... this basicallly just confirms every fear that we had about publishers getting way too cozy with the media. It's strange that this came at the exact time that we were just criticizing publishers and game journalists for this very problem.

Kotaku, I applaud you for taking a strong stance on this. Sony, and other companies, should not be bullying journalists with rights and priviliges based on the content that they choose to publish, insofar that they do not violate any direct agreement with the company itself (for instance, NDAs).

Time for a follow-up at my own site...


No commenter image uploaded AgainstOne says:

this just proves how horrible a company sony truly is. now what do the sony alterboys, i mean fanboys, have to say?

Image of kodec kodec says:

Wow, that's just... I can't even think of a word for it. Good for you, Brian! That had to be a tough decision to make, but I think it was the right choice.

No commenter image uploaded Zoph says:

Let me get this straight. A blog website disobeys an embargo, gets in trouble...and somehow it's Sony's fault? You guys are something else.

No commenter image uploaded Marasai says:

Sony is biased against Kotaku!

Listen, I know I give you guys a hard time, but kudos to you for standing up for yourselves. I support you guys 100% Sony is acting like the nintendo of old under Yamauchi- do what we say, when we say it or we hurt you.

It is a sad day when companies think they can just waltz all over people whenever they want. And taking bad the debug unit? That's a bitch move. Fortunately it's not like retail units are hard to get.

No commenter image uploaded Erona says:

I absolutely support kotaku's decision and hope this doesn't affect you guys too badly in the end. Having seen all of Sony's mistakes in the past year this is pretty much par for the course. Keep up the good work and keep pushing those stories!

No commenter image uploaded Thriceborn says:

Congratulations on your integrity. This is something to be proud of. I only wish that more journalists were like this, or that their employers would allow them to be like you and the rest of the Kotaku staff.

No commenter image uploaded Zanatos says:

So what happened to the Sony standard of not commenting on rumors? If you ask me, actions speak louder than words, and in this case, they are screaming TRUE!!! If this was just some other fanboy made up rumor that was brainstormed while laying in bed one night, Sony would have given the industry standard "We do not comment on rumors" and it would have been done with. For them to get so nasty and vengful, only proves that your source was indeed correct. Way to go Sony, you finally get something good going with that oversized kitchen appliance you call a gaming system and you go and drop it on your foot by blacklisting a source that does more for getting your game sold than any commercial, ad, or celeb would. Someone needs to retake their PR training classes.

Hey guys,

I've been reading Kotaku for awhile now. It covers a lot of different subjects, and I really like it. It's not my favorite blog, but that's only because I find myself scrolling past a lot of things that relate to games that don't intrest me.

But generally, I like you guys. I never really thought of Kotaku as the most professional blog, but I like that you guys have a nice mix of serious stuff, and fun stuff.

If someone had told me Sony would make that sort of a threat, I would have said "Kotaku would totally cave." So when I hear about this, it reminds me of some of the crap EGM puts up with, and like EGM, I applaud your decision to report the rumor. After all, it's just a rumor, and Sony wouldn't have to be so damn crazy if it was just fabricated.

In the long run, this would probably hurt Sony more. People come here to get gaming news, and if Sony isn't allowing you to get that news, then they can't spread the word as well.

Kudos to you guys.

No commenter image uploaded juice185 says:

way to go you guys im proud of you for sticking up to the behemoth that is sony, reminds me of david and goliath.

No commenter image uploaded phillechill says:

I'm fully backing you guys. Another step for gaming journalism integrity. Great job guys!

No commenter image uploaded Hellsing says:

That sure is lame of Sony. Good job for keeping your journalistic integrity and still writing the story.

No commenter image uploaded miketuck3r says:

" A blog website disobeys an embargo," you what? how can information not supplied be part of an embargo? lol

Image of nicomcm nicomcm says:

If I were Sony I woudn't appreciate it too... It's not politic or war journalism... It's a secret for an event...it's professional... Some at Sony works to keep this secret... for nothing :s

No commenter image uploaded eddiehart says:

Though this decision does leave us readers out of alot of Sony coverage, it just goes to show that Sony will just be another Titanic.

Though Sony still continues to think that since theyre this GOD company still stuck on the success of the PS2. They soon need to realize that they arnt so amazing anymore. One day they'll learn.

Until then, I laugh at the unsold PS3s at Best Buy.

No commenter image uploaded Erwos says:

Well, good one, Sony. You introduce a genuinely interesting feature, making me actually think about buying a PS3, and then you absolutely fucking blow it with this. I'm not buying a PS3 until Kotaku's back on the "approved" list - and I actually had the money and desire to buy one, too.

Good for you for running with this. Hopefully a higher-up at Sony will come to their senses.

No commenter image uploaded ARboom says:

Wow. I guess this is just the crown on the pile of STUPID SONY PR MISTAKES of the past year or so.

I don't know what the hell is wrong with Sony lately, but they're not the same company they once were. If they're willing to go that far for a damn rumor, I'd hate to see what would happen if you outright lied about them (not that you ever would. This shows just how much integrity you have. Cheers for not pussying out and staying true!).

Image of B33 B33 says:

This pretty much confirms the earlier rumor...

Why does Sony feel the need to make the PS3 fans that refer to Kotaku for news suffer?

Image of Nolite Nolite says:

Good work Kotaku! A rumor is a rumor and should, if felt interesting, be posted on the site. Whether or not Sony can handle rumors the way (for example) Microsoft does, is up to them. Their loss, entirely.

Image of ryan ryan says:

Contact info for Karraker at the bottom of this link:


No commenter image uploaded pn18 says:

I'm not a friend of cheap bash posts, but:

No commenter image uploaded Scot says:

Oh my god O_O

This is just unfucking real..........

Sony just commited PR suicide AGAIN...

Image of RedRedSuit RedRedSuit says:

This is sad, indeed. I suppose it's well within their right to do it, but it's just not constructive.

Image of Jabbertrack Jabbertrack says:

They still don't get it. That... is why they fail.

Image of blazio blazio says:

Zoph, it's WHY Sony placed the embargo on Kotaku that has us all pissed off...for a freakin RUMOR!

A RUMOR! It's not like Kotaku had signed a nondisclose aggrement on something they already saw (such as a game or product) it was a RUMOR from another source.

This is paramount to the US Governement (i shudder to think what might happen were Sony placed in charge of the US) telling reporters what to report....freedom of speech baby...freedom of speech!

Here's the link to digg it:


I fully support your decision Brian/Kotaku. All Sony had to do was say "We don't comment on rumors and speculation". Leave it at that and let the gaming community run wild with speculation and ideas in anticipation of the announcement next week.

Now we all know it's true. And most of us who regularly visit the gaming blog sites will definitely not be on Sony's side of things.

Not a good PR move going into the weekend before a major gaming event, Sony.

Way to stick with your guns guys! You really laid it down with the whole PR and journalist thing, awesome!

Kanchi, STFU.

Sony, you are seriously making yourselfs out to look like a bunch of jackasses. Go ahead and take your damn ball, I don't want to play with you anyway you spoiled brat.

Image of baberg baberg says:

Zoph: Let me get this straight. A blog website disobeys an embargo, gets in trouble...and somehow it's Sony's fault?

Kotaku's upheld embargos before - the famous "IBM chip" announcement that got Robert Summa canned over at Joystiq comes to mind. But this wasn't an embargo, this was an unannounced feature which was leaked to Kotaku and which, through the process of trying to confirm, was met with hostilty and threats.

I was wondering how the Sony fanboys would defend it, and I guess this is the best they can come up with.

No commenter image uploaded TheNthDegree says:

So what...now Kotaku goes from the Playstation Home to the Playstation Outhouse?

This is absolutely a bad move...by Sony. Even when reporters screw me with the lights on in my work, I only tell people privately that we're going GWB on their asses. And when they call, I still have to smile as Igrind the enamel from my teeth.

That said, if I was dying for good press on my one-good-game console, I woudn't be fucking with you guys...or more importantly, your readers.

Guess 360 titles will be getting a bit more ink now.


No commenter image uploaded axiomatic says:


So you came to a gaming blog and told everyone that gaming news is not really important.

Kanchi says:"but in REAL journalism (ie journalism that matters, not the gaming/hobby/celebrity type) access is a two way street,"

You are just as rude as Sony. Go blog on a politics site please.

Image of Jabbertrack Jabbertrack says:

New t-shirt slogan:

Kotaku: Blackballed by Sony

Image of Toneman Toneman says:

Kotaku > Sony

Image of barndawgie barndawgie says:

Whether leaked or announced at a conference, Playstation Home should have been GREAT news for Sony. Instead they have managed to take it and spin it around in totally the opposite direction.

How can you take the first interesting, novel thing about your console and make it into negative PR?

This is disgraceful behavior on Sony's part. Kotaku didn't leak this news, they just reported on a leak. Sony should be mad at the source, not the journalist. In a way this is part of an ugly trend (though obviously not nearly as ugly a piece of that trend as the Valerie Plame scandal) of people blaming journalists for the news.

No commenter image uploaded Sniper says:

Really too bad that my favorite source of gaming news and my favorite gaming machine maker can't get along anymore. What is a fanboy to do ? Sigh.

This would make no sense unless Sony's people were the secret source of the information to Kotaku on the condition not to print it until later. If Kotaku found the information elsewhere, why should Sony have the power to stop publication of it. This is an unbiased independent reporting website.

Paradise: is sony racing the riaa now? they do realize there's no prize at the finish line, right?

That is the funniest thing I've read all day!

No commenter image uploaded -Grim says:

What the hell is wrong with Sony's PR department?

Jeez what is wrong with Sony? I used to think they were a great company but lately I don't trust them at all. In fact I hope they go out of business and a better company takes over. Nintendo, Apple, and Microsoft should merge and make a huge company called Appnintendsoft. That would rule. Then they should buy AMD and Intel and stuff like that. We would have really awesome products in our hands right now if that happened. Can you say massive innovation?

"Massive innovation!! *thumbs up*"

No commenter image uploaded ibelli says:

Im kind of torn on this. If i were a large company, who has had a good relationship with media, offering inside information that is in line with my own publicity efforts for the good of all involved, I would consider that there is a relationship that has developed from that. To ask that a piece of information that is known to be a rumor, not be reported on as a favor, may not seem like such a big deal. Especially since this is about videogames and entertainment.

I am aware that information is not to be contained, or controlled by anyone. But its not like the information that were talking about here is in anyway going to change the way we all live as human beings. Or that if we don't have access to this information when we want it, and unsensored it will compromise our rights and freedoms.

Journalism is not about sensation, and interestingly enough, Kotaku wanted to run this story to maximize its sensation factor, not because it would be of any benefit to its readers, but ti get them to visit the site. If I were Sony, I'd be disappointed too. Now, I wouldn't "take my ball and go home" so to speak, but it would change my relationship with Kotaku in some way/

Image of weatherman weatherman says:

Companies can do what they want with journos - invite them or not, feed them information or not, give them hardware or not. What they cannot do is expect any journo worth their salt to yield to their demands. I think the very attempt of trying to influence a story is unethical, and I think Sony stepped over the line on this. Kotaku proved their weight-worth so to speak. I choose you, Kotaku!

As much as I respect Kotaku, and Brian himself, I am utterly disappointed in the decision to go with the story. Its a rumour after all, something that although likely, still isn't completely confirmed. Should this not happen you've just lost the ability to report on exclusive news through those special Sony events. You speak of journalism, however you just traded tons of 100% confirmed stories for one unconfirmed, unannounced bit. As a reader, I don't think thats a fair trade. Sadly some of us now have to go elsewhere for actual news, since rumors seem more important than getting an actual worthwhile piece.

No commenter image uploaded miketuck3r says:

So the only way to keep on the side of sony is to be a puppet and do nothing against what they say, say like eurogamer or gameindustry.biz who dont say a single bad word against sony and get all the interviews..

No commenter image uploaded donth8dre says:

This just goes to show that this is true. By Sony taking such a drastic measure like this by un inviting Kotaku to future events just shows the truth in the rumor. That they probably wanted to announce next week.

No commenter image uploaded Omikaru says:

A lot of the comments here represent my views entirely. Sony can't control the media and Kotaku has earned points in my book for running this story instead of sitting on it.

Journalism is about telling the truth, no matter what it's about. When corporate interests start getting in the way (like Sony have tried to do today) then we don't have any outlets we can trust.

Message to Sony (because I know you'll eventually read this): The media isn't your press release outlet, they'll write whatever they hell they want and you have to like it or lump it. Having journalism as one of my potential future careers, I can't help but feel disgusted at your actions and the message you're trying to get across -- the one where you feel journalism is a tool for you to mould. Well, it isn't and your reaction to this is worrying to say the least.

No commenter image uploaded bhschenker says:

Isn't your job to report news and rumor, not just being a press release source? I wonder if Sony will also black list all of the other sites that posted to the original article?

Hmmm, Sony just made up my mind not to buy a PS3 this weekend, thanks SONY, I'll put my money towards getting more games for my Wii and 360.

Image of ihatethekids ihatethekids says:

is Sony TRYING to lose money now? i mean.. if they want to pay my rent, they can do that instead.

i for one refuse to purchase anything Sony branded anymore.

time to make some of those injected wristbands in black with a kotaku logo to support the boycotting of Sony.

nerds unite.

Image of Fuzz Fuzz says:

Excellent work Brian. Thanks for preventing Kotoku from becoming a mouthpiece for the corporation, reporting only what they tell you is ok to report.

Kudos. If you are ever in Calgary for drinks, I'm buying.

No commenter image uploaded Zod-like says:

I suppose it's better to be blackballed than blueballed.

Sorry I couldn't resist

GJ Kotaku

Image of adamcole adamcole says:


I can't express how happy I am that you stuck with story and didn't back down to the Sony threats. I have a feeling this story (and the story Sony wanted you to take down) will be linked to on all sorts of gaming and news sites.

It also helps reinforce the credibility behind everything we read on Kotaku. It's nice knowing you'll keep things how you feel they should be and won't be swayed by what one company threatens you with. In a time of purchased review scores and "you can preview the game if you only talk good about it" days it's nice to see someone standing up against the crowd.

Image of theSiXy theSiXy says:

Props to you, Kotaku! It's good to know that the news we get isn't filtered through a major multi-national corporation.

No commenter image uploaded aden.exe says:

"We will not have rumours posted, stories printed, pictures shown, our name spoken or our products bought. We are sony"

No commenter image uploaded blaine says:

Big, big, big ups to Kotaku.

Anyone who is against Kotaku really doesn't get the situation. Whether it's a rumor or a fact or an anecdote. Whether it's a new system, new game or the fact that the newest kirby game has red AND green apples...

None of that matters.

What this is, is ethics. A journalist (which, by standing up to Sony... is exactly how the Kotaku writers are behaving) owes no loyalty to anyone or anything but the truth. That even includes reporting a rumor - provided it's stated as such.

As journalists, you can NEVER let anyone dictate to you what you say or how you say it (including when), so long as you adhere to being honest.

If you want to read someone kowtow to a corporation, the go read Sony's site. I'm sure they have some blog in the vein of 'All I want for Xmas is a PSP'.

I'll stick with Kotaku. At least I know where their loyalties lie - with us, the readers.

No commenter image uploaded Spencetm says:

Kotaku, you totally have my support! I have been reading this blog for nearly a year now and I have yet to be dissapointed by it. I feel that you give very fair and balanced coverage and it dissapoints me that SONY has chosen to go this direction. Boo radley!

No commenter image uploaded @werk says:

Didn't joystiq post this earlier as well? I can't find it on their site. I'm not trying to start a flame war, I just honestly thought they posted this earlier as well, and now it's not there.....

Image of Scazza Scazza says:

"bugbread says: [reply to this comment]

@Scazza: "Its as if they do not respect blogging as a legitimate source of journalism."

No, unfortunately, the same thing happens with legitimate sources of journalism.

Yeah, but I would love to watch Sony strong arm a more traditional media outlet like TIME or someone into not posting a piece of clear RUMOR.

Also, this is coming in an age when 95% of our information on games comes from paid advertising and fake news articles on sites like IGN, gamespot, famitsu etc. It was kotaku that was kind of that legit, yet free and bad ass news outlet that didn't promote or mock anyone, they just did their thing.

Also, if it happens in "legit" places too or not means nothing, its still a horrible practice, and its sad that kotaku really has no grounds or ability to fight it, sony is just going to strong arm them now and cut them off.

No commenter image uploaded CSUSam says:

Wow Sony. This is just pathetic on their part. To stop relations with a journalistic outlet due to the reporting of a rumor is just bad business.

I'm majoring in Technical Journalism (with a minor in business) as Colorado State right now, and started out in Newswriting but an now in PR. From both sides, I can say this is not a good move.

I now respect Kotaku and its staff all the more for going forward with this story. Keep up the journalistic integrity, guys. You just won a reader for life.

Image of Klaymen Klaymen says:

This isn't news!


Way to go Kotaku.

No commenter image uploaded miketuck3r says:

Who wants to only read 'sony sanctioned/approved' news anyway? we have sony press releases for that..

No commenter image uploaded Vasco says:

Good Job Kontaku Staff. Maybe now people will see how Sony truly feels about it's consumers. The people who read Kontaku are the people that made the Playstation and PS2 a success. You snub Kontaku you snub us.

Image of jackal888 jackal888 says:

New Kotaku T-Shirt should read:


Image of JohnnyHundo JohnnyHundo says:

This reminds me of last years editorial article in EGM by Dan "Shoe" Hsu. Something about magazines giving scores for payment (advertising.)

I always knew it was GamePro+EA.... Now I'm thinking it was also Sony in on that game.

I have a feeling that the past mistakes of gaming "Magazines" are showing their ugly heads now. PR people believe they can bully and buy what news they want to have heard by the masses.

Luckily the anti-venom is this new thing called the Inter-tubes.

Yeah - I don't think I'm in any hurry to get a PS3 now... going to take a whole lot of monetary convincing (bundle with games + controllers, for $500 would work).

I'm a hard core gamer - and I can afford a PS3 now -- sony just sucks my nuts more than I would like them to.


No commenter image uploaded grail3x says:

Sony should have just responded with the standard "we do not comment on rumour or speculation"

Instead they've lost a good news distribution site that caters to thousands...

Hmmm... How dumb is that?

No commenter image uploaded apstalin says:

Thanks for having the balls and gravitas to stand up for journalistic principles and ethics. Thank you. Sony, you are a douche.

No commenter image uploaded juice185 says:

hey i emailed that asshole, but i doubt it'll help, i say we all email him at the same time and force him to understand, i mean whatever happened to freedom of the press?

Rumours are not truth. Thats why they're rumours.

Wow, I'm stunned.

Kotaku was just presented with the choice that's killed half the industry.

"Our support or your integrity"

They choose their integrity.

Fucking kudos, bravo... and encore hopefully.

Sony's done nothing but shoot themselves in the foot lately.

Live in your world, play in ours - unless you say something we don't like. Then you're not allowed to play in our world and we're taking back our ps3 and you're off the Christmas card list.

Image of Zeichrat Zeichrat says:

We should do a petition online or something. I mean... this is unfair. I´m all Pro-Kotaku on this one.

No commenter image uploaded Stoli says:

This is just one more reason to hate Sony. I applaud you, Brian. I think you did the right thing.

Image of Tyrannical Tyrannical says:

So, instead of "We do not comment on rumors or speculation" we make the top Sony story on every other game site "Sony black balls web site for prinitng what must be true rumor"

No commenter image uploaded Nitemare1 says:

Much respect for sticking to your guns!

Image of insane_cobra insane_cobra says:

Ouch! You people have my absolute support, I believe you did the right thing. It's not like they've provided you with the information and it's certainly not your fault that they couldn't contain it.

All i can say is- I really do respect Kotaku alot more for not backing down-
shows that your loyalty isn't to a giant profiteering gluttons like sony but to the fan base.

My hat is off to you, kotaku.

-Luis Fuentes
Carbon Soldier Studious

Image of DaveKap DaveKap says:

Wow. I wish I could have a Kotaku shirt NOW so that I could wear it to Phil Harrison's keynote at GDC. I wasn't even going to go (it's the morning after my birthday and LL's GDC party) but after hearing about this, I feel like I should just to show some kind of Kotaku support.

Brian, you have my utmost respect for your journalistic integrity. Keep the free press free!

No commenter image uploaded Ultralloyd says:

Well, I got a PS3 last week, and after reading this post, I'm returning it today.

Why? Why not. No good games, XBOX 360 has just as good, if not better games and better graphics as of now.

And who are we kidding, within four years another system is going to come out that will be better than the PS3. Lame.

Sony is a sinking ship, and i don't want to be on board. They run their PR like everyone that purchases their products enjoy pain. SONYMASOCHISTS. That's what PS3 owners are.

I'm sick and tired of their 2nd rate games, their 3rd rate peripherals, their flaccid online scheme, and their complete and utter lack of ingenuity and innovention.

Who cares if Lair and Killzone 2 end up being 'awesome'. We'll forget about em in a year.

I'd prefer to start forgetting about Sony right now.

Good show, Brian. Your doing your job right.
I just wish Sony knew how to do theirs.

Image of Torusan Torusan says:

What's wrong with posting a rumor? They're either denied or confirmed.

Sony is just making a big deal out of nothing... Or something that could have potentially been really great news for PS3 owners.

No commenter image uploaded projectg says:

good stuff Kotaku! way to tell it like it is!

No commenter image uploaded salvage says:

That's it Sony! Keep up the great work in getting the word out that you're a bunch of bastards.

The rootkit thing was a good start but blaming others because you can't control your information flow is a great continuation.

Kudos to Kotaku for thinking of her readers first and all the freebies and fun you get serving your readers second. You're a 12 pack of good eggs.

No commenter image uploaded JChaos says:

Once again, Sony goes out of their way to make a PR blunder. I've already decided that I'm not buying a PS3 based on the fact that they treat their customers like soulless drones that will do whatever they say.

This, however, is outright stupidity. It's like Sony wants to go out of their way to offend as many people as possible. What part of good business is this?

No commenter image uploaded qwerty123 says:

It's fine for you to post whatever rumor you want Brian...you risk your relationships and reputation for readership and coverage. But you don't publish a letter that's intended as communication between two people. That's unprofessional, and keep in mind that the blogging community isn't the best example to follow.

No commenter image uploaded Devil says:

Nice way to start off 2007 Sony.

No commenter image uploaded Kuartz says:

Remember what happened when Sony showed us the Motorstorm trailer, and it came back to bite them in the ass with all the "It's not the same" comments? Maybe they don't want something like this printed on a website in case something like that happens again. I personally don't want people thinking Sony officially announced this, then wondering where it is.

No commenter image uploaded Hellsing says:

@Zoph: There wasn't an embargo on the story. The story was a rumor that didn't even come from Sony, and Kotaku decided to run with it.

Image of waka waka says:

I hope this doesn't change the fact of how many bad news or good news about sony we will read on this site... sorry, i'm not a native english speaker...

Image of PhotoBoy PhotoBoy says:

And that's why people hate Sony these days. Arrogance, high handed behaviour and trying to handle the press and get them to publish only what they want. Still now we know what unoriginal feature Phil Harrison will be "unveiling" at GDC.

Seeing this gives me hope that there still is real journalism in the gaming industry.

No commenter image uploaded goldarsun says:


Openess starts when Sony says it does.

Oh SONY, how COULD you?!

I thought you were innovators! I thought you
were Rebels - Remember how you burst onto the scene with your Disk-based system, firmly handing Nintendo its ass back in the day with kick-ass games and fist-full of panache?

Now here you are at the top of the heap glaring down at all those who dare to defy you - over what? The fact that you're biting the style of not one but TWO companies so that you can create your own 'innovative' Ripoff?

It's like watching your honour student child grow up to be a Third-tier Porn-star. Sometimes you just have to shake your head and wonder "Where did we go wrong"?

C'mon Sony, time to grow up and realize that bullshit approaches to PR like this only serve to alienate you further from your $600 paperweight/toaster oven.

Tho' with that said, Lair still looks hella-sweet...

Image of ihavenohalo ihavenohalo says:

Kotaku did the right thing. Too many media outlets are pushovers today. I wonder how many other sites they have tried to pull this on? The only way sony is going to turn things around is from positive media, and you don't get positive media from blackballing respectible sites.

Image of epionx111 epionx111 says:

lol apparently PR people don't understand amendment rights.

realistically tho, without journalists nobody gets excited about what's coming... success of anything and everything depends on the hype and living up to that hype. You think anybody is aware of these keynote speeches without journalists reporting for them?

kotaku isn't just a blog, it's a brand name; A name so many gamers flock to for insight, discussion, and information. so what they posted some speculated information about the big surprise. journalism is about giving readers the up to date/accurate story. You think after phil harrison said you're going to be pleasantly surprised we weren't going to see if we could figure out what that surprise is? You can't keep people from looking for their christmas presents and you can't poke at human curiosity if you're not afraid of the consequences...

ooo you ruined our surprise... so? you ain't santa clause. does that make the unveiling any less significant to the console??

honestly, if the surprise isn't the "mii" avatar like online tracking/achievement system, they better get their butts working one cause that is seriously the key to any online gaming... where your friends are. this shouldn't be a surprise... it should be a given. so come GDC this better not be the surprise... but what's leading up to the big surprise... like UPSCALED PS2 GAMES! lol.

Image of otaku_faith otaku_faith says:

Viva Crecente, Viva Kotaku!

Honestly when one thinks Sony could not shoot themselves in the foot anymore, they pull a stunt like this. I was introduced to Kotaku a in November by my brother and gaming friends and was amazed by the accuracy, clever writing and straightforward stance and honestly in relations to Ads and PR.

No commenter image uploaded beckerist says:

To date:
Posts for Kotaku: 148
Posts for Sony: 0

I'm sorry, but SONY just cannot do worse. (though oddly enough I can already predict that I will be disproven in less than a week...)

No commenter image uploaded steamy says:

I'm a long time Kotaku reader, and never commented before, but now i have to:
RESPECT GUYS! you did the right thing!

Image of DigitalHero DigitalHero says:

I can see the point coming from both sides:

Sony (Karracker):
Why did you go overboard with your blacklisting of Kotaku for reporting a rumor? It looks like you guys are trying to control the media.

Kotaku (Brian):
Was it really worth losing a relationship with Sony over this story?

No commenter image uploaded monkeypox says:

Rumours are not truth. Thats why they're rumours.

and by doing something like this, they indirectly confirm the rumor anyway, which is pretty juvenile of them to do (not that sony doesn't frequently act like a spoiled brat).

No commenter image uploaded Mogbert says:

OK, so out of ALL of the posts, only Kanchi and Zoph feel the Sony is in the "right".

First off Kanchi: Letting Sony tell you what you ARE and AREN'T allowed to post for them takes you down from being a News type place and makes you more of a Sony Mouthpiece. They have bought and paid for enough of those, we don't need another.

Second, Zoph: Since you started off "Let me get this strait", I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and figure that you didn't understand what happened. There was no "embargo", no Non-disclosure agreement. Kotaku heard a rumor, apparently contacted Sony for confirmation, in good faith. Instead of saying "Yes, we are excited about doing this" or "We don't comment on rumors" they threatened Kotaku if they posted the story. This hasn't happened before on any of the other rumors that I know of, so in and of itself, it was reason enough to post the story.

If it is true, then the reason they may not want it posted is because it would look a lot like they are trying to copy Nintendo and MicroSoft (not that anyone has ever accused them of that).

Quite frankly, with the manure that has been coming out of Sony's mouthpieces lately, I don't consider interviews as so big a loss. All we would get is more things to laugh at.

Image of StealthBear StealthBear says:

There's definitely an ambiguity as to when "secrets" should be released.

If Sony or some publisher/developer reveals news openly, but asks (NDA) that it be kept quiet until the proper time, the media can agree to this in order to further a relationship and get scoops.

On the other hand, if you're receiving a tip from a non-official Sony source, then I think you should have every right to publish it. If it's being revealed to you in an unofficial context, it's officially a public-domain rumor.

Good for you, Brian. On the other hand, I as a consumer am not going to judge Sony based on their PR. I'll continue to make my buying decisions based on the games...let's just hope Sony is smart enough to re-initiate communication with Kotaku.

No commenter image uploaded sergotron says:

I have to disagree with most of you, I really do think Kotaku was the one who messed up here. Even though I do believe Sony was wrong to do give this threat, I am more dissapointed with Kotakus decision to go against them. Though an admiral and nobel one, I believe it was a foolish one.

Disregardening Sonys warning to cute all ties, Kotaku knew very well the consiquences this would bring. One small rumor is not nearly as important as all the more important exclusive contant that Sony would have provided the site.

Like I said earlier Kotaku, I respect and understand your decision. I just can not agree with it.

No commenter image uploaded aden.exe says:

Oh sony, I have to wake up early in the morning to hate you, there just arn't enough hours in the day.

Nothing to say that hasnt already been said, sonys mistake, good decision by kotaku, etc etc.

Time for sleep, I expect this post to have 500+ comments when i wake up tomorrow, get to it!

Image of heretrix heretrix says:

This sucks and I feel bad for you guys, but I really can't say that I'm suprised by Sony's actions..You are the little guy and they are bullies....I hope this gets around and comes back to bite them in ass...

Major props for sticking to your guns.

No commenter image uploaded Kanchi says:

@Erec: Listen, there's ethics, and standing by your principles, and then there's 'When keeping it Real goes Wrong", and this is one of those. The job of Kotaku, or any 'journalist' is to inform their readers, and now they've just undermined their ability to do that.

You can blame Sony all you want, but they're no different from any other big company, that's just how big biz operates, they're asses. The people at this blog knew that, and still wanted throw down their gauntlet over something so trivial. It's not ethics, it's pride (the bad kind).

If this were Sony and their DRM, or Microsoft ripping people off, or Nintendo putting unsafe products on the market, then hell yeah, burn those bridges to do the right thing. But for this? A stupid rumor about a feature people hardly care about? That's just stupid and you know it.

No commenter image uploaded aestheticity says:

I'd say loss of exclusive sony coverage was just a trimming of the fat. they seem to be fast becoming completely irrelevant on any front you care to name, except the vigorous field of 'pissing off your customers'. There, they excel.

riiiiiiiiidge racerrrrrrrrrr

No commenter image uploaded munchausen says:

It's lame that Sony couldn't just refuse to comment on a rumor. Although, I do see how Sony might be interested in making sure its trade secrets are not published.
Or, they should have traded an NDA for more info, and had a press block until the day of the unveiling, kind of like car manufacturers do for car unveilings.
Maybe in the future Sony should consider the press block strategy, and maybe this spasm from Sony PR and all backlash related to it will open them up to new methods for unveiling info.

No commenter image uploaded instantpop says:

I'm split down the middle on this one. The college kid of years ago in me wants to raise my fist and say, "Rigthon, Kotaku!," but the older side of me who understands how the world and big business works wants to shame you for making a move that bars me from reading anymore exclusive Sony news on your site.

While you did take a great stand and should be applauded for your integrity, I have to agree with others here who have posted that you have done a disservice to your loyal readers. Don't hate the player, people, hate the game. That's the way it most certainly is in the rest of the world and you shouldn't be too shocked to learn that's the way it works with the journalism of the 21st century.

I hope that at some point your relationship with Sony gets repaired and we can still get some good Sony news here on Kotaku, even if it most of the time it is packaged with a little slice of hate. Opinions are great. Losing the ability to even have one on exclusive news, however, is not so great.

Dave's just doing his job. While it may suck and you may have the opportunity right now to villify the man and the company he works for, he gave you fair warning and the opportunity to have a conversation on how to remedy the situation before it even happened.

And to all those who think that Sony is the only company that pulls this kind of crap, keep dreaming. Just like they aren't the only ones who filed suit against Lik-Sang, they aren't the only ones blackballing journalists either. I'm not saying by any means that it's right or cool, but if you think MS, Nintendo and developers don't operate in the exact same manner, you need to pull off the blinders. It just happens to be magnified by about 1000% with Sony because of the perceived immediate failure of the PS3.

No commenter image uploaded RomeoDude says:

Stickin' it to the man!! NICE!!! Maybe you'll have time to give away the dev ps3 as a prize before they come lookin' ;).... or not.....
that's totally cool, you guys shouldn't let Sony censor your posts. Good work!

Image of DavidWatts DavidWatts says:

Haven't they ever heard of saying "no comment" and leaving it at that? It's weird how corporations feel a need to control the existance of information. Any celebrity, musician, restaurant, or most anything else would've just been unhappy and moved on.

Whosajiggawhat. It's obvious then that a large portion of this rumor is true. I mean come on if someone said I like to dress up like a schoolgirl and... well I guess I'm gonna go home and blackball my self.

No commenter image uploaded Devil says:

New Slogan for KOTAKU

Kotaku: Journalism so good not even blackballs can stop.

OH Wait Let me remind you that this comment is only a RUMOR. I repeat only a Rumor. Dont want to be blackballed by Kotaku.

No commenter image uploaded FoxHoundADAM says:

I understand Sony's point of view from a buisiness standpoint but surely they understand that they can not contrl the media.

And on top of all this Kotaku didn't report that story as fact, they specificaly pointed out that it was a rumor. There are 100s of rumours started everyday about videogame related items.

I guess once the rumors start hitting too close to ig upcoming announcements is when they start to care.

Wake up Sony, you're falling behind the times.

No commenter image uploaded Contra666 says:

Sony really need to think before they do things.

Not only have they effectively confirmed the rumour.

They have angered the community by encouraging Kotaku to cover for their information leaks.

It's totally ruined the positive effect that this could have had.

Image of Scazza Scazza says:

Its nice to see other industry journos standing behind kotaku on this one. They are clearly right.

This industry is deeply routed in rumor, speculation and what have you. If your a big company like sony, and you release a statement saying "Gamers will be happy come next week", and then they expect the rumors to NOT fly? Its just bloody asinine!

Image of Covert-X Covert-X says:

Come on everyone, we know its that time of the month again!

No commenter image uploaded 786610 says:

No longer deal with you?

Harsh. Though it more or less confirms it.

Any news on Miyamoto's keynote? :P

Image of Zim Zim says:

I can't believe some people have tried to defend sony on this. I say good on Kotaku, things like this are why you are my favourite gaming site.

Tbh I won't even consider buying a PS3 no matter what games it gets until Sony stop being a company I hate. Im quite happy with the 360 and wii, they currently have everything I want and both Nintendo and Microsoft seem to be reasonable companies (Yes I actually like microsoft, I use windows and dislike Mac's and ipods)

No commenter image uploaded Sixdust says:

Any chances of me wanting a PS3 are diminishing by the second, if anything sony, you should be licking kotaku's balls, not the other way around. Kotaku reports how it is. Some may consider this the watergate of gaming. Bring down those $ony of a bitches. And here I was looking forward to get a P$3 after some good games came out. Fuck you $ony.

No commenter image uploaded Scynix says:

So, as has been said, not only did Sony essentially confirm the rumor- but doubly allowed a portion of the community that was already frustrated with them, to have even more fodder?

Brilliant PR move.

No commenter image uploaded gregly says:

@Toothdecaykills: Dingdingding! You win the First Sony Apologist prize!

I don't give a damn if it's an unsubstantiated rumor or not. If a company comes up and says "You'd better not publish this story or else", they're trying to use intimidation to censor the media. The best possible thing to do right now is spread the news of this blackballing all over the Net, so everybody knows about the rumor that Sony was so adamant about hiding, whether it is true or not.

Image of Silent_Shark Silent_Shark says:

Well done for standing up for yourselves and doing what is right.

But as PS3 is my choice of next-gen console... do I have less reason to come here now?... Only time will tell I guess.

No commenter image uploaded Suidae says:

Kotaku - you essentially leaked confidential company information on the grounds that it came from an anonymous tipster.

In most industries legal action can be taken against you.

By leaking a rumor about a product in development at Sony - you are giving their competitors crucial data involving the design, features and capability of the software. I work in software myself and if anyone leaked details about our company's product roadmap our company would be trying to put that person in jail.

Remember how the SIXXAXIS got motion sensitivity and everyone called it too little too late? What if Sony and the rest of the world knew what Nintendo was up to with the Wii a year or two years earlier?

And if the rumor is NOT true... then think about the other side of what you've done. As a respectable news outlet you've published unfounded rumors and conjecture. You undermine Sony's PR department by generating expectations that if not met, could impact the company financially.

If you're going to be respectable news outlet and not just another fanboy blog then you need fact checking, and you need restraint.

To: Kanchi

Yes it is true that sometimes journalists have to bite the bullet in order to maintain relationships with companies or government officials and this wasn't exactly the kind of thing to go to war over.

On the other hand Sony has had a history of being somewhat militant themselves when it came to the kind of news their products were getting. While they can't do anything about major media sources, at the same time they don't have too because the New York Times rarely covers a game system, that's why gamers rely on gaming magazines and blogs.

Sony has already had a disasterous PR campaign in the US and this'll really only feed the fire. It might have been a small mistake on the part of Kotaku to post the article in lue of getting cut from Sony events and exclusive interviews but it was a bigger mistake for Sony to play the part of the corporate bully.

Finally, who the hell cares if they aren't invited to the big parties? There is rarely any actual newsworthy content in those. It's a PR jerkfest. They announce a bunch of new products that everyone typically already knows about and then they all pat themselves on the back, that never makes for interesting news so who cares?

Regardless, I commend Kotaku.

No commenter image uploaded roudy000 says:

I really enjoy this story and hope it continues. Its like a bad tv soap lol.

Anyway i'm with you on this kotaku. I've discovered this site about 6 months ago, and I think your the best video games site around. They really do a big mistake by blacklisting us all fans of kotaku.

This story could change my future purchase since before the ps3 I always think that big M was not respecting the industry and now the table is changing and sony is acting like nothing can touch them.

Is there anything we can do? Write to someone? Make a big signature list to tell them they made a mistake?

Its because of blog like kotaku that im exited about video games, so they just crush the little respect i had for them.

Thanks for reading my first comment.

Image of BlackDove BlackDove says:

Oh noz. Don't print ze rumorz! I TAKE TOYS AWAY IF YOU DO!

What a bunch of fucking brain surgeons...

Image of Justcrim Justcrim says:

I know this comment will get lost in the mass amount of Kotaku fans backing you up on this story. And I agree with all of them. But, I thought long and hard about a reponse on this.

The problem here is not Kotaku or the media. That is what they do, it is their job, and it seriously hurts that media if they are caught holding this info and not giving it out right away. Doing what you did today is what gains respect from readers.

The problem here is someone in Sony that does not know how to keep information confidential. And taking it out on Kotaku (a site known for publishing threats from publishers and JT), is just stupid...

With that being said. I think Kotaku should call in a favor from anyone they know in other gaming and news media outlets to publish this story in as many places as they can before the GDC. Sure, that is fighting fire with fire. But if they blackball every media source, they will do nothing but lose mass respect from the entire world.

Image of Torusan Torusan says:

@Kanchi: It is NOT about these rumors anymore. Its about Sony blackballing a blogging site for doing their JOB.

Seems pretty dumb on $ony's part.. Instead of saying nothing or just keeping with the old "We don't comment on rumors" line, they basically confirm the rumor by pulling this stunt and once again shoot themselves in whatever body part that doesn't already have a bullet hole in it.

why jepordise your entire relationship with sony over such a small rumour, and at that, a story that would be un-veiled in less than a weeks time if true. It seems that getting the exclusive now is more important than being on good terms with companies.

No commenter image uploaded Karmakin says:

Kotaku>>>US Political reporters

Actually, the whole game industry is better than the DC Press Corps.

Take that for what it's worth.

No commenter image uploaded Lalkin says:


With the way Sony handled the release of the PS3 I thought they had hit an all-time low. I was wrong.

I can't believe how full of themselves they are. Not only do they act like complete assholes and pas it off for 'marketting' but they also try to censor news and free speech.

Sony needs to take it in the shorts and learn some humility. Evidently the success of the PS2 has inflated their ego way past what's healthy.

Kudos to Kotaku to not bowing to Sony's demands.

No commenter image uploaded KotakuOtaku says:

Kotaku, I love you. This post has convinced me to sign up. Major props for sticking it to the man. What really makes me sick, though, is that it seems all of the other gaming blogs on the 'Net have folded to Sony's asshole attitude. Disgusting.

Let's just say that you've earned a fan for life. Long live Kotaku! Long live the King! =D

Image of coalhalo coalhalo says:

I'm glad to see you took the only option available to you; now you have the slogan for a Kotaku shirt. And for the record Kanchi, caving in to strongarm tactics from the likes of Sony is stupid. And Sony has now made a "rumor" into a "REAL" news story that will be picked up by media you call "legit".

No commenter image uploaded Nooget says:

@Kanchi: I don't think you're considering the larger picture here. Sure, the Kotaku staff could have taken a seat on this matter until Sony gave them the OK. It's not huge news, at least in my opinion. The problem, though, is if Kotaku had made the decision to hold back on this rumor and play by Sony's rules they would just shoehorn themselves into similar situations in the future. For now it's a leak about some proprietary PS3 garbage, in the future, who knows?

As a journalist myself (and according to your standards, I'm a "REAL" journalist since my coverage, sadly, pertains more to city council meetings than video game coverage) I've faced similar propositions. In my case, it was a movie production company that threatened to blackball me if I took photos of a closed movie set. In that case, I pushed hard enough to get good contact info for a publicist that I was told could get me photos from one of their on-set photographers. I didn't take the photos and agreed to play by their rules, thinking that by not taking pictures against their wishes I would establish some trust between us. In the end, though, the publicist never returned my calls, I never got any photos from an on-set photographer and when I took a trip back to the set to take my own photos, I realized I had been burned -- bad. The set wasn't around anymore.

I think Kotaku made the right choice by running the rumor. In doing so, they basically told Sony that they weren't going to play by any rules other than those outlined by the un-written journalistic code of ethics. News is news and should never be cropped, reframed or otherwise tainted by the long arm of potentially-affected parties.

No commenter image uploaded kallanta says:

Many, many kudos for standing up for journalistic integrity.

I say that you continue to report on Sony as before but from here on, every time you mention their name in an article, you add (who blackballed us) with a link to this article.

Much love for taking a stand.

No commenter image uploaded Dark-Pen says:

oh man, I don't know what to say to that. That's a lot of integrity on Kotaku's part, but at what cost? How much will this blackballing impact Kotaku, and how will it reflect upon other media relations, should something similar happen?

No commenter image uploaded Philonious says:

If Sony used similar tactics to prevent you from printing negative stories about them I would have to agree with people being upset. But this information is likely part of the GDC announcement... And likely leaked by an employee who will soon be fired. Sony does have the right to control the flow of information concerning their products, and seemingly went about asking you to allow them that right nicely.

This wasn't about journalistic integrity, this was about being the first to print. Sony gave you access, and both of you benefited from it... Now they see you as more of a liability. Hopefully it doesn't stay that way for long.

Image of Grue Grue says:

I really respect your determination to publish the story, because you have every right to do so. Sony has made a mistake in reacting so harshly, because their intense reaction to what is clearly labeled as 'rumor' means that their spin-control department is, well, spinning out of control. If they had just warned you that it is a rumor and that they do not comment on such claims, they could have maintained an air of mystery. Surely, the specific details will not be released yet, but this essentially comes off as them saying, "Hey, you ruined the big surprise! Now you don't get any of the party cake."

Not only do they seem to be doing a bad job at that, but they're also generating negative press for themselves, which, in a time when so many people are forming negative opinions of the company and its representatives, seems like a particularly bad move.

No commenter image uploaded Silenti says:

Sony: Open mouth, insert giant crab for massive damage!

Image of ihavenohalo ihavenohalo says:

Sony's not treating someone right if they feel the need to leak information.

Then Sony has the bright idea to freak out about it, which pretty much confirms the rumor.

If I have to read the word "kudos" one more fucking time I'm going to vomit.

Crecente, they only said they'd blackball Kotaku. Have Gawker start SonyIsGod.com to exclusively report Sony news. Then just syndicate all of its content to Kotaku.

What they gonna do? Taunt you the second time?

Sony should just fire all of its PR people and agencies. They're doing a HORRIBLE job.

No commenter image uploaded phinehas says:

Hey guys, I just got here. What did I miss?

Wait, wha...?

Image of ortholomeux ortholomeux says:

i'm split down the middle too. as a 1st party developer for sony and an avid kotakuite it's hard for me to make the distinction of who is right and who is wrong. i think it applies to both parties, but ultimately i think the readers of the site lose out the most of anyone. i don't think printing a rumor warrants the sony response, but i alos don't think it's worth hurting the readers for either.

live and learn i guess.

in any case, the t-shirt needs to be:

"Kotaku: We have big, huge blackballs"

No commenter image uploaded flyinpckls says:

Heavens to murgatroid, whatever will you do without early access to Sony's latest lies and PR spin on their horrible decisions and mistakes?

No commenter image uploaded Erec says:

@Kanchi: "Listen, there's ethics, and standing by your principles, and then there's 'When keeping it Real goes Wrong', and this is one of those. The job of Kotaku, or any 'journalist' is to inform their readers, and now they've just undermined their ability to do that."

No, let's be clear about this. Kotaku didn't undermine that ability. Sony did. It was Sony who chose to cut off Kotaku's access because Sony didn't like what Kotaku was reporting. In fact, it was Kotaku attempting to inform their readers that led Sony to choose to not give them access anymore.

The only way Kotaku would have undermined their ability to inform their readers would have been to choose to let companies ultimately decide which news or rumors Kotaku prints by threatening to cut off access. If Kotaku would have given into those threats, then they would have been failing in their job of informing their readers.

No commenter image uploaded miketuck3r says:

"Kotaku - you essentially leaked confidential company information on the grounds that it came from an anonymous tipster.

In most industries legal action can be taken against you.

/\ /\ /\ /\

Ive got a feeling your an actual sony plant

Image of RacerX10 RacerX10 says:

I'm going to jump on here and disagree with all 131 of you ! (just cause I can)

Sony is clearly planning for a 'big splash' in 6 days and would prefer to make it themselves. Any sort of conjecture or guessing as to what that splash will be can't really help them (Sony) in any way. With all the negative press they are suffering of late, it's perfectly understandable to me that they would rather avoid any pre-judgement of what they have to offer.

I mean, really .. how can they win ? If the guessing-what-they-got aims too high, they (Sony) will be slaughtered for underachieving .. which is pretty much inevitable.

I'd personally hate to be in the position of releasing a new product (any product) that's already the subject of mostly negative press, only to have an update for said product overshadowed by negative expectations. If you read the comments on what little kotaku posted, they are ALREADY flaming them, and doing it based on very little info.

I can see both points of view on this, but I'm going to give the PS3 people the benefit of the doubt and believe that they are working very hard to build their product in to something great. I'm also going to give them time and encouragement to do it. I see great potential in the PS3 and look forward to having a good time with mine in the years to come.

Just my 2c, as always .. I *could* be wrong :)


No commenter image uploaded Mike0659 says:

Good job Kotaku, way to stay true to the gaming journalism industry!


go defend kotaku, the people there are sony fanboys to the max~!

Image of el_gordo el_gordo says:

This is why I read Kotaku several times a day.

You guys are heroes.

No commenter image uploaded youareivan says:

seems like a trivial thing to end a relationship over, but i'm not surprised that you did the right thing.

No commenter image uploaded zodiacattack says:

While I think Sony's "take the ball and go home" reaction is stupid, I think that Kotaku could have at least given them until the GDC before reporting this. Speculation here, but maybe this was their big announcement and you just ruined it for them?
Afterall this is Gaming Journalism, not life and death real world news. If I were in charge (glad I am not) I would have given them until the GDC. But like I said, Sony is pathetic for trying to threaten you in return.

No commenter image uploaded HobbaHobba says:

As much as I don't appreciate Sony's attempt to manipulate the news, I also don't agree with Brian's action, either.

I mean, look, it's only a small rumor. To pick a fight over it and risking a long-term relationship is a stupid move, especially if it's with a major player in the videogames industry. Sure, you get this instant satisfaction for standing up to your journalism principle, but it's only short-lived.

In a long run, you'll get screwed. You'll miss news conferences, game previews and other things that make kotaku appealing to its readers.

In the corporate world, you gotta work and keep your business partners together even if you personally hate them.

What Brian did here was that instead of trying to negotiate with Sony's PR and trying to work something out for both sides, he just went ahead with his thing THEN sent them the notice for confirmation.

Plus, it's just a small rumor, it's not worth it. If you get $10 million salary raise by doing this, so hell yeah go for it. But fighting over something like this? Bad judgement, Crecente, and you just brought the entire Kotaku's future with it.

It's like bombing your neighborhood's home then ask him later if he permits it. This destroy-first-ask-later is lame.

No commenter image uploaded EmTeeZ says:

I guess I'll just have to continue to not buy those stacks of PS3 I keep passing by at Best Buy. Shameful, Sony.

And mad kudos to Kotaku- I've always loved the site, but this declaration of journalistic integrity really has raised it to another level.

what a bunch of cock-knocking assholes. way to go Kotaku and Crecente.

does this mean Gizmodo got blackballed too, beause they ran the story as well.

No commenter image uploaded Hunty says:

Wait, Sony is still in business?

No commenter image uploaded DefiantGSR says:


oh wait..its not april?

No commenter image uploaded axiomatic says:


How did Kotaku "leaked confidential company information"?

They called it RUMOR... not EXCLUSIVE.

Get your facts straight, you look silly.

Image of Nikral Nikral says:

Reputation of Sony *Decreased*
Reputation of Kotaku *Increased*

You can't uninvite someone that you already invited! and you can't take a gift back!

Image of adamcole adamcole says:

@instantpop and @Kanchi:

If you want to read news about Sony in only a format they apprrove of the best place to do it would be http://www.us.playstation.com/

What would be the point of coming to Kotaku if they only posted information the way Sony wanted them to? Where would it end? Sony threatens to take away press privileges if Kotaku makes any derogatory comment about Sony? Sony takes away press privileges if Kotaku posts anything about the 360? I'm glad Kotaku didn't bend on this one.

No commenter image uploaded tomcatadam says:


So then the question is, are Sony mad at Kotaku because Kotaku stated a rumor about them (which has been done before)(they even pretty much proved the rumor), or because they were caught copying other companies, before they even revealed their idea?

Image of gameclu gameclu says:

This is why Kotaku is my favorite gaming news site. Not only was the rumor reported with integrity, but you took the high road with your email response.

No commenter image uploaded danjo1 says:

I forgot the obligatory:

You just hit Sony's weak point for massive damage.

No commenter image uploaded Taz says:

That's awesome Brian! Thanks for not bowing to the megacorp. Instead you poke them in the eye for trying to bully you into submission.

No commenter image uploaded JChaos says:


Wow... just... wow. The fact that you honestly believe that makes my jaw drop.

Any legitimacy your comment might have relies solely on Sony's assumption that they have the legal authority to silence someone they don't have a non-disclosure agreement with. Last time I checked, Sony didn't have Kotaku under contract. If they did, I wouldn't be reading them in the first place. I like my news impartial.

Your Sixaxis comment is irrelevant. "What if?" is not grounds for media censorship. Here's a "What if" for you? What if Sony hadn't let Kuturagi say that gamers will buy the PS3 even if there aren't any games for it? What if Sony had priced the system 200 bucks lower?

"What if?" indeed.

Image of ctoa23 ctoa23 says:

Wow, just wow. How many retards work at Sony huh? I mean, are u really trying to "be inclusive with the media" as you say u are, or does Sony not a give a flying fuck? You made a damn good decision Brian, and I applaud u for that dude. Now I believe that the official Kotaku slogan should be:

"First Lik-Sang, then us. WTF?"

No commenter image uploaded iainttha1 says:

Cut off Kotaku? Who the hell does Sony think they are?

There is no way in hell i'll buy a PS3 now.

Not like I could afford it before, but still, I uh.....yeah.

Image of Kdawg Kdawg says:

Way to stick to your guns. Sony doesn't sign your paychecks, so they aren't in a position to demand anything.

Sony couldn't make more wrong moves this time around if they tried. I've never been one to favor one system or manufacturer over another, but Sony is doing everything possible to lose any respect or loyalty I had for them.

No commenter image uploaded shafnitz says:

Good job for not backing down.

Sony, keep working on that image, you're doing a bang up job!

No commenter image uploaded GundamAC197 says:

Let me just say, I've heard of Kotaku many a time, but I've never been here before. I saw this story linked on another site and I will simply say:

Thank you for taking a stand.

I think that you were completely in the right for posting the truth, unabashed--not for Sony's benefit, but so that the readers could make their own decisions about what it meant. That took a lot of class, and just gained you one more loyal reader.

No commenter image uploaded NeoNess says:

Dave Karraker?


No commenter image uploaded shafnitz says:

Good job for not backing down.

Sony, good job on improving your image. You're doing a bang up job!

Image of baberg baberg says:

Captain Playstation, Suidae, Kanchi It seems you PS3 fanboys have latched onto the "Why would you jeopardize your relationship with Sony over something so small" reason behind why Sony is right and everybody else is wrong. To that, I say this:

If it's such a small thing then why would Sony get up in arms about it? If the rumor is false why would they care that it's out there? If the rumor is true and going to be announced in 5 days, why bother blackballing a site over it? Why would Sony jeopardize their goodwill (what little is left) towards the gaming community over this "non-story"?

Image of Altima Altima says:

I still hate Sony. And considering Kotaku is an Xbox fanboys domain, its all good.

Anyway, way to stick it to the man there! If corporations told the press what to say, the press wouldnt be the press at all, theyd be PR.

No commenter image uploaded The_Truth says:

Its refreshing to see integrity in the journalism world, and I really do applaud you guys for doing this.

Kotaku and Bluewsnews are my only gamingstops as I am confident in their integrity when it comes to story coverage. This just solidifies my opinion of Kotaku and the Gawker network in general.

So well done, and I wont be buying a PS3 anytime soon (Not that I was because they suck, but its the principal!)

No commenter image uploaded miketuck3r says:

More room for MS and nintendo news, sonys loss..

Seriously do sony know that this sites gets 1/2 million views a day

No commenter image uploaded lemmy says:

This is why I read Kotaku.

Three cheers for Crecente & co.

Sony's just mad because Microsoft would use the news as a advantage.Sony should listen to it's customers instead of screwing them in the end. I'm throwing out my broken PSP's,Breaking the UMD's and sending it back to sony as a gift from me.It'll have a note saying "Sony thanks for nothing."
Sony NEVER imported Rockman complete works cause they fear it wouldn't sell which is a bunch of BS.Harrison is a idiot as well as the knuckleheads at sony.I'm not supporting sony and will burn PS2 ISO's again in response with my modded pimped out PS2.

No commenter image uploaded casper_uk says:

I could understand it if the "rumor" made Sony look bad but what the heck is Sony thinking? They are acting like a bunch of 5 year olds.

The success of the ps1 and ps2 has obviously gone to their heads, i think they are in to one hell of a shock with the ps3.....

No commenter image uploaded Adam Ruining says:

@Suidae: I'm highly suspect that Kotaku would be violating any of Sony's trade secrets by suggesting that Sony's own console, which is receiving a prominent push as a networked device, could soon feature an avatar-based networking application.

No commenter image uploaded kiwir says:

*clap.. clap*

You guys have balls. Black balls now, but balls nonetheless

Image of Barbara Barbara says:

Looks like I'll be getting my PS3 news from other sites.

No commenter image uploaded Ub3rg33k says:

A major gaming site publishes a story that actually might give Sony some positive buzz. Something that actually might have more than just the 1M people who bought a PS3 get excited in regards to their system. A story that actually helps slow down the backslide of negative PR Sony has received ever since announcing the pricing for the PS3 ...

... and Sony blackballs them.

Its almost as if Sony wants the PS3 to fail and for people to hate them. It makes me wonder if there is some history repeating itself here. IIRC, Phil Harrison was a part of Mindscape before moving to Sony. In the mid 90's Mattel bought out Mindscape, the merger failed but made the execs of Mindscape a ton of money. Mattel ended up selling them off and they eventually became an independent company and profitable again. Either everyone at Sony is completely fsking nuts, or they're purposely running the company into the ground for a reason similar to the above scenario.

No commenter image uploaded instantpop says:

@adamcole: That's not the point, Adam. The point is that Kotaku sacrificed a relationship with Sony that could provide me with information I do care about so they could publish a RUMOR.

Like I said, while I appreciate the principles behind what Crecente did, sometimes you have to play the game to be able to provide the service your readers have come to expect. Two wrongs don't make a right.

No commenter image uploaded Giolon says:

Wow, Kotaku. I give you guys +100 rep in my book and -100 rep for Sony.

I have now reached "Hated" with Sony.

Woo! Rep grinding is fun!

No commenter image uploaded Tear says:

I'm pretty shocked to have read this... it really feels unreal. I expect better of Sony, and it saddens me that they decided to cross this line. I hate to do this to myself, but I believe in freedom of speech and I admire what Kotaku has done. I'm now convinced that you guys at Kotaku, opinionated or not, are running a genuine blog.

Well, time to look for alternative brands to support if I ever need a new TV or camera.

Image of crecente crecente says:

@Suidae: You obviously know very little about the first amendment and media law.

Image of Torusan Torusan says:

If anything, Sony is ruining their reputation with Kotaku... and... every... gamer... out there...

Image of thumpinator thumpinator says:

Big balls Kotaku.

As a veteran journalist, I understand the weight of the decision you've made.

Let the unfair nature of this biz fuel your fire to grab even more TRAFFIC. That's the only weapon you have in this game so you better load your gun and use it.

Image of focused focused says:

Ok, so basically I can't say anything that's already been said in the 200+ comments.


But Sony blows, neener neener

No commenter image uploaded Repsode says:

"this essentially comes off as them saying, "Hey, you ruined the big surprise! Now you don't get any of the party cake."

Yup, seems like it to me. If they did nothing we wouldn't even know if Spin Dr. Phil would come out and announce it.

Now we do. Well done Sony you've obliterated all uncertainty about the keynote now.

Image of Falconfire Falconfire says:

As if Sony couldnt do anything ELSE to alienate themselves from the gaming public.

Congrats Sony on proving that it doesnt take much to go from the #1 gaming company out there to being completely blown out of the gaming system market.

All it takes is a room full of the most moronic managers Sony has ever employed in the history of the company.

Very VERY lame on Sony's part. Props to Kotaku.

No commenter image uploaded roudy000 says:

I just want to add that for my part I love kotaku because its the only videogames site i can refresh 10 timeas a days and always find something new, and a lot of times there will be rumors and thats what fun to read...Ign is ok and all but they never write on rumors, they dont have guts like Brian and other do.

I love you kotaku! ;o) lol

Image of adamcole adamcole says:

...don't forget, only Kotaku is being blackballed. Crecente as a reporter for The Rocky Mountain News should still have access. Loophole!

No commenter image uploaded BenHobbs says:

Well done Kotaku, I can read Sony Press releases on any one of ten thousand websites if I so wish to, however I'm after news not sanctioned 'releases'.

Whats next no bad reviews of games, consoles etc... It's the next step.

Image of nicomcm nicomcm says:

Kotaku had the power to protect Sony's GDC announcement but they thought it will be better to destroy it... for a hot "news"

It's not a story of who controls the over... It's the notion of being professional...
I love reading kotaku but this story is the price to pay when you live by publishing everything that's possible about videogames even rumor and wrong informations... It's not professional... It's food for fanboys... sometimes it's unfair... Sometimes It can hurt people or a company... They are the paparazi of videogames...

I understand Kotaku and Sony... they do their jobs. Sony pay the price for not being able to keep the secret and have relation with sites who dont care about them... and Kotaku pay the price for publishing everything without thinking if it's a good idea or not for a professional...

Image of Kyiske Kyiske says:

This is yet another reason why this is always my first read of the day. Honest gaming journalism with a touch of flair. Sony just does not seem to listen anymore to what the gamers are saying, and clamoring for.

Kudos again to you all for not backing down.

(< o o o

No commenter image uploaded Devil says:

@crecente: Crecente steps to the playing field!! Yeah!!

Image of MJDeviant MJDeviant says:

The sheer quickness to the number of comments shows that Sony probably made a mistake on this one. Honestly, everything I read on here I think of as a rumor or opinion. I would also think that Sony, Nintendo, and MS would at least occasionally browse blogs like this and get some sort of customer/gamer feedback. I know, they probably don't give a shit, it's all about the dollars, but how does blackballing a source of discussion about your products help publicity and/or sales? It's not like Kotaku has to stop mentioning Sony anyways, they just might not have the latest exclusive Sony news. If I were MS and Nintendo, I would be raining gifts down on Kotaku for the sheer fact that you help Sony shoot themselves in the foot. I personally felt the rumor was a positive, and so what if people know early, it shouldn't make the product any worse. If it was relying on the hype, it probably wasn't a good idea in the first place. Personally, I'm hoping less Sony news will result in less of the numbingly repeated Sony bashing. Really, if Sony has been paying attention to this site, they should have ended any agreements a long time ago.

No commenter image uploaded Riptwo says:

Part of me hopes that this story is run by more gaming sites, like 1up, Gamespot, IGN, etc. Seeing Sony blackball the entire online gaming community would be strangely beautiful.

No commenter image uploaded chico says:

We are Sony. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

No commenter image uploaded Pietro says:

Kotaku has my respect for being one of those few sources of gaming journalism who are quite willing to remind the publishing companies that jounalists shouldn't be no-one's goddam bitch.

Like hell will Kotaku's failure to toe Sony's PR line be a disservice to its loyal readers. As soon as reporting is couched in threat it becomes useless. I realise that such a threat is near-implicit in many aspects of gaming journalism, but that does not mean that one should bow to it. Sony can still go to IGN to get an interview, but thanks to sites like Kotaku I don't have to read pieces of shit like IGN anymore.

No commenter image uploaded ryan82 says:

I have lots of respect for you Kotaku, and for the writer who decided to post the rumor on the site knowing the consequences. We need more people like you in this industry. Thank you so very much for doing what you did.

No commenter image uploaded ophichus says:

Adding my voice to the masses that have responded already.

I know gamers, developers and journalists that read this site and seen it getting bigger and best of the last year. I think we will all continue to read this site regardless of Sony's actions.

You have my respect.

Look on the bright side for Sony. Now that you have to give back the dev box you will have to buy another PS3. This will boost their sale figures.

No commenter image uploaded Norsehawk says:

Just when you can't think sony can go any lower, they find a manhole cover to open up and jump down into.

Extra respect for Kotaku from me!

Image of kiyoshiro kiyoshiro says:


How is clearly stating a rumor as being a rumor illegal? The only way this would be is if it was a known fact by Kotaku that this was true, and they signed an NDA with Sony when they began their relations.

No commenter image uploaded timschafer says:

Well I guess we now know that "rumor" is right, eh? Can't see Sony reacting like that over something that's false.

Image of Scazza Scazza says:

"Kotaku - you essentially leaked confidential company information on the grounds that it came from an anonymous tipster.

In most industries legal action can be taken against you.

By leaking a rumor about a product in development at Sony - you are giving their competitors crucial data involving the design, features and capability of the software. I work in software myself and if anyone leaked details about our company's product roadmap our company would be trying to put that person in jail."

How wrong you are mate. I was in THIS same situation last year in a similar issue. Long story short, a company threatened to take me to court through my employer. When they were informed that the leaked information was not:
1) sold for money
2) used to profit another company
3) used to blackmail original company
4) used to damage the company
They could infact, do nothing about what I had done. In the end they turned their guns on my employer instead. Either way, you are wrong and kotaku posting it as a rumor fails to fulfill any of those 4 categories.


"Sony just commited PR suicide AGAIN..."

How many times can one commit suicide? :)

As a game journalist, I find Sony's reaction offensive. Cheers, Kotaku.

Image of Bah-Zing Bah-Zing says:

WTF ! ! !

Since when was Sony secret buddies with Kotaku ? ??? I thought this was five guys blogging in one of their moms' basement. Now we've got hurt corporate relationships. Wow.

Kotaku is just here to keep the video game fans in the loop. We should just all get along ok.

No commenter image uploaded westbound says:

@HobbaHobba "It's like bombing your neighborhood's home then ask him later if he permits it. This destroy-first-ask-later is lame."

Nice analogy, are reporters supposed to ask permission from everyone involved when they hear news before reporting it?

They've said that their policy is to not comment on rumors or speculation, and here we see Sony trying to control this "rumor". Not surprising. When was the last time Sony didn't go back on their word?

Kotaku is my hero.

Image of baberg baberg says:

Pixelantes Anonymous: "Sony just commited PR suicide AGAIN..."

How many times can one commit suicide? :)

Well, see, they used the code Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start, so they've got 30 lives to play around with. By now they're on their last 2 I think.

Image of Marlor Marlor says:


I'd just like to add my voice to the chorus of support for Kotaku. You are a gaming news site, reporting credible rumours is part of your job. Sony should realize that.

This really is a terrible precedent. What's next for Sony? Blackballing any site that gives their games a bad review? Blackballing any site that dares to honestly report about issues that might arise with the PAL PS3 launch?

It's also bad for Sony. Kotaku has been one of the few online news outlets that has been giving Sony games a positive rap. Kotaku's glowing comments about Motorstorm have done a lot to promote the game, and have been widely linked in gaming forums.

This is bad news for the industry, and a bad move by Sony. Surely they can't expect this move to be swept under the carpet.

No commenter image uploaded Davermouse says:

Although this might go down badly, and this might just be me being an idiot, but the only way this can really end well is if Kotaku keeps stories going, and tries not to be too biased or anything despite this mess.

Then Kotaku can at least seen to be a bit more mature about it than Sony.

This won't stop me buying a PS3 on the 23rd, but is has perturbed me a little...

No commenter image uploaded crashlanding says:

While this is not a good thing for Kotaku, Sony, or gamers in general, I feel we aren't getting the whole story from you Brian.

Looking at the wording of Karrakers' response:

"I am very disappointed that after trying to work with you as closely as possible and provide you and your team with access and information, you chose to report on this rumor.... I can't defend outlets that can't work cooperatively with us."

I am wondering why Sony would do such a thing if the information you passed along was just a rumor. Even if it was spot on I'm sure it has happened before- people guess right sometimes.

Maybe someone bent (broke) an NDA when "leaking" this "rumor" to you? That would certainly be cause for Sony to respond in such a way- specially after asking you not to run it.

Maybe this was "embargo" information until a certain date, and Kotaku decided to scoop everyone?

Maybe Karraker gave you this tidbit trusting you wouldn't run with it?

Any way you slice it, I doubt SCEA had such a strong response to a good guess.

I await your response.

No commenter image uploaded Digital_Sky says:

@Hills: "Wow...Sony fanboys going to defend this?"

It's already happening.

Brian, I have to be honest. I hate it that you've lost an "in" to Sony for breaking information, and I do wonder if there was some other way this could have happened such that your relationship with them wouldn't have been jeapordized. At the same time, I want to stand up and cheer for your refusal to be bullied, especially over something Sony should be glad to have hit the journalistic ether. They have been *drowning* in bad news from most perspectives lately; anything positive can only be a good thing.

Sony's reaction to this is really remarkable in my eyes. They utterly refused to give the rumor any acknowledged credence, yet their immediate draconian reaction as good as confirms it. Given that they need positive spin from other sources than their own execs, I'm amazed they wouldn't at least try and work something out in terms of keeping the information under wraps for a brief time. In short, all they had to do is say "Yeah, something very much like that's going to happen... but we ABSOLUTELY HAVE to have it stay quiet until GDC. Okay? So just keep mum till then." Things like that happen all the time; look at some of the info sites like IGN or Gamespot promise.

I really, really wish you had found some other way - or Sony had, or something else had happened. But I have to say kudos for not being bullied. Regardless of what info you do or don't get about Sony going forward, you've definitely got my respect.

Sony just really wants people to hate them.

No commenter image uploaded axiomatic says:

instantpop: "The point is that Kotaku sacrificed a relationship with Sony that could provide me with information I do care about so they could publish a RUMOR."

Way to make it all about you! Good Job! Is there anything I can get you? Are you comfortable? Do you need a pillow. I, Kotaku, and Sony are waiting for you to tell us your needs.

Image of Zim Zim says:

Yea great post, oh apart from it completly ignores the fact that this is Sony copying Nintendo and microsoft. Its a nice idea its just a shame that it isn't there. Things like this just make me feel stronger why bother getting a ps3, it appears the only things it will have will be things Nintendo and MS have thought of years and months ago. It would be like kotaku leeking about the sixaxis a week before it was revealed, not the wiimote.

No commenter image uploaded daveraves says:

Although I am a big fan of Kotaku and not so much Sony, I have to say I'm a bit dissapointed with Kotaku's choice of running the story. Sony's gonna loose the console war and running the story is like putting acidic-fire-salt onto an open wound. It's about supporting the gaming industry and about respecting private information - especially if it can cost a company millions. C'mon it's not politcs. it's business as usual.

No commenter image uploaded tavarua says:

Clearly Sony's decision came from higher ups but really they have no connectivity with the culture of gaming. It certainly isnt gaming mags or hell the PS site. They effectively eliminated a major mouthpiece of the community. If they don't comment on rumors, then don't have resort to action behind the scenes. Its not going to remain secret if they try to blackmail the website. Consumers are going to carry the stories that interest them, and kicking consumers in the mouth of site they visit for entertainment certainly won't help the brand sell more units or establish the brand in a better light. It would be really interesting to see where this action originated from.

Image of Jaesin Jaesin says:

Kudos to you guys, it's a shame it came down to this, but I really respect you guys for sticking to your guys.

Lets hope they see how badly this looks on them, it's a shame this happened where a simple no comment would have sufficed.

Image of Spartan1308 Spartan1308 says:

to nicomcm: The reason for gaming news blogs is to get info that we can't get from Sony's press release page on their own site. I don't know what country you are from, but we have a free press in the U.S. DEAL WITH IT.

No commenter image uploaded gowans007 says:

Thankyou Kotaku for making a stand,

as one of the biggest gaming blogs this also is a stand against PR pressure for all the guys out there.

No commenter image uploaded Repsode says:


Where was the news? It was posted as rumour. As was said above, it would have remained an unverified story just like countless others that often turn out to be false.

The story merely lifted the corner of the curtain, Sony's actions raised it completely.

So not only did they piss a lot of folks off but they themselves confirmed what they wanted kept hidden.

Nice one Sony. That's some good PR there.

No commenter image uploaded esrid says:

This is a true story. I know it's always suspicious when someone posts something like this...

I've been saving money for a while for another system. I have a 360 and love it, but wanted one more from this generation.

Up until today (actually, until this article), I was leaning toward the PS3. I know many people think it can't hold a candle to the Wii, but I appreciate it. I love HD, can't ever go back when it comes to movies, and I'm already a gamer (also my girlfriend plays a pretty mean game of halo), so I don't need to be converted by any fancy motion controls. PS3 had me.

Not anymore. This goes far beyond the typical Sony "mistake" (Blu-ray, which I approved of, or whatever else you name). This is absolutely unacceptable behavior, and there is no way I'm supporting a company that acts like this.

Wii it is.

No commenter image uploaded Wrogue says:

Anyone have Sony PR dept's emails so we can flood them with complaints and maybe a few Xbox/Wii links?

Image of OGHowie OGHowie says:

I hope MS blacklists Kotaku for posting about a Black HDMI enabled Xbox 360.

Image of nerdtacular nerdtacular says:

SCEA didn't like the way Kotaku was describing the rumored feature...essentially calling them out on the "Mii/Achievement" rip-off in a negative light BEFORE SCEA even got to announce whatever it is their way.

If this rumored feature is true, the PR peeps no doubt knew that journos/enthusiasts would respond to it as cribbed idea from the competitors (like when they announced 6-axis functionality) but PR probably would have liked to have at least laid the initial groundwork their way...even if it involved rubber ducks taking masssive damage or whatever.

Personally, I love that Brian and the Kotaku staff did what they did. But, as a producer who maintains many relationships with video game industry people, devs, and pubs I can understand why SCEA responded in that way. They were just asking for a favor.

No commenter image uploaded krozall says:

Microsoft always says the simple "we do not comment on rumors" sounds like a good strategy to me..

I don't understand Sony's point, this can only hurt them.

Kotaku is in the right, and I have a feeling that this blackballing from Sony is going to have much larger ramifications then they ever would of expected.

Image of zymeck zymeck says:

As a long time lurker on the site, i would like to add my support to you guys at Kotaku.

I promise to now visit the site three times a day, rather than just twice ;)

Image of crecente crecente says:

@crashlanding: To get straight to your question. This did not involve an embargo. If you read the story, you can read right? We said it was a rumor from a single anonymous tipster. I have no clue why Sony overreacted like this, but it certainly had nothing to do with any sort of agreement we had with them.

No commenter image uploaded Karttikeya says:


Sony fanboys don't understand basic laws on freedom of press. And, they have no hearts. It was completely clarified as a rumor to begin with.

Keep it up Kotaku.

incredible. the most amazing thing is that this rumour was POSITIVE and was making me (as a Wii owner looking at the possibility of getting a 360) actually be a bit jealous of the PS3 for once.

yet no. this will now drown in the new story about how they tried to ban the telling of this POSITIVE news story...!

...because going up against blogs is ALWAYS a good move.

Seriously, though, can anyone think of a time when a company took on a blog (or blogs) and came out looking better?

No commenter image uploaded instantpop says:

@axiomatic: "Way to make it all about you! Good Job! Is there anything I can get you? Are you comfortable? Do you need a pillow. I, Kotaku, and Sony are waiting for you to tell us your needs."

What a very intelligent contribution to the discussion taking place here.

No commenter image uploaded y2julio says:

Down with Sony!! Kotaku FTW!

No commenter image uploaded CrimsonSin says:

"Achievement Unlocked"
Get Blackballed By Sony 1,000 pts

No commenter image uploaded rizeup says:

Sony is emo.

Image of Spare_Change Spare_Change says:

Sony and Apple on this same shiat.

Rumor is rumor. It's gospel when it's true. It's forgotten when it's not.

Will the SEC be on their door if this rumor causes great stock climb for Sony and selling? Doubtful. Rumor.

Keep posting. Rumors should be labeled as such. Glad to be reading Kotaku! However, Sony just lost a customer (on a personal note, SONY has been making alot of stupid moves and deserves bad press).

No commenter image uploaded nguyenth says:

Lol, isn't it amazing how when Sony attempts to dreg up a marketing scheme (allIwant is a PSP rap, and 'urban tagging') they get critically panned and dissed for that.

Yet, Kotaku reports merely a rumour for PS3, which I might add is the first blog posting about the PS3 on Kotaku in a long time that has generated good feedback comments (apart from the obvious "Copycat" comments), and might be like the first step in turning things around, and yet Sony steps all over it, with their poo covered shoes.

... And how they've made this whole situation smell to high heaven ...

Image of crecente crecente says:

@nicomcm: I've been a professional journalist for more than ten years. I went to school for journalism, received a degree in journalism and have won awards for journalism.
This is what we do, report on news. We are not an arm of publishers. We aren't here to help their bottom line or make their games sell better.

Image of Gadgetron says:

keep on Keep'n on Kotaku! It is a shame that Sony took this path.

Image of Spilt_Milk Spilt_Milk says:

This will be just another nail in sony's gaming division. I wonder if G4 will pick this up? I sure hope so.

No commenter image uploaded lker says:

Spread the news, Sony's next big thing is to mimic Xbox achievements and Nintendo's Miis.

It is not a shiny playable demo of Killzone 2, a cohesive online plan, or a killer exclusive app, just some minor stuff people already are enjoying right now.

No commenter image uploaded Devil says:

All your Rumors are Belong to us.

Image of Matters Matters says:

Kotaku you did what was right. Sony can go fuck their selves.

No commenter image uploaded typhon says:

"Kotaku - you essentially leaked confidential company information on the grounds that it came from an anonymous tipster.

In most industries legal action can be taken against you"

This is completely and utterly false. Unless Kotaku signed an NDA, which they didn't, they are under no obligation to keep anyone's secrets.

Your comment about "putting someone in jail" shows you have no understanding about criminal vs. civil cases. You cannot go to jail for leaking a company's information. If, and only if, you signed an NDA, you can be penalized monetarily for the company's assumed losses due to your leak.

However, Kotaku is a third party, and the lack of an NDA, together with the First Amendment, allows them to print whatever they want, even rumors. The only exception is libel, which requires knowingly printing false statements for the purpose of injury, which this is obviously not an example of.

No commenter image uploaded ploeg says:


I was number 101 on the Qbert board too. It's probably a bug, rather than an indication of low sales.

If Kotaku didn't sign an NDA, well, it sucks being Sony, doesn't it.

No commenter image uploaded t0yrobo says:

Just when I thought Sony couldn't make themselves look much worse to gaming fans. Normally when rumors come up companies just say "no comment" or "oh yeah? I've never heard about that". There's a reason blogs have gotten so big, they have news and rumors and funny stuff first and often better. I think Sony is just taking yet another step to making themselves the pariah (woot political buzzword!) of the gaming world.

No commenter image uploaded apoc06 says:

this situation is what they call investigative journalism. for a blog to go to such lengths as to put together an actual plausible theory is normal. for you guys to actually do the proper thing in trying to verify the rumor; that i must applaud. most sites just post random speculation with no facts, let alone attempt to verify the rumors from the source.

i respect your decision to run the story and not remove it in respect your readers. sometimes in doing the right thing you have to make the hard decisions and face the repercussions. in this case you did the right thing.

however, as an adult who knows the ins and outs and the politics of public relations, media support, and news/ information leaks, i also have to respect sony's decision to take the stance that they did as well.

in this three way race, you have to guard your secrets very, very closely. you can not give away your playbook to the competition a week in advance. did sony go about this in the wrong way? perhaps in the eyes of gamers and kotaku readers they did, but in the corporate world this would be considered a slap on the wrist; a very light one at that. everyone's beloved apple corp has a nasty habit of using litigation to intimidate writers with inside information. konami did the exact same thing to joystiq back at e3 when the coded arms for ps3 pics/ information was leaked. lets not forget that companies have had sites shutdown by their providers over leaked info...

all in all, i respect your site that much more and i also applaud the integrity of the editors. that said, i also understand sony's stance in this matter. they have a responsibility to the long hours of the developers and engineers and millions of dollars sunk into a project. they can not simply allow leaked information to give their competitors a chance to 1up[pun intended] their announcements. hopefully before, or shortly after GDC you guys can make peace.

Image of Barbara Barbara says:

Well based off the soap opera that is Kotaku looks like the rumor is true and I am, for one, excited about it.

Sucks that Kotaku had to get X'd, especially since no one will remember this dumb rumor after it's announced to the rest of the world.

Sometimes you have to pick your battles.

No commenter image uploaded WizarDru says:

"You can blame Sony all you want, but they're no different from any other big company, that's just how big biz operates, they're asses."

No, apparently they're not...since other big companies...let say their names are Blintendo and Picrosoft...don't seem inclined to pull such shenanigans.

As for the 'why not just wait 5 days and print it THEN?' idea or the 'it's just a little rumor' concept...when does it become 'big enough' to sacrifice your integrity? When you give in to a bully, the bully knows he can do it again. And Again. And AGAIN. Kotaku would become Sony's bitch. The scale of the rumor misses the point: this is about Sony's relationship with the media, not the actual rumor in question. Kotaku made the right move. Sony will, sooner or later, be forced to make nice. If Kotaku had caved, then Sony would know they had leverage to twist Kotaku whenever they wanted. End Result: No on trusts Kotaku any more.

Sony took a simple matter and turned it into a dust-up. Bad move.

No commenter image uploaded conglomerate says:

sony = bleeding pussies

Image of ctoa23 ctoa23 says:

@ Crecente: Hey umm can i get Karakker's e-mail address? I wanna chat with that dumbass.

if it's just a rumor, why would sony worry about it...unless the rumor actually had some weight to it? Either way, I have to disagree with Kanchi and no, I don't think the gamers loss at this point. Kotaku is my first stop for gaming news on the internet above and beyond 1up, the fanboy freakfest that is IGN, and Gamespot, mainly because of the straight forward nature that the news is presented. Sure it's still reporting on an industry (read: journalism) but it's journalism by people that are gamers, not some group of editors, that will pick up a joystick for five minutes and call themselves the authority.

As such, the rumor was worth reporting because once again it shows how Sony is too slow on the uptake when comes to development for their own hardware. Playstation Home sounds like a Mii Channel, Live rip-off to the core. Same as the sixaxis. We all know what Sony's game was then...Phil Harrison rips the Wiimote to uplift the PS3/dualshock but when the Wiimote began to get positive press and started to generate a buzz, Sony scrambled to counteract it. Then Phil Harrison comes off like the SixAxis was always in the works and motion sensitive content was always the plan...AFTER he ripped it for being a gimmick in regards to a competitor. Sony is generating on of the biggest PR debacles in recent memory.

Kudos Brian/Kotaku. i personally think you did the right thing. If Sony PR wants to be ballbusters about it, it's their loss in the end. The internet community is becoming a force as more people get their gaming news online. Kotaku is one of the best sources for that news.

Image of baberg baberg says:

From that ridiculous Sony fanboard thread:

"No doubt, I'm happy to know more just like you too but they were warned and they've also moved into grounds of legal trouble. Not to point fingers or anything but respectable gaming sites such as IGN or Gamespot would have removed the rumor immediatly."

His complete misunderstanding of Constitutional law aside, I find it humorous tha the exact reason I don't go to IGN or Gamespot is because I'm sure they would have removed the rumor immediately.

No commenter image uploaded Meno says:

In standing up to Sony, you have proven yourself and Kotaku as legit journalists with a dedication to its readers and not to any corporate agenda. It is a shame to see Sony be so snide, but your readership can only increase from such a strong display of character.

Information, however, will not stop. Reports and rumors will still come to Kotaku, if not more than before, and the only loss we will be at is that we will not have an official response untill Sony decides to stop being so childish.


Image of Shumina Shumina says:

I've stuck up for Sony on plenty of occassions. I really can't anymore. Theirs is an undefendable position and I'm taken aback at their behaviour. Like a parent that reads his son's rotten report card, I'm not surprised, just disappointed.

They've lost not only a defender, but a fan.

Oh...and I'll not be spending my dollars on their products until they've made right.

No commenter image uploaded Sam_Logan says:

"What Brian did here was that instead of trying to negotiate with Sony's PR and trying to work something out for both sides, he just went ahead with his thing THEN sent them the notice for confirmation."

Since when are reporters ever, EVER, expected to "negotiate" with a company's PR department before publishing a story about them?

That's madness, and even in the PR industry -- which exists entirely to manipulate the press into giving positive coverage of their clients -- companies almost never stoop as low as to threaten to terminate a standard press relationship in order to kill a story they don't like.

Journalism is supposed to be independent! That's what MAKES it journalism, and not just propaganda. It's astounding that Sony thinks that they should be REWARDED for providing Kotaku with info promoting their own products... that by granting them this great charity they should be able to call the shots about what stories Kotaku can and can't run.

Good on you guys for sticking to your guns.

No commenter image uploaded stranger says:

Just think of the repercussions of Sony's action had they been say... the Republican Party.

Imagine if you will a well known and respected journalist attempting to confirm or simply receive a comment from the Republican Party concerning a potential rumor about their practices and policies. Imagine now that the Republican Party politely asks said journalist not to run their story, offering no comment on the rumor.

No harm done. Common practice... whatever.

Now imagine the above scenario, but the Republican Party is threatening to blackball said journalist should they run the story anyway. And by the way, this journalist works for CNN, and CNN decides to go ahead with their story regardless of the aforementioned threats.

Do you think the Republicans would get away with blackballing CNN?

Imagine the complete shitstorm of legal trouble the Republican Party would be in had they been exposed trying to threaten someone against using their 1st Amendment rights.

Now... imagine the ginormous fucking MEDIA CIRCUS that would ensue!

I think this is a golden opportunity for the blogging community to take a stand and be treated as proper journalists, if the want to. Bloggers- boycott Sony at GDC.

What's to stop Sony from doing this to anyone else? Report on a rumor and we'll blackball you?!?

Lie down and take it game journalists, and you'll do nothing but prove to everyone that people who write about games are nothing but corporate schills who make a living turning press releases into editorial.

Want to be treated like real journalists?

Stand up for each other, now is your chance. I'm looking at you N'gai!

Leave the corporate schill business to those jokers at IGN.

Image of darkslide darkslide says:

This should be on Digg.
I don't have an account, and wouldn't even know how to do that
Definitely something people should know about.

Image of nerdtacular nerdtacular says:

There is an issue here at Kotaku where the fact-based stories, rumors/gossip, and general interest stories are all presented the same.

In the NY Post you have gossip on Page Six. If you want to see local news stories you watch the 5 or 10pm news. If you come to Kotaku you get all kinds of video game goodness in one long column: some of it reports, some of it editorial, some of it just randomness...and some of it unannounced rumors/industry gossip.

What if film critic in 1980 reported that Darth Vader is Luke's father a week before Empire Strikes Back came out. What would happen? That writer would most likely be denied access by the industry in the future.

Image of Cell9song Cell9song says:

Dave Karraker is a spineless Corporate tool contributing further to the miserable state of gaming journalism.

Your a wonderful lap-dog Dave, but a lousy PR man.

Image of zymeck zymeck says:

I know what the new technology is!

It a new Rootkit - lol

No commenter image uploaded King Louse says:

My respect for this blog and its journalists just increased 100 times. Bravo.

Image of Toneman Toneman says:

The Destructoid banner is made of win.

Image of Brill Brill says:

"I don' like people messin' on mah phone!"

No commenter image uploaded probe says:

Are some of you people are really that much of idiots?

How on earth is this blackballing? They gave Kotaku a warning that they didn't want to have this information revealed to the public and that if you did, it would damage your relationship with them.

Kotaku decides to be young pricks who think they can do whatever they want, calling their bluff, and Sony stood by their word carried their word.

Now you come crying to the internet blog for support? Boohoo...

The fact that you're posting it in this biased fashion shows that you're just trying to rally support for your own mistake and paint the picture that you're the martyr.

This site is just going to continue to dive deeper into its own destruction the way it's going.

There's usually guidelines of professionalism in each field. Unfortunately gaming "journalism" doesn't seem to have many, or abide by any. This site is the perfect example.

Image of baberg baberg says:

@ctoa23: Hey umm can i get Karakker's e-mail address? I wanna chat with that dumbass.

It's already been posted. Search for "Contact info" in this thread and you'll find a link which has his e-mail address at the bottom.

Image of Baz Baz says:

The phrase 'cutting off your nose to spite your face' springs to mind.

Image of darkslide darkslide says:

Sorry for the earlier post requesting a Digg, I didn't read closely enough..


Lots of comments on this topic!
Not what Sony wanted I'm sure... I lost some respect for Sony, and I'm actually maybe one of the few who still thinks highly of them..

No commenter image uploaded Crack says:

I'm a long time lurker. Had to give my support for Kotaku. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, but I am disappointed by Sony's poor judgement and their behaviour on this.

No commenter image uploaded tbone4690 says:

Nice way to stick it to the man. It's good you guys worked to find out if there was any truth to the rumor and it seems the reason they didn't want you to post this is because this may be the thing they will be announcing next week. Sony just made it worse for themselves to take one of the leading Gaming News Sites and take away something because they posted a possible true rumor and ruining their surprise. We don't see MS doing something like this or Nintendo they respect the press and you guys because you post things as rumor and not as truth.

No commenter image uploaded Kanchi says:

@Erec: "No, let's be clear about this. Kotaku didn't undermine that ability. Sony did."

Your argument falls apart there, because Sony warned them in advance of what they would do if they ran the rumor. Was Crecente trying to call their bluff, or something stupid like that? Kotaku is nothing to Sony, just an ant. They KNEW they would lose their access, and they knowingly threw it away over a story no one cares about. You can call it a slippery slope of letting Sony dictate the news, but the reality was just a petty little give and take. Nothing more. If they tried it repeatedly, now that's a different story.

I really liked that this site was getting inside info, even exclusive info, that's why I frequently read it, they weren't all second hand info and rumors, or a corporate mouth piece, but now they're just out of the loop.

For readers like me, who play mostly playstation games, Kotaku will become increasingly irrelevant, and that sucks. Now without access to Sony, this site will become heavily biased toward MS and Nintendo (if not so already).

I just don't think any of this is fair to the readers who support Kotaku, and this site didn't even bother to take their concerns into account. All for a fleeting bit of self righteous 'Look at my big swinging Ethics'.

Image of gapzi11a gapzi11a says:

As a gamer, my support lays with Kotaku on this one. It really took some balls for them to stick to their guns and their mission. Their success is based on getting the word on the street to us, the gamers, as quickly and accurately as possible. They are not supposed to play PR with Sony or any other company. This proves without a doubt that they are on the side of gamers and are not on the payroll for the companies they cover. My oppinion of Kotaku has gone up. while my oppinion of Sony drops ever lower. Sony made a very poor PR decision with this heavy handed response. They should have stuck to the "no comment" jargon. Their PR is an absolute disaster. I mean, just read the comments and you can see the Sony PR has failed. The gaming comunity is down on them like never before. Unbelievable really.

Image of Huginn Huginn says:

I'll buy a kotaku tshirt for this reason alone. Hell MAKE THIS A T-SHIRT!

You guys showed pride in your work and dedication not to cave in to pressure for

Going ahead with the news despite punishments, that is real journalism. Posting a story we would like to read about, because it is news. Other gaming media sites might cave to this, and more then likely have.

And we as Kotakuites respect that.

Image of mandarin mandarin says:

Is there really a PR department there? This bully style of marketing sure just emphasizes how arrogant Sony really is.

No commenter image uploaded ShineDog says:

suidae, correct me if im wrong, this may be down to local law differences, but... how can kotaku be held responsible anyway? the leak within sony maybe, but not kotaku.

Image of ziz ziz says:

Kotaku = pants (or possibly pantsu, but that's just pants with "u" in them), and we all know sony's attitude towards pants.

I've been a fan of Kotaku for a while - it's the best blend of solid game reporting and light-hearted tidbits I've found so far - but this just cements my decision - journalistic integrity is something the world's a little short on these days, and I'm both proud and sad to see it represented strongly, time and again, on a low-seriousness gaming blog of all places.


No commenter image uploaded leshrac55 says:

The rest of the Gaming Journalism industry needs to blackball Sony right back... Sony thinks they don't need the gaming media... The Media should show them right back. Everyone, contact all of the sites you visit and tell them to BLACKBALL SONY. My post, suggesting this, is now up:

No commenter image uploaded mirgss says:

I wonder how long it will take for Sony to reverse their position when they see the media/reader backlash. I like Sony's products in general, own a PS3 and all that, but this definitely makes me lose respect for them.

And it's like Brian over at Gizmodo said: anything that's worth reporting you'll hear within 2 minutes anyway.

Kudos to Kotaku.

No commenter image uploaded Karttikeya says:


Political rumors have a much larger affect on the public than entertainment. (There are still idiotic kids across the world thinking there's a draft going on with the US military.) So political parties and organizations asking to take down a potentially false/true story from media outlets without confirmaion is fine by me. But Kotaku reporting this as a RUMOR, a positive one at that, and on video games, so this isn't as big of a deal.

Image of Matters Matters says:

@darkslide: No worries about that. It's been posted on Slashdot already.

No commenter image uploaded Irixyu says:

I've really tried to stay neutral in this console generation. I've taken steps not anger my Sony-favoring friends in real life and over the internet despite the many things Sony has done that have pissed me off (console related or not), but this is the last damn straw. I can't believe they overreacted to a published rumor to this degree. There is no rational excuse for this(not that there's been any rational excuse for some of their other decisions...)

Kotaku, you're the best. Keep up the great work. Sony can take their PS3 and blow it out their ass. I hope the PS3 is the last console they ever make.

No commenter image uploaded clayfu says:

Wow no one seems to remember this is exactly what Apple and Microsoft does every single time with the rumor sites?

this is the first time Kotaku puts out a TRUE rumor for hardware, and the same thing happened to them as it does to Macrumors/Thinksecret. Yet all of you idiots dont see the connection?


uh wow look at how big apple's gotten

No commenter image uploaded Shiraz says:

Although I feel bad for the folks at Sony who have been working hard to save the PS3, I must say that this is a terrible way to respond.

I used to work with Disney PR. If anyone wrote something negative about Disney, they would not get invited to the next press conference (and they were HUGE). Even still, the e-mail Karraker sent was amazing. No professional PR person would have written something like this in my experience. The 2 most important words to a PR person - NO COMMENT.

I am not a Sony supporter but it sounds like Karraker was put on the spot. For him to write the e-mail he did smacks of either 1) unprofessionalism or 2) his perception of a personal relationship with Crecente that would supercede his journalistic integrity.

Fair and balanced have lost their meaning in today's world. Showing soldier's coffins, Abu Ghraib, Halliburton, pretty much everything out of China...the fight against information censorship is a long and bloody one that will never stop. It doesn't matter if the news is about a new kind of tire or a world war. The truth should ALWAYS be paramount for a journalist, and it is the PR person's job to put out the fire. Not stop people from playing with matches.

All Sony had to do is say "no comment". A rumor is a rumor. By writing that e-mail, Karraker has lended credence to the argument. Guys, people knew about the iPhone months ago. Will that really stop anyone from buying it when it comes out? Good news is good news, no matter when it is released. Sure, it steals a little of your thunder. Who cares?

For fans of Watchmen...remember Rorschach's last line. "Not even in the face of Armageddon. Never compromise."

BTW - You've gotta wonder what's happening at Sony right now - their big secret has been let out of the bag.

Agreed. I would rather have a stream of sony news in the future and reportings on intimate blogger meetings at events than a rumor now. We're not talking about a Valerie Plame sized newsbreak here that the Media just HAD to spill - its just a rumor (even though it is fairly important news). Kotaku should have just let it slide, be their bitch along with everyone else this once, and thats that. Sony is not withholding info from us indefinitely, and this is not serious stuff to begin with. The only reason they asked kotaku not to report on it is so that they could be the ones unveil it themelves. Let them have their moment, kotaku.

I think that this just speaks of Kotaku's desire to be able to say that they were the ones to break the story. Who cares? By being greedy, you just alienated a ton of your readers who saw the move as slef centered and not progressive to your future Sony coverage.

No commenter image uploaded leshrac55 says:

also @Suidae-

"I work in software myself and if anyone leaked details about our company's product roadmap our company would be trying to put that person in jail."

And therein lies why Kotaku did nothing wrong... Your company would be looking for the internal leaker to sue/jail... they could not sue the press. Kotaku, via the first amendment, has every right to post that rumor.


Image of Serena Serena says:

Sony's kinda shooting themselves in the foot with this.

Image of lefty420 lefty420 says:

hey brian

I remebr stumbling across this borad when saints row was released and impressed when you accepted my friends request. while we never got a chance to play saints row together and any other game for that matter being on ur friends list made me feel we are all a part of the industry and all just regular guys. That imprwessed me and i come to this site daily as wlel as tell my friends. From the ps3 video to the punbch out video yesterday this is the is the rocks.

with that said more power to you. sony has lost their mind and they need some vacation time or something. Keep up the good work and hopefully we cna get a game going some night.

Keep up the goodwork


No commenter image uploaded linkthe2nd says:

Never back down, Kotaku. It's their loss.

Image of caps caps says:

Good on ya, Crecente & Kotaku!

Image of MC2009 MC2009 says:

Oh no, now you'll have to get all your BS second-hand...

No commenter image uploaded Mr.Digg says:

Meh, they asked you guys nicley. Now you dont get free shit! :(

Image of schlizzag schlizzag says:


Just... Wow.

I'm rather disgusted by Sony's attitude in this. Way to stand up for journalism, guys. Especially on the internet, rumors (especially if they have some sort of reliable basis) count as news. As long as they are not portrayed as fact. On a site like this, rumors are labeled as just that.

A company should not expect to tell sites what they can and cannot say. That's just rubbish.

Instead of blackballing you guys, couldn't they come up with a PR statement about the rumor? Or just say "we don't comment on rumors" and leave it at that.

We would all eventually forget about the rumor and move on to the next one to ponder.

Image of Proto_Man Proto_Man says:

Oh, they'll hear this at GDC next week.

Image of lefty420 lefty420 says:

@Robert Summa:

wow dude thats awsome. i want that on a t-shirt.

Image of Cell9song Cell9song says:

Stop and think just how out of touch with reality Sony has gotten. They are going to punish an entity (kotaku) that gives them extensive PR directly to its prime demographic, free of charge, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

cutting off the nose.....

No commenter image uploaded stranger says:


The simple fact is that Lucas & Co. could keep a sercret. Sony clearly can't. Kotaku going ahead with a story based on a reliable source, and (as the usually do) clarifying it as rumor, isn't inappropriate in any way. What was professional of Crecente was that he bothered to contact Sony prior to running with merely the rumor.

Oh, and a quick FYI- Blog sites are almost invariably like Kotaku. Information is posted in chronological order, from newest to oldest, top to bottom. Generally to determine what is and isn't a rumor, all you need to do is read the article, or ya know...the headline.

Image of shadowdude55 shadowdude55 says:

Wow. Sony just lost some respect in my book. Not only was it just a rumor, but it was about something good for Sony. :|

No commenter image uploaded crashlanding says:


Wow. Yes I can read.

I still feel we are not getting the whole story, only the reaction afterwards.

2 questions:

Brian, why do you think Sony reacted this way?

There is a pause written into the paragraph from Karraker that I quoted. Is that the complete text from Karrakers' response?

No commenter image uploaded KevinSetzer says:

If I had to chose between Kotaku getting Sony "access" or reporting the news as they got it and being straightforward with us, you better damn well believe I prefer the second.

This is just crap, and it only hurts Sony, and continues to remind me why I no longer have any interest in their products. How do you in good faith buy anything from a company like that?

Anyways, thanks to Kotaku for sticking to their guns

Image of Tetsuwan Tetsuwan says:

So many comments, but i'll still add yet more support.

I am very proud of you Kotaku and I am very proud to be a Kotaku reader!

No commenter image uploaded cametall says:

I got a call from Ken Kutaragi he said to refer to him as "fuhrer."

No commenter image uploaded Holj102 says:

Wow, just wow. Here I thought the Sony PR machine couldn't do worse. Boy was I wrong.

I've never been a Sony person, but when I looked at major electronic purchases they were still a good brand name to look at. But not after this.

I realize that Sony has bet the house on Blu-Ray and the cornerstone to that house is the PS3, but you would think given this knowledge that Sony would be trying really hard to get their PR right with the consuming masses. Blu-Ray is about to dive with this. There are way too many people who wouldn't have a Blu-Ray player without the PS3, almost all of whom are serious gamers. Blackballing one of the most respected websites in gaming journalism is akin to a suicide attempt that leaves you in an ICU ward on life-support.

The longer this situation continues the worse it will be for Sony because more people turn their money over for a 360 instead > developers start turning more projects to 360 > more casual gamers pick up 360s for a certain game and a better library. (I didn't put down Wii because well, for most gamers it's going to be a Wii and one of the other two. At least, that's the impression I've been getting.)

I'm glad you're taking a stand on this Kotaku. Now if only you did game reviews too...

Image of doubtful doubtful says:

I can't believe there are people, though few and far between, who are arguing that standing up to Sony was the wrong thing to do. Kotaku chose journalistic integrity over being corporate shills. It is appalling and frightening to think that some people are so comfortable with corporate controlled news. I prefer my fourth estate influence free, thank you very much. I applaud your integrity, Kotaku.

Image of Edgey Edgey says:

What they did sounds completely fair..but I never had any respect for SCEA in the first place so nice one, Kotaku.

Image of ez054098 ez054098 says:

To Kotaku:

You blew it! You could have played all of the cool Sony games coming out...err...eventually when they do come out. You could have been there when they announced their innovative online strategy...wait...I mean their version of Wii360 online strategy. Shall I go on?

Image of Scazza Scazza says:


"Agreed. I would rather have a stream of sony news in the future and reportings on intimate blogger meetings at events than a rumor now. We're not talking about a Valerie Plame sized newsbreak here that the Media just HAD to spill - its just a rumor (even though it is fairly important news)."

That is NOT the point. Kotaku should not have to watch where they step. They should not have to weigh decisions on "should we post this, what if it pisses off X people". Even if it does piss off a company, they should have the freedom to post ANYTHING they want. Last E3, 90% of the conference announcments were leaked (Literaly LEAKED info of stuff they were embargoed to keep quiet), and they got fucked. Here is Kotaku posting info they have NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE to, and posting as a "Take this as you will" rumor. They have EVERY RIGHT to post without fear of criticism and threats from companies that kotaku are actually helping make money.

No commenter image uploaded bad_juju says:

Editor gets rumor. Editor verifies rumor, to the best of his ability. Company politely asks editor to not release info, as they are saving it for a big announcement. Editor refuses. Company threatens Editor with blacklist if info is released. Editor decides to go ahead. Company blacklists Editor as promised.

Now, the Company in question is getting a PR black eye. But why? Why is it "journalism" to report a product or service that a company is planning to announce anyway? All it does is create headaches for the company in question, and the info isn't really trustworthy until the company openly talks about it anyway. So... yeah. Fuck "games journalism." It's just fanboys hungry for information. Give us more in-depth reviews, stories of games aligning with lives, and comparative analysis. Sony didn't get a black eye in this situation, as far as I'm concerned. They just opened mine.

No commenter image uploaded aegies says:

This does sort of confirm some things that we have been thinking as far as the manner in which Sony handles their PR, which is to say badly. To be sure, we'll be discussing this more in the next few days (and I personally cannot fucking wait to hear the 1up podcast tomorrow), but for now, I'd just like to say that while Kotaku may have lost some of their propers with Sony because of this story, it's done a hell of a lot to solidify the integrity of the site in my mind. And now we know the rumor is true, don't we?


No commenter image uploaded Handles25 says:

"For readers like me, who play mostly playstation games, Kotaku will become increasingly irrelevant, and that sucks."

You should take your $600 ball and go home.

Image of Zamnation Zamnation says:

Dammit. This is gonna make me just wanna beat up the first Sony PR person I see at GDC, but I'll restrain myself.

Anyways, this is a good call: even if you guys don't get to run exclusives for Sony at least you still have your integrity and the ability to publish stories Sony (or other companies) won't want people to hear, but things that they should hear, and that the want to hear.

This is why you guys are my favorite gaming blog.

That and the screened comments. Jeez, if this place had the same crazy fanboy wars Joystiq has, I'd shoot myself.

No commenter image uploaded Erec says:

@Kanchi: "Your argument falls apart there, because Sony warned them in advance of what they would do if they ran the rumor."

But Kotaku never chose to have their access to Sony taken away, because Kotaku, as respectable journalists, never based their decision on whether or not they'd have access to Sony.

The fact that Sony warned them beforehand that it could happen is irrelevant. Kotaku, again, as respectable journalists, cannot allow themselves to base decisions off crap like that. Instead, they based their decision on whether the rumor, on its own merits, was worthy of being printed.

They decided the rumor was worth printing, and as a result, Sony chose to deny Kotaku access to the wornderful world of Sony. That's on Sony, not Kotaku.

No commenter image uploaded Marasai says:

'Companies like Apple and Microsoft would do the same thing'

Which is why so man blogs were shut down for those iphone and zephyr rumours.

No commenter image uploaded JiM says:

I think a lot of people have your back on this one. Good job!

Image of harkonnen harkonnen says:

Smash the debug PS3 and put the video on YouTube!!

j/k. u can't believe they did this. but I think its all been said. Bad form on Sony.

Image of Arsenal Arsenal says:

What poor taste...

This was not a "press release" that was put out ahead of time, it's a rumor. If Sony's own people can't keep quiet, that's an internal problem that needs to be addressed....by Sony. Don't go after the journalists, and don't attempt to bully them with threats of not inviting them to your parties and taking your toy back. David has a job as a PR person, Michael and Brian have jobs as journalists. Don't ask someone not to do their job because it would make it harder on yours.

Well, its not like Harrison's keynote wasn't going to be out-shined by Miyamoto's anyway...

Keep up the good work, Crecente.

No commenter image uploaded Cruithne says:

Journalistic integrity is journalistic integrity, no matter the subject.
As a reader of Kotaku, it gladdens my heart to see some indication that there are people here who have their priorities in order.
The positive kudos that Kotaku will garner from this incident will, in the long run, make it a much more popular, and thus important, site. And when that happens, Sony will come back.

Keep the faith Kotaku.

(Brian, you officially have my permission to wear a silly shirt, as a reward for your actions)

No commenter image uploaded fid says:

looks like sony is taking a page out of the political playbook, blame the reporter instead of the leak.

add me to the kotaku>sony list.

No commenter image uploaded giovonti says:

Way to stand strong Kotaku. This corporate bullying makes me sick. And to the people that support that kind of "relationship": Do you really just want to hear news that a company wants you to hear or do you want to hear the truth?

"If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything"

Meh, Kotaku got what was coming to them. The reported rumor was probably some leaked info that was covered by an NDA. Kotaku should have respected Sony's wishes on this.

Image of Gio Gio says:

I just came off the phone with Dave Karraker and inquired him about this issue, and he has NOT, I repeat NOT, mentioned anything about banning Kotaku from attending the Sony conference (although I forget to be more specific by stating "meetings" rather than the later) at next weeek's GDC. I think you guys might have jumped too far ahead of his decision (following on what the PRs mentioned earlier, not him). Anyways, I'm just clarifying that part, Kotaku has not been banned.

No commenter image uploaded KeyonSumner says:

Just thought I'd add my name to the biggest list of comments i've ever seen on Kotaku. Wow, sony really know how to ingratiate themselves with the gaming fraternity don't they. i'm a nintendo man and though i try to stay impartial it's getting harder and harder to do so.

Image of Scazza Scazza says:

Wow, kotaku set the internet on fire tonight.

Image of Spartan1308 Spartan1308 says:

to nerdtacular:

Your analogy to revealing the end of Empire Strikes Back is simply incorrect. The reporter in question would have been restricted legally from disseminating said info.

This was a rumor and clearly described as a rumor. Read the article, not just the headlines and you will know which items are rumor and which are news. If you can't tell which are video, I can't help you.

@Scazza: "How wrong you are mate. I was in THIS same situation last year in a similar issue. Long story short, a company threatened to take me to court through my employer. When they were informed that the leaked information was not:
1) sold for money
2) used to profit another company
3) used to blackmail original company
4) used to damage the company
They could infact, do nothing about what I had done. In the end they turned their guns on my employer instead. Either way, you are wrong and kotaku posting it as a rumor fails to fulfill any of those 4 categories."

Actually, it is you that is wrong. It applies both to #'s 2 and 4. The information could be used by another company to profit off of the ideas or to place a bad spin on it among others.

No commenter image uploaded TCampbell76 says:

Yet another nail in Sony's coffin these days and from what it sounds like now at SCEA - Dave's career.

It doesn't take an MBA in communications or business admin to know the purpose of corporate PR is to save face, not sit on it.

Image of Draconis Draconis says:

Sony: "By the way, Kotaku...I faked every orgasm."

Seriously though, Kotaku > Sony.

Image of G99 G99 says:

Hey Brain [and all of your staffers] I applaud your efforts to stay as a media and journalism company instead of basically free advertisement for them.

What you reported was actually very good news for the PS3. Yet they are treating you like you were saying the PS3 will steal all of your money, make out with your wife, and then slap your grandmother silly untill she gives up her pearl necklace.

Good for you and your standing your ground. The backlash already being reported on the major gaming sites will no doubt cause sony to apologize and give you back your media contacts and interviews.

Image of scepia scepia says:



Image of scepia scepia says:



No commenter image uploaded Samos42 says:

So mow all they did was confirm the rumor? Nice. Maybe Microsoft will like you guys better now or something.

No commenter image uploaded lker says:

@branwheatkillah: Too bad the ideas belong to Microsoft and Nintendo in the first place. Seriously, "intriguing blending of the Mii and achievements" was what Sony was cooking?

Considering all this, their violent reaction only proved that "blend" was exactly what they were planning. But there is nothing original in that "blend".

Image of Scazza Scazza says:

@branwheatkillah: Actually you are wrong. It has to be done with INTENT. Kotaku had NO INTENT of giving the information for profit by another company (which, saying its a rumor anyway, the other company cannot do anything about it anyway.)
Again, Intent when it comes to damaging the other company.


No commenter image uploaded stranger says:


There's no doubt that you're correct in pointing out the varying significances of politics and entertainment, but that has nothing to do with my point.

My point is simply that nobody should be able to get away with it, no matter the context. Kotaku has broken no NDA, violated no agreement with Sony. This is a case of a vastly wealthy organization trying to bully someone into self censorship via verbal threats.

No one, regardless of context, should be allowed to get away with threatening people into silence. That's my point, and why I feel Sony needs to be taken to the cleaners by the gaming press over the issue.

Image of Toasticus Toasticus says:


There's a point where ineptitude crosses over from being laughable to being so pathetic you feel guilty mocking it. Sony's been on a steady march toward that line for a little while now, but with this they have definitively crossed it.

Great backbone, Kotaku.

Image of Spartan1308 Spartan1308 says:


"...will be dis-inviting you to our media event next Tuesday."

A quick way to find this portion would be to enter "dis-inviting" into your find or search this page portion of your browser.

If Kotaku isn't dis-invited, then Dave is already backing down. Good.

No commenter image uploaded ekin says:

You guys are a trip. Please define integrity for me? Would that be publishing an email exchange? Kotaku can choose to run whatever it wants as Sony can choose to service whomever they want.

But printing the email exchange in my mind shows a lack of integrity. In fact cowardly is what springs to it. I'm sure that Brian / Kotaku / Sony could have buried that hatchet, instead whatever trust was there has been ruined. Who pays that price? It's not Sony, there are millions of outlets open to them. Kotaku - maybe? You get a short term bump for standing up and get beaten to every punch now by Engadget or Joystiq? In the end we pay and Brian is certainly no holier than Dave, he's just as culpable.

Image of AxleMunshine AxleMunshine says:

Sony's really missing the boat here. It's not like they're as good as keeping secrets than Apple.

I don't see what's the big PS3 news about what Kotaku previously reported. It looks like fun stuff for the PS3, but nothing worth jumping the gun.

Usually, such rumors would likely drive speculation and bring more attention to their event. Maybe their brilliant and this help them further publicize the event, but I doubt it.

Image of Bicro Bicro says:

Screw em.

No commenter image uploaded psychoholica says:

wow... It just never ends with this company. Hey Sony, any chance of me every buying your expensive blue ray game machine just went out the window. Way to go Brian and Kotaku.

No commenter image uploaded Keeko_ca says:

Hey...love Kotaku, love even MORE for what you did to Sony...but somethings tells me this was a poor decision...

but whatever, F**K Sony.

First LikSang, now Kotaku...it'll be your ass one day Sony.

No commenter image uploaded Shiraz says:

Dave Karraker at Sony, this is the only response that will stop this from getting any crazier (and the big news media outlets pick up on it). Repeat after me.

Dear Brian,

I want to take a moment to apologize for the e-mail that I sent you earlier. After reading what you actually posted, I realize now that you framed this news as an unsubstantiated rumor and not fact - a rumor which, of course, is all this is. Please accept my retraction of my earlier comments, and please do join us at GDC next week.

I respect your journalistic integrity deeply and would never presume to tell you or anyone else how to report on Sony or any other company. We here at Sony are committed to providing the best product available to the consumers, and we want to make sure that people know this.

Again, please accept my apologies and let's move forward.


(Your name here)

Image of harkonnen harkonnen says:


I think I'll take Crecente's written email response over your (whoever you are) account of an alleged phone call with SCEA.

No commenter image uploaded Abizoath says:

Hrrm since I haven't been able to find a Wii for 3 months, I was going to bite the bullet and buy a PS3. But now, principles come first, so up yours Sony.

Image of pillow pillow says:

keep diggin sony, maybe you'll come out on the other side, like one of those movies which is so bad its actually top noth again ^^


You make it sound like it is a bad thing.

The only people who lose out are Sony, who loses very positive coverage (from the Kotaku Staff... not the forums), and fanboys like you who want to see Sony's press releases reprinted all over the web.

Good riddance Sony.

And branwheat... they're waiting for you at "Threespeech" with your paycheck.

Image of baberg baberg says:

@Gio: Who are you, and why would I trust your all bold RANDOM words CAPITALIZED rantings in the comment section?

No commenter image uploaded Kanchi says:

For my final note on this, since I'm not reading through all these comments, and the fanboy-ism is getting to me:

I love Kotaku, it's one of my most visited sites, and in my opinion the BEST video game blog on the net, but ...


Stop with the self congratulations. Yes, Sony, like MS and all big corporations, are evil, have morons for PR heads, and are destroying the media and REAL journalists. But don't think for a second that this has anything to do with 'journalistic ethics', since that is insulting to real journalists, who sometimes actually risk their lives for their ethics (look to other countries for examples of those). Going through Britney Spears garbage, and then refusing to give back her coffee grounds when you get caught is NOT JOURNALISM. Neither is running a pointless industry rumor, after being asked not to by a company that just sent you an expensive customized game console.

You want to see journalism, or real jounalistic ethics? Go visit some graves in China, or Iraq, or Sudan, or the Congo. Don't compare petulantly calling out some A-hole PR rep on a video game site to journalism. It cheapens both.

No commenter image uploaded moltarman says:

Props to Kotaku for running the story. You'll still get the new info about Sony, but this time, you'll just have to do it in a roundabout way.

Sony should understand that journalists post rumors all the time. In fact, they thrive on rumors.

No commenter image uploaded br549 says:

Lame on both of you.

What the hell are you people crapping on Sony for? Every company does this. Nintendo just came down on 1up for Shane Bettenhousen talking about Super Paper Mario. 1up folks are also holding back info they have on Gears of War's new download data.

It's part of the touchy media relationship between companies and outlets.

Kotaku decided they wanted to run the story. That's fine. That's a decision Kotaku made, and I respect it. Sony made the decisions they had to make too. Kotaku doesn't have any kind of right to be invited to press conferences by Sony anyway.

Posting Sony's letter seems childish to me.

I've got other sources for this kind of info, I'll use them for now. Doesn't mean I'll stop coming here.

No commenter image uploaded Awetopsy says:

THis is just one more reason I have boycotted Sony. The list keeps growing. Everyday they do something else stupid.

If it wasn't so sad it would be funny.

Image of Scazza Scazza says:

@ekin: Lack of intergrity or not, if one of your biggest news srouces just cut you off violently for doing your job that you have been doing over and over for years, you too would want to explain to your fans how and why (and posting the EXACT WORDING so no one can call bullshit on it) too.

Image of JohnnyHundo JohnnyHundo says:

@Suidae: please read the tagline right underneath the Kotaku logo, it states:

As if you don't waste enough of your time in a gamer's haze, here's Kotaku: a gamer's guide that goes beyond the press release. Gossip, cheats, criticism, design, nostalgia, prediction. Don't get a life just yet.

This is not CNN, Time or any other traditional media source. This is not strictly a news outlet - as has been stated by hundreds of bannings instigated by the oft used "This is not news" comments...

Man ... I can't help but wonder if these people standing up for Sony are either Republicans or Communists...


No commenter image uploaded AstroMoth says:

Thats a bold move by Kotaku, Great that you decided to run the story anyway though. Just goes to show how badly out of touch Sony is if anything.

Image of scepia scepia says:

The officials are idiots, the lawyers are obsessive, the console sucks.

No commenter image uploaded redsoxfan24 says:

Honestly, how can you support Kotaku in this instance? Sony was going to release this info in a freaking week! You wouldn't have had to wait long to find out about their new myspace thing. Sony wanted it to be a surprise, and to give their speech "a positive effect on PS3 owners" Now, because Kotaku has no class and no respect for Sony as a company, their speech has been ruined. Great job, guys. I bet you were the ones who snooped under the Christmas tree for presents too.

Image of user_21938 user_21938 says:

There's a vast difference between 'working cooperatively' and bending to someone's will. Go Kotaku.

No commenter image uploaded XsTatiC says:

"Again, I take absolutely no joy in sending you this note, but given the situation you have put me into, I have no choice."

now that's a hell of a quote. I'll take that to mean "given that Kotaku reports news to it's reading public as free speech should allow, we here at Sony regard free-speech as an option only to be given with power. With that power, which we feel we have, we will do our best to act upon it, restriciting you with our demands until you comply."

I'm so goddamn fucking angry right now after reading that letter. Sony can go fuck themselves ( which they just might do ). And I like their products, I was going to get a psp in the next few days.

Piss off Sony. Dave Karraker you better stick a pin in your head and try and deflate that ego.

Jesus Christ, like they don't have enough bad PR at the moment.

And nice work Kotaku. Proves why I'm a dedicated reader and will continue to be.

Image of icepick314 icepick314 says:


Sony just can't do right these days...

puts out cheap $600 blu-ray player...but it's marketing ploy to make PLAYSTATION 3

Image of scepia scepia says:

"Now, because Kotaku has no class and no respect for Sony as a company"

Or rather, Kotaku reported on the latest rumor, as they would have done for the Wii or 360 just as fast.

Image of kupoporo kupoporo says:

That's so ridiculous. I can't believe Sony would react that way to a posting of a rumor ... but anyway, cheers to Kotaku. Keep going for what you believe in.

Image of Kenofthedead Kenofthedead says:

Good for you Kotaku, and I'm sure Sony will figure out their mistake quickly enough.

Image of Jack Ruby Jack Ruby says:


Mr. Karraker?

Image of sayten sayten says:

BETAMAX, UMD, Blacklisting Kotaku.

Three HUGE Sony mistakes.

I actually have cash in hand that was going to be used to purchase one of those PS3 systems that is so hard to come by except on the shelf at any electronics store around. I will just hold onto my money till Sony comes to their senses and owns up to ONE of these three mistakes.

I don't even love Kotaku, I'm just starting to hate Sony.

Image of Gio Gio says:

I'm sorry for the boldfacing everything, and yes, I contacted him after obtaining his contact info posted at the end of an article on http://www.gamesindustry.biz/content_page.php?aid=20525

If you want to call the guy yourself and ask him, then I'll post his info here, just to save you the trip from visiting the above link:

Dave Karraker

Image of 0ldb0y 0ldb0y says:

PR = Public Retaliations? What are Sony's PR folks thinking?

I applaud you, Brian, for going the lengths to do your job the right way, standing up for your rights and your work, and for remaining loyal to your readers. What a shame it is that you are given the cold shoulder by a corporation, for which you published positive speculation.

Image of icepick314 icepick314 says:

Sony just can't do right these days...

puts out cheaper $600 blu-ray player...then it's marketing ploy to make PLAYSTATION 3 look better...

Harrison says force feedback and rumble is so last gen...when motion sensing technology was from back in Nintendo Power Glove days....

there's news with Sony settlement with Immersion...but it's too late now with Sony releasing in European market....

now they lost one of the most visited gaming community on the intertube because of posting possible upcoming feature with Sony...which could have been positive news for them...

i'm DEFINITELY not going to get PLAYSTATION 3 till price drops $200....even with Final Fantasy XIII and Devil May Cry release....

No commenter image uploaded Shiraz says:

@redsoxfan24: Explain to me how this "ruins" the news. It's still happening, right? Or will Sony say, "aw, screw it now, let's just leave the old interface".

As a PS3 owner, I get the update either way, right? Give me a break.

No commenter image uploaded jacksinn says:

Heh. Taking back the debug unit.

"Screw you guys. I'm going home and I'm taking my football with me."

Image of harkonnen harkonnen says:


And I suppose as a Red Sox fan you never tune in to ESPN, Peter Gammons, WEEI or the SoSH boards?

No commenter image uploaded Kosh says:

Fuck this shit. Sony is a company with a massive case of constipation, starring the oldest, thickest tree one could find. Between making a crap overclocked computer into a home console, fucking Europe over (although they're not alone on this), then pulling the plug on people for FUCKING RUMOURS...

Seriously. Give me a two month management course and I could run a company better. Jeez.

Image of Kotae Kotae says:

Sony has, in generaly, really dropped the ball this past year. I love my PS2, despite having problems with it not wanting to play DVDs (yes, it is a slimline ps2).

But with the fiasco of the PS3, and as icepick314 said, now putting a 600 dollar blu-ray player out (one of their major selling points for the ps3 was the blu-ray, correct me if I'm wrong), things don't look good for Sony. And now, because of a rumor that Kotaku posted, they cut ties with you guys?

I find it a bit ridiculous. No, it won't put me off from purchasing Sony products - not that I do beyond PS2 games. It just makes me shake my head at insanity of it all. It's a rumor. Rumors leak all the time, doesn't necessarily mean that they are true. Even if they are true, then so what? It's nothing but publicity.

Image of Lorigga Lorigga says:

Im boycotting Sony!

Is it really a boycott even if I wasnt going to buy anything from them?

No commenter image uploaded lyatos says:

I'm not too keen on journalism so my input may not contribute to much, but here's my take on it:

I'm pretty sure the discussion between krakker and brian wasn't just "don't run the story mofo or you'll see repurcussions" as he stated that "after working with you...." which means that there had to be some back and forth on the subject of the "rumor", which leads me to believe that things probably got a little "wordy" and one party decided to go the integrity route over friendship.

I do find it stupid for sony to react this way, but since this will probably be true in some respect, it'll just make the announcement underwhelming as everyone has heard about it already... i'm pretty sure IGN/GS and other outlets were fronted with this way before it was sent to kotaku as there have been posts on IGN among other sites with forums about this... I can see where sony is coming from though, when Ubi's line up was leaked I believe they too were up in arms looking for the source of it so there should be no surprise about sony's movement on it (btw, i'm a new kotakuite so i'm pretty sure you guys have the "rumor" posted some where in the archives)

Either way, sony has been in a lose-lose situation for awhile now so even if they did use the "we don't speculate on..." line people would be laughing at the fact that they are copying MS/nintendo or the fact that they couldn't keep this a "secret".

No commenter image uploaded ekin says:


My point is I don't think it would have gotten there. Yeah Sony's not happy about the rumor being posted, but I think it would have blown over. Now - will it? If it were you - would it?

Image of user_21938 user_21938 says:


You're a dick. No, seriously. If you didn't want an inside scoop on things, you wouldn't be at a site like this. Let's try using our brains for once, huh? Kotaku got a news story, they decided to run with it. That's what journalists do.

Get a fucking grip.

Image of bugbread bugbread says:

@Toothdecaykills: "Should this not happen you've just lost the ability to report on exclusive news through those special Sony events."

Those "special Sony events" are PR. Their goal is to get the word out about something they want the word gotten out about. If Kotaku loses the ability to report on them, Sony will still make sure that the word gets out. What's harder to find out about are the things Sony (or Microsoft, or Nintendo, or whoever) doesn't want out.

So Kotaku loses the ability to be a PR spokesman for a company. Big fucking deal.

@Scazza: "Also, if it happens in "legit" places too or not means nothing, its still a horrible practice"

Yeah, sorry, I didn't mean to imply otherwise. I just meant "this isn't bad because it means Sony isn't treating Kotaku like a real journalistic source, it's bad because Sony is treating it like a real but small journalistic source, and the way companies and individuals treat real small journalistic sources usually sucks."

@redsoxfan24: "Now, because Kotaku has no class and no respect for Sony as a company, their speech has been ruined."

No, actually, I was pretty impressed and excited by the rumour, and was, because of it, looking forward to a speech that I normally wouldn't have cared about in the least. Now, because Sony has no class or respect for journalistic outlets except when they act as free PR disseminators, their speech has been ruined. If Sony wants me to be so excited about their speech, they probably shouldn't piss on people generating and spreading that excitement.

@Kanchi: "You want to see journalism, or real jounalistic ethics? Go visit some graves in China, or Iraq, or Sudan, or the Congo."

There's a reason that war journalism is called war journalism and not just "journalism". It's because war journalism is a subsegment of the greater "journalism" aegis. Now, games journalism may be amazingly unimportant. On that, we can both agree. But nowhere in the definition of journalism is there a restriction saying it "must be about dead bodies" or "must be really really important stuff".

No commenter image uploaded tsulami says:

Stand your ground boys. Good job, that's why I'm here thirty times a day.

I hate when people say they had no choice like this PR guy did. I think it's very fair for Kotaku to publish the letter from Sony. It's interesting to know how Sony is handling their business and it explains in advance why Kotaku won't have all the same access to Sony execs and events as other sites.
I wouldn't call it courageous. Risky moves on both sides. Shutting out Kotaku is a dumb move.

Anyone remember when Nintendo's over-eager legal team sued the publishing company behind Next Gen (or was it EGM?) because they were publishing Pokemon strategy guides. And then the game mag wouldn't talk about Nintendo at all? Hahaha.

No commenter image uploaded 2dskillz says:

Thanks for once again reminding us why your the best source for gaming journalism.

Image of crecente crecente says:

@Gio: Hey Gio, they can't block us from the keynote, which I'm sure is what he was referring to. That is being held as part of GDC. They have every right to block us from their private events and interviews, which they have done. Last I heard from David.

No commenter image uploaded Erec says:

@Kanchi: "You want to see journalism, or real jounalistic ethics? Go visit some graves in China, or Iraq, or Sudan, or the Congo. Don't compare petulantly calling out some A-hole PR rep on a video game site to journalism. It cheapens both."

You can cheapen everything with that logic. There's always gonna be some situation that's tougher, some circumstances more dire. That doesn't mean we should just suddenly disregard the little situations. For 99% of the people here, our lives are merely a collection of a whole lot of those little situations.

All people can do is stick to their principles whenever those principles are tested. And Crecente did that. Was he facing incredible life-threatening circumstances? No. But he was facing circumstances that would have forced a lot of lesser men to compromise themselves, and he stood his ground.

Only REAL assholes would try to belittle that.

No commenter image uploaded XsTatiC says:

@Gio: I was just looking for that information. I suggest everyone take it up directly with Sony... politely ( well kind of ).

No commenter image uploaded DefiantGSR says:

haha damn guys. CALM DOWN!!

Obviously sony didnt want this to leak out. Did you hear what apple was willing to do to keep the iPhone under wraps? They make sony look harmless.

Every company is evil. It's reality..get over yourself.

No commenter image uploaded Shiraz says:


Brian, do you have copies of the previous e-mail exchange prior to these last two that you could share with us?

No commenter image uploaded grantly says:

I think it's really sad that Sony has sunk so low. In every interview they have and in PR moves like this, it seems like they're desperately trying to sound confident while the vast majority of the company is shaking in their boots while wondering what the hell is going on inside the Japanese conference rooms. The company is trying to defend itself but it can't stop garnering more bad will from their market by doing this.

What's strange about this is that the company has historically been remarkably easy to work with and excellent about giving access to websites and blogs. I honestly think that we may not be talking about Sony in 10 years if things are so bad inside the company that a blog post about a rumor is enough to cause this kind of action.

No commenter image uploaded balls187 says:

This adds a whole lot of credibility to Kotaku.

Now, if sony is smart, this could be some wierd viral marketing ploy, but somehow I doubt it.

If this was last gen, and it was PS2 hype, I'd be worried, but this is the next gen, and the PS3 is pretty much garbage (yes I own one--still waiting for Tekken damn it), and so Sony "blackballing" Kotaku just means Nintendo and MS now have the opportunity to cozy up to the Kotaku crew.

No commenter image uploaded punkasscrab says:

It was a bitter pill to swallow buying a PS3 after their rootkit fooked my PC. I now have deep regret for supporting them. I take back every positive I have ever said of Sony. Truth be known, my 360 is much better than the PS3 and costs less and comes from a company that at least pretends not to be run by complete pricks. I was gonna go home and download Tekken but I might just throw the PS3 on ebay instead.

Image of Covert-X Covert-X says:

What if this is a cleaver ploy of sony's to have an excuse to stop bloggers? I feel a conspiracy here!

Image of qwhacker qwhacker says:

knowing sony i'm not surprised. Isn't their new corporate strategy to piss of all fans and anyone/anything that could possibly support them?

How deep of a grave are they going to dig here?

Image of DigitalHero DigitalHero says:


The info got out. How does that ruin "the positive effect on PS3 owners"? I think its good news if it comes to fruition and I'm excited.

Image of Billqvist Billqvist says:

Everything Sony says is to be considered rumours anyway, since 99% of their talk is pure lies.

Image of nicomcm nicomcm says:

I'm from france sorry for my english crecente :s.
I'm not sure what to think about this... I like this site for what it is "full uncensored view of the videogame industry"... But at what time it's too much ? It's only videogames... It's not politic journalism... GDC is a positiv event for the industry... I'm sure you love this industry... destroy an announcement from Sony for nothing but "one more story"... I can respect It... but in another way I think it was a mistake... It's not a question of integrity but a personnal choice with your idea of what is fair and important as a reporter of this industry... It cant be good or wrong, it defines your vision of your work and site...
But after your choice how can Sony have relation with a site who can destroy their work like this without trying to discuss or understand the professional consequence ?... It was a direct damage against them...
It will be sad if every special annoucement were published before...Just because all truth are good to say.... no more surprise or exclusiv annoucement...because yes it was only supposed to be a surprise for the PS3... not a big dark bad secret... It was your choice to destroy this secret... now you and every reader must assume it...

Image of B33 B33 says:


Microsoft and Nintendo are no different.

This would be terrible if anyone really gave a crap about Sony anymore. Ironically, I've thought of late that Crecente was their only remaining apologist in the journalism world (allIwantforXmas notwithstanding).

No commenter image uploaded nguyenth says:


That's not the same. Shane at 1UP said he was not supposed to go into detail (I think he had an NDA out for super paper mario) yet he still talked a bit about the core game mechanics, which although is not a lot, was probably more than he was supposed to. So you can understand nintendo being suitably pissed.

On the other hand, Kotaku has no NDA, and is talking about a veritable rumour, so the circumstances are substantially different.

Image of Random-J Random-J says:

Kotaku 1
Sony -450

No commenter image uploaded Orbiting234 says:

Tsk, tsk, tsk. Shame on you Sony! They may not like the fact that this rumor hit Kotaku when it did, but their actions just prove that there may be more than just a hint of truth to it and they are merely upset with the timing of the info being broken before GDC.

Strong-arm tactics for the lose.

No commenter image uploaded Ikthog says:

I'm well aware no one will read this comment half a mile down the page, but what the hell.

What a clusterfluck. Did he do the right thing by refusing to remove a story just because the subject asked him to take it down? Absolutely. Was it clumsy and ultimately self-damaging for Sony to openly declare it will no longer play ball with Kotaku? Most likely. If Sony really thought that this wouldn't become an even hotter news story by sending Kotaku that letter, they're just stupid. Refusing to comment would have allowed the rumor to be seen as just more speculation; hell, they could even have denied it, even if it's true. This action simply makes Kotaku look like they're revealing the truth that Sony doesn't want to be known, which only bolster's Kotaku's credibility and lessens Sony's.

That having been said: Is it reckless and unprofessional for Kotaku to constantly post rumors that cannot be adequately substantiated, simply because *someone* claims they're true, and often with sensational headlines like "Rumor: PS3 Background Downloading Sucks?" I sure think so. And if Kotaku believes that it must post this stuff, much of which cannot be called journalism without smearing the thousands of journalists who act in a much more responsible manner, it deserves to be blackballed. Sony could well have looked at Kotaku's history of posting rumors and general negativity about the PS3, along with the rampant hatred of the PS3 among its comments, and decided it had nothing to lose by refusing to provide Kotaku with more fodder.

The overall tone of the comments here is actually kind of funny, as most of you already hate Sony with a virulent, if perplexing, passion... you can't anti-buy a PS3 or bitch any more than 100% about how much they suck, so I can't see how this is going to hurt Sony's overall image among Kotaku readers. You hated them before, you hate them now, so... you hate them. Congratulations.

And if anyone is actually reading this, the flames begin...

------- HERE -------

No commenter image uploaded dapimple says:

Sony PR has an undebatable knack for shooting itself in the foot. I would consider the news of a Playstation Home (and later, the settlement with Immersion) as one of the first positive stories coming out of the PS3 camp in a while. Integrating (and hopefully improving upon) several of the best features from your competitors is a huge shot in the arm. Rather than be coy and play upon the anticipation, Sony instead chooses to kill the story and the messanger.

On the other hand, their GDC accouncement may ultimately pale in comparison to what the PS Home rumor could potentially offer. In that case, they may simply be trying to kill the rumor as not to make their actual annoucement seem so impotent.

Whatever the case may be, It simply hurts to watch Sony operate in such a direction-less manner.

Image of Frodo Frodo says:


Kotaku rep++

Image of SirHamsterz SirHamsterz says:

@Crecente: Do you see anyway of this being solved before GDC? I was really looking forward to you guys' coverage. Can you guys contact Sony on that matter, or is it a dead end?

Image of gtpunch gtpunch says:

It's Sony's ball, they're not playing anymore, they're taking it and they're going home.

Image of user_21938 user_21938 says:


No, it's not political journalism. But there are those of us that take this industry seriously. For some of us, this industry is our career, or even our lives. It may not seem important to people who don't have this view, but for those of us that do, this is an outrage. Kotaku did nothing wrong here; they heard a rumor that seemed like there might have been some truth to it, and they reported it... as a rumor. What Sony did is way over the line, and while I used to think they were just confused and stupid, this action makes me see them as a very, very arrogant company, and I won't be buying any of their crap again.

I don't expect everyone to feel this way, but for people who are very interested in what happens in the industry, it's very hard to see this as a good thing, or even an acceptable thing.

No commenter image uploaded VectorScalar says:

SONY needs this like a hole in the head. Aren't they tired of the taste of shoe-leather yet? Banning a journalist for doing his job is ridiculous. Keep up the good work, Kotaku. The only ones with egg on their faces from this ordeal are the idiots in the monkey suits at SONY.

No commenter image uploaded LeGuru says:

'Kay, you guys got respect points. About time, too, I already ditched Destructoid.

Also, didn't this place used to be a lot more pro-Sony? What happened?

No commenter image uploaded robotplague says:

I don't own a PS3 nor a PSP (nor do I care to at this point), and I hardly play my PS2 these days. I do however read Kotaku everyday. Bad move, Sony.

Image of scepia scepia says:

"You hated them before, you hate them now"

Perhaps if Sony would actually have some positive news, that is confirmed (rumble and PSHome are totally unconfirmed), and not smeared by the idiotic statement Sony makes for the say, perhaps we would think differently.

No commenter image uploaded Nill says:

Just discontinue any and all coverage of Sony games and consoles, period.

It'd only be fair, right?

No commenter image uploaded Samos42 says:

@br549: Really? Didn't know about that? Did they release what it is? Could you link me to it? (not being sarcastic). But regardless, they were probably told about the information and would not be running it as rumored. This site holds stuff back all the time but the difference is that that is confirmed information while this was just an innocent rumor.

Image of scepia scepia says:

"Just discontinue any and all coverage of Sony games and consoles, period."

That would be hilarious. Sony is running scared, as they realize Harrison would make a idiot out of himself in any and all interviews Kotaku would do.

Image of fecalchaos fecalchaos says:

That is incredible. Is not much of what floats around the gaming community already part of the rumor wheel? What made this particular story any different?
Anyway, I think that going on with the story may not have been the best course of action, but I think standing up was the right course.
So much of journalism now stands up for all the wrong reasons. Glad Kotaku is in the right boat.
Ride it out.

Image of bugbread bugbread says:

@nicomcm: "destroy an announcement from Sony for nothing but "one more story"

How was this destroying it, though? I wasn't looking forward to their announcement before. Then Kotaku posted the rumour, and I started looking forward to the announcement.

No commenter image uploaded Will Clarke says:

Not very surprising, Sony is a pretty worthless company.

No commenter image uploaded Hellsing says:

Sony really blew it with this one. The intertubes are all talking about this now and Kotaku is just getting more respect and Sony is just getting less. Worst way Sony could have handled this situation.....Well almost the worst.

Image of cowbean cowbean says:

Does this remind anyone of the White House, and the White House Press Corps? Except, in the case of this administration, at least up until the point when Bush's approval ratings took a nosedive, the press were pretty much rolling over on command of the Decider in Chief. Thanks for bucking the trend, Kotaku; if honest journalism can't exist in politics, at least I can look for it in the game industry.

No commenter image uploaded twigg says:

I want to know the best way for all of your wonderful Kotaku readers to send a note to the "good" folks at Sony to tell them that we think the blackballing is a mistake on their part.

If this new service is really happening, then Sony needs to look at its own people and hold them accountable for the leak, not a blog whose interests lie in its readers, the same people who are potential consumers of Sony products and services.

I started my divorce with Sony a few years ago and have nearly completed it with the purchase of my Wii. This kind of nonsense is just another nail in the coffin. Shame on you, Sony.

Image of jerrt jerrt says:

i just got done saying that they have intentionally been driving around in bad pr thinking that bad pr must be the best pr.

I think this is a little too much, but i love both sony and kotaku. both of you help the other survive and i hope that things get resolved quickly.

I did think that the sony letter was well written. even though i disagree with what they are doing, they certainly were well spoken.

brian, keep up the good work. with you attitude, no one really looses. [:

Image of Batmundo Batmundo says:

Sweet Jebus! 444 comments!

I suppose there is not much I can add at this point, except to say, "Boo Sony!"

No commenter image uploaded Dinther says:

Sony: Hey look a foot! (Grabs a shotgun..)
World: "Noooo Sony don't it's your ...." BLAMMM
Sony: Auauauau (limping jumping Sony)
World: Sigh whatever

Image of Arsenal Arsenal says:


Yes they are. I don't hear Microsoft losing it's cool over a possible 360 v.2 or Nintendo threatening to take their Wii back when the New York Times reporter let all the release info out a day before their official announcement. Sony's got people doing PR that should be nowhere near a microphone or a keyboard.

No commenter image uploaded kiigan says:

Well, this is all rather embarrassing for Sony. Just when I think they can't possibly do anything worse... anyway, nicely handled Kotaku.

Sadly, too often these big companies think that by courting the bloggers - flattering them with access, interviews, and information - that the blogger in turn should disregard his audience and become a corporate mouthpiece. Glad to see that just isn't true.

It's a silly thing for Sony to get annoyed about anyway. Kotaku is perfectly within their rights to comment on rumours as long as the context is clear. Sony are within their rights to comment on the rumours if they wish. If the issue at hand is a leak, the damage is already done - once the information is out there, you can hardly expect Kotaku not to comment on it. It is at this point that Sony should have tried to make the best of a bad situation and at least ensure that the information is correct and on-message. Once a leak hits the blogosphere, there really is no point throwing tantrums. The damage is done, the announcement is pre-empted, so roll with the punches and make good of the situation. Only Sony could find a way to put an overtly negative spin and focus on what is a very positive and exciting rumour, the best PS3 news we've had in ages!

No commenter image uploaded BaloniMan says:

It must be because your a giant enemy crab... such a pity

I think that Sony erred by not giving you an exclusive in return for keeping this under wraps until announcement, but that was their risk/reward situation.

I have read so many of these comments, and there are a lot of great points. I can see both sides on this, and I can see that the Sony rep was put in an unfavorable position.

Everyday, I deal with issues in a similar way, and I have given up many possibilities for advancement because I will stand up for what is right and not just what will make some executive feel better.

On my desk, I have a prominently displayed quote quote from the last ESPN.com article written by Ralph Wiley before his death a few years ago, and I think it is appropriate for this situation:

"All a man's got is the integrity of his work."

Image of Blob1576 Blob1576 says:

They just lost alot of free advertising. They shouldn't be getting all bent out of shape because you posted something about a rumor.

No commenter image uploaded Blaaguuu says:

its not Kotaku's fault that Sony cant keep a secret as well as Nintendo, or even Microsoft. Don't blame leaks on the Journalists... blame them on the leak(er?).

I respect you guys a lot for taking this course, and i hope in due time the fools at Sony will realise how stupid they have been, and remove you from their blacklist.

Image of gtpunch gtpunch says:

* Hi, Sony here.
> How are you today.. What would you like to discuss?
* Everybody hates me, they always say mean things about me.
> Can you think of a specific example?
* Well, we messed up this PS3 launch, I mean it was a total gong show. And noone was nice to us, they all just wet themselves laughing.
> I'm not sure I understand you fully.
* OK, another example- we had a special secret, and that damned Brian Crecente went and told everybody about it.
> Can you elaborate on that?
* It's just not fair.
> I see.

Image of Z-Word Z-Word says:

If Sony's master plan is to depict themselves as a cold, ruthless and borderline fascist organization that will attempt to crush anyone who opposes their party line ... DAMN they are doing a fine job of it! Kudos to you, Sony! 2 + 2 = 5!

Image of kiyoshiro kiyoshiro says:

Oh look at that, first Gimodo, then Destructoid, now Slashdot! Sony's PR department should be fired, as all they bring Sony is bad publicity.


No commenter image uploaded Campion says:

Full points for Kotaku.

"Kotaku: Now You Will All Know Discipline!"

Image of bubuli bubuli says:

strange but true: if Brian C.'s balls were any more massive, the Earth will be dislodged from its axis of rotation and revolution around the sun.

Image of Marius Marius says:

This is huge!!!

I just can't believe it, I never thought something like this could actually happen.

Kotaku, thank you for giving us proper journalism and standing for the rights of the press. This is a proof that you are being critical and do good research above anything else.

Not to be rude, but you might have just created some of the biggest scandals of the modern gaming press' history. THis should hopefully lead to better infrastructure and understanding in the future of PR and journalism.

No commenter image uploaded BaloniMan says:

A perfect example of Sony practicing their next gen features such as real time tactic change.

just beautiful, where can i get my PSofCrap3? any store shelf ? i'm not suprised, didn't even sell out over the holiday season... i wonder why... lol

Image of Claudius Claudius says:

I too think you should post the previous e-mails (both from Sony and yours).

I trust in Kotaku as a news source for my gaming needs, so it's sad that there won't be any exclusive Sony news for a while.

Now, take this simply as a matter of discussion and a point that needs clarification (and not in a bad way, please, as I don't intend to make it sound like an accusation or anything): Wasn't this way better for you, given the traffic this site gets? Maybe this topic is getting you way more attention, which means more hits. Do we, as readers, have to be worried about anything concerning hits, traffic and such? As I said, I trust in Kotaku, so I just want to get this straight? Is it good for you guys to get all of these comments and hits?

(I must once again stress I'm not making these questions to sound like a jerk and blame you; I just need to see what I don't see :D)

Image of Scottacus Scottacus says:

Shouldn't Sony be more upset with the sources who divulged the information? Kotaku doesn't leak the information, they only report it.

I, for one, couldn't care less about the PS3 so I'm actually hopeful that there will be fewer stories to skip in the near future.

Keep up the good work.

Image of Babylonian Babylonian says:

It's lame of Sony, but what did you expect to happen? You certainly can't be surprised that they did exactly what they said they would.

No commenter image uploaded upstart says:

Just wanna add my support to you Kotaku guys with the big Kohonas to print this news despite Sony's strong-arm tactics. Kudos to you guys and a big wet rasberry Sony's. I never did like them but now I have even more reason to dislike and never buy a product of theirs again.

No commenter image uploaded Sathan says:

I have never been more proud to be a regular Kotaku reader than right now. Kotaku and Brian C. FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!

No commenter image uploaded TheJinManCan says:

Unbelievable. Well done, Kotaku, well done. As has been said, and probably thought, plenty of times already in these comments, this gives you more kudos from me in terms of reliability and integrity. From what I feel, you all are probably not missing out on anything. The only good thing you're losing is probably just your debug PS3. I mean, really, the way Sony has been running lately, what good will "exclusive" interviews with Phil Harrison do? Kaz? Anyone at Sony?

All they have done for the last year everytime they open their mouths is spew out a bunch of pure, unadulterated bullshit. You could have a long paragraph from something one of them said, and in the end, most readers will paraphrase that to, "here's a lie that we are sugar coating, followed by a dash of shit, and just a pinch of fuck you. Thank you for your time." Kotaku doesn't need Sony. All it gives Kotaku is negative feedback towards Sony in Kotaku's comments section. All it gives Sony is negative feedback from their consumers and from the rest of the industry.

As an avid gamer, it really pains me to feel this way, but I don't want to deal with Sony's PS3 at all. Their only hope for me right now is Mr Kojima and a good dose of Dante, (... er, not Dante? I guess?). The way things have been going lately, however, I wouldn't be surprised if they jump ship in the way of "non-exclusive". That's just a rumor, tough I just received an email from SCEA that they are blacklisting me as a consumer because of the rumor I just gave away.

Keep on keepin' on, Kotaku.

No commenter image uploaded kliide says:

Wow. Impressive. Sony really put its foot down...right into a giant, steaming pile of dung.


Image of scepia scepia says:

As Campion said...

"Kotaku: Now You Will All Know Discipline!"

Image of Starcade Starcade says:

I'm disappointed with Sony's reaction to the publication of the rumor. To disinvite and break off relations with Kotaku is basically akin to throwing a tantrum because they did not get their way.

Rumors occur all the time. Writers investigate. Stories are broken before they are publically known.

This is just the nature of the business.

A similiar incident occured a year ago when Joystiq published a photo of a game from E3 not yet announced, but was announced a day later.

It happens. Businesses need to realize the nature of the internet and instant communication. They need to adapt.

No commenter image uploaded protozoider says:

All for Kotaku, all against Sony. It doesn't matter if Kotaku went ahead or not. What matters is that Sony just cut one of their biggest ties to the world. They just received a lot more hate. Sony is dead for sure now. If this is any indication of how Sony wants to run its future then screw them. Obviously someone at Sony told Kotaku about this. That would be a mistake, because you don't tell a journalist something you don't want printed.

Sony is full of the stupidest employees in existence. I have always been against Sony and now I would pay to see Sony fail ultimately. I want to see every high level employee fired and blacklisted from every large business in the world. Fail Sony, fail huge and shut down Sony Computer. I never want to see another Sony video game product again. This is the dumbest move made by the company yet. You don't see Nintendo and Microsoft doing things like this.

No commenter image uploaded Coherent says:

You made the right decision. Kotaku is about news, not press releases. Leaks are more important than corporate PR. Thanks for fighting the good fight.

No commenter image uploaded Kojjiro says:

They kind of have to do that.
Would you rather give information to everyone, that means other companies so they can steal it and modify the ideas so they can use it, Or keep it secret so you can make an impact?


No commenter image uploaded subnet6 says:

A common question in the sony board room must be something like, "How many people do we have to f&ck; over to get a better reputation"?

Answer? "All of them".

Holy crap...470 posts...better put in my $0.02 before the dollar de-values.

Anyway...taking such an action against something that was labelled as a "rumour" only serves to reinforce assumptions that it wasnt a rumor, more of a leak.

Keep on fighting the good fight Kotaku.

Image of Hand_O_Death Hand_O_Death says:

Soooo, thats a confirmation on the rumor from earlier then huh?

Tell Kevin P. hi when they bring you on AOTS to talk about this.

No commenter image uploaded Judge373 says:

My girlfriend is about to finish her master's in PR, and she was shocked at how bad of a job this PR Rep has done. Sony's PR rep obviously doesn't understand how the media works, and the "gatekeeper" nature of the media in relation to PR departments. She very seriously needs to be fired.

Brian, Kotaku,

I applaud your work. I'm an avid fan of this blog and rave about it constantly. Sony is making something that would have been great buzz for the PS3 into a public-relations nightmare.

I just jumped onto the Microsoft bandwagon (oh dear lord! what am I saying!)

No commenter image uploaded usedtabe says:

Wow. Major props to Mr. Crecente. And here I am laughing at myself for thinking that you were "too nice" to Sony in some of your posts, or had a preference for them. I was wrong. Nice to see you stand up for your profession and what its about.

Image of coffeeguy coffeeguy says:

Nice Brian,
While I do look forward to my Sony news, I appreciate the seriousness with which you take your craft. Too many trade integrity for perks, whether they be a journalist, athlete, politician, well, the list goes on and on. You initially gained nothing from this and walked away with more comments than I have ever seen on any Kotaku posting. Lets hope someone at the bloggers meeting at GDC has 1/2 the balls of you and demands Sony never pull this kind of stunt again.
If not for bloggers, Sony would be limited to 30 sec snips every few weeks on the tail end of CNN or your local news for free press. It is a shame that they deny ME my news, but I'm not going to another sight, I'm staying here.

No commenter image uploaded slime says:

Those mails are suposed to be confidential; it's not nice to post them to the public.
Anyway, I'm glad you guys went ahead and published the rumor, but don't act like victims now. You broke the rules, so you can be punished.
Sony is not doing anything evil "blacklisting" you. They warned, and they can definitely do what they want to "cover" themselves.

No commenter image uploaded Rectangle says:

This will hurt Sony more than it will hurt Kotaku.

Good for you for not backing down.

Image of Konchu Konchu says:

I have to say I'm glad Kotaku stuck to their guns on this. Sony probably acted this way because this was really really big news and wanted the suprize at the GDC. But the way they responded to Kotaku when they were tring to validate the rumor was horrible. Trying to threaten them into silence is inexcusable they could have been nicer about asking them not run it maybe negotiated some exclusive content/interviews.

Cause the bottom line is if the information didnt come from Sony under a NDA Sony cant really make them stop and can only grin a bear it. Denying it would have been better PR for Sony than what this is doing. For me the news went from a cool Sony is getting there network features together to Meh.

Image of BuckTwenty BuckTwenty says:

Yeah, now I'm pretty sure that the rumor is true. Great work, Sony! You just confirmed something you probably didn't want to.

And Kotaku, keep on rockin'. Thank you for having the balls to do this.

No commenter image uploaded BGSS says:

Somebody should point out that it is VERY common for big announcements to hit the web before they are officially announced. Remember when the nunchuck motion sensitivity was leaked early? Remember when nearly everything at Microsoft's event where they announced Halo RTS/Peter Jackson games/Splinter Cell 5 Exclusivity/etc was leaked early?

The fact of the matter is this is a VERY common thing, Nintendo and Microsoft just lived with it, because no matter how much you try to be a bully, you can't stop the internet. If it wasn't kotaku reporting it, it would have been some other sites (and other sites have).

No commenter image uploaded NYLatenite says:

Huge props for not backing down on this one guys. I really don't think Sony understands just how much the landscape has changed since the days of the PS1 and early days of the PS2.

They really do still seem to think that this is still the day when magazines would have to report exactly what they said, in the tone they said it, or risk being cut off from the source - which in those days would have been a death sentence. To put it simply, times have changed - as have the ways in which most gamers get their news.

While Microsoft strives to communicate directly with it's customers and Nintendo is quickly adapting to that model as well, it's almost funny how far Sony keeps going to stick their foot in their mouth on a regular basis from up on high where the peasants can't reach. If they want to cut themselves off from communicating with a place where so many of their customers get their news, so be it. It's just another sign of how they don't "get it"

/salute Kotaku

No commenter image uploaded JrezIN says:

Congrats to Kotaku for standing as real journalists and not just another PR controled machines out there.
That's was a big provation of "not selling out", and acording to all analisys of great heroes in fiction, they all have a moment of provation like this... after that they became heroes! ;]

Image of Thomaticus Thomaticus says:

Sony should be greatful to Kotaku, for covering them in a positive light, and giving fans good news, and clarification on bad news. With the all the bad news, and bad press, Kotaku stayed vigilant in their quest to get not just negative news but positive news to the community in regards to the Sony brand.

I love KOTAKU!!!!!


If anything blackball fortune, and smartmoney for saying that the PS3 is a bust!

Image of Toasticus Toasticus says:

The comments on the Slashdot article about this whole debacle are disturbing. Most of the people there seem to think that Kotaku warranted this punshiment by breaking a NDA. I guess sometimes I forget how much faith the general public has in Sony.

Image of epionx111 epionx111 says:

i swear, sony has this development thing all backwards:

step 1:
- make rumors about potential project ideas to trigger public response
- collect feedback from people excited or disgusted about ideas
- take steps to guarantee things that people are excited about become a reality and lives up to the anticipation

.... NOT

- man outrages claims about changing the world
- get pissed off about a rumor concerning something that's going to happen tuesday...
- get the people they're supposed to be marketing to angry.

... funny stuff sony. This one I can forsee being in the MBA textbooks one day..

... now roll of the dice: am i number 500?

Keep fighting the good fight of truth for every one no matter what kotaku!

No commenter image uploaded MiLeS says:

First Liksang, the Kotaku, what's next, Phil's mother? Sony is like that 14 years old nub ganking low lvled ppl in Crossroads. Pussies!

No commenter image uploaded RcP says:

Way to go Brian. It's about time some journalism happened in the videogames space. Break the tyranny of the videogame PR harpies!

Image of AxelCloris AxelCloris says:

Good choice, Brian. Sony made a huge mistake that will only tarnish their reputation further.

No commenter image uploaded mfelps says:

Wow, guys. I'm impressed. You'll be fine, of course. Thank you.

Image of ARVash ARVash says:

Sony.. Single player Russian Roulette isn't smart, one of these days you'll actually die..

I think the shirt should say with a picture of a black ball.

Blackballed By Sony

(and on the back)


Sooo, anyone wanna boycott? like official and stuffs?


Image of Sharpless Sharpless says:

Here's the current status of my opinions of all involved:

Respect for Kotaku/Crecente: +22
Respect for Sony: -36
Respect for Destructoid/Summa: +1000

So that puts Sony, overall, at around... oh, -5937, I'd say. Approximately. Here's hoping they get a clue before that number reaches five digits.

No commenter image uploaded Floatnsink says:

F**k Sony, Smug bastards. I work with PR people and they do have that attitude of babies when it does go their way. You had information, and we want information. If it was so secret for only you to know then they shouldn't have told you. But these people are so narcissistic that they feel the need to share with journalisms information at times to feel special or something. I mean come on you did your job you got a rumor and you reported it because well its what you do. For them to stop that sh*t is for them just being little babies. This makes me lose even more respect for Sony. I already lost respect for the Oscars Sunday so lets see more corporations try to just screw sh*t over with mediocre crap because you know its so common today, and PR people are just the worst makes you want to make them homeless so they can suffer for a little and maybe learn to treat people with decency.

This is a great blog whenever I read it. You did the right thing. Hell cover just Xbox360 and Wii, tell Sony we don't want their sh*t cause this just makes me I might at a Xbox360 next to my Wii for support to get Sony out of business

No commenter image uploaded leshrac55 says:


You are exactly right... Whether you agree or disagree with this, Sony's PR department has basically been a huge negative for them throughout the PS3 pre-launch and post-launch. All Sony needed to do was say "No comment" or, hell, even deny the rumor, and Kotaku probably wouldn't have posted, or at the very least, it would've basically had no weight, and would've quickly disappeared to the back of people's minds.

Yes, Sony would've been lying, but at least it would've been a lie that people could understand later on (trying to keep a project under wraps, rather than the ridiculous, easily refutable lies and spins they've been spouting recently). I suppose Sony thought that keeping it completely under wraps was an absolute necessity, and that the negative backlash AND the leaking of the rumor was a risk they were willing to take... They basically raised the stakes too high and lost.


No commenter image uploaded TruGamer says:

The fact that this is my blog EVER speaks volumes..I hand to Brian C. Good one!!!

I used to worship Sony growing up, and when they
entered the gaming arena i was even more excited
as an avid gamer. Who would have thought that now
i would be so disgusted with the entire company
and it's frankly poor-quality products/PR that
i will never buy another Sony product again!!
FUCK SONY and their "bigger then GOD" bullshit.As
consumers we need to send a strong message back.

Image of devilmoon devilmoon says:

Sony is simply concerned right now with not looking bad and this, for right or wrong, is yet another example of how far off the mark Sony is right now in relation to its consumers.

I still don't think Sony understands exactly what blogs are (and are not). They are not extensions of their corporate mindset where all news is reported on their terms and in their terminology (that's what their own social gamer site is for). They have yet to learn the power that blogs have already exercised in politics as the voice of people motivated by an idea. These ideas will never fall under complete influence the targeted person or organization, but they are certainly part of a dialogue intended to keep the target open and honest.

What a disappointment that Sony, in one of its most extreme low points fails to see this in order to prove a point.

As for me, I have been holding off on the decision to buy a 360 or PS3 next. I'm almost positive I'm going to buy a 360 now. Sony will have to try harder to prove itself to us.

Image of Ikaruga Ikaruga says:

It's funny because we'll be able to look back to this and laugh.....right?

P.S: Is this teh most commented article ever on Kotaku? Wowww. I have to be the 500th commenter on this one.

No commenter image uploaded scopa says:

Wow, but a bonehead move by Sony. Just let the story run and deny it when people call to ask you about it. The internet is a busy place, this rumor probably would have been picked up and read by the diehard Sony fans, but otherwise would have been buried in a day or so.

Now, however, every tech blog is going to pick this up and run with it. "Big mean Sony picks on Kotaku!!!" "Sony is teh Evil!"

No commenter image uploaded Infil says:

I'm posting after the makeup has happened, and I'm like the 500th comment so no one will ever read this, but I'll also add my kudos to Kotaku for sticking to your journalistic integrity. Good job, guys. I now know where I can come for REAL news, not spoonfed news siphoned down from execs who've given it the OK.

I've been reading Kotaku a lot more in recent weeks, and I really am starting to feel like this place is home for gaming news now.

Image of Terroris Terroris says:

the r is not linked in resolve. T3H NOOBLETS.


Image of Gio Gio says:


OK, I take your word for it. I must admit though, I was kinda nervous chatting to the guy - he was very calm and collected so it sorta felt like I was only rambling nonsense and not being as direct as I wanted to. But, putting that aside, I am really upset that they would pull off an act like this, its very unprofessional, and just the thought of them threatening Kotaku in that way is both appalling and disrespectful.

In the end, I think you guys did a good job which at least shows that you cared enough about us to make a risk that would cost you (not only you, but all of us). As for Sony - they better rethink their decision because it is not helping them in anyway, besides, it was only a "rumor".

No commenter image uploaded TheNatural says:

Good job Brian, you have risen from everyday internet blogger to King of the Internets!!!

Image of Wernstar Wernstar says:

Well, I read you comment Infil, the only one I read actually since I may be the 501st poster.

Any who, that was a classy response Crecente, and it's good to see that you didn't back down. If Sony responded that harshly, it must be true. Well done.

No commenter image uploaded WaterMedia says:

I love you Kotaku.

Image of coolyfooly88 coolyfooly88 says:

Brian, you are one badass pirate.

Image of noremac noremac says:

you had me at "blackball"

damn, so i guess that idea i have of continually taking camera phone pictures of the Piles of PS3's i see in stores, compared to the barren Wii shelves at the same time, and sending them to you guys to post is not a good idea at this juncture?

Image of Fnor Fnor says:

Really, defending Sony is ridiculous. The idea that a company can control information about them, when the source was not part of their organization (and even within the organization) is ridiculous. The idea that a "relationship" with Sony is more important than the integrity of a news outlet is even worse. People give Kotaku a lot of credit for this. I do not. They did exactly what they should have done, and we should expect that, in every case.

There is no reason to humor a company like this. While this story may be a rumor, and may be "minor," you take that argument to its logical endpoint and all we have is corporate shills.

No commenter image uploaded Runna says:

What is really sad is THis is NEWs SONY needs! I mean the rUmor of course. Sony needs the word of mouth that nintendo had. It's funny though the more you try to keep controll in a shit storm the more you tend to slide towards the guard rail. Sony should be seeding the news out lets and blogs with info instead of confidence. We don't want a popular kid before home coming we want a crafty smart nerd ready to take on the friggin world!

Kotaku gets way too many hits to be this silly and the way things are going you have to wonder if this blog even needs direct access to Sony. If any thing this made Kotaku even more famous!
Rock on Special K rock on! Sony knows they need you now more than ever.. hell they need us all!

LOL you could also look at this as sony really trying to squeeze more sales for their system too...LOL Just one more man! Come on sony every one talks about rumors and for you to threatenn people then it must be true. Infact Sony better hope it's true.

Image of jgross jgross says:

i hope that one day i can shake your hook-hand, crecente, for you've done us nerds proud. a beer for you if you'rn' the city of angels!

No commenter image uploaded Aurien says:

Incredible... just... incredible. Tho hardly suprising.

No commenter image uploaded Ixero says:

Sweet... So when is Kotaku getting canned?

No commenter image uploaded Runna says:

Maybe Sony should learn how to use a NDA. I mean they are a corp right? Then to think I mean come on if you even read the post here they would have known what kotaku would have done...LOL

Man kotaku is the best right now. You have to also wonder if this is how they have treated other news blogs and Ummm other *1UPcough burp* sites.

No commenter image uploaded RedR0B0T says:

I hate P.R. people more than I hate Dynasty Warriors.
They seem to be under the impression that this site (and sites like it) are really just a source of free advertising for them.
So I'm not surprised that Sony expected you to be a "team player" and stay on message.

They'll come back around.
I mean, if this story IS true, when they announce it officially, their reason for being miffed will be moot.
At any rate, I'm sure you guys will be buddy-buddy again way before any worthwhile software drops for the PS3.

No commenter image uploaded Montcarlo says:

I'm going to have to side with sony on this one. We are talking about the gaming industry here, not world politics or life and death. It's not that they were asking for you to paint a glossy picture of them, or make it so that there bottom line would be higher. As a mutual friend they were asking for you to not print a rumor that may or may not be true...the first time I'm sure they have ever asked you to do this. I mean is it really a fight worth fighting? It seems so minimus.

No commenter image uploaded jjmusicman29 says:

Sony is a bullshitting asshole.

Do they not realize that you have free speech and press, and can post WHATEVER the hell you want, without them having to threaten to discommunicate all relations, simply because you post rumors? Game blogs are all about rumors. If everything was official, nothing would make it exciting. Good God.

Image of Excalibur Excalibur says:

Journalism should be more important than marketing any day of the week, and I'm glad to see that you guys weren'y afraid to stand up for that. Rock on.

No commenter image uploaded GhaleonQ says:

Bah. Good.

Image of angry_poster angry_poster says:

+1 Kotaku....

Image of k1dsmoke k1dsmoke says:

I'm sure I'm late to the dance here, but Brian how much information on Kotaku comes from the public forum?

As you've said before you see this site as more of a gaming culture site than a direct news site.

My point is... Even if they hadn't made up and played nice you would still get the same amount of "private" Sony information as you always have.

This also further imprints in my mind that Sony has totally lost touch with the public. Who is it that has turned up in arms with Sony? It's not kids or moms n' dads; it's us twenty somethings that ACTUALLY PAY ATTENTION TO THIS KIND OF STUFF!

What did Sony think was going to happen? That you would be strong armed into obeying them?

Image of Erzengel Erzengel says:

Sony just keep what it started to do some time ago, diggin their own grave. PS3 may become the next Dreamcast.

No commenter image uploaded Big_Jock says:

"it will not effect our continuing coverage"

I think it's spelt affect, effect is a noun.

Sorry I make that mistake too and am now sensitive to it.

Image of Barts_706 Barts_706 says:


Well, Kotaku, respect to you, and Sony, shame on you.

That said, isn't it a little so that you thought this alone would make a good story and you still have some Sony insiders, so you chose to act rebel and independent after (very carefully) weighing in the outcoumes of two variants, eh?


Image of .TakaM .TakaM says:

sony is a big fucking joke, no loss at all.

No commenter image uploaded maloney says:

Wow @ 580+ comments.
Wow @ Sony.

I won't pretend I have read all of the comments, isn't it ironic though that when a rumour breaks for Sony for something that might actually be good (exciting even) they go and mess it all up with their heavy handidness.

Good job Kotaku!

Image of bugbread bugbread says:

@Big_Jock: I think it's spelt affect, effect is a noun.

You're right, in this case, it's "affect", not "effect", but "effect" is actually both a noun and a verb. As a noun, it means "result". As a verb, though, it means "cause, bring about". So:

The politician effected lasting change.
The change affected how things were done.

No commenter image uploaded Gasface says:

Sony is a publicly traded company. It is completely reasonable for them to request that you not report a rumour. If I was in their position I would cut off relations with you also.

Internet fights always dissolve into grammar bullshit.

Quit it, Internet.

I'm serious. I'll turn these tubes around right now.

No commenter image uploaded snowferret says:

Sony just wants you in thier pocket. Fuck them.
You're not going to do everything they say just because they give you a couple free PS3s. You don't work for them. Where do they think they get off telling journalists what to publish? They want to keep thier little Sims knock-off game a secret untill they can make the most money off it? Well.. too bad. Now we know. Oh no! The cat is out of the bag! Now I will never buy any more Sony products or something... Get a life Sony yuo ca't buy the media with swag.

Image of WMeredith WMeredith says:

Why am I not surprised that, once again, Sony is totally clueless when it comes to what their customers want.

No commenter image uploaded photog says:

sony: please don't do this.
kotaku: we're gonna do it anyway.
sony: please don't.
kotaku: we already did it.
sony: you obviously don't respect me, we can't be friends.
kotaku: oh yeah, well let me air out some more dirty laundry...
sony: i'm definitely sure we shouldn't be friends now.
kotakufanboys: sony you suck.
sony: you've missed the point.
kotakufanboys: but your products suck and you're lame.
sony: this isn't about lameness. it's not about products. it's not about fanboys. it's about respect in relationships and professional integrity.
kotaku: oh, here's a few more dirty socks and boxers to add to the pile.
kotakufanboys: mmm. skidmarks.
sony: sigh...

No commenter image uploaded punkasscrab says:

I was not one of those Sony haters, even bought a PS3. But I totally believe in freedom of the press (and blog) and even pressure from an ouside source is not acceptable. I swear to god I have just scratched the SONY Dream System from my list of potential surround systems.

Image of JohnD212 JohnD212 says:

Screw Sony - Made up or not - they don't deserve our hard earned US Dollars ... Its like the kid on the playground who feels picked on...sometimes they're the most mean kid... Welcome to SOny's World....now go home!

No commenter image uploaded Donair360 says:

G99: "Hey Brain [and all of your staffers] I applaud your efforts to stay as a media and journalism company instead of basically free advertisement for them."

I agree with you G99 and couldn't have said it better myself. Brian and Kotaku staff, I support and respect your decision 100%.
I've been a long time lurker but this was the one post that broke the proverbial camels' back and forced me to post. Keep up the great work Brian!!!

No commenter image uploaded Tear says:


Ah, distortions are great. Lies must make the man, after all. I probably could do the same thing. Let me try...

Kotaku: Dear sir, I wanted to check with you about said rumor. We are planning to post this rumor as a rumor, but we wanted to get your side of the story, with all due respect. We went to to try and pin down the veracity of the rumor before publishing and before going live with the rumor, we wanted to talk to you, to make sure we put it in the correct context.

Sony: Uh yeah, about that. I don't want you to post it.

Kotaku: Huh? Umm, sir, we were going to post this rumor on behalf of our readers, and would like information from your side.

Sony: Okay buster, you listen here. You go and post that and it'll seriously ruined our professional relationship. So you better not post it.

Kotaku: Sir, as an independent news blog, we must go forward with this story. As part of the gaming news industry, we know that sometimes, new don't always come from official sources.

Sony: How dare you question me! I put the clothes on your back and I can take it away. I own you, independent my ass. You do what you say and you'll be sure that we're very likely going to ban you from the whole industry within our grasp. And you know that little expensive toy I gave you for Christmas? I'm taking it back. *slap*

Kotaku: *sob* Oh cruel, unfair world. You know obeying our great, powerful sponsor will make us turn our backs on everything we believe in! To give us no choice... *braces himself* For the sake of journalism, I give my life! *stabs self*

Sony: Fool, you shall now incur my wrath. Die!

Kotaku Fanboys: Noooo, my friend! My dear friend... *sob*

Anyway, I'm glad the situation improved. Hopefully things well go back to the way they were.

Image of Mansteak Mansteak says:

So, Brian... do they clank when you walk?

No commenter image uploaded Bomb-Omb says:

Wow. What a bunch of jerks. This reminds me of the Lik-Sang.Com incident. Does Sony have some secret goal pissing all their fans off?

No commenter image uploaded Raring says:

"I can't defend outlets that can't work cooperatively with us. "

In other words, "Write or don't write what we say, or else."

Score one for Kotaku. -20 for Sony (which now stands at -377 on the Karma scale)

you say:

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