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March 12007

Rumor: Sony To Unveil PlayStation Home

HOME SWEET HOMEWe just received a very interesting tip that, while juicy and quite believable, we're labeling as rumor for now. As you are probably well aware, GDC executive director Jamil Moledina set Sony's Phil Harrison up for the spike yesterday, claiming that PLAYSTATION 3 owners will be "very happy" when Phil's keynote takes place next week.

Could the PlayStation Home, Sony's blending of achievements and Miis be that big surprise?

While the rumor seems to make sense, keep in mind while reading through it that it came from an anonymous source and that the half-dozen development studios we spoke with hadn't heard a thing about it.

Sony, when contacted earlier today, said they do not comment on rumors or speculation.

Playstation Home sounds like it could be an interesting, lo-fi, killer app, as described by our source.

Basically, you get to make an avatar for your console (like a Mii) and this avatar has a room. As you play games and accomplish certain tasks, you will receive items with which to adorn the room that are specific to the game (achievements). The kicker is that this is going to be a new requirement for every PS3 game...

This also sounds kind of like it could fulfill the promise Sony made at last year's GDC keynote to bring social networking to the PS3.

So we move from product based to service based, starting with packaged product augmented by downloadble content. We'll enhance this with social networks, the MySpace experience, this will be a key part of the PlayStation3 going forward. What brings it to life is the voice chat, the text chat, the video, the social features we're building in for the future.

Rooting around some recent (and not so recent) comments from Sony spokespeople, we find some things that might just validate this.

From Phil's recently published DICE interview with Newsweek editor N'Gai Croal comes this tidbit, following a discussion on the "lo-fi" approach Nintendo took with their Mii avatars:

If you are going to have an avatar which is your representative in a virtual world, it has to stand for more of your personality than some 2-D cartoons. So while I think that millions of people would be happy with cartoony looks, the planet at large probably isn't. And it's an experiment that will be played out very soon, actually.

From Dutch gaming site Next Generation Gamer comes this choice quote from an unidentified Sony rep:

We have something big coming up for the PlayStation Network, but I can't say anything about that yet. It has something to do with the Home Button on the SIXAXIS controller, and with the community.

Again, this is rumor. Our source continues to remain anonymous. Sony could be announcing the robust set of social features it has been touting for a long time, ones that go beyond voice and video chat, and tap into the collective and competitive feature sets that helped make both Xbox Live and Animal Crossing a hit with gamers.

Brian Crecente contributed to this story.

No commenter image uploaded Scot says:

........I'm REALLY scared of what is going to happen next........

Simply because of the internet's tubes being clogged by the response

Image of B33 B33 says:

Not a bad idea. Beats nothing... Although the bad part is there's already a few PS3 titles out there that do not support this feature.

Image of doubtful doubtful says:

That sounds cool, if not entirely original, but why on Earth didn't they have it ready to go at launch, assuming it is real?

No commenter image uploaded Karttikeya says:

I wouldn't be surprised. Phil Harrison has made references to Second Life and Digital Object Distribution in plenty of his answers to questions.

The Nintendo fanboys will call Sony copy cats, and I'll be laughing at their ignorance.

No commenter image uploaded sirpilf says:

sounds like BS to me but if it was true id be the happiest PS3 owner ever. I own a 360 and it just pisses me off how sony can suck so much with their online download store. Please get rid of the stupid curser controlled ps store.

So its like Animal crossing but with Miis. All im gonna say is that a suppoused market leader shouldn't be follwing someonelse.

P.s sony should get their own fucking ideas for once.

Image of heretrix heretrix says:

"Basically, you get to make an avatar for your console (like a Mii) and this avatar has a room. As you play games and accomplish certain tasks, you will receive items with which to adorn the room that are specific to the game (achievements)."

Hesus christ on a skateboard! Can Sony do anything fucking original anymore? I'm not planning on kicking 6 bills on a console that basically is just adding shit from everybody else....

Image of subject117 subject117 says:

I hope this is true...that would rock.

Maybe it's something where people can see your "house/room" and check out your cool crap on the wall from beating shitty games like Genji. I think you get a big turd on your wall if you beat that one.

No commenter image uploaded Karttikeya says:

Stop calling it an Animal Crossing/Mii knockoff (neither of which are original). It's not, it's more relatable to the Sims or Second Life.

Image of Scazza Scazza says:

Sounds more like the bedroom in phantasy star universe... a coat of paint, and avatar, and some shitty achievments that feel tacked on at best... welcome to the party Sony... copy much?

No commenter image uploaded phinehas says:

If this is true, I'm not sure whether it's scarier for Nintendo or for XBox. Or if it's scary at all.

But it certainly would bring a certain much-needed sense of completion to the console.

No commenter image uploaded hegemonyhog says:

The next generation doesn't begin until Sony says Microsoft and Nintendo already began it.

No commenter image uploaded DBX00 says:

Maybe you guys are missing the point; Think Sims or WoW but with a 3D representation of yourself. You simple have to use the USB Webcam or EyeToy HD to take several 2D pictures and the PS3 will convert that into a 3D representation. The photo viewer already has the analytical software (as mentioned in the interview). If you are walking around a neighborhood instead of browsing a site to visit friends "rooms" instead of webpages. If they built it so that the network itself was a 3D world, that would be cool as hell.

No commenter image uploaded Lyme says:

This is sooo cool!! You'll be able to make a Avatar for the Sony System, lets call it ASS for short. But because Sony has integration problems you'll have to make a new ASS for each game/title. Possibly you'll be able to use the motion control on the joystick to move your ASS. In the least with the PS3 and Sony, your going to get a lot of ASS.

Image of mikevsworld mikevsworld says:

Who cares?

No commenter image uploaded yidali says:

Would be interesting if PS3 would get achievements, would knock off the retarded fanboy comments about how achievements are worthless when both consoles have them.

No commenter image uploaded MaXiMuM says:


Why not? That's exactly the kind of console i'd like to have. A console that can take good ideas that work from their competitors and make them its own.

Image of lefty420 lefty420 says:

my response.... Meh

not something that will make me pay 500 for a rumble-less console. I did not buy my 360 for achievments though they are fun and the rewards program is cool.

i was actually hoping sony would announce rumble features being added back in. Part of my reason for not caring bout the ps3 plus its 500 price tag. Pay more for less, and the comments by sony that rumble is last gen and not needed. Man they make me angry.

So have fun in your virtual rooms lol. For me i still sit mad over my rumble and ope this is not the big news for gdc

No commenter image uploaded aden.exe says:

One avatar per console? Not enough memory for one avatar per player?

But seriously, worst attempt at any sort of functionality ever. 360 has the achievements, wii has the miis. they dont mix well, so dont do it.

No commenter image uploaded arcthemonkey says:

Why is it that the same people who get pissy when Sony doesn't have a feature they like get even more pissy when they do get it?

What you are implying, essentially, is that the PS3 should not have features you like.

But wait, you want NEW features you like, but you also want old features you like, but you get pissy if you get those old features because you can get those old features elsewhere, and basically nothing Sony could ever do could ever satisfy you.

Sounds intriguing to me, and hate to break it to you, but it's different enough from both systems that it's still unique. Unless of course you want "Disembodied head screaming profanity intermingled with your various achievements, then slowly transforming into each of your distant relatives while blood pours from its eye sockets." That would be unique, yes. It would also be stupid.

Image of Rioracer916 Rioracer916 says:

For a hardcore gamer system at a hardcore price point, I don't see why they even bother adding inane things like a Mii-like social networking system. I don't see many mothers grand parents and little sisters flocking to play Resistance because it has a Mii rip off.

I'm sure bloody 2D avatars and stylish ways of displaying "PWNed!" would be more appealing to Sony's target audience.

This philosophy of trying to do everything the competition is doing but worse, and out of context to the product they sell, is really hurting the PS3 right now.

What WOULD make the PS3 better would have been to actually followed through with what they promised initially. Killzone 2 prerender quality graphics in games, dual 1080P output, integrated router, keeping hardware backwards compatibility. That is enough to justify $200 more than the competition. Another half baked Nintendo idea doesn't cut it.

No commenter image uploaded Cartman86 says:

What can sony add that someone else hasn't already done? I mean short of making a VR helmet most of the ideas are taken. Microsoft copied Sony's Eyetoy, but who cares. Sony copying microsoft with acheivments etc is in my mind a requirement. I can't stand not having them in my Wii and PS3 games. Sometimes there are just new features that you have to copy. Especially stuff like Xbox Live. The more Sony copies it the better.

@doubtful: didn't have it at launch cause they didn't fully know of the Mii and needed to know before they can copy it...

someone had to say it!

Image of Scazza Scazza says:

"Microsoft copied Sony's Eyetoy, but who cares."

Sony copied Macromedia Flash from about 6 years ago.

No commenter image uploaded Hellsing says:

If this is true it certainly doesn't make me a very happy PS3 owner. I'd prefer to hear some news on games.

Image of mokona7 mokona7 says:

Sony does what Ninten.....does.
Eh, I should be more fair and open-minded towards Sony. Afterall, they're stealing from Microsoft too.

No commenter image uploaded Karttikeya says:

When did Nintendo invent 3D avatars?!?! That's right, they didn't.

No commenter image uploaded Lachoy says:

I just love how everyone jumps on Sony's case because they don't have anything like achievements, then (if the rumors are true) they one-up achievements and mii's and everyone jumps on their case for having something like achievements. Hypocrites.

I think it's cool as hell and hope it turns out to be true. Remember, everything you see around you was taken from one persons idea and improved upon by another. That's how PROGRESS happens. There is nothing new under the sun. . .

No commenter image uploaded Devil says:

I would be nice if they annouce that Rumble and Force Feedback will be added back on, but it would also be nice if Santa Clause would also give me whats really on list.

No commenter image uploaded McWhertor says:

If true, I think this will be great. Obviously, we'll have to see how it's implemented, but it's just one more feature added to the PS3 (for free, most likely) that could match Xbox Live functionality. And that's a GOOD THING.

Image of DrakeLake DrakeLake says:

One of these days, Kotaku should just turn the comments off. Just one day.

Jeez, you guys are all gamers, hardcore ones at that. Stop bickering at each other and get along already.

Image of mokona7 mokona7 says:

Progress is made by doing what other people have already done? Is that why we're still playing games on cartri.... oh wait, we're not. They're on discs now.


No they didn't, but the fact that Sony is announcing it after seeing its success on the Wii is lame

Image of Mezodon Mezodon says:

Whatever... this sounds like a whole bunch of fluff to me. I buy consoles so I can play games, not screw around with all of this stuff. If I had wasted $600 to be a PS3 owner, this news would certainly not make me "very happy."

No commenter image uploaded RomeoDude says:

Sounds cool, but I would lose even more respect for Sony. If they can pull this off without making it seem a lot like achievements and Miis, them maybe I'll change my opinion. What's next, a reward program for the Playstation House? Achievements and incentives are Microsoft territory. Stay back Sony.

Image of Robotube Robotube says:

Oh man...local news stations must be popping some serious chub waiting to report how the PS3 is now going to become a child molestor magnet.

No commenter image uploaded KeithC says:

I doubt this is what he was talking about, though it's an interesting rumor. Why do I think that this isn't it? For all the mistakes SONY has made in the past few months I wouldn't still exactly label the company as stupid. Yes, their comments make it seem like they're refusing to admit the console is indeed in trouble, but they more than likely do know it. They know that this is their chance to turn the tide of bad press and possibly bad sales.

Something tells me a feature like this simply won't do it, nor make PS3 owners the happy boys that Phil seems to be promising. Right now the PS3 needs a huge bit of news. Along the lines of a huge exclusive being brought out this year or a series of exclusives, or more.

And for those of you that arguing that the idea is not a copy of both the 360 achievements and a copy of the Mii's, well... maybe you're right. After all, we have no concrete information on this idea. But from what the description sounds like, it will look remarkably similar. And as much as you argue otherwise think about what the general public will think of first when they see the idea. Yeah, been done, for 100-350 dollars LESS. It needs to be RADICALLY different to not create that effect in consumers.

Personally? I think the announcement is one of two things:

Thing the first - A media based imrpovement - a huge expansion of the PS3 Online store. Movies, TV, music, etc etc.

Thing the second - an MMORPG that we all know and love. Not WoW, as previous comments from Blizzard point towards a no for that. But could it be something along the lines of Everquest? Guild Wars? Or something more "indie" such as Eve-Online?

No commenter image uploaded DBX00 says:

Seriously, you guys just are missing the boat. Yes, you get stuff for reaching certain tasks in games. However, we don't know what that stuff constitutes. Secondly, he mentions virtual world and social networking which is something far from the achievements and Mii avatars. We'll see how they implement this into the whole PSN, but it definitely isn't just a Mii and achievements.

Image of Doomstalk Doomstalk says:

@Cartman86: You post was very enlightening. I wasn't aware that Sony invented the webcam!

No commenter image uploaded K-OSS says:

Sony doing what Sony does best, taking some elses stuff and making it loads better.

Image of PhotoBoy PhotoBoy says:

Sounds interesting but you can be certain Sony wouldn't have done this if Nintendo hadn't already popularised the idea with the Miis and MS hadn't innovated with the achievements. This also explains why Harrison was calling the Miis crude and basic the other day.

No commenter image uploaded KeithC says:

Sorry for double commenting in a row, but I just thought a question I'll pose to the commentor's -

If a gaming console copied all the "original" ideas of every other console - motion controls, Miis, Achievements, (I can't think of something for the PS3 so *insert example here*), and then came up with a few minor creative ideas on its own, wouldn't this console just be delivering what people want?

I myself am mixed on this idea. On one hand I get pissed when I see a company blatantly copying another one's incredibly creative ideas. On the other hand, I don't mind at all not having to worry about losing a feature by choosing a particular brand.

Just food for thought.

Image of NinjaBall NinjaBall says:


Amen to that. It's getting silly in here.

No commenter image uploaded Karttikeya says:

Oh, so after Nintendo does it, it becomes "lame" or considered "copying".

Phil Harrison has been talking about Digital Object Distribution and has made references to Second Life numerous times, before the PS3 launched and before the Wii Prelaunch Press Event. I doubt Nintendo had an influence to make them start this idea, more like the influence just to get the feature out the door sooner.

Image of jackal888 jackal888 says:

Who cares if its not an original idea. Gamer score was not original. Ratchet& Clank series has had achievement points from the beginning.Miis are not original either, there are many games with make your own avatar(Maple Story is one.). If Sony does this and it is a done well. I think it will give PS# the publicity needed right before a major launch.

Image of NinjaBall NinjaBall says:


I agree with you. Sony isn't copying anything. Read back a few months and Sony was talking about all of these things before the Wii was on shelves.

While we're at it, Nintendo didn't invent avatars, motion sensing or an online meeting space. Strange how when Nintendo "copies" these things, they're being "innovative".

No commenter image uploaded VakeroRokero says:

Sounds like Mii Too... Sony, Sony... can you make something yourself with 1000s of people working for you???

Image of ortholomeux ortholomeux says:

"i was actually hoping sony would announce rumble features being added back in."

are you serious?

you know that the guts for that stuff isn't inside the sixaxis. you know that, right? you can't just make rumble appear. it's moving mechanical parts inside the controller.

oh, and then there is the lawsuit and patent infringement issue.

smarten up.

No commenter image uploaded Karttikeya says:

Ratchet and Clank achievement points wasn't a good example, because the word achievement is the only thing they have in common. Because the achievement features is across all games that works more like a completion bar in the games you've played on Xbox 360.

No commenter image uploaded XsTatiC says:

I comment on rumours and speculation.

No commenter image uploaded Torgo says:

I love Fanboy'ism. Why is it that every time a post is made about the PS3, a big bunch of lurkers has to invade the comments, just to try and piss off the people that own and enjoy their PS3?

I own almost every system ever made, and I have 18 systems hooked-up right now. I have a Wii, PS3, and a 360, so I try to be as objective as possible.

With that, I really like my PS3, and with VF5, Tekken:DR, MK II with online play for $5, MLB '07: The Show, and Motorstorm, I'll be enjoying it even more. Hell, I've been playing flOw a LOT more than I ever expected too.

If you like your 360 and/or Wii, great, so do I. But that doesn't mean that the PS3 is automatically something to hate. Use your aggression towards something that actually deserves it, like Nazi's or something.

None of these companies care about you, all of them lie and copy each other. Get over yourself.

No commenter image uploaded Omikaru says:

This is a bit too "casual gamer" for me to appreciate. I hate social networking; it's complete garbage.

Novel idea (even if functions of it are grafted from Nintendo's and MS's consoles), but PERSONALLY it doesn't attract me towards the system at all. I think a centralized service ala Xbox Live, only free, would have been enough. I don't want to play Habbo Hotel/Second Life on my PS3, I just want to play games with my friends (both online and those in the real world whom I see every day) with access to downloads for my games (or whole new games ala XBLA) all through a centralized service so the jumping between games and services is seamless.

Image of MJD MJD says:

I think this sounds neat. I don't understand all this copying crap people are talking about. You know damn well you wish Nintendo and Sony would copy XBOX Live. And nobody would say anything but praise if they did copy it. It's not really copying to me, if it is what the people want. If everyone for some reason wanted a red console, and you only sold blue, but no-one was buying it, you'd damn well better make a red console. And you would. I am a Nintendo fan, about to get a 360 of my own, and I would kill for the Wii to have XBOX Live-like online play.

Image of MJD MJD says:

I totally agree with Torgo, and I also cringe when I think of the movie that has Torgo in it. MST3K FTW!

No commenter image uploaded moonfirelol says:

@ortholomeux: I am sure he means they will do what they did during the PS1 era; start releasing new controllers with the new feature/s. Kinda ironic you told him to "smarten up", wouldn't you say?

No commenter image uploaded Torgo says:


The Master Approves

Image of fallingdove fallingdove says:

Originality? Give me a break, originality doesn't exist in video games anymore. Its all about implementing popular features.

I think its an awesome idea. It won't be the PS3s saviour though. It would be a great step for Sony though.

Image of mokona7 mokona7 says:

Problem is, Nintendo took ideas that were prevalent and common under different contexts. Avatars and online communities have been widely used for purposes of online forums and MMOs. However, to apply it to a console is a form of innovation. The same applies to motion controls which usually was limited to certain arcade cabinets. But a home console? and used widely for many different games of all genres? That, too, is innovation.
Sony, however, takes innovations that were already applied to home console gaming and decide to apply it to their own console. This generation, Sony is the company that made do with hardly any original content. Microsoft has achievement points, mic and headphone sets, and online stores for demos and original content. Nintendo has made wide use of motion controls, readily available free downloads and extra content (channels), 3-d avatars (Miis), Virtual Console, and (not currently, but in the future) compatibility with the DS for additional gameplay options. Sony? I guess they're innovative in the sense that they made their console much more expensive than their competition, yet it doesn't stand up to the processing power of the much cheaper 360.

Image of Barbara Barbara says:

McWhertor, doesn't this sounds like an Western version of the white cat Toro game (if you played it) albeit with more features. the basic principle is the same.

No commenter image uploaded GoonieGooGoo says:

The thing I wonder is if SONY is pulling another one on developers....announcing this without any of them knowing about it (i.e. SIXAXIS control)??

All signs point to.....YES

Image of GabooN GabooN says:

My question is if this is indeed true, are developers required by Sony to include this in each game like achievements are required for the Xbox 360 or can the developer simply not opt to include it. Then comes the whole DLC debacle if this does take off will the developer charge you for the cooler looking char or even worse adding it to the game??

Interesting rumor and cant wait to see how Sony handles it, I hope this gives more value to people who currently own a PS3.

Image of Lou3000 Lou3000 says:

So two years down the road are they going to continue to introduce new "essential" elements.

This is ridiculous, Sony has again made it painfully obvious that they don't know where this console stands between gaming and some form of home computer. It is also clear that neither the software, the Store, the system, or the concepts were ready at launch.

360 had some problems at launch that were fixed with downloads, but they haven't introduced new essential elements.

No commenter image uploaded VakeroRokero says:

This is just in: Sony announce Ps3 now come in white. And it comes with Ps3 Sports.

I was just playing WTF for the PSP and it supposed to be a Wario ware clone... it's not. It sucks beyond anything. The fun thing about warioware is silly repetitive games for three seconds. Not silly repetitive games for a couple hours EACH. I guess you got a Ps3 for free that's why you love it so much... Let's see Sony making their own ideas for a change, can it be so hard?? this thing just makes me sad for them... I was getting a Ps3 a couple years from now but all this copying the have been doing makes me feel I already have the best there is...

Image of Scuba Steve Scuba Steve says:

Bah. Applying it to a console is "catching up".

Still waiting for keyboard and mouse support, thanks.

And I've yet to see the amount of download options on the Wii or 360 that adds up to more than minigames and retro.

Image of Narsil Narsil says:

Okay, I'm not going to pull a troll here and call Sony rip-offs, but if you're going to institute a new feature, just release it. Don't get involved in this pissing match with Nintendo. It cheapens your brand, hurts your product, and ultimately proves that you are too immature as a company to be successful this generation.

Maybe if they hadn't said the corporate doublespeak for "fuck you, nintendo" in between every statement (see "it has to stand for more of your personality than some 2-D cartoons" for details), I could respect them just a little bit.

No commenter image uploaded VakeroRokero says:

Is Sony still japanese? or has it turned into a chinese brand-knockoff company??

No commenter image uploaded Mr.Digg says:

Not a bad idea at all. I like the name "PlayStation Home" to. This would really, make me pretty damn happy. Sounds like one hell of an idea.

Image of psychlotron psychlotron says:

Sony copy Nintendo...unheard of.

Image of mokona7 mokona7 says:

lol @ comment. nice

Image of Stormflood Stormflood says:

As a soon-to-be PAL PS3 owner, I'd be pretty happy if this was true, but I'll not put any money on it.

/finger crossed

Image of adamcole adamcole says:

@Scuba Steve: And I've yet to see the amount of download options on the Wii or 360 that adds up to more than minigames and retro.

Wait, what? You know you can download all sorts of network TV and movies (SD and HD movies) and it has original titles on live as well. Did I understand you correctly?

The Wii...not so much. All old games. I've yet to download a VC game on the Wii and I have a classic control sitting at home just gathering dust.

No commenter image uploaded zingbot says:

As long as they don't give me a new damn outfit or something. That shit is so lame in games. Except Animal Crossing, where it is everything.

No commenter image uploaded Lachoy says:


"Progress is made by doing what other people have already done? "

No. Read what I said. Progress is made by taking someones idea and improving upon it. We have games on cartridges but we have music on discs. . . hmmm maybe we can put games on discs?


Image of NinjaBall NinjaBall says:


None of these companies care about you, all of them lie and copy each other. Get over yourself.

Truer words have never been spoken.

Not by Sony, that's for sure!

I have an evil twin, all right? But really, Torgo has hit it spot on. I enjoy my PS3 and my 360. One day, I'll complete the tri-fecta with a Wii. But the corp-rats don't love you, they love your money. Wii might be more user-friendly, but it ain't your friend. And I think my PS3 is trying to kill me.

Image of Zeichrat Zeichrat says:

If this news is true, it certainly would add a sense of accomplishment and social networking that the PS networks lacks at this moment. Even if this isn´t true, I bet there´s some idea similar to add great features to the network mode... they should add something like the Wii Channels, that would make the experience a lot more casual than what it is right now.

The thing about the software updates is that cool feautures can be added that weren´t available before... I don´t know why some fanboys get so pissy about it, if you don´t want them, don´t get them... you won´t be missed.

No commenter image uploaded Gott says:

ohhhh i want to get 100 kills with the machine gun so i can get a rainbow throw rug that matches the blinds.
UGGGG sounds soooo stupid!!!!

No commenter image uploaded axiomatic says:

My favorite part will be when one of the Sony PR guys say they were the first to come up with this idea.

But I'm not bitter...

No commenter image uploaded mfelps says:

To work it has to be free, and it has to work well. If it looks like ass, or performs slowly, it's a big waste of time and it will die on the vine. Implemented correctly, though, with plenty of user custimization and freedom, it could be amazing.

No commenter image uploaded Keeko_ca says:

Hmmm, Sony's making the PS3 a more sociable machine? Not a bad idea I guess. I can't wait to take advantage of these features on a console nobody owns.

Image of fallingdove fallingdove says:

Who cares when they introduce essential elements. Whos to say what an essential element even is.

You mean, when the 360 released the HDDVD ad-on long after launch, or maybe you are speaking of Gears of War being an essential element to the success that the 360 has had.

It makes no difference. As long as the hardware works, it makes no difference what strategic implementations take place during the life of system.

Every corporation changes directions from time to time.

No commenter image uploaded br549 says:

That does not sound like the kind of thing that will make me "ecstatic".

No commenter image uploaded miketuck3r says:

Youll be ablt to go to your virtual room but wont still be able to put tyour gamertag in your sig or view it all on a website

No commenter image uploaded Vader582 says:

I had to post my favorite quote out of Torgo's retort again for those who won't bother to read the whole thread!!! Amen, brother Torgo! Amen!
**gives Torgo a standing ovation**

Torgo says:
If you like your 360 and/or Wii, great, so do I. But that doesn't mean that the PS3 is automatically something to hate. Use your aggression towards something that actually deserves it, like Nazi's or something.

03/01/07 03:45 PM

Image of Hand_O_Death Hand_O_Death says:

Achievements are not Xbox only. Games have had them for ever. God is MS "copying" BF2 because it had achievements to get more weapons on it? no it is just be used more towards the gamer as a whole instead of per game.

Instead of bitching about how people flame what they do not have I will just keep it at that for now.

No commenter image uploaded Torgo says:

"I can't wait to take advantage of these features on a console nobody owns."

Nobody owns one, huh?

Wrong answer

Image of inajeep inajeep says:

Interesting if true. Sony is attempting to fill in the gaps in their online offering. Some will say it's to 'Me too'. Others will welcome anything they can get to make their PS3 online expereince better. I'm betting we see SonyTV next year.

No commenter image uploaded Tanod says:

On NeoGAF, where I started a thread on this rumor, user: gofreak searched the US trademark and patent office and found a trademark for Sony's HOME icon. CONFIRMED!

No commenter image uploaded phinehas says:

I hope the actual announcement is something along the lines of getting rumble in the controller or dropping the price real badwrong.

Price point is a barrier to entry.

Image of Doomstalk Doomstalk says:

@MJD: That movie is so bad, not even MST3K can make it watchable.

No commenter image uploaded Hesei says:

This? This is that big shocker for GDC? I'm sorry, but this is BS. Not going to say that it's another rip off, I don't care (I dedn't buy a Wii so I could make a Mii... terrible having those 2 words in one sentence).
When I read "Playstation Home," I was thinking more along the lines of turning the PS3 into that media center they're always blabbing about. I can not imagine that this is the big announcement we've been waiting for. It's not a way to move more systems.
I don't own a PS3, I have a Wii and 360. I'll admit that I have serious doubts about the system, but I'm seeing more promise in upcoming games... just gotta get a price cut, too. This, on the other hand, appears to be a tacked on feature to say that they have everything the other guy does. I figured the Miis and XBox achievements were neat, not selling points.
If this is the next big thing for Sony, then God help them, but I don't think the boys over there to be so incompetent that THIS is all they have up their sleeve. Total crap...

Image of Jimorrison Jimorrison says:

This seems really neat... but really, Sony... could you be more unoriginal?

Image of Jack Ruby Jack Ruby says:

Is the whole console loyalty issue an age thing? I'm in my thirties, I have pretty much owned every console since my parents brought home pong. I have never felt the need to jump to a systems defense and spew hatred at anyone who prefers a different one. The way I see it, the more successful systems the better. More competition would seem to equal more innovation and a wider variety of games to play. Some of you seem like the mere mention of Sony or Microsoft sets you off into a frothing rage. I don't get it. Sometimes I feel like there is a younger generation of gamers who are too wrapped up in the marketing of the big console players that they can't let themselves just enjoy playing.

@Torgo, amen brother.

Image of Torusan Torusan says:

While I agree that Miis and achievements aren't pure innovation, its still a bit hard to believe Sony would've thought of this on their own. All I'm saying is that without the success of the Wii or the Xbox 360, Sony probably would have never considered this.

That being said, I don't give a damn about achievements (yes, I own a 360 with Live) so at the moment I will not give a damn about this (yes, I own a PS3). As for the avatars, I hope they aren't suggesting semirealistic-like Miis as the article seems to be pointing out. Then again, it would be different from the Wii.

Image of jackal888 jackal888 says:

Guys I just read this!

Also this lil bit was posted way back in February from an "insider" on IGN

"freakyguy666: Has anyone else heard the rumors of a major Sony Online upgrade? Apparently the update will make the Xbox LIVE interface look antiquated in comparison. Apparently the interface is set up like a Virtual Town where each user has their own virtual apartment. Within your apartment you store your collection of acheivements and virtual trophies to show off to any "visitors" (i.e. people on your Friends list). Your friends could visit you if you are "home" (i.e. online)and once inside they could "walk around" your apartment and view how you've decorated your place. But more importantly, they could listen to any music or watch videos that you've got in your place (i.e. content you've stored on your PS3). Furthermore, your friends could join you for a game of cards or other simple games while listening to your music or even running a movie on your virtual TV (again using data on your PS3 HD). Once outside of your apartment you could visit the virtual Movie Theater to download--what else?--video content, visit the virtual Arcade, and other more exciting areas that I'm not at liberty to discuss yet...

The bottomline is that the interface is going to get a major overhaul and it's supposed to be very slick and user friendly. It will make apparent the advantages of the PS3 hardware and--dare I say--the new Sony Online Network."

No commenter image uploaded Keeko_ca says:

Wrong answer? LOL! Never knew I answered a question with my statement, but ok...

Anyways, what does showing me that Sony has sold 100,000 more than Xbox 360 in it's first 3 months prove? If it's selling rate, 100,000 more is pretty pathetic considering the popularity of the PlayStation brand, and that you can basically go to any store and pick one up. MS had manufacturing issues for how long again?

Whatever...that's all besides the point. I made a witty statement and I paid for it. So be it, you win.

Image of FiXXXerX FiXXXerX says:


.... Oh wait,I've got these things already. On a console where I've played tons of games and spent tons of time on unlocking achievements? What are you saying to me, thats its a little late?

It IS what your saying isn't it.

To little to late Sony, if that was something you felt was important you would have perfected it and included it in the retail release. You may even have let people in on this information, you know, to get that Hype machine rolling. No, your truly falling behind and trying to play catch up, taking ideas that other companies have implemented while introducing none of your own is going to be just as bad as having a Generic FPS clone thats made by ValuSoft.

BTW nice job with that whole Sixaxis thing as well.

Come on Sony, the whole world has the gun pointed at your head and all you can do is hand them ammo?

Don't worry, we'll all be here when the trigger gets pulled ... we'll be the ones who did it.

No commenter image uploaded jayntampa says:

Why would I want my face on an avatar? Doesn't that kind of destroy the whole fun of creating a persona online? That's why I'll never buy a camera ... I don't really want people seeing what I look like, and I don't care what they look like.

Show me some good games first ... there is nothing that makes me say, "Wow, I need a PS3."

Image of Barbara Barbara says:

@Jack Ruby: I agree with you.

No commenter image uploaded DefiantGSR says:

Sony is damned if they do and they are damned if they don't.

There really is no way to satisfy these anti-sony fanboys.

No commenter image uploaded WaterMedia says:

I hope this is true. I just registered, playstationhomes.com! Come on snake-eyes...

Image of lefty420 lefty420 says:


lol man i realise the sixaxis can;t do rumble thats why its so light. But i can hope can't i?

Or would u rather i say sony is copying ms or nintendo instead of saying what would make me happy?

yeah thought so

No commenter image uploaded Marasai says:

A virtual room? Are you kidding me?

That's like that demo they did back before launch of the ps3 turing your photos into digital 8x10s that lay on a digital coffee table.

The beauty of achievments is that they aren't somehting you need to commit to. You just get them. It doesn't mean another level of micromanagement in the console, it just means you have bragging rights. The miis are the same sort of thing. they are your little avatar, and they are fun to create, but they are used in games so there is a purpose.

Playstation room would just be another useless feature in another line of useless features on the ps3. How much memory would it take? Can you check in whenever, wherever? How much of your HDD will you sacrifice for it? Camn you even visit someone else's room? and if you can, why would you want to?

Image of crecente crecente says:

There were repercussions for writing this story:

Ugh...Sony has a right to treat you people like shit. It's no different than how You treat yourselves and everyone else. People who behave like assholes will be rewarded like one. The gamer community capsizing into this miasma of foolishness. You people hold Sony to immaculate standards. I'm not the least bit surprised Sony is cracking under all of this pressure. They certainly aren't ranking high in any popularity polls. Chances are, even if Sony got something right, negative feedback would overwhelm that one gamer who has to something positive or intelligent to say.

And You wonder why the media blames gamers? We've become the poster child for unrest in conservative America, and they are right. We're horrible group of people, one I am starting to become ashamed of claiming to be apart of it. Gaming culture of the past is by far superior to this one. Nostalgia isn't the perpetrator of my melancholy, rather, it's this next generation that's supposedly so great. All I see now is gamers bitching at each other over the most inane things. When I first starting reading Kotaku, I was hoping to get away from all the gamespotting, IGN, 1up bullshit. I thought I found a true community of gamers for gamers. I guess I was a victim of my own gospel. I thought it was safe to hold Kotaku to higher standards. It's clear to me now that belief was terminal to begin with.

No commenter image uploaded Futurus says:


Granted you may not have a compelling reason to get a PS3. (Me, I never met a console I didn't want here's looking at you Jaguar) or have a desire to see yourself and other "real" people in a game.

But you can't deny the allure of having your image out there. Myspace & youtube are evidence enough of that.

You may find yourself in the minority on this one.

Image of naia28 naia28 says:

Okay forgetting this "who copied who" crap people are debating about, this is not the kind of idea that would make me "happy to be a PS3 owner." It's not something that will make a $500-$600 purchase for the system worth it.

You know what would make me happy? If they announce some worth while games that are PS3 exclusives.

No commenter image uploaded giovonti says:

If this is true, I honestly think it's a bad idea. Mainly the achievement part. When I want to see what a friend of mine has accomplished in a game and compair that to what I've accomplished in a game, I don't want to have to wonder around a 3d room.

So it's pretty much The XBLA & Mii Experience all wrapped up in a nice little virtual home?? That's kinda cool. Not terribly original, but still kinda cool if they pull it off right.

No commenter image uploaded BigHeadDave says:

I'll go ahead and state up front - I'm a one console guy, mainly because that's what I can get approved by the wife. So, I choose the one I think I'd enjoy the most, and stick with it. This time, it's the Wii.

That being said, all the consoles have good things. And if one console does something well, and others start doing it well, too - good for the people that own those consoles if they end up enjoying the borrowed functionality.

However, if you have a console that is making a "huge announcement" that will make the owners ecstatic and start making consoles - it ends up being somewhat anti-climactic when it is only functionality that resembles what others have done. Miis weren't that original, but Nintendo never used the Mii functionality by itself as a megaton announcement either. Achievements may have been done before, but Microsoft included that as part of showing off a larger online service, not as a standalone system-seller.

When you hear big announcement, you expect it to be something relatively new, like a brand new device, new exclusive, purchased studio or big partnership deal with another company, not the stuff someone else is getting lauded for for the previous three months.

No commenter image uploaded AgainstOne says:

so, phil (and every sony exec, for that matter) keeps trying to tell us that the wii is not their competitor. as a matter of fact, they try to tell us that it's not fair to the wii to call them a competitor! they imply that the wii isn't worthy of being a competitor to the almighty PS3.

if this is true, then why does phil continue to take shots at nintendo & the wii, like the following:

"If you are going to have an avatar which is your representative in a virtual world, it has to stand for more of your personality than some 2-D cartoons. So while I think that millions of people would be happy with cartoony looks, the planet at large probably isn't."

the reason, of course, is because it isn't true. thank you for proving to the world that you're a fucking lying douchbag, phil harrison.

No commenter image uploaded psychobadger says:

Sounds like a cool idea. Sure, its copying ideas, but it's better than nothing.

No commenter image uploaded chebyrashka says:

This is the big secret news? If this is their secret plan and make the PS3 the must have system, it's awful.

Image of waka waka says:

well, even if it's copying their competitors, at least this is one good news about sony, the only good news for the last...................................... ever

so, congratulations sony

No commenter image uploaded MrFap-Fap says:

So I guess it's an original idea if you copy from Nintendo AND Microsoft and THEN combine them into one, right?


For chrissakes, can't Sony come up with a single damn thought on their own?
I always shake my head when I see the Sony fan boys coming out of the wood works saying things like, "The Wii will be Nintendo's LAST system! HAHAHA!"
Sony had better HOPE Nintendo never bows out or they'll be completely screwed. WHO would they steal- I mean, 'borrow'- from then?!

Oh man, but I HOPE this is the big announcement that Harrison is set to make. I just hope somebody has a video camera so all the booing i recorded.

No commenter image uploaded Torgo says:

Devil's Advocate statement here:

How do we know for certain that they copied anything? How easy do you think it is to develop the tech for the Sixaxis? How easy was it to code this new "PS Home" interface?

Did they just get a Wii and say "hey, I want something like that by next weekend?" That seems a bit of a stretch to me.

I guess that part of me believes that the Motion Sensitivity was in the works for much longer than the month between Nintendo showing the Wii-mote and Sony announcing their tech. Just because developers didn't know about it doesn't mean that it wasn't in the works. Maybe they didn't tell devs about it because they didn't know if they wanted to include it in the final version.

Again, Devil's Advocate.

Image of chozoman chozoman says:

Amazing! Kotaku clearly knows the difference between being a journalist and being a corporate shill. It is a quality severely lacking in today's game industry!

Cheers and Bravisimo!

ZOMG This would be cool if I had a PS3, I only have a 360. It is going to be cool for PS3 owners since they "made" you guys "take" it down. You guys are right, it is true but SONY does not want to admit it.

No commenter image uploaded Kastef says:

Somebody at sony has been reading Otherland by Tad Williams. I would welcome this.

No commenter image uploaded BenHobbs says:

This would be cool......If I was 9 years old, hardly fits in with my idea of what a $600 games machine should be able to do.

Sony need to decide what their market is for the PS3, The Home Theatre Enthusiast, The Hardcore Gamer, The Social Gamer, The children. Instead of just slinging so much shit and hoping some of it will stick.

Image of Silent_Shark Silent_Shark says:

Have all the people who questioned why this wasn't around at release not considered that Sony actually didn't have the console ready when they launched, and knew they didn't?

They were forced to launch because they were one year late already, and the fans couldn't wait any longer.

TBH, I'd rather have the PS3 now, and upgrade it to full spec over 12 months, then have no PS3 at all for another year!

It may have been mentioned earlier, but here is my interpretation of all the Sony hate.

The major problem is that they are so arrogant about the playstation brand. I won't go into details because this is old news.

What do Sony's PR people do: they spew forth comments on how vastly superior the ps3 is and how the other systems are basically trash. Then they say they don't compete with Nintendo and turn around and trash the Wii. This is very juvenile.

What is really going on is that Sony is fighting for their PS3 life here. They have a hard sell and are really worried about the 360 and the Wii. Both the 360 and the Wii have introduced new aspects to gaming consoles BEFORE the mighty Sony could. Now Sony is running scared.

Yes, companies do copy concepts from elsewhere all the time. However, trashing a feature that the competitor has because you don't have it and later adding it as if it were an amazing discovery will not win you brownie points.

I've never seen a company build up so much negative press. They just can't stop themselves. Please, just state the facts, why it will make the PS3 a stronger product and more desirable. Please leave the bashing of the MS and Nintendo products out of it and you may just be looked at in a better light.

Image of kupoporo kupoporo says:

All these virtual social networks ... I do my fair share of it, but when are people going to start physically talking to each other again? Hopefully this'll end up being pretty spiffy though ...

Image of Random-J Random-J says:

Sony are just ripping of Xbox live gamertags and Mii's. The bitches. They can suck on this...

The Casheater: You'll wish you'd never, ever bought it at all...

No commenter image uploaded subnet6 says:

Hey, Sony has ripped off almost everything they've done, albeit with masterful execution that even the innovators often couldn't match. This is nothing new. Who could be surprised? Take 2 hot topics, 1 from each system that is outselling them and combine them. In the end, I think it will just confuse the market and dilute their offering, but I'm sure they have done their research. Or it could just a be a desperate last second move like adding motion control and and changing the controller back to the dual shock. Who knows, sony is out of their collective mind lately.

Image of crecente crecente says:

Yeah, it's silly to go around accusing companies of copying each other. All that really matters is the end product. I couldn't care less who came up with the directional pad or thumbsticks, I just want it to work.

So this is pretty much true. Sony's actions have confirmed that.

I think it actually sounds kind of cool, if they do it right. It could go beyond what the Wii and 360 have done. That said, I'm still not planning on getting one.

No commenter image uploaded etho says:

Sure, it sounds like a big rip off of features from the other consoles, but tehn again, it also sounds kinda cool. It brings images of Animal Crossing to mind. This is a stolen feature that I might even enjoy.

Except I don't have a ps3, and I probably won't for years. But still. In principle it sounds cool

umm, LIES! Haha. I love rumors.

Image of Toasticus Toasticus says:

I'm certainly anti-Sony, but I have to admit this is good news for PS3 owners if true. To be honest, I expected Sony to do more copying of MS with the PS3 from day one, particularly regarding the online service. If something is a good idea, it's a good idea. Since console firmware is now so updateable, any feature that isn't hardware-based becomes fair game.

Plus, if Sony can actually improve on a feature, what's to stop the improvements from making their way back to the original innovator? That kind of possibility is exactly why I don't want the PS3 to fail: competition drives progress.

To be honest, I hope the alleged Sony version of Miis and Achievements is better than those provided by Nintendo and Microsoft. That would drive Sony's competitors to improve further upon their respective products.

So I guess what I'm saying is, if this is true, it might just end up being good news for everyone.

No commenter image uploaded lemmy says:

Well, while I was expecting more out of their killer announcement for GDC...it's honestly the first feature to pique my interest in the PS3 in, well...ever. I am a total whore for Animal Crossing, so I'm curious to see if it'll be nearly as addicting as that wretched game.

Not a system-seller - that'll still be up to the games - but it's looking like a step in the right direction.

No commenter image uploaded gshock888 says:

cant they come up with an original idea for once

No commenter image uploaded evilplushie says:

So...this is the news thats supposed to make every Ps3 extremely happy? Uh...what about games???

Image of Scuba Steve Scuba Steve says:

Why does Sony seem to bring out the worst in people?

Seriously, I don't get it. They need to implement achievements. It panders to the hardcore like no one's business. Its great for a system to have achievements, and f#%k all those who say that Sony shouldn't implement them.

Now, charging $50 bucks a year and more for each title for achievements is where you move into stupidity.

PC's have been doing "Free" for decades, yet suddenly you get what you pay for? Total bullshit.

Image of RedRedSuit RedRedSuit says:

There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with copying good ideas, unless of course they're patented or copyrighted. More power to whomever does it well.

Image of RUSKULL RUSKULL says:


I already own a 360 and a Wii, so the way I see it is that I'm already tapped into the source. Why wait for recycled ideas to come from Sony when there are already other options?

Image of SXGlory SXGlory says:

I only see one problem here.
Given the absense of any decent games, what's the point of having achivements... doesn't that basically mean everyone out there will have empty rooms?

No commenter image uploaded Torgo says:

I've been a Die Hard PC gamer for years, and I've never had "Achievements" to deal with. I just play the f'ing game without worrying about making my E-Penis longer to impress a bunch of 12-year olds.

But that's just me.

Image of Toasticus Toasticus says:


No need to be so insulting. Some people enjoy having a kind of gauge on their progress in the game, or having extra things to do beyond the main objectives in the game. It's like how many adventure games keep track of collectible things as you play; although there's no direct impact on gameplay, it can be fun to try to get everything. In some cases, the Achievements can add some real replay value to games. They're like secondary objectives.

No commenter image uploaded Tabarnacos says:

Wow welcome to the new generation Sony ....

No commenter image uploaded charsuipau says:

I'm not too into consoles, but the way i see things the reason why playstation in the last year or so has been increasingly attacked, is simply because they don't seem to have any idea what they are doing. Oh and it doesn't help that their PR team is obviously crap on toast (no fanboy can possibly deny that).

Similarly to the psp, its seems as if all they did planning wise was gathered a bunch of executives(that know bugger all about games) together sat down and said, we need to make a console that will promote the rest of sony, so lets have feature a, b c up to z and then later decide how we can get users to use those features, rather than going lets design a GAMES CONSOLE first then see what features we can add on as a bonus for users.

Almost 2 years on and in the eyes of most people, common people and even gamers, no body really knows what the psp is good for (homebrew is not an answer as its got very little to do with Sony's plan for it). The ps3 seems like its heading in the same direction.

Even if this feature was planned before nintendo even introduced the Mii concept (we don't know if it was or wasn't) , it doesn't change the PUBLIC PERCEPTION (keyword) of it, Mii's came first on the wii (for consoles), achievements came first on the xbox(for consoles). They can't expect to announce this feature at least 6 months after their competitors already have it (albeit with more supposeded functionality) and think that a majority of people won't sit there and think:

"wtf can't they bring anything original of their own to the gaming world this generation??".

Saying that though, this is still a rumour. But the blacklash is totally understandable (considering some of the things they've been saying for the last years), you don't have to be sony hater to feel some kind of irritation.

No commenter image uploaded audman says:

The magic of the achievement system for 360 is the fact that anyone can get a gamertag and build a score. They can post it on their myspace or web page or use it in forums. It causes everyone to compare with one another. I see some peoples scores and think oh I gotta peek. I hope that this is how sony will do this. I don't mind rewards but I am not going to go out of my way to get a sony game to get a new chair for my Pii house. If it were going to have stats that you can post with a gamercard then that would be significantly cooler.

No commenter image uploaded peeweejd says:

so they are going to make webkinz for PS3 games?

No commenter image uploaded djblack70 says:


Oh come now, tons of people have played numerous crap XB360 games for the sole purpose of getting additional achievements!

The Pii room decorating will commence regardless. I wonder if they will go back and add any achievements to existing games?

Wow, I love the comments on this blog. I nearly pissed my pants when I read the A.S.S. idea!!

As for those that think that Sony is copying, get a life. There are very few original ideas anymore anyway. Truth be told Animal Crossing is nothing more than The Sims with really cute critters instead of people. Most everything is derived from something someone's already done or was at least inspired by another idea.

At this point whatever Sony does is better than what we have now, which is nothing.

Image of SXGlory SXGlory says:

I totally agree that there are a number of people who certainly played some horrible 360 games for achievements.
However, they also played a lot of great games too.

I just fail to see how this news is supposed to make anyone happy.

you say:

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