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Bratislava is greatly influenced by the natural features of its territory. The natural environment of the city has excellent recreational potential, in particular thanks to the Little Carpathian forests to the north of the city and the Danube watercourse in the south. There are around four thousand hectares of green areas in the city, three quarters of which can be found in Bratislava forest park - Lesopark, which offers plentiful space for relaxation, regeneration and hiking and sporting activities.  


There are 110 square metres of inner-city greenery per person living in Bratislava. The many public parks in the city are extremely popular, especially Horský Park and Sad Janka Kráľa. The latter, which once carried the name Aupark, is situated on the south bank of the Danube and was established in 1775, making it one of the oldest municipal parks in Europe. Bratislava is an environmentally aware city. Household waste in Bratislava is dealt with using a state-of-the-art incinerator, which satisfies the strict EU emission limits from 2006.



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