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Last Updated: March 7, 2007 12:18 AM

THE DARKNESS Members Launch New Band - Mar. 5, 2007
THE DARKNESS bass player Richie Edwards (who replaced Frankie Poullain in May 2005) has posted the following message on the band's official web site:

"There seems to be some confusion over the fact that a picture of the new band has appeared on THE DARKNESS' official website. I can understand this confusion, since we haven't announced a new band name yet and a picture of us appears on THE DARKNESS' home page under the heading 'THE DARKNESS.' Shit, THAT IS CONFUSING!

"I can absolutely confirm here and now that we will NOT be carrying on under the name 'THE DARKNESS.' We are literally days away from announcing our new name, when this is done we will be launching our new website and we sincerely hope that you guys will be paying it a visit!

"We just thought that, after press had picked up on our MySpace pages, we had to add some stuff to our 'old' webpage, so that you fans out there knew that we are alive and kicking.

"New pictures will be posted once our recordings allow us to focus on photoshoots, etc.

"Since the news about Justin's [Hawkins, vocals] exit first came out we have been genuinely touched by the support we have received from you all and knowing that you lot are there for us has spurred us on more than you can imagine. We will be announcing our new name and launching our new website soon and we hope that you will be there with us when we do. I wrote in one of my MySpace blogs that a band is only as good as its fans. Well, with you lot on board we can't go wrong.

"I can't wait for this album to be finished and for you all to hear it. It'll knock your fuckin' socks off!"
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COMMENT | a band by any other name
posted by : imskyclad
3/5/2007 6:51:10 AM

....would be just as lame. the darkenss is a good band name. maby it can be put to good use now

posted by : Mister Groping
3/5/2007 7:33:11 AM

Just looked at that band photo. Speaking as a photographer - the shot is AWFUL guys. The underlighting makes you all look like you have huge noses.

I guess the budget didn't quite stretch to get in Ross Halfin?...or me?!

posted by : facepaint
3/5/2007 8:00:45 AM


posted by : This Is The Zodiac Speaking
3/5/2007 8:31:24 AM

time to call it a day

COMMENT | agreed they had their day in the sun..
posted by : Carrion
3/5/2007 8:40:44 AM

That Justin Hawkins cunt at least drew attention mostly crap on here but he could at least play a bit.

The rest are total unknowns..

My ex singer's 'company' is managing that douchebag bass player who got sacked of theirs. All a little desperate...

posted by : madeinquebec
3/5/2007 9:23:15 AM

They had their day in the shit, yeah.

GLAD this band died! Now please someone get us rid of the Scisor Sisters!!!! Darn Disco Castrados

COMMENT | the darkness.... should stay in the dark
posted by : casso
3/5/2007 1:15:26 PM

They were fun when they first came out, but lost interest very
quickly.... my answer is a band called THE ANSWER.
Try their website, Fucking class

posted by : bioteck
3/5/2007 1:26:01 PM

Good move. Everyone bashes Sepultura after Max, Theatre of Tragedy after Liv, etc... They've learnt from others mistakes.

posted by : pantera1987
3/5/2007 1:41:18 PM


posted by : Basajaun
3/5/2007 2:47:32 PM

This band was awful from minute one.

And the mainstream audience plus a few people from around here made them rich.

Music does not need this band.

posted by : BoLHeD420
3/5/2007 5:41:24 PM

sometimes i get a little surprised by comments on this site but i'm really glad that we all see eye to eye on this one.

posted by : IllusionII
3/5/2007 5:53:27 PM

The darkness were a fun band. I met em when they came to phoenix, nice guys. I'm looking forward to what Dan and the boys have in store with this new band. :)

I just don't understand why everyone hates them so much, if you like ac/dc and queen then how can you hate the darkness? they're a mix, and if you actually give em a chance and listen to the music- there are some awesome riffs.

Anyway, rock on new band!

COMMENT | It Is Amazing...
posted by : rockindude620
3/5/2007 6:28:35 PM

how many people hate them so much. You have to realize on this site,that most people here ,are just metal fans ONLY!!!!!!! So anything against the grain is FORBIDDEN!!!!! I like everything,mainly all sorts of rock and give everything a listen and don't blast it,before I hear a note. I look forward to the new stuff.

COMMENT | Basajaun -I agree Thank Fuck Its Over
posted by : sabaoth
3/5/2007 6:44:21 PM

I Agree with Basajaun -when i 1st saw The Darkness on some award show i realy thought it was a joke they just looked & sounded so stupid that i didnt even think they might be serious it never occured to me for 1 second that the singer wasnt joking- it was a few days later i heard that stupid voice again then relised this is a real band & then along came that 2nd song that was even worse than the first -i know that i will always be shocked at the shit some people can listen too & like --but c'mon -- The Darkness??? when i walked in the room & saw this band with that singer i realy thought it was a joke on the awards show & anyone who dares mention AC-DC in the same sentence as The Darkness should be shot -- it is just so wrong & people who have ears & can hear should know better!!!!!

COMMENT | Cassos right about THE ANSWER!.........
posted by : reub the rocker
3/6/2007 5:20:39 AM

..............but I liked The Darkness a lot, Ill give their new stuff a listen but can't see them doing much without Justin to be honest.

COMMENT | The Darkness is way cool
posted by : METAL_MIKE75
3/6/2007 5:14:46 PM

if you're not into AC/DC, Def Leppard and Queen then this band ain't for you.I guess it's an acquired taste.
I agree, Justin was the heart and soul of that band;the name change to me is just right.
Now if only Derrick, Andreas,Paolo and the new drummer from that band took that cue.

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