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is·land      [ahy-luhnd] Pronunciation Key
1.a tract of land completely surrounded by water, and not large enough to be called a continent.
2.something resembling an island, esp. in being isolated or having little or no direct communication with others.
3.a raised platform with a counter or other work surface on top situated in the middle area of a room, esp. a kitchen, so as to permit access from all sides. island.
5.a low concrete platform for gasoline pumps at an automotive service station.
6.a clump of woodland in a prairie. isolated hill.
8.Anatomy. an isolated portion of tissue differing in structure from the surrounding tissue.
9.Railroads. a platform or building between sets of tracks.
–verb (used with object) make into an island. dot with islands. place on an island; isolate.

[Origin: bef. 900; ME iland, OE īgland, īland, var. of īegland, equiv. to īeg island (c. ON ey) + land land; sp. with -s- by assoc. with isle]

is·land·ish, is·land·like, adjective
is·land·less, adjective Unabridged (v 1.1)
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is·land       (ī'lənd)  Pronunciation Key 
  1. Abbr. Isl. or Is. or I. A land mass, especially one smaller than a continent, entirely surrounded by water.
  2. Something resembling an island, especially in being isolated or surrounded, as:
    1. An unattached kitchen counter providing easy access from all sides.
    2. A raised curbed area, often used to delineate rows of parking spaces or lanes of traffic.
    3. The superstructure of a ship, especially an aircraft carrier.
  3. Anatomy A cluster of cells differing in structure or function from the cells constituting the surrounding tissue.

tr.v.   is·land·ed, is·land·ing, is·lands
To make into or as if into an island; insulate: a secluded mansion, islanded by shrubbery and fences.

[Alteration (influenced by isle) of Middle English ilond, from Old English īegland : īg, īeg; see akw-ā- in Indo-European roots + land, land; see lendh- in Indo-European roots.]

Word History: It may seem hard to believe, but Latin aqua, "water," is related to island, which originally meant "watery land." Aqua comes almost unchanged from Indo-European *akwā-, "water." *Akwā- became *ahwō- in Germanic by Grimm's Law and other sound changes. To this was built the adjective *ahwjō-, "watery." This then evolved to *awwjō- or *auwi-, which in pre-English became *ēaj-, and finally ēg or īeg in Old English. Island, spelled iland, first appears in Old English in King Alfred's translation of Boethius about A.D. 888; the spellings igland and ealond appear in contemporary documents. The s in island is due to a mistaken etymology, confusing the etymologically correct English iland with French isle. Isle comes ultimately from Latin īnsula "island," a component of paenīnsula, "almost-island," whence our peninsula.

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O.E. igland "island," from ieg "island" (from P.Gmc. *aujo "thing on the water," from PIE *akwa- "water") + land "land." Spelling modified 15c. by association with similar but unrelated isle. An O.E. cognate was ealand "river-land, watered place, meadow by a river."

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1. a land mass (smaller than a continent) that is surrounded by water 
2. a zone or area resembling an island 

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island       (ī'lənd)  Pronunciation Key 
A land mass, especially one smaller than a continent, entirely surrounded by water.

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Island Falls, ME Zip code(s): 04747

Island Heights, NJ (borough, FIPS 34530) Location: 39.94230 N, 74.14958 W
Population (1990): 1470 (695 housing units)
Area: 1.6 sq km (land), 1.2 sq km (water)
Zip code(s): 08732

Island Lake, IL (village, FIPS 37894) Location: 42.27603 N, 88.20153 W
Population (1990): 4449 (1655 housing units)
Area: 6.5 sq km (land), 0.4 sq km (water)
Zip code(s): 60042

Island City, KY Zip code(s): 41338

Island Park, NY (village, FIPS 37847) Location: 40.60337 N, 73.65553 W
Population (1990): 4860 (1754 housing units)
Area: 1.0 sq km (land), 0.0 sq km (water)
Zip code(s): 11558

Island Park, ID (city, FIPS 40600) Location: 44.55689 N, 111.33697 W
Population (1990): 159 (279 housing units)
Area: 16.1 sq km (land), 3.2 sq km (water)
Zip code(s): 83429

Island Pond, VT (CDP, FIPS 35725) Location: 44.81294 N, 71.88546 W
Population (1990): 1222 (493 housing units)
Area: 10.8 sq km (land), 0.9 sq km (water)
Zip code(s): 05846

Island County, WA (county, FIPS 29) Location: 48.15418 N, 122.57588 W
Population (1990): 60195 (25860 housing units)
Area: 540.3 sq km (land), 799.8 sq km (water)

Island View, MN (city, FIPS 31454) Location: 48.60596 N, 93.19069 W
Population (1990): 150 (187 housing units)
Area: 6.8 sq km (land), 13.0 sq km (water)

Island City, OR (city, FIPS 36750) Location: 45.33884 N, 118.04606 W
Population (1990): 696 (269 housing units)
Area: 1.0 sq km (land), 0.0 sq km (water)

Rock Island County, IL (county, FIPS 161) Location: 41.46895 N, 90.56551 W
Population (1990): 148723 (63327 housing units)
Area: 1105.4 sq km (land), 63.2 sq km (water)

Hutchinson Island South, FL (CDP, FIPS 32993) Location: 27.31873 N, 80.19481 W
Population (1990): 3893 (5700 housing units)
Area: 11.7 sq km (land), 112.8 sq km (water)

Pine Island Ridge, FL (CDP, FIPS 56855) Location: 26.09456 N, 80.27411 W
Population (1990): 5244 (3193 housing units)
Area: 2.0 sq km (land), 0.0 sq km (water)

Forest Island Park, FL (CDP, FIPS 23509) Location: 26.49106 N, 81.86108 W
Population (1990): 5988 (4086 housing units)
Area: 19.2 sq km (land), 1.0 sq km (water)

Shelter Island H, NY Zip code(s): 11965

Shelter Island Heights, NY (CDP, FIPS 66850) Location: 41.07570 N, 72.34277 W
Population (1990): 1042 (1250 housing units)
Area: 13.9 sq km (land), 0.7 sq km (water)

White Island Shores, MA (CDP, FIPS 79390) Location: 41.79382 N, 70.63905 W
Population (1990): 1827 (826 housing units)
Area: 3.1 sq km (land), 0.4 sq km (water)

Whidbey Island N, WA Zip code(s): 98278

Island, KY (city, FIPS 39700) Location: 37.44274 N, 87.14765 W
Population (1990): 446 (199 housing units)
Area: 0.9 sq km (land), 0.0 sq km (water)
Zip code(s): 42350

Merritt Island, FL (CDP, FIPS 44275) Location: 28.31065 N, 80.66458 W
Population (1990): 32886 (14424 housing units)
Area: 45.7 sq km (land), 76.2 sq km (water)
Zip code(s): 32952, 32953

Grand Island, NE (city, FIPS 19595) Location: 40.92183 N, 98.36585 W
Population (1990): 39386 (15855 housing units)
Area: 53.2 sq km (land), 0.2 sq km (water)
Zip code(s): 68801, 68803

Mackinac Island, MI (city, FIPS 50280) Location: 45.85599 N, 84.62167 W
Population (1990): 469 (741 housing units)
Area: 11.3 sq km (land), 3.2 sq km (water)
Zip code(s): 49757

Lummi Island, WA Zip code(s): 98262

Long Island, VA Zip code(s): 24569

Long Island, ME Zip code(s): 04050

Long Island, KS (city, FIPS 42600) Location: 39.94626 N, 99.53290 W
Population (1990): 170 (86 housing units)
Area: 1.1 sq km (land), 0.0 sq km (water)
Zip code(s): 67647

Knotts Island, NC Zip code(s): 27950

Kettle Island, KY Zip code(s): 40958

Johns Island, SC Zip code(s): 29455

Kelleys Island, OH (village, FIPS 39662) Location: 41.60276 N, 82.70597 W
Population (1990): 172 (587 housing units)
Area: 11.8 sq km (land), 0.2 sq km (water)
Zip code(s): 43438

Taylors Island, MD Zip code(s): 21669

Marco Island, FL Zip code(s): 33937

Mare Island, CA Zip code(s): 94592

Rock Island, WA (town, FIPS 59180) Location: 47.37183 N, 120.13709 W
Population (1990): 524 (188 housing units)
Area: 1.5 sq km (land), 0.1 sq km (water)
Zip code(s): 98850

Sapelo Island, GA Zip code(s): 31327

Willow Island, WV Zip code(s): 26134

Shelter Island, NY (CDP, FIPS 66828) Location: 41.05998 N, 72.32022 W
Population (1990): 1193 (871 housing units)
Area: 16.9 sq km (land), 0.4 sq km (water)
Zip code(s): 11964

Sicily Island, LA (village, FIPS 70245) Location: 31.84970 N, 91.65922 W
Population (1990): 421 (198 housing units)
Area: 1.5 sq km (land), 0.0 sq km (water)
Zip code(s): 71368

Squirrel Island, ME Zip code(s): 04570

Sullivans Island, SC Zip code(s): 29482

Tybee Island, GA (city, FIPS 78036) Location: 32.01013 N, 80.85666 W
Population (1990): 2842 (2150 housing units)
Area: 6.6 sq km (land), 0.3 sq km (water)
Zip code(s): 31328

Wadmalaw Island, SC Zip code(s): 29487

Rock Island, IL (city, FIPS 65078) Location: 41.47460 N, 90.58030 W
Population (1990): 40552 (17901 housing units)
Area: 39.2 sq km (land), 3.2 sq km (water)
Zip code(s): 61201

Prudence Island, RI Zip code(s): 02872

Pine Island, NY Zip code(s): 10969

Mercer Island, WA (city, FIPS 45005) Location: 47.56927 N, 122.23092 W
Population (1990): 20816 (8321 housing units)
Area: 16.5 sq km (land), 17.4 sq km (water)
Zip code(s): 98040

Middle Island, NY (CDP, FIPS 46976) Location: 40.88500 N, 72.94390 W
Population (1990): 7848 (3184 housing units)
Area: 21.4 sq km (land), 0.2 sq km (water)
Zip code(s): 11953

Peaks Island, ME Zip code(s): 04108

Neville Island, PA Zip code(s): 15225

Oak Island, MN Zip code(s): 56741

Oak Island, NC Zip code(s): 28465

Orrs Island, ME Zip code(s): 04066

Pawleys Island, SC Zip code(s): 29585

Pine Island, MN (city, FIPS 51136) Location: 44.20488 N, 92.64958 W
Population (1990): 2125 (795 housing units)
Area: 6.4 sq km (land), 0.0 sq km (water)
Zip code(s): 55963

Wallops Island, VA Zip code(s): 23337

Block Island, RI Zip code(s): 02807

Big Island, VA Zip code(s): 24526

Edisto Island, SC Zip code(s): 29438

Drummond Island, MI Zip code(s): 49726

Deal Island, MD Zip code(s): 21821

Dauphin Island, AL (town, FIPS 19744) Location: 30.24924 N, 88.17300 W
Population (1990): 824 (1211 housing units)
Area: 15.7 sq km (land), 15.5 sq km (water)
Zip code(s): 36528

Cushing Island, ME Zip code(s): 04109

Cliff Island, ME Zip code(s): 04019

Beech Island, SC Zip code(s): 29841

Chebeague Island, ME Zip code(s): 04017

Birch Island, ME Zip code(s): 04011

Cedar Island, NC Zip code(s): 28520

Capitol Island, ME Zip code(s): 04538

Bustins Island, ME Zip code(s): 04013

Bird Island, MN (city, FIPS 6076) Location: 44.76480 N, 94.89403 W
Population (1990): 1326 (552 housing units)
Area: 4.0 sq km (land), 0.0 sq km (water)
Zip code(s): 55310

Broomes Island, MD Zip code(s): 20615

Blue Island, IL (city, FIPS 6704) Location: 41.65840 N, 87.68142 W
Population (1990): 21203 (8600 housing units)
Area: 10.5 sq km (land), 0.2 sq km (water)
Zip code(s): 60406

Fishers Island, NY Zip code(s): 06390

Jekyll Island, GA Zip code(s): 31527

Gibson Island, MD Zip code(s): 21056

Harkers Island, NC (CDP, FIPS 29560) Location: 34.69835 N, 76.55871 W
Population (1990): 1759 (1036 housing units)
Area: 6.6 sq km (land), 3.4 sq km (water)
Zip code(s): 28531

Green Island, NY (village, FIPS 30521) Location: 42.74777 N, 73.69260 W
Population (1990): 2490 (1141 housing units)
Area: 1.8 sq km (land), 0.6 sq km (water)
Zip code(s): 12183

Harsens Island, MI Zip code(s): 48028

Grand Island, NY Zip code(s): 14072

Grand Island, FL Zip code(s): 32735

Governors Island, NY Zip code(s): 10004

Bailey Island, ME Zip code(s): 04003

Anderson Island, WA Zip code(s): 98303

Amelia Island, FL Zip code(s): 32034

Deer Island, OR Zip code(s): 97054

Fox Island, WA (CDP, FIPS 25370) Location: 47.25180 N, 122.62784 W
Population (1990): 2017 (858 housing units)
Area: 13.5 sq km (land), 3.0 sq km (water)
Zip code(s): 98333

Forked Island, LA Zip code(s): 70510

Whitemarsh Island, GA (CDP, FIPS 82636) Location: 32.02865 N, 81.01696 W
Population (1990): 2824 (1252 housing units)
Area: 15.3 sq km (land), 1.9 sq km (water)

Skidaway Island, GA (CDP, FIPS 71184) Location: 31.93462 N, 81.04719 W
Population (1990): 4495 (2176 housing units)
Area: 42.6 sq km (land), 3.9 sq km (water)

Barnum Island, NY (CDP, FIPS 4550) Location: 40.60451 N, 73.64435 W
Population (1990): 2624 (830 housing units)
Area: 2.4 sq km (land), 1.0 sq km (water)

Wilmington Island, GA (CDP, FIPS 83168) Location: 32.00345 N, 80.97387 W
Population (1990): 11230 (4552 housing units)
Area: 21.9 sq km (land), 2.5 sq km (water)

Tiki Island, TX (village, FIPS 72989) Location: 29.29870 N, 94.91418 W
Population (1990): 537 (441 housing units)
Area: 1.7 sq km (land), 1.8 sq km (water)

Stock Island, FL (CDP, FIPS 68800) Location: 24.56658 N, 81.73857 W
Population (1990): 3613 (1567 housing units)
Area: 2.3 sq km (land), 0.0 sq km (water)

Sullivan's Island, SC (town, FIPS 70090) Location: 32.76585 N, 79.83585 W
Population (1990): 1623 (887 housing units)
Area: 6.3 sq km (land), 2.4 sq km (water)

Treasure Island, FL (city, FIPS 72325) Location: 27.76751 N, 82.76852 W
Population (1990): 7266 (5525 housing units)
Area: 4.1 sq km (land), 9.7 sq km (water)

Bethel Island, CA (CDP, FIPS 6210) Location: 38.03217 N, 121.64680 W
Population (1990): 2115 (1257 housing units)
Area: 13.3 sq km (land), 0.6 sq km (water)

Seabrook Island, SC (town, FIPS 64712) Location: 32.58024 N, 80.17551 W
Population (1990): 948 (1692 housing units)
Area: 15.7 sq km (land), 2.6 sq km (water)

Jupiter Island, FL (town, FIPS 35925) Location: 27.04272 N, 80.10967 W
Population (1990): 549 (447 housing units)
Area: 6.5 sq km (land), 2.2 sq km (water)

Kiawah Island, SC (town, FIPS 38162) Location: 32.61603 N, 80.06201 W
Population (1990): 718 (2043 housing units)
Area: 29.7 sq km (land), 5.2 sq km (water)

Kodiak Island, AK (Borough, FIPS 150) Location: 57.70737 N, 153.78252 W
Population (1990): 13309 (4885 housing units)
Area: 16738.1 sq km (land), 13942.8 sq km (water)

U.S. Gazetteer, U.S. Census Bureau
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(Heb. 'i, "dry land," as opposed to water) occurs in its usual signification (Isa. 42:4, 10, 12, 15, comp. Jer. 47:4), but more frequently simply denotes a maritime region or sea-coast (Isa. 20:6, R.V.," coastland;" 23:2, 6; Jer. 2:10; Ezek. 27:6, 7). (See CHITTIM.) The shores of the Mediterranean are called the "islands of the sea" (Isa. 11:11), or the "isles of the Gentiles" (Gen. 10:5), and sometimes simply "isles" (Ps. 72:10); Ezek. 26:15, 18; 27:3, 35; Dan. 11:18).

Easton's 1897 Bible Dictionary
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Main Entry: is·land
Pronunciation: 'I-l&nd
Function: noun
: an isolated anatomical structure, tissue, or group of cells

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A major electronic communications network that attempts to match investor orders to buy and sell NYSE, ASE, and Nasdaq National Market System and SmallCap securities. Orders that cannot be immediately matched are displayed as limit orders until matched, cancelled, or expiration. Only limit orders placed by subscribing broker-dealers are accepted by Island.

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is·land (lnd)

An isolated tissue or group of cells that is separated from the surrounding tissues by a groove or is marked by a difference in structure or function.

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island1 [ˈailənd] noun
a piece of land surrounded by water
Example: The island lay a mile off the coast.
Arabic: جَزيرَه
Chinese (Simplified):
Chinese (Traditional):
Czech: ostrov
Danish: ø
Dutch: eiland
Estonian: saar
Finnish: saari
French: île
German: die Insel
Greek: νησί
Hungarian: sziget
Icelandic: eyja
Indonesian: pulau
Italian: isola
Latvian: sala
Lithuanian: sala
Norwegian: øy
Polish: wyspa
Portuguese (Brazil): ilha
Portuguese (Portugal): ilha
Romanian: insulă
Russian: остров
Slovak: ostrov
Slovenian: otok
Spanish: isla
Swedish: ö
Turkish: ada
island2 [ˈailənd] noun
(also traffic island) a traffic-free area, built in the middle of a street, for pedestrians to stand on
Arabic: جَزيرَة سَيْر
Chinese (Simplified): 安全岛
Chinese (Traditional): 安全島
Czech: refýž
Danish: trafikø
Dutch: vluchtheuvel
Estonian: ohutussaar
Finnish: liikennesaareke
French: refuge
German: die Verkehrsinsel
Greek: νησίδα
Hungarian: járdasziget
Icelandic: umferðareyja
Indonesian: jalur tengah
Italian: isola pedonale
Japanese: 安全地帯
Korean: (가로상의) 안전 지대
Latvian: drošības saliņa
Lithuanian: saugumo salelė
Norwegian: trafikkøy
Polish: wysepka
Portuguese (Brazil): ilha
Portuguese (Portugal): área de peões
Romanian: refugiu (pentru pietoni)
Russian: островок безопасности
Slovak: (nástupný) ostrovček
Slovenian: prometni otok
Spanish: isla de peatones
Swedish: refug
Turkish: röfüj, orta kaldırım
Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary (Beta Version), © 2000-2006 K Dictionaries Ltd.

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