Aim, Values and Objectives

OLSO Office staff

Our Aim

To undertake an effective role in contributing to the development of high quality, fair and effective legal services.

Our Values

We will provide an exemplary service to complainants, professional bodies and individual lawyers. We will deal efficiently, courteously and fairly with all complaints.

We will be proactive, fair and independent, in striving to improve our service and that of the legal profession. We serve a diverse society. We recognise, respect and value diversity and will strive to serve the interests of people from all sections of society.

We will work as a team and train and develop our staff to meet changing demands.

We will achieve value for money for the public purse, ensuring that the Office operates within the government accounting rules.

Our Strategic Objectives

Objective 1

We will investigate complaints about the professional bodies effectively and efficiently ensuring impartial investigation and redress where appropriate; maintaining the confidence of all parties in our independence.

Objective 2

We will promote the application of best practice in complaint handling by the legal professional bodies, with a view to raising standards of services for consumers; working closely as necessary with the LSCC in relation to the Law Society.

Objective 3

We will be actively involved in shaping the future of the regulation of legal services in England and Wales, ensuring that the consumers interest is at the heart of any new regulatory framework.