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Tikman Ang Langit: An Eraserheads Book Launch, plus a Near-Reunion PDF Print E-mail
By Jim Ayson   
Saturday, 24 February 2007


Hey, didn't we recently declare a moratorium on Eraserheads coverage? Well something new has come in, so we'll need to dispense with that for the moment.

Whether we like it or not, the Eraserheads juggernaut rolls on and on - almost six years after the band's official demise.

This time it's in the form of collection of essays in book form. Entitled "Tikman ang Langit: An Anthology on the Eraserheads" (after the chorus of a commercial performed by the band for Burger Machine), the book features pieces written mostly by a group of young technology journalists (banded together as the group known as Cyberpress), who've taken a brief sidetrip from their usual beats to pay homage to the band that performed the soundtrack of their generation.

markushiway.jpg Added in are bits and blurbs from three of the bandmembers themselves - Raimund Marasigan, Buddy Zabala, and Marcus Adoro, as well as former co-manager Jessica Zafra, and album producer Robin Rivera (undoubtedly the "George Martin" to this fab four). The book was compiled by Jing Garcia and Melvin Calimag, tech writers of the Manila Times and Manila Bulletin respectively.

How did members of the tech press end up writing a music book?

"It was mainly Melvin's idea," Jing Garcia explained to when we rang him up on his mobile phone. "But it was a common interest among the writers, and after a year in the making, we finally put it all together."

Jing actually straddles both worlds. Prior to his current tech geek persona, he was a well known fixture of the 80's and early 90's music scene, and managed bands like Color It Red together with his partner, the late Dodong Viray. He was well-equipped to ring up his old connections to put the project together.

Edwin Sallan, a Manila Bulletin contributor, also contributes to the project. Edwin used to write for the legendary Jingle Magazine. Completing the circle is editor Ces Rodriguez, who acted as Jingle's editor-in-chief around the time the Eraserheads was first starting to take off.

The book is set to launch this Wednesday, February 28, at 3pm at Powerbooks Greenbelt in Makati. "Just head on up to the second level," Jing told us.

As a special treat, two bands featuring former Eraserheads members are booked to perform short sets. Cambio conveniently features Raimund Marasigan on drums, and Buddy Zabala on bass (along with Kris Dancel, who was the femme lead singer of the Eraserheads for a year). Surfin' man Marcus Adoro takes leave of the La Union waves and will also be performing as his "Markus Hiway" persona.

Sounds like autographs galore already for Eraserheads fans who will show up.

And what of the enigmatic Ely Buendia? Did he even know of the project, and why isn't he showing up?

"Of course he knows about it," reveals Jing. "We sent him the manuscript. Ely approved it, and the use of the lyrics quoted in the book. He has the publishing rights to those songs."

As for his reasons for not showing up at the book launch (which would have made a brief reunion possible), Pupil co-manager Day Cabuhat explains it as due to a scheduling conflict. "It coincides with a meeting with the manufacturers of the stents in his heart and his surgeon," explains Day, writing in the Eraserheads mailing list.

So near - and yet so far, eh reunion fans?


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GinBlossom said:

Coolness! I'll be there!! smilies/grin.gif
February 25, 2007

duelo said:

If I will be granted 3 wishes: 1. To be rich; 2. The Philippines will have 4 season; 3. The Eraserheads be united.
March 02, 2007

moonwalkerwiz said:

As for Ely's excuse, I'm not sure. Maybe he just didn't want to show up? I kind of imagine him sitting in a chair after reading the manuscript, shaking his head and saying, "Nah..." smilies/cool.gif smilies/cool.gif smilies/cool.gif
March 02, 2007

JimAyson said:

To quote a bit from that Alanis oldie, "Isn't it ironic? Don't you think?" Of the four, Ely was the writer and guy most likely to write a book or hobnob at a book launch. But priorities are priorities.
March 05, 2007
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