Neoclassical Growth

a dark satanic mill


I - The Neoclassical Growth Model
     (1) Introduction
        (2) The Solow-Swan Growth Model
        (3) Adding Depreciation
        (4) Solving the System
                (A) The Cobb-Douglas Solution
                (B) The General Solution
        (5) Adjustment Processes: Solow vs. Harrod

II - Empirical Implications
(1) Introduction
        (2) The Solow Paradox
        (3) The Convergence Hypotheses
                (A) Absolute Convergence
                (B) Conditional Convergence
        (4) Poverty Traps
                (A) The Technological Trap
                (B) The Population Trap      

III - Technical Progress
(1) Adding Technical Progress
        (2) Empirical Implications

IV - Selected References



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