Use Tintbook CMYK color charts to choose 4-color process tints for printing projects. The CMYK color solution for graphic designers and printers, Tintbook is a perfect companion to all graphic design software. The CMYK colors are easy to use. Select a color, and then enter the component values for that CMYK formula. Save time picking CMYK screen tint combinations at the design concept stage, and eliminate guesswork. Each volume contains over 25,000 CMYK colors.

“For predicting how CMYK screen values will appear in print, nothing beats a printed sample. Tintbook takes this truism to new practical lengths by providing 25,000 screen tint combinations... Using Tintbook is a snap; just select a color... and plug the CMYK values into the software application you’re using... with the knowledge that the color you’ve picked will print the way you envisioned.”

Dynamics Graphics Magazine
June 2006


"Tintbooks take you back to the basics of Color Management with tips and valuable printing information -- all defined in uncomplicated terms... Only a printed sheet will produce accurate results. That is what TINTBOOK is all about. If you build color, you'll really appreciate the leaps in creativity and confidence you can gain with Tintbook."

Fred Showker, Editor/Publisher - DT&G Magazine

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