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Dictionary definition of “kiss-and-cry area”
kiss-and-cry area n. at a sports competition, a place where athletes and coaches wait while scores are tallied. Related: taco, bug boy, ,
Editorial Note: There are many variations: kiss-and-cry room, booth, spot, seats, zone, platform, corner, box, etc., and occasionally just the kiss and cry.
Citations: 1987 John Powers Boston Globe (Mass.) (May 3) “Ioc’s Drug Rules Unclear Suspension Of Young For Taking Cold Medicine Raises Some Questions” p. 80: Yes, that place where figure skaters clutch their flowers and await their marks has a name—"the Kiss and Cry Area.” 1992 James Christie @ Albertville, France Globe and Mail (Toronto, Canada) (Feb. 18) “Duchesnays must settle for silver” p. C12: As they took the ice, the marks for their rivals were going up and Klimova and Ponomarenko leaped into an embrace in the interview area dubbed the Kiss and Cry Spot. 1994 C.W. Nevius San Francisco Chronicle (California) (Feb. 19) “Skater Stojko Crushes Stereotypes” p. B10: He has sat in the post-performance “kiss and cry” seats and seen nearly flawless programs get dinged for venturing outside the lines. 1996 Christine Brennan Inside Edge (Jan. 8) p. 199 @ (Jan. 20, 1997): I get to see her in that arena, sitting in Kiss and Cry, having her scores come up on the scoreboard. 2002 Joe Donatelli Cincinatti Post (2B) (Jan. 11) “Kwan closer to gold Wins short program”: Without a coach, Kwan pulled her father Danny into the “kiss-and- cry” booth where they waited for her marks. 2006 Seth Freilich Pajiba (Feb. 12) “The Clip Show”: Try not to point out that something’s not really a sport if a pseudo-athlete waits in what’s called a kiss-and-cry area, while some panel of subjective judges decides who won.
i wonder which came first, this or the area in some french airports in which friends and reletives of traverllers can drop off those who are flying and kiss them goodbye. In such areas, the very short permitted parking time—a minute or two—is just enough time for someone to “kiss and fly” as these carparks are labelled.
by luke 27 Feb 06, 0904 GMT
baise et chiale
by 28 Sep 06, 0154 GMT

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