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Tiger in Udanti Sanctuary Deer in Barnawapara Sanctuary



Wild Life Sanctuary

The district of Raipur possesses three wild life sanctuaries. The sanctuaries are open throughout the year but looking to the accessibility it is advisable that the visits are made during November to June in the Year. With a varied terrain of wooded hills abounding with evergreen sal forests, precious timber procuring, natural and planted teak forests and mixed forests of higher and medium quality, the sanctuaries offer abundant opportunities of sighting a variety of wild life. The predominant species in the sanctuaries are deer and the most easily sighted are the graceful little chinkara, the Indian gazelle and the chital or spotted deer. Other species that have their habitat in the sanctuaries are nilgai, Sambar, Kotri,barking deer, chausingha or four horned antelope, sloth bear, wild boar, wild dog, jackal,wolf, hyena and bison. Tiger & leopards/panthers can also be spotted in the sanctuaries, but they are certainly in limited numbers. The sanctuary's avifauna includes peacock, jungle fowl, pigeon, green pigeon, wood plucker, quail, gray-partridge, parrot, stork etc. Artificial water holes have been developed in the area to attract migratory birds which are good sites for bird-watchers in winter and for general tourists in summer.

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Barnawapara Sanctuary

Barnawapara sanctuary occupies the Northern part of Mahasamund District and covers an area of 244.66 sq. Kms.

How to reach ;-

By Air : the nearest airport is at Raipur (110 Kms.) connected with Delhi-Bhubaneshwar, Varanasi, Bhopal land Jabalpur.

By Rail: The nearest head is at Mahasamund (60 Kms.) on Raipur-Waltair Section of S.E. Railway and the main railheads are Raipur and Bilaspur which are on on the Bombay-Howrah main lines of S.E. Railway.

By Road: Barnawapara is connected by road PWD forest road with Raipur via Patewa or via Pithora on National Highway No.6 and with Kasdol 35 kms. and also with Shivarinarayan in Bilaspur District l45 kms.

Where to stay :-

Outskirts of Sanctuary :- There are forest rest house at Ravan, Pakreed, Devpur land Nawagaon and also various PWD rest houses in the adjoining areas.

In side the Sanctuary :-There is a forest rest house at Barnawapara.  Two suites and a forest inspection hut at Kothari.

Raipur :- It is a Divisional Headquarters having circuit house, rest house and a number of Lodges.

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Sita Nadi Sanctuary

The Sitanadi Sanctuary occupies the Southern most parts of Dhamtari Tehsil in Raipur District land joins Orrisa State boundary. It covers lover 552.55 Sq.Kms. of area.

How to reach :-


By Air The nearest Airport is at Raipur 170 Kms. connected with Delhi- Bhubaneshwar- Varanasi -Bhopal and Jabalpur. By Rail The nearest Railway Station is at Dhamtari on Raipur - Dhamtari Narrow Gauge.

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Udanti Sanctuary

The Udanti Sanctuary occupies the South-Eastern portion of Gariaband Tehsil of Raipur District and adjoins Orissa State in Eastern side. It covers an area of 247.59 Sq. Kms. The Sanctuary is principally created to protect the wild buffaloes. The other species are also abundant in the area.

How to reach-


By Air - The nearest Railway Station is Rajim (115 Kms) on Raipur-Rajim Narrow Gauge of S.E. Railway. The main Station is Raipur (170 Kms.) on Bombay-Howrah main line.

By Road - The principal approach Road is Raipur-Rajim-Gariaband-Mainpur-Deobhog PWD all weather road.

Where to stay-

Outskirts of the Sanctuary- Forest Rest Houses at Taurenga and Burgulgatta provide comfortable accommodation. PWD Rest House at Mainpur and Deabhog are also available.

Inside the Sanctuary- Forest Inspection Hut at Karlajhar is centrally located having two suites.

     1. Prior permission to enter the Sanctuary is essential. It can be had from Divisional Forest Officer, Wild life Division, Old Chhattisgarh College Campus, Raipur (Phone No.25064 and 25050)

2. Game Guards are available at Barnavapara. The Range Officer, Barnavapara Sanctuary at Barnavapara may be contacted for touring facilities.

3. Services of Game Guards and Guides are available at Sitanadi, Sankra, Khallari and Pharasgaon. The Range Officer, Risgaon (Hqrs.Sankra) may be contacted for touring facilities.

4. Services of Game Guards and Guides are available at Taurenga, Bamhnijhola and Karlajhar. The Range Officer, Udanti Sanctuary Hqrs.Mainpur may be contacted for touring facilities.

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