The Democratic Party believes that it is our responsibility to protect America's extraordinary natural resources. The health of our families and the strength of our economy depend on our stewardship of the environment.

We reject the false choice between a healthy economy and a healthy environment. Farming, fishing, tourism, and other industries require a healthy environment. New technologies that protect the environment will create new high-paying jobs. A cleaner environment means a stronger economy.

Far too many Americans live with unhealthy air or water quality. Democrats will fight to strengthen the laws that ensure we have clean air to breathe and clean water to drink. And Democrats will make sure these laws are enforced.

Democrats know that a sensible energy policy is key to a strong economy, our national security, and a clean environment. Democrats are committed to the next generation of affordable and renewable energy for the 21st century and to conservation measures that will immediately reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

McCain "Sucking Up to Everybody," But Will He Denounce Falwell's Claims that "Naïve" Christians Are Being "Duped" on Global Warming?

John McCain's commitment to the issue of global warming may be the latest casualty of his do-anything-to-win approach to the Republican presidential primary. Last week McCain "took swipes at the Bush Administration" in a political stunt where he called the Administration's record on global warming was "terrible" and urged for "tougher federal action to stop" it.

The Greening of the Capitol

Democrats undertake an initiative to "green" the Capitol. In a letter House Leaders write, "The House of Representatives should provide leadership to the nation in providing an environmentally responsible and healthy working environment for our employees...The Capitol complex should lead the nation in preserving our planet for future generations."

For the Vice President

For our Vice President... con·sen·sus [kuhn-sen-suhs] –noun, plural -sus·es 1. majority of opinion: The consensus of the group was that they should meet twice a month. 2. general agreement or concord; harmony. So, even though you "aren't a scientist", you...

Supporting Energy Independence and a Clean, Healthy Environment

The following resolution was adopted by the DNC Resolutions Committee at its meeting on February 1, 2007, in conjunction with the meetings of the Democratic National Committee, February 1-3, 2007. Submitted by: Gov. Howard Dean, DNC Chair/Vermont Debbie Dingell, Michigan...

One More Bush Energy Photo-Op

While President Bush has been on a post-State of the Union PR campaign to promote his recycled rhetoric on energy independence, the fact remains that over the last six years President Bush has done nothing to reduce America's dependence on foreign oil. Today, he will visit with members of Securing America's Energy Future (SAFE), a group whose aim is to "reduce America's dependence on oil." This latest photo-op on energy independence ignores the fact that SAFE has called for immediate action for some time, noting that "The time for action arrived long ago," and that "We must not waste another moment."

White House Has Its Head in the Sand

Thanks, Mr. President... The Democratic chairman of a House panel examining the government's response to climate change said Tuesday there is evidence that senior Bush administration officials sought repeatedly "to mislead the public by injecting doubt into the science of...

Bush Renews Broken Promises On Energy

Today, President Bush traveled to Wilmington, Delaware to sell his rehashed energy policies. In his State of the Union address last night, President Bush once again proposed to cut gasoline usage and impose requirements for renewable and alternative energy fuels. This recycled rhetoric follows years of opposition by Republicans to renewable energy programs and continued efforts to gut programs aimed at reducing America's dependence on foreign oil.

Dean Responds To President Bush's State Of The Union Address

Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean issued the following statement in response to President Bush's State of the Union address this evening

First 100 Hours Over

The ability of the Democrats to win over significant numbers of Republicans on most votes signals the slim but enticing possibility of Democratic mastery over a demoralized Republican Party. If the new bipartisanship takes root, the prospects for health care legislation and immigration reform sharply improve.

Ending Big Oil Subsidies and Investing in Energy Independence

The last item on the 100 Hours Agenda? Rolling back multi-million dollar subsidies the GOP-controlled Congress awarded to Big Oil and investing in energy independence. From the LA Times: When oil company executives came before the Republican-controlled Congress in 2005...

Another Reason A Democratic Majority Rocks? Judges

Another benefit of our new majorities? Getting to say a loud "NO!" to extreme right-wing conservative nominees, the kind that the administration has happily foisted upon the American people for the past 6 years.


But that doesn't seem to bother Bush and Co.: The Bush administration is considering doing away with health standards that cut lead from gasoline, widely regarded as one of the nation's biggest clean-air accomplishments. Battery makers, lead smelters, refiners all...

A Middle Class Mandate

Union Leader: [Democrats are] championing a consensus legislative agenda geared toward helping families that have been left behind by the GOP. They're standing up for America's shrinking middle class. Pelosi has pledged to spend her first 100 hours on key bread-and-butter economic issues long neglected under Republican rule. This is a leader who understands her mandate.

Like a Breath of Fresh Air: Senator Boxer & the Environment Committee

Senator Boxer prepares to take over the Environment Committee: "Any kind of weakening of environmental laws or secrecy or changes in the dead of night — it's over," Boxer said. "We're going to for once, finally, make this committee an environment committee, not an anti-environment committee. ... This is a sea change that is coming to this committee."...

Trade Agreements to Include Protections

Good news for those who value safety standards, human rights, and a clean environment. Key labor and environmental standards will again be inserted into applicable treaties. The WaPost explains: As Democrats prepare to take control of Congress, incoming leaders are...

Bush’s Failed Energy Policies Lead To Record Profits For Oil Companies

Today, ExxonMobil announced that “its third-quarter earnings rose to $10.49 billion, the second-largest quarterly profit ever recorded by a publicly traded U.S. company.” Royal Dutch Shell also “beat all forecasts with a 21 percent rise in underlying third-quarter profit.” These earnings reports come “as high crude prices this year have fueled record profits in the oil industry” which has triggered “an outcry from consumers who were being asked to pay about $3 a gallon for gasoline in early August.”

Idaho Taking the Lead in Wind Energy

Democrats have been on the forefront in pushing for energy independence. In Idaho, Americans want clean and safe energy.Wind and other renewable sources meet what appears to be a growing desire among Idahoans for green energy. A public outcry over...

Bush Renews Failed Renewable Energy Policy

Despite the White House's lofty rhetoric when it comes to renewable energy the fact is that America's dependence on foreign energy has increased under Bush's watch. The Bush Administration allowed their friends in the energy industry to write our nation's energy policy. Since then, America's working families have struggled to keep up with escalating gas prices.

Watch It: Idaho is Not For Sale!

Jerry Brady, candidate for Idaho governor, releases his newest ad today. You can watch it, here. The ad echos the sentiment thousands of Idahoans: Idaho is not for sale. As one local blogger writes: If you could boil it down...

Bush's Energy Policy Running Out of Gas

Today, President Bush will be peddling his failed energy policies during a visit to Alabama. Upon entering office, the Bush Administration put their friends in the energy industry in charge of writing the nation’s energy policy. As a result, the past five years have led to increased energy costs for America’s working families and made America more dependent on foreign oil.

NY-19: He's the One!

In New York's 19th Congressional District John Joseph Hall is set to take on his Republican opponent this fall as he handily won his primary contest last night. Thirty years ago — long before he set his sights on a...

Courts Uphold Clean Air Act

The Bush Administration received a staggering blow from the federal court of appeals in Chicago when it forced the administration, power companies, and other industrial polluters to obey the Clean Air Act. The court upheld an extremely important provision that...

Special Interest Anniversary

One year ago, President Bush signed the Republican energy bill, giving $8 billion in tax breaks to energy companies. Since then, the American people continue to struggle just to fill up their gas tanks, as gas prices are up 65 percent. Energy companies, who have given generously to the Bush White House and Republicans in Congress, have realized record earnings.

Real Leadership on Global Warming

New York Times' Columnist Bob Herbert writes today that it's "time to aggressively counter the dangerous nonsense" of those who dispute the threat posed by Global Warming. Examples: Senator Inhofe (R-Oklahoma), Chair of the Senate Committee on the Environment: “[M]an-made...

California Heats Up and Power Goes Out

Aside from the unbearably high temperatures, global warming can also cause the power to go out. Days of heat and humidity have driven demand for electricity to record highs in California and other states. If people cannot take the weather...

Michigan Gov. Granholm Creates Jobs

Today, the Vice President spoke at a closed door, special interest fundraiser for Congressional candidates before heading to a photo-op with members of the Michigan National Guard. With such unusual Republican attention directed at the state, I have to ask:...

Congress is Back

Reuters notes that Congress is back this week. U.S. lawmakers returning from a weeklong break on Monday will take up a long list of unfinished -- and possibly insurmountable -- tasks that could help decide whether voters will re-elect them...

Chairman Howard Dean's Statement on America's Energy Independence

Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean issued the following statement on our nation's energy independence.

New RNC Web Ad Fails to Admit Bush Failures

Democratic National Committee Communications Director Karen Finney issued the following statement on the RNC's latest misleading web advertisement

Republicans Again Fail America on Energy Independence

Five years after Vice President Cheney issued an energy plan written by and for his friends in the energy industry and after five years of failed leadership on reducing America’s dependence on foreign oil, the Bush Administration has again failed the American people.

Senator Maria Cantwell Delivers Democratic Radio Address

This week, Senator Maria Cantwell from the state of Washington delivered the Democratic Radio Address.

Republicans Ignore Sky High Gas Prices While Big Oil Rakes in Record Profits

On a day when Shell Oil Company announced profits of more than $6 billion, Americans continue to be gouged at the pump while Republican leaders in Washington offer no solutions, only tax breaks for their industry friends.

Republicans Again Cave to Special Interests on Gas Prices

Republicans in Washington have again put special interests ahead of the concerns of the American people. With 74 percent of Americans disapproving of the President's handling of the gas crisis, and even more thinking that the White House has not developed a good plan to get gas prices under control, Republicans in the Senate rolled out a small, inadequate plan.

Congressman Bart Stupak Delivers Democratic Radio Address

This week, Congressman Bart Stupak of Michigan delivered the Democratic Radio Address. To listen to the audio, click here. Good morning. This is Congressman Bart Stupak of Michigan. These days, every morning, Americans are paying more and more simply to...

Out-of-Control Gas Prices

Mouse over each state and look below the map to see how much gas prices have increased in the past year. You will see the actual dollar amount and percent increase as well as the increased costs for one- and...

Bush's Ever-Changing Tune On Gas Prices

Since he first ran for President in 2000, President Bush has offered a number of different explanations for what he can and cannot do to help the millions of hard-working Americans deal with out-of-control gas prices.

Buying the GOP Congress Highly Profitable for Oil Companies

When people talk about the Republican culture of corruption and the buying and selling of our democracy, a lot of times you think it's just preferential treatment or special access or inflated importance that they buy. With folks scratching their...

News Round-Up: Bush's Underwhelming Energy Speech

President Bush's speech on energy policy and skyrocketing gas prices yesterday is already drawing criticism and scrutiny from editorial boards and political writers across the country.

Bush Late To The Party On Gas Prices

With his poll numbers in the low 30’s and American struggling under the weight of record-high gas prices, President Bush has finally embraced sound Democratic proposals he once rejected.

The Decider-in-Chief?

Last week, President Bush declared that he was decisive, that he was, in fact, the “Decider-in-Chief.” Yet, on issue after issue, he has ignored or pushed off big decisions or argued that there was nothing he could do.

DNC Chairman Howard Dean Recognizes 36th Annual Earth Day

Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean issued the following statement recognizing the 36th annual Earth Day celebration.

Energy Prices and Campaign Contributions

It's tough turning on the television and watching the president pretend his priorities include reducing the price at the pump for average Americans. It should be completely obvious to people at this point how the energy racket works in D.C....

Senator Bill Nelson Delivers Democratic Radio Address

This week, Senator Bill Nelson from Florida delivered the Democratic Radio Address. To listen to the audio, click here. Hi, I'm Bill Nelson, Senator from Florida. I know that many of you are anxious right now - with $3 gasoline...

Democrats Offer Bold Security Agenda

Democratic leaders across the country joined House and Senate Democrats in unveiling a comprehensive plan for providing the American people with real security. The agenda stands in stark contrast to the dangerous incompetence of the Republican leadership.

Business Trumps Americans' Security In Republican-Led Washington

The Bush Administration's bungling of a deal to allow a foreign government-owned firm to run some of our nation's largest seaports has put the spotlight on the White House's continuing efforts to put the priorities of corporate special interests above the concerns of the American people.

Treasury Secretary Brings Bush Energy Snow Job to Memphis

On the heels of a Chicago Tribune report today detailing the sharp cuts in energy conservation programs in President Bush's budget, Treasury Secretary John Snow is in Memphis today to sell the President's hollow energy proposals.

Transportation Secretary Takes Bush's Empty Energy Rhetoric for a Spin in Michigan

This week, President Bush and members of his Cabinet are touring the country, trying to convince the American people that the Bush Administration is finally joining Democrats in working to reduce America’s dependence on foreign oil.

Transportation Secretary Takes Bush Empty Energy Rhetoric for a Spin in Omaha

This week, President Bush and members of his Cabinet are touring the country, trying to convince the American people that the Bush Administration is finally joining Democrats in working to reduce America's dependence on foreign oil. As part of that...

Treasury Secretary Brings Bush's Energy Snow Job to Connecticut

This week, President Bush and members of his cabinet are touring the country, trying to convince the American people that the Bush Administration is finally joining Democrats in working to reduce America's dependence on foreign oil.

Secretary Bodman Brings Hot Air on Energy Rhetoric to Richmond

This week, President Bush and members of his Cabinet are touring the country, trying to convince the American people that the Bush Administration is finally joining Democrats in working to reduce America's dependence on foreign oil.

Interior Secretary Brings Bush's Empty Rhetoric on Energy to California

This week, President Bush and members of his Cabinet are touring the country, trying to convince the American people that the Bush Administration is finally joining Democrats in working to reduce America's dependence on foreign oil.

A Lot of Hot Air in President's Energy Tour

Today, as President Bush toured the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, Colorado, he had a difficult balancing act between his empty rhetoric and the realities of his failed energy policy.

All for the Photo-Op

On the eve of a presidential visit to a renewable energy lab in Colorado, the Department of Energy said it has transferred $5 million to the operation, which had funding cut and employees laid off this month due to budget shortfalls.

Just Kidding...

I wonder what else the president didn't "mean literally" during the State of the Union Address. The Philadelphia Inquirer: What the President said in his State in the Union speech is not quite what he meant, two aides said. WASHINGTON...

Senator Stevens Wants Special Christmas Gifts for Naughty Special Interests

Apparently, Alaska Senator Ted Stevens doesn’t believe in Santa’s rule about the naughty kids not getting Christmas gifts.

Senate Republicans Protect Oil Industry Executives, Democrats Insist on Fair Prices and the Truth

Despite testifying before Congress last week that they were not involved in drafting the Bush Administration's special interest-driven energy policy, White House documents indicate that oil company executives met with Vice President Cheney's energy task force in 2001, according to today's Washington Post.

Senator Ted Stevens' Bad Day

Some of you might remember the hysterics of Republican Senator Ted Stevens in the United States Senate when an amendment proposed by Senator Tom Coburn threatened to divert funding for the "Bridge to Nowhere" towards the reconstruction of a bridge...

The Misplaced Priorities of the Party in Power

As millions of American families are wondering how they will pay skyrocketing home heating costs this winter, Republicans in Congress are continuing to push a radical, special interest agenda at the expense of ordinary working families.

Drilling in ANWR Cut from Budget Bill; Seals, Polar Bears Rejoice

House Republican leaders late Wednesday abandoned an attempt to push through a hotly contested plan to open an Alaskan wildlife refuge to oil drilling, fearing it would jeopardize approval of a budget bill expected to come up for a vote on Thursday.

Heating Bills to Skyrocket; GOP Sides With Special Interests Over the American People

According to a new report from the Energy Department, winter heating bills will nearly double for many across the country this year. News about skyrocketing heating costs this winter comes on the heels of the controversial passage in the House of a Republican bill specifically written to help out refineries and big oil companies.

Gas Prices

In 2000, Bush promised to "jawbone" Saudi leaders and use his clout with Big Oil to lower gas prices. When he took office, the average price of gas was $1.46 a gallon [Energy Information Administration, 1/15/01]. Bush had his...

Bush Must Stand Up for the American People on Gas Prices

Today, President Bush said that given record gas prices, the American people must make sacrifices. Specifically, he said that Americans should avoid driving on trips that are “not essential” and that federal agencies should “curtail nonessential travel.”

Is John Roberts Committed to Basic Rights?

As the Senate Judiciary Committee begins confirmation hearings for John Roberts, serious questions remain about Roberts's record and his commitment to the basic rights that all Americans enjoy.

Dean: Bush Needs to Take High Road on Gas Price Crisis

Because President Bush and the Republicans in Congress have failed to take action to reduce skyrocketing gas prices, state and local governments across the country are being forced to take matters into their own hands.

American Families Struggling with Rising Gas Prices While Oil Companies Post Record Profits

While American families are struggling to cope with skyrocketing gas prices, oil companies are reaping huge profits.

Bush White House Still Blowing Smoke New Proposal on Greenhouse Gases Wholly Ineffective

Years after abandoning the Kyoto Protocol, President Bush yesterday proposed a new international agreement that will not reduce current levels of greenhouse gas emissions.

GOP Rep. Intimidates Scientists

If Republicans don't want global warming to be fact, they ought to work on a solution.

Record Prices, Record Profits

According to the Energy Information Administration, the price of regular, unleaded, gasoline has risen by 32 cents, or 17.4 percent, since Bush's 2nd inauguration.

Drilling For Kickbacks: The Truth About Bush's Energy Plan

As gas prices surge past $2.23 per gallon, President Bush and the Congressional Republicans are scrambling to use the crisis to push through an energy bill that is nothing more than a gift to special interests that will hurt the environment while doing nothing to lower gas prices. Democrats have proposed and are committed to real solutions.

America's Forests Get Bushwhacked

The Bush administration has decided to open up millions of acres of America's roadless national forests to logging, drilling and mining. By overturning the roadless rule, the Bush White House is attempting to pay back its supporters in the logging and mining industries that gave generously during the 2000 and 2004 elections.

Bush has Repeatedly Failed to Stand Up to Foreign Leaders

OPEC leaders during the 2000 campaign, President Bush has done nothing to alleviate skyrocketing gas prices today. We certainly hope that President Bush will listen to the American people and finally stand up to foreign leaders for American interests.

Energy Bill Disaster

As gas prices surge over $2 per gallon, 34 percent of Americans now blame Bush and the Republicans, according to a March ABC News/Washington Post poll. So, Bush and Republicans are scrambling to use the crisis to push through their right-wing agenda while giving the appearance of doing something.

As Americans Face Record Prices at the Gas Pump, They Continue to Wonder When Bush Will Take Action

Throughout the country, gas prices have skyrocketed to record levels -- an average of $2.25 per gallon nationally -- with no end in sight. Yet for months as the American people have watched more and more of their hard earned money siphoned away at the gas pump, President Bush has ignored the crisis, choosing instead to fly around the country at taxpayers' expense pitching his scheme to privatize social security.